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SIBTHORPE and HENEY Families in Dublin




In 1836, William MAGUIRE, Solicitor in Dublin, married Hannah HENEY, a daughter of Henry HENRY and Hannah SIBTHORPE.
William was the son of William MAGUIRE, Senior, and Mary VICKERS, and was a younger brother of Elizabeth MAGUIRE, who married John PIGOTT of Dublin (he was her mother's first cousin) - John and Elizabeth were my great-great-grandparents.

The following is the result of a survey of the surviving archived documents relating to these two Dublin families. When I have taken this survey as far as I am able, then, and only then, will I be tempted to refer to published on-line pedigrees, to see if I can fill some gaps, and refine any "speculative best-fit" presumptions that these archived records have tempted me to make, in the grand Irish family history tradition.


Sir Christoper SIBTHORPE, third son of John SIBTHORP of Much Bardfield, Essex; matriculated into Queen's College, Cambridge, 1580, but took no degree; admitted into the Middle Temple, London, 1584; he went to Ireland, and was appointed Third Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland, 11 May 1607; he was created a Knight on 3 May 1618; Second Justice of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, October 1623, when he sat on a Commission of Inquisition at Downpatrick, County Down; his will, dated 1 November 1633, named his cousin Christopher HAUGHTON, his cousin Mary the wife of Lancelot CARR, his son-in-law Thomas PINE (?), and his cousin William SIBTHORPE [BETHAM's Abstract].

Robert SIBTHORP; of Essex; D.D., Lincoln College, Oxon, 1624; he went to Ireland; Treasurer of Killaloe; Prebendary for Maynouth, St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin; appointed Bishop of Kilfenora, 91 June 1638; translated to Limerick, 7 April 1642, "... but by reason of the Wars, never made any profit of it" [The Antiquities an History of Ireland," by Sir James WARE, Page 20]; he died in Dublin in April 1649, and was buried at St Werburgh's Parish Church.

Robert SIBTHORPE, of Dublin, Merchant; Administration granted on 13 March 1660, to his widow Christian.


William SIBTHORPE; of Dunany, County Louth; he was married, with issue:
1. Lucy SIBTHORPE; she was married to Henry BELLINGHAM; with issue:
     a. Thomas BELLINGHAM; born about 1646; a Colonel in the Army; he died on 15 September 1721; his diary was published by Anthony HEWITSON in Preston, 1908 ["Diary of Thomas BELLINGHAM, an Officer under William III"], and under an entry dated 25 July 1690, HEWITSON inserted an explanatory note which named Robert SIBTHORPE, of Dunany House as being "... the diarists cousin on his mother's side."

Stephen SIBTHORPE; of Louth, Armiger; married with issue:
1. Anthony SIBTHORPE, born at Louth, about 1713; admitted to Trinity College, Dublin, 28 January 1739-40, a Pensioner (Mr BOOTH, Dublin); B.A., Vern 1744; Irish Bar, 1750; M.P. for Granard, 1761, and Dunleer [Alumni Dublinenses - these last details, enclosed in square parentheses, may have mis-attributed in error for Robert SIBTHORPE below].

Mrs SIBTHORPE, the wife of Stephen SIBTHORPE of Dunany, County Lowth, died at Drogheda, 28 September 1771 [Monthly Chronologer for Ireland].

Robert SIBTHORPE, of Dunany, County Louth, 30 April 1715, when he proved the will (dated 31 August 1714) of John WHITE, of Castle Bellingham, jointly with his widow Lucy WHITE alias SYBTHORPE [CROSSLÉ Abstracts]; Lucy and John had issue, named in John's will as Thomas (eldest son), John (second son), Henry (third son), daughters Anne and Jane, daughter Abigail, daughters Mary and Margaret, and eldest daughter Lucy HUGUS (wife of John HUGUS) [BETHAM's Abstract].

Stephen SIBTHORPE; of Brownstown, County Louth; second party to a deed of lease, dated 28 March 1734 [Memorial 53358, Book 78, Page 72], by which John BALL, of Lisrenny, County Louth, demised him a lease of lands in Johnsontown and Constan, for the term of three lives, being himself, , his eldest son Robert SIBTHORPE, and his eldest daughter Elizabeth SIBTHORPE; Stephen's will was proved 24 February 1776; he was married to Margaret FOSTER, daughter of John FOSTER, M.P. for Dunleer, and his wife Elizabeth FORTESCUE [ web-site], with issue:
1. Robert SIBTHORPE, born about 1724, the only son; he was named as the second life for the term of his father's 1734 lease, as his eldest son; Robert was of Dunany, County Louth, Esquire; Irish Bar, 1750; M.P. for Granard, 1761; M.P. for Dunleer (see Anthony above); his will, dated 29 December 1791, proved 28 June 1792, named his sister Margaret the wife of Ephraim STANNUS, his daughters Georgina the wife of Miles O'REILLY, Esq, and Mary Anne the wife of Richard JONES Junior, Esq, and his natural children Robert and Jane SIBTHORPE [BETHAM's Abstract]
2. Elizabeth SIBTHORPE; she was named as the third life for the term of her father's 1734 lease, as the eldest daughter; she died in 1807; a memorial for her burial at St Peter's Church, Laracoor, County Meath ercords her age as 82 [Findagrave]; she married, by Settlements dated 18 April 1745, to Stephen BOMFORD the younger, of Rahinstown, by which Deed of Settlements the Trustees for the children of the marriage were named as William FOSTER of Dublin (identified elsewhere as the uncle of the bride) and Robert SIBTHORPE, only son of Stephen SIBTHORPE of Dunany (ditto, brother of the bride); he died on 24 May 1806, aged 84, and was buried at St PEter's Church, LAracor [Findagrave]; they had issue eight sons and three daughters.
3. Margaret SIBTHORPE; she was married to Ephraim STANNUS, of Carlingford, County Louth.
4. Frances SIBTHORPE; married Mr BALL?


Thomas SIBTHORP; of Plunkett Street, Parish of St Nicholas Without, Dublin; probably also of Patrick Street (ditto); he was married to Elennor (-?-); with issue:
1. Anne SIBTHORP, born at Plunkett Street, and baptised at St Nicholas Without, 15 September 1734.
2. Jane SIBTHORP, born at Pat: Street, and baptised at St Nicholas Without, 3 October 1736.


Henry SIBTHORPE was admitted as a Freeman of the City of Dublin, 1759, by Service to Richard EATON, Glazier; Glazier, Copper Alley, 1775; he was at Copper Alley, Glazier, 1779 [Dublin Amanack]; he died in Copper Alley, Dublin, May 1780, Glazier [Saunders Newsletter, Friday 12 May 1780].
Henry SIBTHROP was married to Barbara (-?-); some on-line family trees suggest that she was a DAVIS; Mrs SIBTHROP died in Copper Alley, February 1786 [Saunders Newsletter, Wednesday 22 February]; they had issue:
1. Mary SIBTHROP, born at Bull Alley, Dublin, and baptised at St Nicholas Without Parish Church, 12 October 1754.
2. un-named SIBTHROP; buried at St Nicholas Without, 11 August 1755, from Bull Alley. Perhaps the above Mary, aged about 9 months?
3. Luke SIBTHROP, born at Bull Alley, and baptised at St Nicholas Without, 23 September 1756. See [A] below.
4. Ellionor SIBTHORP, born at Bull Alley, and baptised at St Nicholas Without, 8 March 1759.
5. Lucy SIBTHROP, born at Copper Alley, Dublin, and baptised at St Werburgh's, 8 January 1764.

Richard SIBTHORP; admitted Freeman of the City of Dublin, Smiths Guild, Michaelmas 1780.

Henry probably had another son named Henry (see next below).


Henry SIBTHORPE, admitted as Freeman of the City of Dublin, Smith's Guild, Michaelmas, 1786, by virtue of his Birth; speculated to have been a son of Henry Senior, on the grounds that there was no other earlier Freedoms from which his right by birth was established - and on the same grounds, presumed to be a brother of Luke.
Henry SIPTHORP, Glazier, 12 Copper Alley, Dublin, 1783 [WATSON's Almanac]; as Henry SIBTROP, a Member of the Methodist Society in June 1788 (source needed), as Henry SIBTHORPE, Glazier, 18 Exchange Street, Dublin, 1801 [WILSON's Dublin Directory], 1804 [Treble Almanac], and 1815 [The Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanac].
Henry was the grantee of a Lease dated 23 January 1805, by the Earl of Milltown, of premises at 18 Exchange Street, City of Dublin, for the term of three lives renewable for ever, being of Henry himself, his wife Hannah, and their son John SIBTHORPE [Landed Estates Court Rentals, January - March 1856, Lot No 114]; he was the grantee of a second Lease dated 1 March 1806, also by the Earl of Milltown, of premises on the north side of Copper Alley, for the term of the same three lives renewable for ever [Ditto, Lot No 116].
Henry SIBTHORPE, of Exchange street, Dublin, 29 March 1815, when he was party to the Marriage Settlements for his eldest daughter Hannah and Henry HEANY, in which his son John SIBTHORPE was also named as a party (and therefore evidently of age).
Henry SIBTHORP, of Cork Hill, City of Dublin, 1819 [Index to Prerogative wills, Ireland].

