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The BALDWIN family of Queen's County, Ireland.

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Emanuel PIGOTT, of Chetwynd, County Cork, purchased the Dysart estate in the Queen's County in 1725 from his second cousin Robert PIGOTT (the last of the senior line of proprietors of the estate, who died in 1730); Emanuel thereby became Impropriator of the joint parishes of Dysart-Enos and Kilteale from 1730 until his death in 1763, and as such, was entitled to 2/3rds of the tithes collected in the parishes; to seize unpaid tithes owed by recalcitrant Quakers, he employed local men - including Jonathan and Joseph BALDWIN, as Tithe-takers in 1731; J. BALDWIN in 1732; and Joseph BALDWIN, as Tithe-monger in 1733, 1734 and 1735, as Tithe-taker, in 1737, and again as Tithe-monger in 1742, 1745, 1749 and 1754.
George PIGOTT succeeded his father Emanuel as Impropriator in 1763; he employed George BALDWIN, as Tithe-taker, in 1764; and John BALDWIN, as Tithe-taker, in 1770.
Thomas PIGOTT succeeded his father George in about 1772; he employed John BALDWIN as Tithe-taker in 1778.
Rev John PIGOTT, Emanuel's older brother, was the Rector of Dysart-Enos, and appears in these tithe records in 1731, 1733 and 1735; and Rev William PIGOTT (Rev John's son and Emanuel's nephew), likewise, from 1742 through to 1779.
[See Quaker Congregational Records on]
In June 1751, Emanuel leased the Dysart estates to Joseph BALDWIN, Gent, who was already residing there, and for a term of the lives of three of Joseph's sons (presumably the eldest three - John, Jonathan and Joseph BALDWIN Junior (see below).

Thomas PIGOTT (born in Antigua in 1695) was a nephew of the above Robert PIGOTT who died in 1730; he was of Grange, Mounteagle, Loughteague, etc, in the Queen's County, and also of Dublin; by his wife Mary WHEELER of Dublin, he had issue, including a son Thomas PIGOTT, born about 1725.
It appears that Thomas PIGOTT Junior married, probably sometime about the 1750's, Helen BALDWIN - as the following item indicates:
"...Thomas PIGOTT, of Dublin, whose wife Helen BALDWIN, probably of Derry, Dysart or Summerhill, near Mountmellick, died intestate in 1764, administration granted to her husband. The BALDWIN family resided in the PIGOTT's old residence of Dysert, and, on the expiration of the lease of the home farm removed to Derry Farm, on the same estate, then held by Lord CAREW." [Notes and Queries, Tenth Series, Volume II, 27 August 1904, page 176].
This was part of an answer to earlier correspondence (from a contributor styled 'Francesca') posted by William Jackson PIGOTT, of Dundrum, County Down (he was my great-grandfather's first cousin - and we claim a direct descent from a younger brother of the above Robert PIGOTT who died in 1730). Lord CAREW was Robert Shapland CAREW; his mother was Anne PIGOTT, a grand-daughter of the above Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd and of Dysart.
Helen PIGOTT was buried at St Luke's Parish Church (C. of I.), Dublin, on 1 June 1764.
Otherwise, no other details are yet known of Helen's life, although it may be presumed she was probably of a similar age to her husband, or perhaps a bit younger. But if she had children, and one of them was a son named Edward (although the name no-where appears in the Dysart PIGOTT family before this time), then he would have been aged upwards of 26 years at the birth of the next.

William Dowdall PIGOTT was born at Dysart in the Queen's County on 29 September 1790 [so recorded on his gravestone], when the BALDWIN family were still the leaseholders, and while David BALDWIN was in residence, perhaps with his father John BALDWIN (died 1797) and other family members.
William served as a Clerk in the Ordnance Department of the Army, at home and abroad (Malta), and retired on a pension to Ontario. Before leaving for Malta in 1732-33, and while residing in the neighbourhood of the town of Maryborough, on half-pay after an earlier stint with the Ordnance Department, he acted briefly as Trustee for the BALDWIN family of Summerhill, near Maryborough, concerning renewal debts on one of their lease-hold properties - so, having been born in the household of one BALDWIN family, he was sufficiently trusted by a collateral branch to handle aspects of their financial affairs.

