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The PEMBERTON-PIGOTT family of Slevoy, County Wexford.

The origins of the PIGOTT family from which the PEMBERTON-PIGOTTs of Slevoy descend remain somewhat obscure.

The earliest for whom we have information was John PIGOTT, of County Antrim, Gent, whose son Harfinch PIGOTT was admitted to Trinity College in 1706, aged 17, citing his father's details, and that he, Harfinch, was born in County Antrim.

Harfinch's own son Thomas PIGOTT, was likewise admitted to Trinity College, in April 1733, and his entry details record that his matriculation Tutor was Dr PIGGOT, of Ross, County Wexford.
A Dr PIGGOT was also Tutor for a Felix PIGOTT, born in Dublin, the son of John PIGOTT, Gent, and who was admitted three months later, in June 1733.

I do not know what Dr PIGGOT's given name was, but I imagine that there were few Dr PIGGOT's tutoring Matric students in that year, and speculate on the possibility that there may only have been one, and that he may well have been related to one or other or even both of his pupils.

Felix PIGOTT's origins appear likely to connect with the branch of PIGOTT's who were associated with Aston Rowant in England (with the Armorial bearings of "Sable, Three Pickaxes Argent") - rather than the family of my own ancestry, the PIGOTTs of Dysart in the Queen's County (of the "Ermine, Three Fusils conjoined in Fess, Sable" Heraldic variety).

My limited knowledge of the forebears of the PEMBERTON-PIGOTTs appears further below.

But first:


There were a number of members of the PIGOTT family who had settled in Ireland before the end of the TUDOR Dynasty, and who were not related to the PIGOTTs of Dysart in the Queen's County (these were my ancestors, and descend from the original 1562 grantee, John PIGOTT, probably from Chetwynd in Shropshire, and who died in 1570).

Nicholas PIGOTT; appointed Sergeant or Soldier, Dublin Castle, 8 December 1544; warrant of the Council to the Lord Chancellor, dated 30 January 1561, "... to grant Nicholas PIGOTT the Queen's writ of allocation for allowance of his fee, as Richard MEDCALF obtained it; to be continued from the death of MEDCALF" [Patent and Close Rolls, Chancery, Ireland].
I am presuming, without evidence, that these two Nicholas PIGOTT's are probably one and the same person.

George PIGOTT; possibly of Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire (see below); among the "... names of Captains recommended by the Lord Deputy to be employed... PIGGOT...," 6 March 1594-95 [Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1592 Oct - 1596 Jun, P.R.O., London, 1890, paged 302]; he was mentioned by Sir Geoffrey FENTON in his letter to BURGHLEY, dated in Dublin, 14 August 1595 - "...Galway and Thomond stand firm. Two thousand rebels in Connaught. Captains NOWELL, PIGOTT and PARKINS sent, with 300 men, to Sir Richard BINGHAM" [C.S.P., Op. Cit, page 368]; mentioned by the Lord Deputy, in a letter to BURGHLEY, dated 7 November 1595, as having "...cashiered two companies upon the decease of Capt NOWELL and Capt PIGOTT. Will set forward on Monday next towards Connaught, accompanied by the Lord Chancellor and FENTON" [C.S.P., Op. Cit., page 427]; this appears to ask questions about the actual date of his death, as illustrated by the following item; mentioned, under "Note of the foot companies in Mayo," 31 March 1596, among "... The Front, Capt Hugh MOSTYN, Capt Joshua MYNCE, Capt Thomas HEIGHAM, Capt Geo. PIGOT, Capt George NOWELL, Capt John PARSONS, Capt Tutcher PARKINS, Capt William MOSTYN", and with numbers - "Forward... Capt George PIGGOTT, Pikes 18, Shot 28" [C.S.P., Op. Cit., page 505] - perhaps a report from an earlier date; mentioned by Sir J. NORREYS, in his letter to BURGHLEY, dated 7 April 1596, "... in favour of the bearer, whose husband, Capt PIGGOT, was lately slain in Connaught. His well deservings for 20 years" [C.S.P., Op. Cit., page 507]; he evidently died sometime between 14 August and 7 November 1595.
George married Elizabeth KING, who survived him, and with seven children; as a widow, she was mentioned by the Lord Chancellor, in his letter to Lord BURGHLEY dated 3 May 1596, "... in behalf of the widow and seven children of Capt Geo. PIGGOTT, who was slain in Connaught" [C.S.P., Op. Cit., page 516], and by Sir Henry WALLOP, in his letter to BURGHLEY dated 7 May 1596, "... in favour of the bearer, Captain G. PIGOTT's widow" [C.S.P, Op. Cit., page 517].
George and Elizabeth had issue, probably including:
1. Elizabeth PIGOTT; a daughter of Captain PIGOTT [*] of Sherborne and Aston Rowant, County Oxfordshire, who married Edward BASSETT, late of Fletbourne, Nottinghamshire; he died in Dublin on 15 January 1635, and was buried at St Michan's; they had issue:
     a. Richard BASSETT; aged 16 in 1615.
     b. Alexander BASSETT; aged 7 in 1632.
     c. Catherine BASSETT; she was married to Robert LEYSLE, one of the Servants of the King's Privy Chamber.
     d. Anne BASSETT.
     e. Mary BASSETT.
     f. Elizabeth BASSETT.
[*] The given name of this Captain PIGOTT is unknown - the details appear to fit George, and it probably was him, but it should be noted that that name does not appear among Elizabeth BASSETT's issue.