The following unidentified burials at St Nicholas Without, Dublin, who appear, from their addresses, to have been related:
1. SIBTHROP, buried 20 February, 1786, from Copper Alley.
2. SIBTHROP, buried 5 August 1798, from Exchange Street.
3. SIBTHROP, buried 9 September 1799, from Palace Street. [See Luke SIBTHORPE below]


Hannah SIBTHORPE was the grantee of a lease dated 9 December 1806, by the Earl of Milltown, of premises on the north side of Copper Alley, for the term of three lives renewable for ever, being Hannah herself, her daughter Hanna SIBTHORPE, and William SIBTHORPE.
Hannah SIBTHORP, (window glass), 12 Cork Hill, 1824, under Glass Cutters and Sellers [Pigot & Co Directory].
Hannah SIBTHOPRE, of Cork Hill, Widow, was joint second party to the Settlements, dated 1 August 1826, for the marriage of her daughter Eliza to Henry POOLEY Junior.
Hannah SIBTHORBE, of Cork Hill, Dublin, Widow, was first party to a Deed of Co-partnership, dated 24 May 1830, with her son John SIBTHORPE, of the same address, House Painter and Glazier, of the second part, under a lease from the Rt Hon the Earl of Milltown, and which Deed was witnessed by Samuel FITZPATRICK, Attorney at Law, and Charles SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, Gent [Memorial 578931, Book 870, Page 431].
H. SIBTHORPE and Son, painters, glaziers and importers of window and plate glass, 12 Cork Hill, 1837 [The Gentleman and Citizen's Almanac].
Hannah SIBTHORPE, Painter [H. SIBTHORPE and Son], house Parker Hill, Rathmines Road, 1846 [Slater's National Commercial Directory]; Hannah SIBTHORPE and Son, painters, glaziers and agents to the Thomas Plate Glass Company, 12 Cork Hill, 1846 [Slater's ditto], and 1849 [Dublin Almanac and General Register].
Mrs Hannah SIBTHORPE died at Parker Hill, Rathmines, 13 February 1845, widow of the late Henry SIBTHORPE, Cork Hill, aged 76 [Dublin Evening Mail, 14 February].
Hannah SIBTHORPE, 1846 [Index to Prerogative Wills, Ireland].

Henry and Hannah appear to have had issue, including:
1. John SIBTHORPE, born in or before 1794 (he was of age in March 1815). See [B] below.
2. Eliza SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1796; she was married, by settlements dated 1 August 1826, to Henry POOLEY Junior, of Liverpool, England, in which she was joint second party with her mother, Hannah, with the third party being named as Henry HEANY of Abbey Street, Dublin Merchant, and John SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, Gent [Memorial 549550, Book 816, Page 15].
3. Hannah SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1798; second life for the term of her mother's lease, 1806; she was married in March 1815 to Henry HEANY or HENEY. See below.
4. William SIBTHORPE; he was the third life for the term of his mother's lease, 1806.
5. Rebecca SIBTHORE, born in Dublin, 1803.
6. Sarah SIBTHORPE; she was married, by a Deed of Marriage Settlement dated 27 May 1834, to Robert CONNOLLY, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, in which the third party was her mother Hannah SIBTHORPE, Widow, and her brothers (Hannah's sons) John and Charles SIBTHORPE, all of Cork Hill, City of Dublin, with a marriage portion of £500, the deed witnessed by Henry POOLY, of Liverpool, and Henry James SIBTHORPE of Dublin [1834, Volume 13, Number 119].
7. Charles SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin about 1809; he witnessed the Deed of Co-partnership between his mother and older brother John, 24 May 1830; he died at 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, 15 June 1888, aged 78 years; Probate was granted in Dublin, 1 November 1888, to Thomas SIBTHORPE, of 29 Upper Leeson Street, and to Maria and Emma SIBTHORPE, both of 36 Upper Leeson Street, the executors, Effects of £3,820 5s 1d.


[A] Luke SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin in 1756; he was admitted as Freeman of the City of Dublin, Smith's Guild, Michaelmas, 1786, by virtue of his Birth.
Luke SIBTHORPE, Glazier, 1 Palace Street, Dublin, 1800 [Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanack], 1801 [WILSON's Dublin Directory], 1804 [Treble Almanac], and 1814 [Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanack]; Painter and Glazier, 1 Palace Street, Dublin, 1815 [The Gentleman and Citizen's Almanac].
Luke SIBTHORPE, Glazier and Painter, of Pallace Street, Dublin, was first party to an Indented Deed of Settlement, dated 15 October 1804, in which he named his wife Christiana and his son Christopher SIBTHORPE [Memorial 378814, Book 563, Page 423].
Luke SIBTHORPE, Glazier, paid £26 for cleaning the Post Office windows, for one year from 5 October 1816 [Public accounts, Sixth Report of the Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts, page 198]; of Palace Street, Voters List, 1820 Dublin Election, Smiths Guild [Freeman's Journal, 25 June], as a supporter of Candidate Thomas ELLIS.
His house in Palace Street was the scene of a "Tea Party" in December 1822, at which statements were alleged to have been made by Charles THORPE, of Blessington Street, High Sheriff of Dublin, concerning "... on Orange Jury, or a Jury that would acquit all persons charged with a riot in the Theatre on the 14th day of December last" [Debates, Evidence and Documents connected with the Investigation of the House of Commons], which was the subject of later report in the press [London Evening Standard, 22 June 1846].
Luke SIBTHORP, of Pallace Street, was buried at St Nicholas Without, 2 March 1824, aged 67 years.

Luke was married firstly, to Christiana (perhaps GOING); with issue:
1. Christopher SIBTHORPE; named in his father's deed, 15 March 1804.
2. Henry SIBTHORPE, born in or before 1806; he was first party to a Deed of Lease, dated 21 May 1827, of Palace Street, Dublin, by which he demised land at Sweetman's Avenue, Blackrock, to John LATOUCHE of Mecklenburgh Street, Dublin, which deed was witnessed by Thomas SIBTHORPE and Joseph POND [Memorial 554586, Volume 824, Page 251]
3. Sarah Going SIBTHORP; at her parents house, Palace Street, 1823, aged 16 and upwards, the only daughter, with her father Luke and step-mother Emily, and brother Thomas, and gave evidence before the Parliamentary enquiry; only daughter when she was married, by License, in St Andrew's Parish Church, Dublin, 13 March 1827, to Thomas Beckwith WILLIAMS, only son of Edward WILLIAMS of Clonliffe Parade, Esq [Dublin Morning Register, 14 March], and by Settlements dated 12 March 1827, to which Sarah SIBTHORPE, of Pallace Street, Dublin, Spinster, was the second party, and Thomas SIBTHORPE of Dublin, Esquire, was a joint third part, and which deed cited an earlier deed, dated 20 November 1810, between Luke SIBTHORPE of Palace Street, Dublin, Glazier, and William DUCKETT, of Dublin, and an even earlier deed dated 1804, in which the parties were Frances BIBLE, Widow, Christiana SIBTHORPE, the wife of Luke SIBTHORPE, and George PAYNE of Dublin, Glazier [Memorial 533362, Volume 822, Page 226]; Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 17 March].
4. Thomas SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1798; admitted Pensioner (Mr WHITE), to Trinity College, Dublin, 2 October 1815, aged 17, son of Luke; B.A., Verne 1821; of Palace Street, Dublin Voter's List, 1820 Election, Smiths Guild [Freemans Journal, 25 June]; examined by the House of Commons, London, April 1823 concerning the allegations that Sheriff Charles THORPE had made at a Tea Party in his father's house, and stating that his father was too ill to attend; M.A. and M.B., Verne 1826 [Alumni Dublinenses]; probably grantor of a Deed of Conveyance, dated 22 August 1827, of Dublin, Gent, and demising premises on the west side of Palace Street, Dublin, to Thomas B. WILLIAMS (his brother-in-law), which he had acquired from William EDWARDS [Memorial 556479, Book 827, Page 344]; Thomas (son of Luke) was married at St George's, Dublin, 1 February 1851, to Julie Anne D'ANVERS (daughter of Andrew THOMPSON).
5. George Going SIBTHORPE, born about 1802-03.
6. William Going SIBTHORPE. See [C] below.