William's parents have not yet been identified, which I find mystifying - but the fact that his middle name was Dowdall had originally suggested to me that he might have been connected to the Capard branch of the PIGOTT family - Dowdall PIGOTT (ca 1719-1785) having then recently occupied that estate, in the parish of Rosenallis, near Mountmellick, and leaving only two illegitimate children named RIGNEY.
However, while William appears to have been reluctant to let his own family know who their grandparents were, he may have left some clues - he named his first son Edward PIGOTT (who died in Malta as an infant), and a younger son Edward David Baldwin PIGOTT - and I am inclined to the view that these names probably held some significance. I therefore speculate on the possibility that Edward may have been his father's name - and that his mother may, perhaps, have been related to the BALDWIN family.
Although there is another but perhaps remote possibility - might the total lack of details about his parentage suggest that he had been born out of wedlock; and might his mother have been the PIGOTT, and his father a BALDWIN?

But, it is of particular interest to note that:
1. In 1791, Edward PIGOTT, Esq, was residing at Dysart, when he subscribed to the publication in Dublin of "Galatea; a Pastoral Romance, imitated from Cervantes," by M. Clarins de FLORIAN.
2. In 1795, Edward PIGOTT witnessed the will of  Jonathan BALDWIN of Maryborough, as well as the Deeds Registry memorial associated with it.
3. During the 1790's, David BALDWIN resided at Dysart, perhaps under an earlier lease of  the PIGOTT family, or a later one of Lord CAREW.

There was an Edward PIGOTT, perhaps another, a son of  the Rev William PIGOTT (named in the Quaker records mentioned above), and who was also a Minister of the Church of Ireland; Edward is recorded as having been presented (by Rev Richard PIGOTT, D.D., of Cork) to the Rectory of Dysart, in the room of his father William, who resigned, in 1772 ["Biographical Succession List of the Clergy of Kildare Diocese," Rev J.B. LESLIE, 1904, pages 209-210]. But Edward's name does not appear in his father's place in the tithe records mentioned above, so perhaps he did not take up that appointment, or the Quaker recorders were in error. The fact that the Edward PIGOTT, residing at Dysart in 1791 was styled "Esq" suggests there were two - Rev Edward should probably have instead been styled "Clerk." And being Rector of the parish would in itself not have assured him of a residence on the Dysart estate, even if he had taken up the posting. Although the book title does suggest that the Esquire may also have been a man of Classical education.
Rev Dr Richard PIGOTT of Cork was the son of Emanuel, and father of Anne PIGOTT - she was the wife and mother of the Robert Shapland CAREW's, Senior and Junior, respectively (see below), who succeeded to the proprietorship of Dysart.

By reason of these three sets of PIGOTT : BALDWIN juxtapositions, I am encouraged to attempt below to sort out the various strands of the BALDWIN families who resided in this part of the Queen's County, to see if any further light might be shed on William's connection.
But before I do, I think it is pertinent to their story that six important historical documents relating to them are presented in full, as some of the cited abstracts now have the de-facto status of primary source material; and so that I don't impose my own interpretation on their contents that might conflict with reality.
Noting, of course, that the widespread loss of primary records in Ireland also means that speculative best-fit genealogy does rather become a regular feature of Irish family history studies.
And I intend to deal with these documents, two wills, published accounts of three court proceedings, and a registered property deed. I will treat them heading backwards in time.
In 1918, William BALDWIN, a member of the American Institute, New York, had published his "Genealogy of BALDWINs from Queen's County, Ireland, and their Descendants in America and Elsewhere." I have only just been advised of the existence of this very rich resource, tapped from a myriad of original source material that would be destroyed four years later, in 1922, in the fires at the Public Record Office, then housed in the Four Courts Building in Dublin. The detail enables me to construct a pedigree of this family, into which much of the detail I had previously posted will fit, very nicely. * * * THIS 1918 PUBLICATION HAS INFORMATION THAT NOW HAS THE STATUS OF DE-FACTO PRIMARY SOURCE MATERIAL * * * Given the significance of this, I may attempt to reproduce it in full as an Appendix to this blog post, in due course. 


"Before the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Justice of Appeal.
"[Reported by Edmund T. BEWLEY, Esq, Barrister-at-Law.]

"IN RE CLEGG'S ESTATE, Nov 18, 25, 1862."