And some later events:

John PIGOTT, son and heir of Nicholas PIGOTT of Aston Rowant (by his first wife Elizabeth BECKINGTON), and named in his father's will, 1615; John was of Belturbet, County Cavan, in 1619, when he was involved, as heir to his late father, in the grant of the Manor of Milksoppe, Oxfordshire, to Robert DOBSON, of Medhenham, Gent.

Felix PIGOTT; of Fishamble Street Ward, Dublin, Easter 1687; father of:
1. Thomas PIGOTT, baptised at St John's, Dublin, 24 April 1686.
2. George PIGOTT, baptised at St John's, Dublin, 22 December 1687.

John PIGOTT; married with issue:
1. Felix PIGOTT, born in Dublin about 1714; admitted to Trinity College, Dublin, 1733.



Some of the above Irish PIGOTT's appear to connect with a family of PIGOTTs who lived at Aston Rowant in Buckinghamshire.

Richard (some records have him as Robert) PIGOTT, the second son of Robert PIGOTT (ca 1464 - 1491) of Little Horwood, Cambridgeshire, by his wife Isabel DOGGET (daughter of Henry DOGGET of Aston Rowant); Richard inherited Aston Rowant from his mother [Visitation of Oxfordshire, 1566]; he married Ellin or Eleanor PUTTENHAM, of Penn, Buckinghamshire, and had issue:
1. Bartholomew PIGOTT, born about 1500; of Aston Rowant; granted the Manor of Ickford, with Edgecroft, and lands late of the Godstowe Nunnery, 1538, in capite to him and his heirs; he was licensed on 23 April 1548 to grant lands in Aston Rowant to John WILLIAMS Knight; Bartholomew was named in a license dated 15 August 1555, with William LENTHAL, Esq, Christopher CRISP and Ralph PALMER, Gents, granting Peter DORMER rights over property in Charlton and Newbottle, Northamptonshire, formerly belonging to the Monastery of Dunstable.
Bartholomew died in 1558; he was married to Julyan LENTHAL (daughter of Thomas LENTHAL of Latchford, Oxfordshire); they had issue [Visitation of Oxon, 1566]:
     a. Bartholomew PIGOTT; of Aston Rowant; probably his will proved P.C.C., 1573, of Whitfield, Gent; married Elizabeth STRETELEY (daughter of John STRETELEY of Whyfield, Oxfordshire); with issue:
          i. Eleanor PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 3 June 1562.
          ii. probable other issue among five other PIGOTT baptisms [*], but with the father not identified. 
          iii. Richard PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 15 May 1570.
     b. Nicholas PIGOTT. See [A] below.
     c. Richard PIGOTT.
     d. George PIGOTT; recorded in a message published in Notes and Queries, 8 June 1895 [8th Series, Volume VII], posted by William Jackson PIGOTT of Dundrum, Coutnty Down (he was my great-grandfather's first cousin, and a competent family historian who died in 1921), as follows:
"Bartholomew PIGOTT, of Aston Rowant and Ickford, Oxfordshire, ob. 1558, had, by his wife Juliana, daughter of Thomas LENTHALL of Latchford, Oxon, a younger son, 'George PIGOTT, who died in the Irish service, leaving by an Irish woman'; and... who appears in the Irish Record Office, whose wife Elizabeth KING is served his heir, or takes out administration to him, 1595..." - I am unsure of W.J.P.'s sources here, but it would appear likely he had seen the 1566 Visitations pedigree, and imagine that by Irish Record Office he probably meant the Public Records Office in the Four Courts Building in Dublin, where so many original documents were destroyed in 1922 - but am not sure how certain he was about the family connection.
     e. Thomas PIGOTT.
     f. Bridget PIGOTT; married William LYSTER of Craven, Yorkshire.
     g. Ann PIGOTT; married Robert TEMPEST of Yorkshire.
    [*] These baptisms were as follows - some may have been children of Nicholas:
          i. Isabella PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 1 June 1562.
          ii. Margaretta PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 24 November 1564.
          iii. Augustinus PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 25 October 1565.
          iv. Henry PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 9 November 1565.
          v. William PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 20 April 1569.
          vi. Richard PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 15 May 1570.
          vii Anna PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 10 April 1572.
2. Leonard PIGOTT, born about 1504; died s.p.
3. Andrew PIGOTT, born about 1506; died s.p.
4. Edward PIGOTT; died s.p.
5, Sybell PIGOTT; she was married to Robert HALSIE of Farnborough, Warwickshire.