Luke was evidently married secondly, in 1812, to Emily HOMAN; with further issue:
6. Luke Homan SIBTHORPE, born about 1814, and recorded in the Dictionary of Irish Architects as the fourth son; he was probably named in his father's deed, dated 6 February 1819 [Memorial 504734, Book 741, Page 199], but as the corner of the page was torn off, there are gaps in the transcript:
"... Upon trust, to permit the said Luke SIBTHORPE to ...[gap of about 21 or 22 letter spaces]...
"during his life and after his death in trust for Luke ...[gap of about 22 letter spaces, and in the last line on page 198 of the Memorial Book]...
"[Page] 199.
"the youngest son of the said Luke SIBTHORPE, and to his Ex'ors Adm'rs and Assigns, upon the several other trusts therein ment'd. "
See [E] below.


[B] John SIBTHORPE, indicated to have been born in or before 1794 (he was named as a party to the Settlements, dated 29 May 1815, for the marriage of his sister Hannah to Henry HEANY - as a party, he should have been of age) - but his age at death indicates a birth about 1799; and a memorial on to John SIBTHORPE, who died on 28 April 1878, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, records his birth on 27 December 1799 [source unstated].
John was of Cork Hill, Gent, when named as a joint third party in the Settlements, dated 1 August 1826, for the marriage of his sister Eliza to Henry POOLEY Junior; his account, for glazing work done in the City Marshalsea, between July 1822 and November 1824, amounting to £12 9s 4d was recorded on 18 October 1826.
John SIBTHORPE, of the City of Dublin, Oil and Colour Merchant, and the assignee of the estate and effects of Robert GOING, of the City of Cork, Insolvent, was first party to an Indented Deed, dated 19 November 1838, of which the said Robert GOING, Insolvent, was second party, and Thomas GOING of Cahir, County Tipperary, William GOING and Henry NOBLETT were the third party, and recited several earlier deeds, concerning premises in the parish of St Anne, Shandon, County Cork, in July 1835 (all three GOINGs to NOBLETT), May 1837 (Robert GOING to William BLAIN), mentioned the appointment of SIBTHORPE as assignee on 24 March 1838, and noted that Thomas GOING had subsequently purchased the estate at auction [1838, Volume 21, Page 140].
John SIBTHORPE, Painter [H. SIBTHORPE and Son], house 4 Epworth Terrace, Upper Leeson Street, 1846 [Slater's National Commercial Directory]; esq, Epworth Terrace, 29 Leeson Street, Upper, 1849 [Dublin Almanac and General Register].
John SIBTHORPE died at 29 Upper Leeson Street, 21 April 1878, aged 78, Merchant and J.P., the death informed by Elizabeth SIBTHORPE, of the same address, present at the death - although an abstract from the Irish Builder, Dublin, 1 may 1878, recorded that he died "... suddenly while proceeding to church on Sunday 21 April 1878, and was buried the following Wednesday" [Findagrave Memorial]; probate was granted in Dublin, 5 February 1879, by the oaths of Thomas Smallman SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, Merchant, Charles SIBTHORPE of 36  Upper Leeson Street, Esq, and Henry POOLEY Junior, of Manchester Street, Liverpool, Engineer, the executors, Effects under £35,000.

John SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, Gent, was married, by Settlements dated 24 May 1830, to Mary SMALLMAN, daughter of Thomas SMALLMAN of Roscrea, County Tipperary, Esq [Memorial 580132, Volume 873, Page 132], with a condition that this settlement did not impinge upon the earlier Deed of Co-partnership between John and his mother Hannah (dated 14 May 1830).
Mary SIBTHORPE, the beloved wife of John SIBTHORPE of Epworth Terrace, Upper Leeson Street, died on 23 February 1865 [Sydney Morning Herald, 22 May 1865 - presumable having been requested to copy an Irish death notice not yet sighted].
John and Mary had issue:
1. Thomas Smallman SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin about 1840; Glass Merchant; J.P.; he died at 25 [Registration] or 75 [Probate] Lower Baggot Street, 29 October 1898, Widower, J.P., the death informed by Henry WILLIAMS, who caused the body to be buried [Registration], and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, aged 58 [M.I., Findagrave]; Probate granted to Elizabeth E. GOOD, Married Woman, of 1 Carleton Villa, Dublin, and James L. WRIGHT, of John's Hill, Waterford, Effects £6,158 6s 8d; Thomas was married to Frances Matilda SKUSE alias McFANN; she died on 19 February 1894, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.]they had issue:
     a. Mary SIBTHORPE; she was married at St Werburgh's, Dublin, 27 August 1884, to James Latrobe WRIGHT, Merchant, of John's Hill, Waterford (son of William Latrobe WRIGHT, Governor of Waterford), witnessed by Thomas S., Chas and W.G. SIBTHORPE.
     b. Janet Frances SIBTHORPE; she died on 3 May 1889, aged 25 years, and was buried in the family plot at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.]; she was married at St Werburgh's, Dublin, 22 February 1887, to Marcus John EUSTACE, M.B., of Alesford, Hampshire (son of Marcus EUSTACE, M.D.), witnessed by Thomas S. SIBTHORPE and John EUSTACE.
     c. Harry SIBTHORPE, born at 56 Upper Leeson Street, 19 August 1866.
     d. Elizabeth Emma SIBTHORPE, born at Melville, Donnybrook, 31 July 1868; she was married at St Werburgh's, Dublin, 22 September 1897, to John GOOD, Building Contractor, son of Matthew GOOD, Ship Builder.
     e. Thomas Waldo SIBTHORPE, born at 5 Seaview Terrace, Donnybrook, 22 December 1871; he died on 25 February 1872, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.].
2. Hannah SIBTHORPE; she was married at St Werburgh's, 10 September 1857, to Philip JOHNSTON (son of John Henry JOHNSTON); he died at Gleneavye, County Antrim, 22 May 1859, late of Belfast; probate was gatned at Belfast, 14 September 1859, to John SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, and William John JOHNSTON, of Belfast, the executors.
3. Mary Smallman SIBTHORPE; she was married at Dublin South, 15 January 1862 [Volume 5, Page 362], to William GORMAN, son of Timothy GORMAN.
4. Henry SIBTHORPE; as Harry, he died at Epworth Terrace, Upper Leeson Street, 10 February 1845, eldest son of John SIBTHORPE [Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 14 February].
5. John SIBTHORPE, born at Upper Leeson Street, 29 April 1851, and baptised at St Werburgh's, 11 June; he was at Pembroke Road, Pembroke West, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 49, Merchant, with wife Mary Ellen (aged 46, born County Tipperary), and their five children; he was at Leeson Park, Rathmines and Rathgar East, 1911 Census, aged 59, Merchant, with his wife and four children; he died on 14 September 1940, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I., Findagrave]; a Widower when he was married secondly at Grangegorman Church, 3 December 1878, to Mary Ellen DAVIN or D'AVIN (daughter of John DAVIN, Brewer); she died on 21 May 1939, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.] they had issue:
     a. John Albert SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1879; aged 21, Student of Medicine, with his parents, 1901; he probably died on 14 September 1906, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, M.B. [M.I., Findagrave].
     b. Arthur Claude SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1881; aged 19, Merchant, with his parents, 1901; aged 28, Merchant, with his parents, 1911; he died at 6 Rostrevor Road, Rathgar, 23 November 1965, aged 84, Master Decorator, the death informed by his sister Marjory WYNNE, of Midhurst Avenue Gardens, Cliftonville, Kent, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery with his parents [M.I.].
     c. Ellie Gertude SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1885; aged 15, School with her parents, 1901; aged 24, with her parents, 1911; she died on 21 April 1971, and was buried in the family plot at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.].
     d. Kathleen SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1887; aged 13, School with her parents, 1901; aged 22, with her parents, 1911.
     e. Marjorie Frances SIBTHORPE, born at 13 Royal Terrace East, Kingstown (Rathdown), 16 October 1894; aged 6, School, with her parents, 1901; aged 16, with her parents, 1911; she was married at Holy Trinity Church, Killiney, 23 July 1925, to Wilfred Edward Carleton WYNNE, Medical Doctor, of 41 Cornwall Gardens, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.
John Senior was married secondly to Elizabeth; she died at 43 Upper Leeson Street, 4 November 1892, aged 64, Widower of a Gentleman; Probate was granted in London, 20 March 1893, and resealed in Dublin, Effects £382 8s 6d.


Charles SIBTHORPE, esq, Epworth Terrace, 32 Leeson Street Upper, 1849 [Dublin Almanac and General Register].
Charles SIBTHORPE, of Dublin, Esq, was married at Killymon Church, County Antrim, 28 May 1839, to Dorothea GOODLATTE, daughter of D.R. GOODLATTE, of Derrygally, Esq [Belfast Newsletter, 31 May]; they had issue:
1. Charles SIBTHORPE, born at 4 Epworth Terrace, 13 February 1847, and was baptised at St Werburgh's Parish Church, 16 April, son of Charles and Dorothea SIBTHORPE [ ].
2. David Alfred SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, 20 November 1848, and was baptised at St Werburgh's, 13 April 1849.


Thomas SIBTHORPE; Doctor of Medecine; he was granted Letters of Administration for Harriett Elizabeth MARSHALL, late of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Spinster, "an illegitimate person," who died at Rathfarnham, 26 June 1862, "on the renunciation and consent of Her Majesty's Attorney-General"; Thoma died at Mountpleasant Square, Dublin, 11 December 1863; Probate was granted at Dublin, 12 March 1864, to John SIBTHORPE and Charles SIBTHORPE, both of Upper Leeson Street, Esqrs, the executors, Effects under £300.


[C] William Going SIBTHORPE, born in Dublin, about 1802-03; of Dublin, Builder, 1 August 1826, when he witnessed the Deed of Marriage Settlements for Eliza SIBTHORPE (daughter of Hannah, widow) and Henry POOLEY; a Member of the Methodist Society, Limerick Circuit, 1836; Agent for the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, house Clare Street, City of Limerick, 1846 [Slater's Directory]; he died at 59 Catherine Street, Limerick, 1 June 1892, aged 89, Widower, Agent, Steam Ship Company, the death informed by his daughter Hannah SIBTHORPE, of the same address, present at the death; William was married to Frances Louisa COGHLAN; she died at Epworth Terrace, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, 29 November 1872, aged 70 years, the beloved wife of William Going SIBTHORPE, Esq, of Limerick" [The Argus, Melbourne, 19 February 1873]; they had issue:
1. Hannah Lucy SIBTHORPE, born about 1829; she informed her father's death, 1892; she was at Leinster Road, Rathmine, 1901 Census, aged 69, unmarried, born in Dublin, boarding in the household of George Carr LETT, aged 66, Solicitor, and his two sons; she died at 5 Leinster Road, Rathmines, 4 or 9 April 1904, aged 74, a Lady, Unmarried; Adminitration was granted 29 May 1905 to John SIBTHORPE, Decorator, Effects £80 18s 5d (Limited).
2. John Coghlan SIBTHORPE, born about 1834. See [D] below.
3. Frances Louisa (Fanny) SIBTHORPE, born about 1828; as "... Miss SIBTHORPE, eldest daughter of W.G. SIBTHORPE, Esq, still of that City," she was married at St Michael's, City of Limerick, 29 April 1851, to Dr Richard Thomas TRACY (son of Thomas TRACY and Elizabeth COGHLAN, of Limerick); they emigrated to Australia in May 1851 on the ship Ballangeidh; after settling initially in Adelaide, they went to the Loddon Gold-fields (Castlemaine), before retiring back to Adelaide, finally settling in Melbourne, in September 1852, when he set up in practice in Brunswick Fitzroy; later of 109 Collins Street, Melbourne; he died in Melbourne in November 1874, aged 48 [see his Obituary, The Australasian, 14 November 1874]; she died at Longridge Road, Earl's Court, London, 22 January 1907, aged 78 [Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 26 February]; they had issue:
     a. Fanny Louisa Nester TRACY; she was married in Melbourne to Charles Cecil GRIFFITHS.
4. Elizabeth SIBTHORPE; she was married at St Mary's, City of Limerick, 16 October 1862, to Edwin WELLS, son of Thomas WELLS.
5. Mary SIBTHORPE, baptized at St Mary's, Limerick, 30 April 1837 [R.C. Register];

Mary Smallman SIBTHORPE, daughter of George Going SIBTHORPE, was married Dublin South, 15 January 1862, to William GORMAN (son of Timothy GORMAN).


[D] John Coghlan SIBTHORPE, born in Ireland, about 1834, son of William Going SIBTHORPE and Fanny Louisa COGHLAN (notice of her death, at Epworth Terrace, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, was copied in the Melbourne Argus, 19 February 1873); of Listowel, 1864, Accountant, National Bank; John emigrated to Victoria on the ship John O'Gaunt, from Liverpool, arriving in Melbourne, 26 January 1872, after a voyage of 140 days, aged 34, Farmer, with his wife Kate and three children; he died at his residence, "Barrington," Castlemaine, 12 December 1907, aged 72 years [parents named in Index to Victoria Death Registers]; he was married at Kilfarboy, County Clare, 31 July 1860, to Catherine Rebecca BARRINGTON, daughter of Benjamin BARRINGTON; she was aged 30 on arrival in Melbourne in 1872; she died at Kew, 1923, aged 85 years (father named in Victoria Death Indexes); they had issue:
1. Benjamin Barrington Banks SIBTHORPE, born in Ireland, about 1862-63; as Barrington, aged 8 on arrival in Melbourne, January 1872; he died at Alphington, 1940, aged 77 [parents named in Victoria Death Index]; he was married in Victoria, 1891 #6874, to Elizabeth M. DEAGUE; they had issue:
     a. Ernest Barrington SIBTHORPE, born at Fitzroy, 1893.
2. Catherine Alicia SIBTHORPE, born at Listowell, 6 April 1864, the birth informed by her father.
3. John Croker Fitzmaurice SIBTHORPE, born at Woodford Cottage, parish of Finuge, District of Listowel, 31 May 1866; aged 6 on arrival in Melbourne, January 1872; he was married in Victoria, 1897, to Annie Louisa SALLERY; they had issue:
     a. Ethel Adeline SIBTHORPE, born at Clifton Hill, 1899.
     b. Norman SIBTHORPE, born at Fairfield, Victoria, 1900; he died at Fairfield, 21 November 1900, aged 10 days [Argus, Saturday 24 November].
     c. Kathleen Alicia SIBTHORPE, born at Fairfield, 1902; she was married in Victoria, 1932, to Basil Beattie Bennecke HART.
     d. Fitzmaurice John SIBTHORPE, born at Fairfield, 1910.
     e. Rex SIBTHORPE, born at Fairfield, 1911.
3. Agnes Jessie Crawford SIBTHORPE, born at Paale, parish of Dromtariff, County Cork, 14 November 1870; aged 10 months on arrival in Melbourne, January 1872; she died at Berry Street, Clifton Hill, 15 September 1873, aged two years and ten months, the only surviving daughter [Argus, 17 September] - Dublin papers were asked to copy this notice.
4. Eleanor Georgina SIBTHORPE, born in North Fitzroy, 1874; she died in Victoria, 1877, aged 2.
5. Kate Violet SIBTHORPE, born at Carlton, 1881.