[A] Nicholas PIGOTT; he died in 1615, his will proved P.C.C., naming Margaret "... my now wife," brother Richard, his sons John, Bartholomew and Felix, and his daughters Ellinor, Mary, Dorothy and Elizabeth; he was married to firstly to Elizabeth BECKINGTON; with issue:
1. John PIGOTT; son and heir; of Belturbet, County Cavan, 1619, when he was involved, as heir to his late father, in the grant of the Manor of Milksoppe, Oxfordshire, to Robert DOBSON, of Medhenham, Gent.
2. Bartholomew PIGOTT; named in his father's will, 1615, as one of "... my two other sons... by my last wife"; possibly admitted to Gray's Inn, London, 14 February 1618-19, of Chichester, Sussex, Gent; married with probable issue:
     a. Nicholas PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 22 November 1618.
     b. Theophilus PIGOTT, baptised at Aston Rowant, 15 July 1625.
     c. Bartholomew PIGOTT; Patten-maker of London (he was married with issue, including Frances PIGOTT, the noted Organist in London).
     d. Francis PIGOTT, born about 1630; apprenticed to Robert JENNINGS, London, Clothworker; married Dulcibella YEALDING, with issue.
3. Felix PIGOTT; named in his father's will, 1615, as one of "... my two other sons... by my last wife"; possibly the Marine Factor to the Levant Company, who died in 1655 at Scanderoon (otherwise Alexandretta - now Iskenderun, in Hatay, the south-eastern most Province in modern Turkey), as advised in a Company Letter, dated 21 May 1655, to Henry RILEY, in nearby Aleppo - "You note the death of Felix PIGOT at Scanderoon; Mr BODINGTON is gone there as Marine Factor... We think the house at Scanderoon should be repaired at less yearly charge; the marine factor must be advised to more frugality..." [Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, 1655, London, 1881] - unless this was instead his son?; a Felix PIGGOT was buried at St Bride's, Fleet Street, London, in 1655 (perhaps his body was returned from Scanderoon?); Felix was married, with issue:
     a. Felix PIGOTT Junior, probably baptised at Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, 22 November 1622; perhaps the above death at Scanderoon, 1655; probably married, with issue:
          i. Felix PIGOTT, born about 1645; apprenticed by his father, 12 December 1662, for eight years, to Thomas ELDRIDGE, Master, Goldsmith's Company.
4. Mary PIGOTT; named in her father's will, as daughter "... by my last wife"; married CRANE.
5. Elinor PIGOTT; named in her father's will, 1615, as Ellinor PIGOTT; she married at Aston Rowant, 1609, Robert DOBSON, with issue.
Nicholas married secondly, Margaret (-?-), who was named in his will as "... my now wife"; she died in 1628; with further issue:
6. Dorothy PIGOTT; named in her father's will, 1615.
7. Elizabeth PIGOTT; named in her father's will, 1615.
8. Joanne PIGOTT; married LACON, with issue:
     a. Anthony LACON.
     b. Mary LACON.


There was a family in Cheshire who may have been part of the PEMBERTON-PIGOTT ancestry.

John HAREFINCH; of Weaverham, Cheshire; he was probably a Bondsman at the marriage at St Bridget's, Chester, 17 he was of Weaverham when married at St Peter's, Chester, 21 May 1614, to Anne JEYNISON, of the parish of Tarvin, Cheshire ["Marriage Licenses Granted within the Archdeaconry of Chester, Volume LIII, 1907; with issue:
1. John HAREFINCH, baptized at Weaverham, 30 April 1615; his will, dated 30 October 1651, of Cheshire, was proved P.C.C., 27 July 1653 by Robert WARBURTON, John HAREFINCH his father, and Richard his brother [Commonwealth Probate Index, 1652-53]; probably John HAREFINCH of Weaverham who was married at Sandbach, Cheshire, 4 August 1645, to Mary GARNETT of Great Budworth, Cheshire.
2. Richard HAREFINCH, baptized at Weaverham, 14 July 1621; he was probably buried at Weaverham, 1 August 1669.



John PIGGOT; of County Antrim, about 1688-89, Gentleman; no further particulars, other than a note in BURKE's Landed Gentry (Ireland), that he resided in County Antrim during the reigns of Charles II and James II; evidently married (perhaps to a Miss HARFINCH) and with issue, including a son:

Harfinch PIGGOT, born in County Antrim, about 1688-89; admitted to Trinity College, as a Pensioner (Dr JONES, Dublin), 2 April 1706, aged 17 (son of John, Generosus, born Antrim); Scholar, 1708; B.A., Vern 1709; at New Ross, Gentleman, 1713, when, by a deed of John IVORY, dated 19 February, he was nominated and appointed first Master of a new Classical School in New Ross, in which post he was succeeded, after his death, by his former pupil Rev Bartholomew LLOYD [Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquarians, Ireland, July 1950, page 257-258]; Curate of New Ross, Diocese of Ferns, by License dated 6 February 1724-25 [Ferns Clergy and Parishes, by Rev James B. LESLIE, Dublin, 1936, page 223]; Vicar of Killurin, Diocese of Ferns, until 1737, with Kilbrydeglin, Chappecurranglyn and Whitechurchglyn [LESLIE, page 189]; admitted Free Burgess of Ross, County Wexford, 6 November 1725, Ross Corporation Books ["History of the Island of Antigua," by Vere L. OLIVER, Volume III, page 28]; appointed Overseer of Trinity Hospital, 7 September 1727, Ross Corporation Books [OLIVER, Op.Cit.]; Harfinch PIGOTT, Clerk, was grantee of a Deed of Lease, dated 3 February 1728, made by "... John WINKWORTH of Maudlins in the Liberties of New Ross, County Wexford, Esq, and George WARBURTON, Esq. one of the Masters in H. Majesty's High Court of Chancery, concerning the house and outhouses and lands of Tannhouse as formerly held by William MARTINGALE except that part thereof now held by Mr Henry ALLEN, and also a Tuck Mill next adjoining the said lands of Tannhouse then in the possession of the said Harfinch PIGGOT and formerly held by Hugh BRENNAN and his undertenants, all of which said lands and premises are situate near Maudlins aforesaid... To have and hold the said premises with all their Rights from the 25th day of March preceding, during the term of natural... lives of Thomas PIGGOT, William PIGGOT and Hester PIGGOT, sons and daughter of the said Harfinch PIGGOT, and the life of the longest liver of them, at and under the yearly rent of 30 pounds above all taxes, quit rent excepted, the said rent to be paid half yearly on 29 September and 25 March during the said term, with clauses of Distress and Reply, as also a clause of renewal for ever upon payment of one pottleg of good French wine for every life to be so renewed... duly perfected in the presence of William WELMAN of New Ross, County Wexford, Esq, and Harvey WELMAN of the same, Gent..." [Memorial  41112, Book 61, Page 204]; Harfinch is said to have acquired a leasehold in Slevoy, County Wexford, as early as March 1733; he was last mentioned in Ross Corporation Books on 12 August 1738 [OLIVER, Op. Cit.]; of Slevoy, Clerke, when named in Deeds of Lease and Release, dated 26 and 17 December 1740, concerning the Town and Lands of Great Coolcoll, otherwise Malmoystown, Parish of Taghmon and Barony of Shilmalire, County Wexford, together with Maurice DARLY of Great Coolcoll, Gent, Charles TOTTENHAM the elder of Tottenham Green, County Wexford, and William SUTTON of Long Graige, County Wexford (also Rev Edward TOTTENHAM of Ballyregan and Charles TOTTENHAM the younger of New Ross); he was "... late of Slevoy" when he made a Deed of Sale, dated 25 March 1744 [Memorial 105209, Dublin Deeds Registry], by which he granted to William PIGOTT the Lands of Tanyard Tuckmill and Larkans Lands otherwise Rabrack, previously leased to Harfinch PIGOTT on 3 February 1728 (see above), by John WINKWORTH (deceased by 1744), the Deed witnessed by William SUTTON of Horetown; appointed Prebend of Taghmon, 1742 until his death [Fasti Eccelsiae Hibernicae, by Henry COTTON, Volume II, Dublin, 1848, page 372].
Harfinch died in 1746 [Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae, Op. Cit.].