[E] Mr Luke SIBTHORPE arrived in Sydney in July 1835 on the barque John Dennison, from Liverpool, via Hobart [The Colonist, 23 July 1835]; mentioned in July 1840 in a list of Unclaimed Letters, as SIBTHORPE, Esq, Luke [Sydney Monitor, 13 July]; he was appointed Clerk of Petty Sessions, Surat (then in N.S.W., but now in Queensland), 7 January 1851, by the Governor, at a salary of £100 per annum [Returns of the Colony of N.S.W., 1851]; Clerk of Petty Sessions, Merton and Muswellbrook, 7 April 1853, by the Governor, at a salary of £200 per annum [Returns of the Colony]; appointed by the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, as a Commission for Crown Lands, 1 March 1859, at a salary of £450 per annum [Civil Establishment, N.S.W. Government, Secretary for Lands]; he died at Stoney Creek, 28 December 1865 [Registered at Wellington, #6312, aged 51 years, mother Emily], "... Esq, gold commissioner, aged 52, leaving a widow and six young children to lament their loss" [S.M.H., Tuesday 2 January 1866]; he was married on 8 February 1855 [N.S.W., Volume 82, #447], by the Rev J.S. WHITE, to Miss Jane HUDSON [Maitland Mercury, Wednesday 14 February]; she died at her residence 154 Bourke Street, Sydney, July 1897, "... relict of the late L.H. SIBTHORPE (formerly Commissioner for Crown Lands, Molong),in her 63rd year" [Daily Telegraph, 26 July], and was buried at Waverley Cemetery, by her sons Waldo, Robert and Gerald, 27 July  [S.M.H., Monday 26 July]; they had issue:
1. Waldo Homan SIBTHORPE; born at Muswellbrook, 25 April 1856 [Maitland Mercury, 29 April]; he died at a private hospital in Sydney, 6 October 1924, "... eldest son of Jane and Luke H. SIBTHORPE, beloved father of Waldo, Edward and Richard, dearly beloved brother of Robert, Gerald, Emily and Louise SIBTHORPE" [S.M.H., 7 October], and was buried at Tumblong; as Walter Homan, he was married at Gundagai, in 1882, to Annie STREETER; they had issue:
     a. Gerald SIBTHORPE, born at Gundagai, 1883 (father Walter).
     b. Waldo SIBTHORPE, born at Gundagai, 1884 (father Waldo H.); of Abercrombie Street, Redfern, 1918.
     c. Richard SIBTHORPE, born at Gundagai, 1886 (father Waldo H.).
     d. George Henry SIBTHORPE, born at Gundagai, 1888 (father Walter H.); Lance Corporal, 1st A.I.F.; he was killed in action, 10 April 1918, "... nephew of Emily and Louie, and brother of Jack SIBTHORPE, of 96 Palmer Street, City" [Daily Telegraph, 1 May].
     e. Edward SIBTHORE, born at Gundagai, 1891 (father Waldo H.).
     f. daughter, born at Gundagai, 1893 #16176, a twin.
     g. daughter, born at Gundagai, 1893 #16177, the other twin.
     h. Jack SITHORPE, born about 1895, the youngest son; of Palmer Street, Sydney, 1918; he died at his parents' residence, Tumblong, 29 May 1919, aged 24 [S.M.H., 2 June].
2. Robert H. SIBTHORPE, born at Muswellbrook, 5 December 1857 [Reg'd #9003 or 9007; and Northern Times, Wednesday 9 December]; he died at North Sydney, 1927 #2007; he was married at Christ Church, St Leonards, 6 February 1883, to Mary BAILEY, eldest daughter of the late William BAILEY, Sydney [S.M.H., Saturday 10 March]; they had issue:
     a. Frederick Leonard SIBTHORPE, born at St Leonards, 1884 #11579.
     b. George SIBTHORPE, born at St Leonards, 1886 #12355.
     c. Robert J. SIBTHORPE, born at St Leonards, 1888 #13154.
     d. Emily G. SIBTHORPE, born at St Leaonards, 1890 #32219.
     e. John B. SIBTHORPE, born at St Leonards, 1892 #33209.
3. Gerald K. SIBTHORPE, born at Molong, 27 September 1859 [Reg'd #9546; and S.M.H., Tuesday 18 October]; he was married at Gundagai, 1900, to Mary TUBBERTY; they had issue:
     a. Winifred a. SIBTHORPE, born at Cootamundra, 1901.
     b. Dulcie M. SIBTHORPE, born at Cootamundra, 1911.
     c. John H. SIBTHORPE, born at Temorah, 1914.
4. Richard Lionel SIBTHORPE, born at Molong, 30 June 1861 [Reg'd #9540; and Empire, Tuesday 16 July]; Brother and past Master, Lodge Hiram, United Grand Lodge of N.S.W. [Funeral Notice]; he died at Sydney Hospital, 24 April 1898 [Reg'd #4131], "... fourth son of L.H. and J. SIBTHORPE, aged 36" [S.M.H., 25 April], late of 154 Bourke Street, and was buried on the 26th at Waverley Cemetery, by his brothers Waldo, Robert and Gerald [Daily Telegraph, 25 April].
5. Emily Jane SIBTHORPE, born at Stoney Creek, Western Goldfields, 30 September 1863 [Registered at Wellington, #14574; and Empire, Monday 5 October]; she died at Sydney, 1943 #15576, unmarried.
6. Letitia B. SIBTHORPE, born at the Commissioner's Camp. Stoney Creek, 8 August 1865[Registered at Wellington, #16471; and Empire, Monday 14 August]; as Lydia Blanche, she died at Sydney, 13 December 1866, youngest daughter of the late Mr L.H. SIBTHORPE, aged 16 months [Empire, Saturday 15 December].
7. Louise (Louie) SIBTHORPE; named in her nephew George's In Memoriam Notice, 1918


Lack of vital details in Irish records means that definitive family lineages for the HENEY and SIBTHORPE families will have gaps - which gaps will probably only ever be able to be stopped up using a degree of speculation.

Both families appear to have been Members of the Methodist Society in Dublin, and also appear to have followed the Primitive Wesleyan connexion after the Schism of 1818. This means that some refined "best-fit" speculative genealogy may be possible, if, as was not unknown, these families intermarried within the relatively tight-knit Methodist community.

Henry CROOKSHANK, in his authoritative "History of Methodism in Ireland" [Volume III, at page 21], noted that:
"Meanwhile, another and still larger chapel was erected. This was in Abbey Street, Dublin...
"One Sunday, a young man, named William DEAKER, attracted by the appearance of the new building, entered, heard Mr MAYNE preach, and at the close of the service, observing several persons retire into side rooms, followed some of them into one, which proved to be the place in which Arthur WILLIAMS met a class, of which William and James CARSON, William and Henry HENEY, and others, were members..."

In light of this excerpt, and developing the themes of kinship and potential intermarriages, it will come as no surprise to me if we were to eventually find that:
a. William CARSON was related to, and perhaps the father of, Margaret CARSON, the wife of Henry Parnell HENEY (see below).
b. William HENEY may have been Henry's older brother (see below).
c. Arthur WILLIAMS, the Class Leader, as a witness (with Henry HENEY) to the marriage in 1826 of Margaret WILLIAMS to William HENEY, was perhaps her father; and he may even have been related to Thomas Beckwith WILLIAMS, the husband of Sarah Going SIBTHORPE (see above).

Indeed, the "Minutes of Methodist Conferences in Ireland," 1865, provide some further clues:
1825 Conference (page 161):
"Q. Who are the Liquidating Committee?
"A. The Dublin Preachers, together with Messrs... Henry HENEY (second of seven),... James CARSON (sixth of seven)..."
1827 Conference (page 210):
"Q. Who are the Missionary Committee to review the concerns of the Missions at the ensuing Conference?
"A. (a list of thirteen names, and) the Secretary of the Conference, with an additional thirteen gentlemen (including)... Henry HENEY, William CARSON,..."
1829 Conference (page 264):
Ditto the above.
1829 Conference (page 265):
"Q. Who are the Chapel Building Committee, without whose previous consent obtained in writing no Chapel... whether large or small is to be erected, purchased, or enlarged, during the ensuing year?
"A. The Preachers of the Dublin Circuit, with Messrs Arthur WILLIAMS and Henry HENEY. Charles MAYNE is Secretary to the Committee."
1830 Conference (page 296):
All ditto in 1829, but omitting Henry HENEY, and adding in his stead William KENT, James DEALE and Arthur JONES.
Significantly, Henry HENEY's name does not appear again after this 1829 entry.


Henry HENEY was baptised at St Mary's parish Church, Dublin, 25 January 1728, aged 6 days, the son of James and Mary HENEY []; he was a sibling of John (born 1725), Jane (1727), Alice (1732), Charles (1734) .

I. Henry HENEY; of Mountpleasant, City of Dublin, Esq, when he was grantor of a Deed of Assignment, dated 22 April 1818, by which he demised premises at No 12 Mountpleasant to John Barclay ALLOWAY, of the City of Dublin, [Memorial 196213, Book 727, Page 78].
Possibly the same as Henry of Upper Dominick Street. See II next below.

II. Henry HENEY; of Upper Dominick Street, City of Dublin, Gentleman, when he was grantee of an Indented Deed of Conveyance, dated 6 August 1819, by which Edward MORAN, of Thomas Street, City of Dublin, Merchant, for the sum of £375 paid by HENEY, demised to him premises in Drogheda Street, Balbriggan, County Dublin, the assets of the bankrupt James MATTHEWS [Memorial 506182, Book 768, Page 134].
Possibly the same as Henry HENEY of Abbey Street? See IV below.

III. Henry HENEY, born in Dublin, about 1777; he was buried at St Peter's Parish Churchyard, Dublin, 21 April 1847, aged 69, of Bride Street []. Clearly too young to have been father of IV next.


IV. Henry HENEY, born about 1791 (from his age at death), and probably in Dublin; of Pitt Street, Dublin, 1815 (marriage settlements); of 62 Abbey Street, Dublin City, March 1822, one of the receivers of benefactions for the Aged Female Charity [Saunders Newsletter, 9 March]; of Abbey Street, City of Dublin, Merchant, when he was the grantor of an Indented Deed of Lease, dated 12 April 1823, by which he demised to Peter MARTIN of St Michael's Hill, Carpenter and Undertaker, a newly built dwelling house on the corner of Cook Street and St Michael's Hill [Memorial 528156, Book 780, Page 221]; ditto, when he was grantor of a Deed of Mortgage, dated 30 December 1823, by which he demised a block of land on St Michael's Hill to Christopher HODGENS of Church Street, Dublin, Rope Manufacturer [Memorial 532549, Book 787, Page 459]; probably named as Defendant in a High Court of Chancery Decree, dated 5 August 1824, as Assignee of Hopeton Butler COX (an Insolvent), and in which cause the plaintiff was Isaac SMALLMAN [Dublin Mercantile Advertiser, 18 October]; of 62 Abbey Street, 13 March 1825, when he advertised the sale by auction of a range of imported goods, including clover, carroway and onion seeds, fruit, wines and liquors, cod oil, prepared mustard, seltzer water, corkwood, etc [Dublin Mercantile Advertiser, 14 March]; as Henry HEANY, of Abbey Street, Dublin, Merchant, 1 August 1826, when he was named as a joint third party (with John SIBTHORPE, of Cork Hill, Gent) to the Deed of Marriage Settlements for Eliza SIBTHORPE and Henry POOLEY [Memorial 549550, Book 816, Page 15]; Henry was of 62 Abbey Street, Dublin, May 1827, when he was recorded as one of the receivers of subscriptions to a fund for sufferers in the late destructive fire [Dublin Morning Register, 3 May]; ditto, July 1827, as one of the receivers of benefactions for the Wesleyan Chapel in Lower Abbey Street [Saunders Newsletter, 4 July]; his letter to the editor of the Dublin Morning Register was published on 18 May 1829 concerning an earlier report incorrectly naming him as a party to proceedings in the  Court of King's Bench which involved the St Patrick's Insurance Company; of 62 Abbey Street when he inserted a notice, dated 10 December 1829, concerning the affairs of John O'MEARA, an Insolvent for whom Henry was the appointed Assignee [Saunders Newsletter, 12 December].
Henry died at his house in Abbey Street, Dublin, on 31 December 1829, aged 38 years, after an illness during which he "... suffered much," and taking his "... affectionate leave of his dear companion, earnestly praying for her and their six beloved children..." [Recent Deaths, Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 1830, page 286 - from a copy held in Edgehill College Library, Belfast, and kindly provided by the Archivist Robin RODDIE]; Henry was buried at St Patrick's Cathedral Churchyard, Dublin, on 3 January 1830 [Cathedral Register, R.C.B. Library], late of Abbey Street, Dublin City [Prerogative Wills Index, 1830] - at that time, fellow Methodist William MAGUIRE Senior was the Sexton of the Patrick's Cathedral, and managed the burial ground (it was his son William Junior who, six years later, would marry Henry's daughter Hannah HENEY). 
Henry HENEY was listed in 1830 [Wilson's Directory], at 62 Abbey Street Merchant; he was still listed in 1832 [Treble Almanac], all ditto; and in 1835 [Dublin Almanac and General Register], same address, as a general merchant. The 1830 Directory would have been prepared for publication before  the end of 1829, and so before Henry's death - the later two listings appear to have been the result of his widow carrying on his business without notifying any changes. 

Henry HENEY was of Pitt Street, Dublin, when he was married, by Consistorial License, at St Werburgh's Parish Church, Dublin, 26 March 1815, to Hannah SIBTHORPE; this marriage was the subject of Settlements dated 29 March 1815, made between John SIBTHORPE, his father Henry SIBTHORPE, of Exchange Street, Dublin, Glass Merchant, Henry's eldest daughter Hannah (the bride) and Henry HEANY, of Pitt Street (the groom), with the third party (of two Trustees) including Henry PARNELL of the City of Dublin, Esq [Memorial 472225, Volume 687, Page 67].

Hannah HENEY applied for the "Relief of those Merchants whose Goods were consumed by Fire at the Custom House in Dublin" in 1835 - her claim, dated 3 October, was for loss of Eau de Cologne (24 dozen - £18) and Liqueurs (60 bottles containing 9 44/64 gallons - £9 10s), totalling £27 10s [Parliamentary Papers, Session 1837, Volume XXXIX, Page 213]; she was at Parker Hill, 13 Rathmines Mall, 1845 [Pettigrew and Oulton's Dublin Directory], the residence of her widowed mother.
Mrs Hannah HENEY was recorded at Donnybrook Road, Parish of St Peter, Dublin, in 1850 [Griffith's Primary Valuation], residing in a house with small garden, valued at £29 14s, her principal lessor being named as John SIBTHORPE, Esq (he was at Epworth Terrace, same Valuation record).
Hannah was at Rathgar Road, in May 1873, when she wrote a letter to her grand-daughter in New South Wales (in the possession of her descendant, Dr Kingsley TUGWELL, who was, by remarkable co-incidence, my late father's G.P. in Pennant Hills, in the late 1970s).
Theodore CRONHELM, in his "Reminiscence of Dublin" [from the Christian Advocate, 1889-90], wrote from Sandymount, 27 May 1889:
"My references to the personnel of the [Methodist] Society at that period are necessarily very incomplete... One honoured name, however, must be mentioned as connected with my earliest recollections of the Abbey Street congregation - I refer to Mrs HENEY (mother of my esteemed friend Henry Parnell HENEY), who, in a beautiful old age, still lives amongst us, and counts her descendants even to the fourth generation."
Hannah died at 132 Upper Rathmines, at the residence of her grandson, 29 December 1889, aged 91, widow of the late Henry HENEY [Cork Constitution, 31 December]; the death was informed by Mary HENEY, of 7 Church Avenue, present at death (relationship not stated).