Harfinch was married, with issue:

1. Thomas PIGGOT, born in Ross, County Wexford, about 1712-13; named as one of three lives for the term of his father's lease, dated 3 February 1728 [Dublin Deeds Registry, Memorial 41112]; admitted to Trinity College, as a Pensioner (Dr PIGGOT, Ross), 19 April 1733, aged 20; B.A., Vern 1737; M.A., Aest 1740; of Old Castle, Meath, Clerk, when he sold the lease of Castle quarter and Brenan's quarter at Slevoy to his brother William, by deed dated 25 March 1746 [Memorial number 110655], for 100 pounds, they being originally granted to their father in 1740 by Charles TOTTENHAM of Tottenham Green; Rector of St James's, Dublin.
Thomas died in 1775; his will, dated 16 August 177, was proved P.C.I., Dublin, on 4 June 1776.
Thomas married Ann (-?-), with possible issue:
     ? Jane PIGOTT, baptized at St Patrick's Cathedral, 31 August 1749. BURKE (Landed Gentry, Ireland) incorrectly identified her as the wife of William SUTTON (see below).

2. William PIGOTT; named as one of three lives for the term of his father's lease, dated 3 February 1728 [Dublin Deeds Registry, Memorial 41112]; Brethren of the Poor, 1734 [Ross Corporation Books]; admitted Freeman of Wexford, 12 August 1741, Ross Corporation Books, page 45 ["History of the Island of Antigua," by Vere L. OLIVER, Volume III, page 28]; the Slevoy lease from his brother Thomas in 1746 - this was probably the one recorded in Ross Corporation Books on 11 October 1746, as certain lands "...for lives renewable forever, at 4s 2d per acre, next adjoining the 'Maudlin'..."; High Sheriff of Wexford, 1771; obtained a renewal of the lease of part of the commons, 6 October 1781, in the place of Johanna PIGOTT, Ross Corporation Books page 151 [OLIVER, Op. Cit.]; grantee of a Deed of Lease, dated 29 January 1785 [Memorial 279383], concerning lands in the parish of Horetown, County Wexford.
William died in October 1788, "... a few days ago in the County of Wexford" [Waterford News, 24 Octber; Clonmel Gazette, 27 October], his will, dated 25 July 1788, was proved P.C.I., Dublin, on 30 October 1788.
William's first wife died shortly before 5 December 1778; he appears to have ben married secondly, a few days before 18 April 1782, to Hannah CLIBORN, a Widow, and a daughter of Jacob GOFF of Horetown; she witnessed her husband William's deed of 29 January 1785; she died in 1789 [Prerogative Wills Index]; without issue.

3. Hester PIGOTT; named as one of three lives for the term of his father's lease, dated 3 February 1728 [Dublin Deeds Registry, Memorial 41112]; she was married to William SUTTON, of Horetown, County Wexford; he was probably the son of William SUTTON of Long Graige, County Wexford, by Eleanor Mary COLCLOUGH (a daughter of Caesar COLCLOUGH of Rosegarland by Mary IVORY; they had issue, including:
     a. Jane SUTTON, born in 1751 [Private Members Tree on]; perhaps the only surviving child (given that she inherited the PIGOTT property interests in Slevoy); she was married at Mountlevy, County Wexford, a few days before 28 January 1772, to Handy PEMBERTON [WALKER's Hibernian Magazine], with issue. See [C] below.
     ? Caesar SUTTON; of Long Graige, and deceased before 17 April 1787, when he was named in the Deed of Marriage Settlements for William Pemberton PIGOTT and Eleanor HOUGHTON (see below), and which also names Rev William SUTTON of Long Graige and George POWELL of Dublin.


NOTE - The old Quaker dating system differs from the conventional; their year commenced in March, which was written up as the 1st month (or 1mo), through to the following February which was the 12th month (or 12mo).

Thomas HANDY; a Member of the Society of Friends (Quaker); of Chadwell, Essex, 1651, 1654; went to Ireland; of Waterford, 1657; of Ballyhubbock, County Wexford, 1661; he died in 1688; he was possibly married firstly, at Evesham, Worcestershire, in 1640, to Margaret CLEMENTS; with issue:
1. Mary HANDY, born at Evesham, 1641; she died in 1668; she married Daniel HANNING.

Thomas was married, probably before 1651, to Elizabeth SAIM, daughter of Robert and Mary SAIM, of Mousin, County Essex - the Quaker Marriage entry did not record a date, but it was between 1649 and 1666; they had issue:
1. Sarah HANDY, born at Chadwell, Essex, 22 1mo (March) 1651 (a second entry has the year as 1645, probably in error).
2. Thomas HANDY, born at Chadwell, 25 2mo (April) 1654; he probably married Sarah (-?-), with issue born at Newcastle, County Wexford:
     a. Elizabeth HANDY, born in 1680.
     b. Thomas HANDY, born 20th 7mo (September) 1683. Perhaps the Merchant of Meath Street, Dublin? See below.
     c. John HANDY, born on 12th 10mo (December) 1685; died in 4mo (June) 1686, aged 6 months.
     d. John HANDY, born on 2nd 6mo (August) 1688.
     e. Mary HANDY, born on 16th 2mo (April) 1692.
     f. Jonathan HANDY, born on 16th 7mo (September) 1694.
3. John HANDY, born at Waterford, 12th 1mo (March) 1657.
4. Mary HANDY, born Ballyhubbock, County Wexford, 16th 1mo (March) 1661.
This Thomas would hardly have named a second daughter Mary while the first was still living, which suggests  this was probably not a second marriage for the widower of Margaret.

Thomas HANDY, son of Thomas and Joan HANDY, was married at Lambstown, Ireland, in 1666, to Elizabeth DEAVES, widow of John DEAVES, and a daughter of Thomas and Ellen SISSIMORE of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire; they had issue:
1. Sissemore HANDY, born at Ballyhubbock, Wexford, 18th 6mo (August) 1668.
The address for this birth indicates this Thomas was probably the widower of Elizabeth SAIM.

Thomas HANDY, possibly born in 1654 (see above); of Dublin; named in his son Thomas's will, 1752; married with issue:
1. Thomas HANDY, possibly born in 1683 (see also above); of Meath Street, Dublin, Merchant; his will, dated 20 September 1752, was proved P.C.I., 10 July 1754; he was married to Mary (-?-), with issue:
     a. Catherine HANDY; married to John PIM; issue:
          i. Sarah PIM; named in her grandfather's will, 1752.
          ii. Mary PIM; named in her grandfather's will, 1752.
          iii. Elizabeth PIM; named in her grandfather's will, 1752.
          iv. Anna PIM; named in her grandfather's will, 1752.
     b. Sarah HANDY; married to John PEMBERTON. See [B] below.
     c. Mary HANDY; probably her will dated 13 May 1765, of Dublin, "... daughter of Thomas HANDY late of Dublin, Merchant, deceased" - and naming her cousin Samuel HANDY of Coolylough, County Westmeath (and his daughter Margaret Ann HANDY), and her niece Jane PEMBERTON [BETHAM's Abstract].
2. John HANDY; named in his brother Thomas's will, 1752.


John PEMBERTON; a Member of the Society of Friends (a Quaker); of Ormskirk, Lancashire, 1682; married Jane (-?-); she was living in 1717; they had issue:
2. Jane PEMBERTON; married Jehoshabeath MADDOCKS, of Meath Street, Dublin, Linen-draper; his will dated 10 September 1717 [Quaker Will records], naming his wife Jane, parents Joseph (deceased) and Amy MADDOCKS, numerous nephews and cousins, his mother-in-law Jane PEMBERTON, brother-in-law John PEMBERTON and sister Elizabeth wife of David VICKERS; she probably married secondly, Mr LECKY, with issue:
     a. Robert LECKY; named in his uncle Henry PEMBERTON's will, 1747.
3. Henry PEMBERTON, born at Ormskirk, Lancashire, 9mo (November) 1682; went to Ireland. See [A] below.
4. Elizabeth PEMBERTON; married David VICKERS.