Henry and Hannah had issue, six of whom were living in January 1830, including:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Hannah HENEY, probably born about 1816-19; she was married at St Mary's Parish Church, Dublin, by George KELLY, Curate, 21 June 1836, to William MAGUIRE of Dublin, Solicitor, the witnesses being Charles SIBTHORPE, W. HENEY and W. J. (? perhaps instead Y. or T.) SIBTHORPE.
See for details of their emigration to Australia, and their issue.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. (another child, living 1830, no particulars found).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Maria Louisa HENEY was baptised at St Mary's Parish Church, Dublin, 7 February 1820 []; she probably died in Manchester, 28 December 1866.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Henry Parnell HENEY, born in Dublin, 31 March 1822 [birth information, "uncorroborated," from several family trees on Ancestry] - he was probably named for Henry PARNELL, of the City of Dublin, Esq, who was a joint third party (as a Trustee) to the 1815 Marriage Settlements for his parents (rather than for the Irish M.P. Sir Henry PARNELL); Henry was an Official with the Bank of Ireland; he was also a Methodist; he was at Church Avenue, Rathmines, 1901 Census, aged 79, Retired Bank Officer, with wife and son; he died at 7 Church Avenue, 19 February 1909, aged 87, Widower, Gentleman, the death informed by Kate WOODS, same address; probate was granted on 4 May 1909 to Frederick A. HENEY, V.S., effects £577 5s; of 47 Upper Leeson Street, Gentleman (and son of Henry HENEY, Merchant), when he was married at St Mark's C.of I., Dublin, 5 January 1853, to Mary CARSON, of 27 Sir John's Quay, daughter of William CARSON, Merchant []; she informed the death of Hannah HENEY otherwise SIBTHORPE in 1889; she was aged 72, with her husband, 1901; she died at 7 Church Avenue, 7 May 1908, aged 79, wife of a Gentleman, the death informed by her son Frederick A., of the same address, present at the death; they had issue [from family trees on Ancestry]:
     a. Henry HENEY, born at 27 St John's Quay, Dublin, 20 October 1853, and baptized at St Mary's Parish Church, 26 December []; he died in 1871.
     b. William Carson HENEY, born in 1855; at Upper Rathmines, 1901 Census, aged 45, Methodist, Agent for Building Materials, with his wife and four children; same address, 1911 Census, aged 56, Widower, with his four unmarried children; he died at 16 Fortfield Terrace, 27 September 1934, aged 78, Widower, Merchant; of 7 Church Avenue, Building Contractor, when he was married at the Methodist Church, Dublin South, 1 October 1885, to Elizabeth LITTLE of 93 Rathmines Road (curiously, her father was recorded in the Registration as Mary HENEY!); she was aged 46, born County Dublin, 1901 Census; she died at 192 Upper Rathmines, 8 December 1906, aged 53, wife of Traveler, the death informed by her brother-in-law Fred A. HENEY, of 7 Church Avenue, present at the death; they had issue:
               i. Henry Parnell HENEY, born at 7 Church Avenue, Dublin South, 4 October 1886; aged 14, Scholar, with his parents, 1901; aged 24, Pharmaceutical Chemist, with his father, 1911.
               ii. John William HENEY, born at Pembroke Villas, Dublin South, 18 March 1888; aged 13, Scholar, with his parents, 1901; aged 23, Clerk to Corn Merchant, with his father, 1911; of 132 Upper Rathmines, Accountant, of full age, bachelor, when he was married at Holy Trinity Church, Rathmines, 30 April 1919, to Frances Maria BUTLER, of Westfield Road, Harold's Cross, daughter of Thomas BUTLER, Government Official.
               iii. Mary Carson HENEY, born at 132 Upper Rathmines, Dublin South, 16 May 1891; she was aged 9, Scholar, with her parents, 1901; aged 19, with her father, 1911.
               iv. Charles Frederick HENEY, born at 132 Rathmines, Dublin South, 27 May 1894; aged 6, Scholar, with his parents, 1901; aged 16, Clerk to Ship Owner, with his father, 1911; he died at 16 Fortfield Terrace, 18 September 1937, aged 42, Clerk, the death informed by his widow G.  HENEY.
     c. Charles Sibthorpe HENEY, born in Dublin, 15 March 1864; he probably emigrated to New York, May 1872, and was there married to Elizabeth EATON, with issue.
     d. Susan Frances HENEY, born and died in 1865.
     e. Frederick Arthur HENRY, born 1870; Veterinary Surgeon; he died in 1946; of Dartmouth Square, Dublin, Veterinary Surgeon, when he was married at St Peter's Parish Church, Dublin South, 12 June 1911, to Isabella WATSON, of New Court, Harold's Cross, daughter of James WATSON, Merchant.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Elizabeth Mary Anne HENEY, born about July 1824; buried at St Mary's Parish Church, Dublin, 29 October 1825, aged 15 months, from Abbey Street.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Charles Sibthorpe HENEY was born in Dublin, 16 November 1828, but was not baptised until 17 August 1832, at St Werburgh's Parish Church; he emigrated to Australia; he sailed from Melbourne, 13 March 1849, on the brig Swan, bound for Launceston, in the Cabin [Melbourne Daily News, 14 March]; firm of McCOMAS and HENEY, Wine Merchants, 34 Swanston Street, Melbourne, January 1853, when they advertised the sale of 100 Dozen E. DUBOIS Superior Claret, same quantity of ditto Burcundy, all ex L'Aimable, Bordeaux, and some fine old Irish Whiskey [Age, 24 January]; firm of McCOMAS and HENEY, same address, February 1853, when they advertised the sale of "... a Corrugated Iron Store, 20 feet by 10 feet, lately erected, and well suited for a merchant's or ship broker's office" [Argus, 18 February]; ditto, Queen Street, Melbourne, 1854; he into a Limited Liability Partnership with John Robert McCOMAS and George WHARTON, as "HENEY, McCOMAS and Another," 1 July 1854, in "... the business of Candle Manufacturers and other business of a similar nature... at the Salt Water River, near Melbourne, on premises lately belonging to Messrs BENN and Coy" [Argus, 5 July]; Charles drowned when he went early in the morning of 19 February 1855, ".. from his residence at Kensington, to bathe in the Salt Water River, near the punt," his body not being recovered until the following afternoon [Argus, Wednesday 21 February; and Freemans Dublin Journal, 2 June]; he was buried at Melbourne Cemetery, Methodist Section 4, which has a stone inscribed:
"Erected in Memory of Charles Sibthorpe HENEY, formerly of Dublin, and late Merchant of this City, accidentally drowned Saltwater River, 17 February 1855, aged 26 years. Also John Robert McCOMAS, partner business above, died 15 October 1859, aged 28 years."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
7. Elizabeth Anne HENEY; she died at "Kent," Auburn Road, Hawthorne (Victoria), 16 September 1918, aged 92 years [Spectator and Methodist Chronicle, 25 September]; youngest daughter, of 47 Upper Leeson Street, when she was married at St Peter's Parish Church, Dublin, 30 November 1854, to Edward Leslie GAULT, of Trillick, County Tyrone [Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent, Saturday 2 December], by License and by Archibald GAULT, witnessed by Hen. P. HENEY and R. GAULT []; they emigrated to Manchester; of 3 Charlotte Street, Manchester, Calico Printer, April 1860, Grand Jury List [Manchester Courier, 7 April], and then to Australia; they were at 164 Upper Brook Street, Manchester, 1861 Census, Edward aged 33, Yarn and Cloth Commission Agent, Elizabeth aged 32, both born Ireland, their two children and his sister Elizabeth A. GAULT (aged 23, born Ireland); he died at Lennox Street, Hawthorn, Melbourne, 3 December 1871, "... aged 43, late of Manchester, fourth son of Robert GAULT of Trillick, County Tyrone, Ireland" [Argus, Tuesday 5 December].
Elizabeth and Edward had issue:
     a. Robert Charles GAULT, born in Ireland, about 1855; aged 5, with his parents, 1861; .
     b. Henry Heney GAULT, born at 164 Upper Brook Street, Manchester, 29 July 1858, and was baptized by Rev A. GAULT, at St Saviour's, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, 24 February; he was married in Victoria to Mabel WOODALL; they had issue:
               i. Gladys Lillian GAULT, born at Malvern, 1889 #14064, a twin.
               ii. Winifred Doris GAULT, born at Malvern, 1889 #14065, the other twin.
               iii. Hilda GAULT, born at Malvern, 1891; she died at Mont. Park, 1951, aged 60 years.
               iv. Marjory GAULT, born at Malvern, 1892.
               v. Henry Woodall GAULT, born at Malvern, 1897; he died in Melbourne, 1988, aged 91.
     c. Hannah Sibthorpe GAULT, born in Ireland, about 1859-61; aged 1, with her parents, 1861; she died in New Zealand, 1953, aged 94 years; she was married in Victoria, 1893, to Alfred Ernest BARROWCLOUGH; they had issue:
               i. Harold Eric BARROWCLOUGH, born in N.Z., 1894; he was married in N.Z., 1921, to Mary Ogilvie DUTHIE.
               ii. Myles Edward BARROWCLOUGH. born in N.Z., 19 May 1895; he was married in N.Z., 1921, to Jessie Simpson DUNNE.
               iii. Frederick Gault BARROWCLOUGH, born in N.Z., 27 November 1898; he was married firstly, in N.Z., 1927, to Mary Adair HUMPHRIES; he was married secondly, also in N.Z., 1935, to Hilda Mayborn JAMIESON.
               iv. Charles Byers BARROWCLOUGH, born in N.Z., 29 November 1900; he was married in N.Z., 1930, to Lillian Wilhelmina Mayborn SMITH.
               v. Elizabeth Anne BARROWCLOUGH, born in N.Z., 1905.
     d. Elizabeth Frances GAULT, born at 164 Upper Brook Street, 10 May 1861, and baptized by Rev A. GAULT, at St Saviour's, Chortlon-upon-Medlock, 4 January 1862; she died at the residence of her brother, 7 March 1878, "... second daughter of Mr E.L. GAULT, formerly of Manchester, late of this city, aged 16" [Argus, 8 March], and was buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
     e. Edward Leslie GAULT, born at 164 Upper Brook Street, 1 April 1863, and baptized by Rev A. GAULT, St Saviour's, Chotlton-upon-Medlock, 10 May; he died at Warrandyte, December 1954, aged 92, "... one of Melbourne's pioneer eye specialists" [Obituary, Melbourne Herald, 20 December]; as the third son, he was married at the Wesleyan Church, Malvern, 15 October 1898, to Gertrude WOODALL, third daughter of Rev W. and Ellen GOODALL [Australasian, 5 November]; they had issue:
               i. Adelaide Gertrude GAULT, born in Melbourne, about 1899; she died at Box Hill, 1977, aged 77.
               ii. Edward Woodall GAULT, born at Carlton, 1903.
               iii. Kathleen Elizabeth GAULT, born at Malvern, 1905.
     f. James Archibald GAULT, born about 1866; he died at Mentone, 1 February 1938, aged 72, "... beloved husband of Edith, and loving father of Margaret Jean (Mrs KIDD) and Hugh" [Argus, 2 February].
     g. Frederick Samuel GAULT, born about 1868; he died in Victoria in 1870, aged 2 years.

     h. Mary Louisa Beggs GAULT, born in Victoria, 1870; youngest daughter; she was married at the Wesleyan Church, Armadale, 5 December 1896, to Atherton Henry BATH, the eldest son of Rev Henry BATH of Launceston.

William HENEY; he was of St George's Parish when he was married at the Parish Church, Dublin, 4 February 1826, to Margaret WILLIAMS, of St Thomas Parish, the marriage witnessed by Arthur WILLIAMS, Hen. HENEY and James EDMISTON []; they had issue:
1. Arthur Frederick HENEY, baptized at St George's Parish Church, 7 January 1827, from 15 Synnott Place []. Possibly the next?

William HENEY, born about 1795; he was buried at St George's Parish Church, 8 February 1855, aged 59 years, of Oak Lodge, Booterstown [].

Ann HENEY, born about 1776; she was buried at St George's Parish Church, 23 October 1846, aged 70 years, of Johnson's Court [], marital status not recorded. If married or a widow, perhaps the mother of William above, and perhaps even of Henry???