[A] Henry PEMBERTON; Groom; of Dublin, Merchant; party to Deeds of Lease and Release, dated 12 and 13 April 1744, as first party to the Lease and joint first party (with his wife Elizabeth) to the Release, in which Samuel HANDY of Kilbegg in County Westmeath, Gent, was joint second party (with Thomas STRANGMAN of Dublin) to the Lease and fourth party (ditto) to the Release, and in which Thomas HANDY and Mary his wife and Sarah HANDY their daughter were the second party to the Release, and John PEMBERTON the eldest son of Henry and Elizabeth was the third party ditto [John's marriage settlements - see below].
Henry died in Dublin, and was buried on 24th 2mo (April) 1747, aged 65 years [Quaker Burial Records]; his will, dated 16 February 1746, was proved P.C.I., 8th 8mo 1747 [Quaker Will records], naming his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth (600 pounds on day of marriage, and an executor), son John (residue, and an executor), nephew Robert LECKY (son of Henry's sister Jane), nephew Henry (sic - perhaps in error for Handy?) PEMBERTON, and sister Elizabeth VICKERS (80 pounds yearly from holding in Dolphins Barn).
Henry was married was married at Ballikealy, County Carlow, 26th 4mo (June 1701, to Elizabeth LACKY, daughter of Robert and Mary LACKY of Ballikealy; she was buried in Dublin, 19th 12mo (February) 1755; they had issue:
1. a son, born in Dublin, 6th 3mo (May) 1708; he died aged 2 days.
2. Joseph PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 7th 7mo (September) 1709; died in 1710, aged 1 and-a-half years.
3. Joseph PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 3rd 10mo (December) 1710; died on 13 5mo (July) 1713.
4. Sarah PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 21st 9mo (November).
5. Robert PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 4th 11mo (January) 1713(-14)
6. John PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 2nd 11mo (January) 1714(-15), eldest surviving son. See [B] below.
7. Henry PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 19th 4 mo (June) 1716; died in 1716, aged 5 months.
8. Thomas PEMBERTON; died in Dublin, 26 11mo (January) 1718(-19).
9. Henry PEMBERTON; died in Dublin, 1721.
10. Henry PEMBERTON; buried in Dublin, 6th 8mo (October) 1746.
11. Elizabeth PEMBERTON, named in her father's will, 1746, not then married.

[B] John PEMBERTON; of Dublin, Merchant; named in BURKE's Landed Gentry of Ireland, as Esquire, the father of Handy PEMBERTON, and grandfather of Colonel PEMBERTON PIGOTT; identified by his son Handy in 1782 as having " a considerable degree promoted the Manufactures of Dublin" [see below]; undoubtedly the Mr John PEMBERTON, who was awarded a Premium by the Linen Board for the year ending August 1748, the fourth in a list of sixteen so awarded, of 100 pounds, for manufacturing 44,647 yards "... of Course Linen in imitation of Osnaburghs" [Pue's Occurrences, 7 February 1749]; he was buried in Dublin, 11th 12mo (February) 1760(-61), aged 46 years, "... husband of Sarah" [Quaker Burial records].
John was married in Dublin, 15 2mo (April) 1744 [Quaker Marriage Records], by settlements dated 13 April 1744, to Sarah HANDY; she was buried in Dublin, 11th 12mo (February) 155(-56); her will, dated 18 November 1755, was proved P.C.I., Dublin, 2 April 1756, naming her husband, her father Thomas HARDY, her eldest son Handy PEMBERTON, her other children Mary, Jane and Henry, and her kinsmen Fade GOFF and Abraham CLIBBORN, both of Dublin, Merchants.
John and Jane had issue:
1. Handy PEMBERTON. See [C] below.
2. Mary PEMBERTON; named in her grandfather HANDY's will, 1752.
3. Jane PEMBERTON; named in her aunt Mary HANDY's will, 1765.

[C] Handy PEMBERTON was born in 1748 [Private Members Tree on]; named in his grandfather HANDY's will, 1752; a Quaker, when a Testimony of Disunity was brought against his disorderly conduct at a men's Meeting in Dublin, 25th 9mo 1767 [Quaker Congregational records]; he was admitted to Trinity College, as Socio Comitatus (Mr BUCK), 23 January 1768 (no further particulars); he was admitted to the Middle Temple, London, 18 April 1772, "... son and heir of John PEMBERTON, late of the City of Dublin, Esq, dec'd" [Admission Register, page 347]; Handy petitioned the Lord Lieutenant, November 1774, for a grant of four yearly fairs (every 19 March, 15 May, 14 August and 28 November) and a weekly market (every Tuesday), to be held on the lands of Balnabarna, Barony of Moycashel and County of Westmeath, for which his majesty's writ of Ad Quod Damnum was ordered [Saunders Newsletter, 11 November]; Irish Bar, 1775; Freeman of the City of Dublin, Chritsmas 1776, Merchant's Corporation; by letter dated 17 January 1782, Handy presented himself as a candidate for election to the Irish Parliament, for the City of Dublin left vacant by Dr CLEMENT [Saunders Newsletter, 19 January], and in which letter he noted that his father, though dead many years, "... was a merchant in this city" and had to "...a considerable degree promoted the Manufactures of Dublin"; Handy published a series of letters in the Dublin Press during the latter part of 1782 and early 1783, condemning Henry GRATTAN for his stand on proposed Repeal, indicating that he himself was opposed to the power that England had been exercising " nip our infant manufactures in the bud" [Dublin Evening Post, 22 February 1783], and even advocating that the members of the Independent Dublin Volunteers (he was a member of its Lawyer's Corps) should perhaps consider "... choosing their officers," and from "... out of your enemy's army" [Dublin Evening Post, 26 December 1782], ending this letter by assuring that Mr GRATTAN "... shall, with my consent, never be Colonel, till he changes his opinion about simple repeal"; Hardy appeared before the Court of King's Bench, 26 June 1784, "... to shew cause against the information which was moved for by the crown lawyers against him, for his letter in the Volunteers Journal of Monday 21st instant" [Saunders Newsletter, 29 June] - but he appeared before the Court "... in his Volunteer's uniform, which, he was told by the court, was an improper garb for one of the profession to plead in. He thereupon left the court, and returned, in a lawyer's gown and wig; but during his absence the rule was made absolute"; he may have been mentioned in the Dublin Freemans Journal of 9-11 June 1785 in a "tirade" concerning "... that unfortunate madman Handy P------N... (who) took up a large paving stone in Essex Street and threw it into one of the widows of Mrs MOORE's shop, whereby one of her children narrowly escaped having her brains knocked out... (was) lodged in Newgate..." (but upon her being told an idle tale of Handy's having a wife and four children, he was liberated from prison; Hardy evidently visited America, and was recorded in February 1786 as having "... returned to this city, but from a declaration he made last Thursday in the Royal Exchange Coffee House, on seeing that there was no one person in a military uniform in the room, there is great reason to suppose that Dublin will not long be the place of his residence" [Saunders Newsletter, Friday 17 February].
Handy died in or before June 1786, when his creditors and debtors were requested to pay their debts or state their claims upon his estate with his Law Agent Benjamin THOMAS, of Aungier Street [Saunders Newsletter, Wednesday 21 June].
Hardy was married at Mountlevey, County Wexford, a few days before 28 January 1772, to Jane SUTTON [WALKER's Hibernian Magazine].
They had issue:
1. William PEMBERTON, born in Dublin, 3 January 1773. See [D] below.
2-4. Three additional children, evidently living in 1785.

Hardy PEMBERTON, of Slevoy, County Wexford, Esq, with his son and heir William, were jointly named as third party to a Deed, dated 9 Feb 1805 [Memorial 367399], concerning the Town & lands of Drumin, Deningown & Ardnadrum, all in the Parish of Rosenallis.


[D] William PEMBERTON alias PEMBERTON-PIGOTT; born 1773; he assumed the additional surname of PIGOTT as a condition of his inheritance of the PIGOTT lands at Slevoy, in 1788, on the death of his great-uncle William PIGOTT; he was admitted to Trinity College, as Socio Comitatus (Mr DRAFFIN), on 3 March 1790 (aged 17, son of Handy, Gent), under the surname of PIGOTT; Sheriff of Wexford, 11 February 1794; Free Burgess of Ross, 29 June 1818; last mentioned in Ross Corporation Books, 29 June 1831; Lieutenant-Colonel, Waterford and Wexford Militias.
William died at Slevoy castle, County Wexford, on 9 March 1854, "... at the advanced age of 84" [Cork examiner, Wednesday 145 March].
William was married on 19 December 1794, to Ellen Margaret HOUGHTON; she died at Slevoy Castle, 1 June 1862.
They had issue:
1. William Henry Pemberton PIGOTT, born 1796; died in 1815, s.p.
2. George Powell Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Wexford, 2 December 1802. See [E] below.
3. Thomas Pemberton PIGOTT, born Wexford, about 1806; admitted Trinity College, Dublin, 6 November 1826, aged 19; B.A. 1831; he married Caroline FLETCHER.
4. Charles Caesar Pemberton PIGOTT. See [F] below.
5. Maria Fraser Pemberton PIGOTT; died in 1826.
6. Jane Pemberton PIGOTT; married by License of the Diocese of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin, 1820, as his first wife, Rev Maxwell PHAIRE.
7. Ellen Margaret Pemberton PIGOTT; she was married in May 1826, as his second wife, to her sister Jane's widower Rev Maxwell PHAIRE [Evening Mail, 12 May].
8. Ann Eliza Pemberton PIGOTT; married Jacob GOFF.
9. Charlotte Pemberton PIGOTT.
10. Martha Pemberton PIGOTT.
11. Mary Ann Pemberton PIGOTT.
12. Emily Pemberton PIGOTT; she was married in 1839 to Robert POLWHELE.