From notes I have recently despatched to a descendant:
7. Miss Lucinda SIBTHORPE was buried in the Churchyard of St Patrick's Cathedral, 18 August 1834 (likewise very likely to be related, as Henry above in 1830).
8. John SIBTHORPE was a Representative of the Dublin Circuit at the Methodist Conference of 1835 [Methodist Conference Minutes].
9. John SIBTHORPE and Henry James SIBTHORPE were two of five members of a Committee of Dublin Methodists who formed a joint party to a Deed of Mortgage, dated 31 August 1840 [Volume 20, Page 190, Dublin Deeds Registry], which was granted by William MAGUIRE (Senior), concerning lands and dwelling houses in St Patrick's Street, Dublin, the deed witnessed by William MAGUIRE Junior, Solicitor, of Abbey Street, Dublin (Hannah HENEY's husband of four years) .
10. Dr Henry James SIBTHORPE, M.D., L.K.Q.G.P., Esq, died on 6 September 1876, aged 71 [Obituary notice, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, January-February 1877, page 55], "...suddenly, at Hume Street, Dublin" [Belfast Newsletter, 8 September].

I also find, from a revised search of church records on the website, some additional details for Dublin SIBTHROPs:

And two others who may have been related:
4. SIBTHROP, buried 23 August 1778, from Walkers Alley.
5. Mr SIBTHROP, buried 1778, from Walchers Alley.
There were even earlier Dublin families of SIBTHORPs:
Joseph and Jane SIBTHORP had issue:
1. Ann SIBTHORP, baptised at St Audoen's Parish Church, 18 March 1716.
2. Edward SIBTHORP, baptised there on 26 January 1718.
3. SIBTHORP, buried there, 23 May 1719 (perhaps one of the above two children, or one of the parents?).
Thomas an Ellenor SIBTHORP had issue:
1. Anne SIBTHORP, baptised at St Nicholas Without, 15 September 1734.
2. Jane SIBTHORP, baptised at St Nicholas Without, 3 October 1736.
Robert SIBTHORP; he was married by Consistorial License, at St Anne's Parish Church, Dublin, 9 April 1743, to Anne FOSTER; they had issue:
1. Elizabeth SIBTHORP, born at Spring G... Lane, and baptised at St Mark's Parish Church, 15 August 1751.
2. Stephen SIBTHORP, baptised at St Mary's Parish Church, 15 October 1756 (father Robert, but mother Mary Anne).
There were three burials in the Church Records which were not burials, but instead Confirmations:
"At a confirmation held by his Grace William, Lord Arch-Bishop of Dublin, in St Werburgh;s Church, on 13th April 1824, the following young persons were presented and confirmed: ...
"35. Sarah SIBTHORPE....12 Cork Hill.
       Eliza SIBTHORPE......12 Cork Hill.
       Henry SIBTHORPE....12 Cork Hill..."

Decorators, glass merchants, ironmongers, plumbers, marble and stone merchants, of Dublin. According to their advertisement in The Industries of Dublin of 1888,(1) the firm was founded 'at the remote date of 1747'. In 1759 a Henry Sibthorpe was admitted a freeman of Dublin by virtue of service to a glazier named Richard Eaton; he was presumably the Henry Sibthorpe who had a glazier's business at 12 Copper Alley in 1775.(2) He was also very probably the father of another Henry Sibthorpe who was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin by virtue of birth as a member of the Smith's Guild at Michaelmas 1786.(3) The younger Henry had a glazier's business at 18 Exchange Street. He remained at this address until 1814, but by the following year he had changed the description of his trade to 'painter and glazier' and had moved to 12 Cork Hill. He died in 1824.(4)
The directories indicate that before his death Henry Sibthorpe had taken a son into partnership. The firm of 'Henry Sibthorpe & Son' continued to trade under this name for about a century and a half until it eventually closed in the 1970s. It remained in Cork Hill until at least 1883, first expanding into Castle Street, then acquiring a marble yard in Great Brunswick Street and building a store in Upper Exchange Street on the site where Henry Sibthorpe had had his original premises. Later in the 1880s it moved to a new showroom and offices at 33 Molesworth Street. By this time, according to The Industries of Dublin, the firm was employing 'a constant staff of about three to four hundred men' and enjoying a trade 'of colossal dimensions'. This probably represents the peak of the firm's activities, for the Great Brunswick Street marble yard was given up within ten years, making way for St Andrew's Boys' School. The store was moved from Exchange Street to Fishamble Street during the same period.
As the firm did not change its name for well over a century, it is difficult to identify the individual members of the family who were successively in charge of it. If LUKE SIBTHORPE   was Henry Sibthorpe's brother, as seems possible, his family could also have been involved in it. The son who was taken into partnership by Henry Sibthorpe circa 1826 may have been the John Sibthorpe who appears fleetingly at 12 Cork Hill in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1826 or the William Sibthorpe of Cork Hill who was a subscriber to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819). Thomas S. Sibthorpe, later a JP, was probably head of the firm in the 1860s; his addresses were given as Cork Hill, Great Brunswick Street and Leeson Park when he was elected a non-professional associate of the RIAI on 21 January 1869, having been proposed by JAMES HIGGINS OWEN   and JAMES BELL  , seconded by EDWARD HENRY CARSON   and CHARLES GEOGHEGAN.  (5) In the 1870s the firm was headed by John Sibthorpe, who died suddenly on 21 April 1878 and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery.(6)  Later the firm was headed by another John Sibthorpe, also a JP, who became president of the Master Painter's Association of Ireland in 1902, delivering his inaugural address on 'The Connection in the Middle Ages between Architects, Painters, and Decorators'.(7) This is probably the same person as the octogenarian John Sibthorpe who was consulted by C.P. Curran when he was preparing his book on Dublin plasterwork.(8) Draughtsmen employed by the firm included H.S. Rogerson, active in the first two decades of the 20th century, and Con O'Sullivan, active in the 1930s.
After the firm closed in the 1970s, the contents of the office were thrown out. Much of this material was rescued from a skip and subsequently dispersed. Some of the drawings which were retrieved are in the Irish Architectural Archive, Acc. 78/22, Acc. 96/145, Acc. 2001/142, Acc. 2002/33; there are also some photographs of the firm's work in the Reading Room Box Files and a number of 35mm. slides of churches, Acc. 2000/46. Written material from the same source - correspondence, letter books, ledgers, receipts and other documents - dating from 1823 to 1963 is in the National Archives, Acc. 1046 (photocopy of handlist in IAA, RP.B.22.6).
See WORKS, for works of which the Irish Architectural Archive has drawings and photographs only.
All information not otherwise accounted for is from Wilson's, Post Office, Pettigrew and Oulton's and Thom's Dublin directories. 

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(4) Register of St Werburgh's church, (last visited Jun 2010). The burials of Eliza and Sarah Sibthorpe, also of 12 Cork Hill, are recorded on the same page. He was described as 'the late Henry Sibthorpe' in 1830 when his former apprentice Henry Martin was refused admission to the franchise because he had converted to Catholicism (information from Dr Nessa Roche). 
(5) RIAI general meeting minutes, 17 Dec 1868, 226; council meeting minutes, , 7 Nov 1868, 116; general meeting minutes, 21 Jan,20 May 1869, 227,231. 
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(7)   Irish Times, 7, 8 Jan 1902. The IAA has a photograph of a salver presented to Mr and Mrs John Sibthorpe by the Association in Feb 1935. 
(8) Se
e C.P. Curran, Dublin Decorative Plasterwork of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (1967), 14,37,74,76.
Painter and glazier, of Dublin. Luke Sibthorpe was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin by virtue of Birth as a member of the Smith's Guild at Michaelmas 1786;(1) it seems possible that the Henry Sibthorpe who was admitted to the franchise at the same time was his brother (see HENRY SIBTHORPE &  amp; SON). He was subsequently in business as a glazier at 1 Palace St. He is recorded as carrying out some work for the Corporation and represented his guild on the Common Council of Dublin between 1808 and 1819.(2) He died on 14 March 1827. Three of his sons, Thomas, Charles and Henry J. Sibthorpe were admitted to the Dublin franchise. A fourth, Luke Homan Sibthorpe, emigrated to New South Wales. Luke Sibthorpe was a subscriber to Humphrey's Irish Builder's Guide (1813) and to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819).
All information in this entry not otherwise attributed was supplied by Dr Nessa Roche and Luke Sibthorpe's great-great-great-grandson, Graham Sibthorpe, Newcastle, New South Wales, Jul 2010 and Jul 2011.
(1) 'An alphabetical list of the Freemen of the City of Dublin, 1774-1824', The Irish Ancestor XV (1983), Nos. 1 & 2, 110.
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