[E] George Powell Pemberton PIGOTT; admitted to Trinity College, 18 October 1819 (aged 18); B.A., 1823; of Slevoy, County Wexford; J.P.; Captain, Wexford Militia; he died at Glashar, County Kilkenny, 12 January 1863 [Freemans Dublin Journal]; he was married at Killurin Church, on 5 July 1834 to Mary BEATTY, eldest daughter of Edward BEATTY of Heathfield, Esq [Dublin Observer, 12 July 1834]; they had issue:
1. Edward Charles Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Killurin, County Wexford, 8 July 1836, eldest son; Lieutenant, 44th Regiment of Foot, 1855; he died in London, 1921; he was married firstly, in Madras, 24 November 1859, to Eliza Ann UNDERWOOD (third daughter of William Elphinstone UNDERWOOD, Madras Civil Service); he was married secondly, in 1891, to Madeleine Louise GRANT; by his first wife, he had issue:
     a. George Hamilton Pemberton PIGOTT, born on 18 March 1863.
     b. Robert Edward Pemberton PIGOTT, born n 6 October 1866.
     c. Edith Jessie Pemberton PIGOTT; she was married firstly to THOMPSON; and secondly to TODHUNTER.
     d. Madeline Florence Pemberton PIGOTT, second daughter, possibly born at Londonderry, 24 April 1870 [Cork Examiner, 2 May] - unless instead one of her sisters; she was married at St Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester, 1 November 1894, to George Henry HUNT (eldest son of Colonel W.S. HUNT, late Madras Staff Corps) [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, 8 November].
     e. Ethel Christine Pemberton PIGOTT; married at St Mary Abbots, Kensington, 25 January 1899, to Benjamin Edward TODHUNTER (third son of Charles Franklin TODHUNTER of Christchurch, N.Z.) [Oxford Journal, 28 January].
     f. Eileen Ella Pemberton PIGOTT.
2. George Powell Pemberton PIGOTT; he was married at St Stephen's, Dublin, 13 November 1869, to Jemima Mabel KNOX, witnessed by F.F. PIGOTT; they had issue:
     a. George Frederick Pemberton PIGOTT.
     b. Elizabeth Mabel Pemberton PIGOTT.
     c. Mary Frances Pemberton PIGOTT.
3. Elizabeth Eleanor Pemberton PIGOTT.
4. William Henry Samuel Pemberton PIGOTT; born in 1839; Lieutenant, 73rd Regiment of Foot, 1858; Esq, 73rd Regiment, Devonport, 1862; Captain, 73rd Regiment, Kilburn, 1864, and Limerick, 1866; he was married to Mary Palmer TAYLOR; with issue:
     a. a son who died in infancy.
     b. Jessie Elizabeth Pemberton PIGOTT.
     c. Mary Charlotte Pemberton PIGOTT.
     d. Skipworth Lockwood Pemberton PIGOTT.
     e. Vicars Langley Boyse Pemberton PIGOTT.
     f. Arthur Frederick Pemberton PIGOTT.
     g. Violet Ruthven Palmer Pemberton PIGOTT.
     h. William John Hobhouse Pemberton PIGOTT.
     j. Villiers Graham Pemberton PIGOTT.
     k. Ernest Richard Pemberton PIGOTT.
     l. Florence Letitia Pemberton PIGOTT.
5. Olivia Goodall Pemberton PIGOTT, probably born at Heathfieldtheseat of EdwardBEATTY, Esq, 8 december 1841second daughter; she was married firstly, at St Anne's, Dublin, 24 September 1872, to Adam Loftus STEELE, Lieutenant-Colonel, Madras staff Corps; she was married secondly to John BARRY.
6. Richard Pemberton PIGOTT.
7. John Charles Pemberton PIGOTT, born about 1846; he died at Wexford in 1904; he was married at Balloughton, 16 October 1872, to Mary Margaret Longfield BEATTY (daughter of David Vandeleur BEATTY and Mary Elisabeth LONGFIELD); she died in 1912; they had issue:
     a. John George Glynn Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Taghmon, 14 September 1873; died in 1952.
     b. Arthur Robert Pemberton PIGOTT. born in 1875.
     c. Evelyn Mary Pemberton PIGOTT, born in 1877.
     d. Frederick Wilton Pemberton PIGOTT, born in 1878.
     e. Godfrey William Pemberton PIGOTT, born in 1879. 
     f. Robert Vandeleur Pemberton PIGOTT, born in 1881; died in 1937.
     g. Edward David Pemberton PIGOTT; born in 1887; died in 1936.
8. Frederick Knolleys Pemberton PIGOTT; he was married in 1884 to Amy ROBINSON.
9. Henry Loftus Pemberton PIGOTT, born about 1863; he died in 1898, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
10. David William Pemberton PIGOTT.
11. Mary Pemberton PIGOTT; she was married to William WILLIAMSON, Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary.
12. Emily Maude Pemberton PIGOTT - possibly the daughter born at Slevoy Castle, on 13 July 1854 [Cork Examiner, 19 July] - unless this was foe one of her sisters?
13. Letitia Julia Pemberton PIGOTT; of 17 Lower Leeson Street, when she was married at St Peter's, Dublin, 15 August 1896, to Albert George RICHARDS, of Macroom, Co Wexford.

[F] Charles Caesar Pemberton PIGOTT; named in a renewal of a lease for life, dated 29 September 1818, 29 June 1824, and 28 August 1841 [Ross Corporation Books]; Ensign, 2nd Regiment of Native Infantry, Keitah, 2 June 1827, and transferred to the 18th Native Infantry, 19 June same year [Asiatic Journal]; Lieutenant, 18th Native Infantry, September 1838, when he was appointed adjutant to the recruit depot at Meerut; he was at Calcutta, 28 September 1839, when he was ordered to take charge of the 5th division of public works, until further orders, after Lieutenant P.W. WILLIS was granted furlough on a medical certificate; Lieutenant, 18th Native Infantry, appointed Adjutant, March 1840, vice NORGATE promoted; granted Furlough, to Europe, for health reasons, 6 January 1841; he died at sea on 12 April 1841, on his passage home on the ship "Plantagenet" from Bengal (22 January), via Cape (21 March), and off Penzance (28 May), with his wife and two children [Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register, June 1841].
Charles was married at Allyghur, Bengal, 12 February 1834, to Mary Madeline Fraser HANNAY, third daughter of the late Henry HANNAY, Esq, of Elgin [Calcutta Christian Observer, April 1834]; they had issue:
     a. Mary Phayre Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Meerut, India, 22 November 1836, and baptised at Benares, 3 June 1837.
     b. Charles Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Benares, 8 March 1838; he died at Calcutta, July 1856 [Freeman's Journal, 14 November], aged 17 years, "... eldest son of the late Charles Caesar PIGOTT, Esq, Bengal Native Infantry, and grandson of the late Colonel PIGOTT of Slevoy Castle" [Morning Chronicle, 10 November 1856].
     c. Catherine (Kate) Fraser Pemberton PIGOTT, born 16 March 1839 and baptised at Meerut, 14 December, youngest daughter; she was married at St Paul's Church, Cheltenham, 4 March 1862, to William Henry THOMAS, Esq (eldest son of Rev Lewis Frederick THOMAS, B.D., incumbent of St James's, Liverpool).
     d. Arthur Purves Pemberton PIGOTT, born at Barrackpore, 5 December 1840 [Asiatic Journal].

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