"Jonathan BALDWIN by his will devised the lands of X, held under a lease of lives renewable forever, to Mary CLEGG for life, with remainder to John CLEGG; but 'if John CLEGG should happen to die before he attains the age of twenty-one years, or married,' then over. Held, that John CLEGG, on attaining the age of twenty-one years, was absolutely entitled; and that the gift over could only take effect if John CLEGG died under the age of twenty-one years, unmarried."
[Case details]
"Jonathan BALDWIN of Maryborough, in the Queen's County, was at the time of his death seized of lands in Castleflemin, Monomendragh or Shianderry, being part of Castleflemin, and the moiety of Leigaragh, situate in the Barony of Ossory, in the Queen's County, under a lease for three lives, renewable forever, bearing date the 25th of May 1742.
"By his will duly made and dated 23rd of December 1803, Jonathan bequeathed to his wife Frances BALDWIN the sum of 1s and 1d sterling, she already having a jointure of £60 a year settled on her on her marriage, and the will then continued in the following words:
'I give and bequeath unto my grand-daughter, Frances CLEGG, the sum of £300 sterling, to be paid by my executors hereinafter named, out of all my landed property, at the value of £100 per year, payable half-yearly, the first payment to be made six months after the death of wife, interest free; but in case my said grand-daughter shall happen to die before she reaches twenty-one years, or married, then my will and desire is that the said sum of £300 shall be paid to such other children of my daughter Mary CLEGG, wife of Benjamin CLEGG, share and share alike, at the rate of £100 per year, as aforesaid. I give and bequeath unto my said daughter, Mary CLEGG, wife of the above-mentioned Benjamin CLEGG, all my right, title, and interest of all my freehold, landed, and chattel property of what kind and nature soever, which I shall die seized and possessed of, to have, receive, and take the rents, issues, and profits thereof respectively, for and during her natural life; and after her decease, I will, devise, and bequeath unto my grandson, John CLEGG, son of my daughter Mary CLEGG, the interest in my said freehold, landed, and chattel property as aforesaid, to have, receive, and take the rents, issues, and profits thereof respectively, for and during of the respectively leases thereof; but in case my said grandson, John CLEGG, should happen to die before he attains the age of twenty-one years, or married, then my will is that my said freehold, landed, and chattel property aforesaid shall be divided, share and share alike, between my said daughter Mary CLEGG's children, in like manner as my said grandson, John CLEGG was to have the same in case he lived. And in case all my grandchildren by my said daughter Mary CLEGG, shall died before they attain the age of twenty-one years, or married, then my will is that my said freehold, landed, and chattel property as aforesaid shall go to and be divided, share and share alike, among the children now living of my brother, James BALDWIN, of Summerhill, and John BALDWIN deceased, for and during the continuance of the respective leases thereof as aforesaid, and to their heirs.' 
"This was followed by a bequest for the maintenance and education of the testator's grandson, John CLEGG, until he reached the age of twenty-one years.
"Jonathan BALDWIN died on the 1st Jan. 1805, leaving him surviving, Mary CLEGG, his only child, and four grandchildren, namely - John CLEGG (the eldest), Jonathan CLEGG, Robert CLEGG and Frances CLEGG.
"By a deed of mortgage, bearing date the 6th of November 1837, and made between Mary CLEGG and John CLEGG of the one part, and Richard EVANS of the other, Mary CLEGG and John CLEGG demised the lands before mentioned to Richard EVANS for 1,000 years as security for the repayment of a sum of £1,000 with interest thereon at £6 per cent. In or as of Hilary Term, 1842, Richard EVANS obtained a judgement in the Court of Queen's Bench against John CLEGG for the penal sum of £1,000 conditioned for the payment of £500.
"On 31st December 1854, Mary CLEGG died. John CLEGG attained the age of twenty-one years in the year 1822, but up to the time of the present suit, had not been married; and by an inquisition bearing date 2nd of August 1855, had been found a lunatic from the month of October 1851.
"The appellant, Isabella EVANS, widow of Richard EVANS before-mentioned, and his executrix, on 17 September 1861 presented a petition in the Landed Estates Court, praying that the lands comprised in the lease of 25 May 1742, or a competent part of them, might be sold for the purpose of discharging the incumbrances thereon; and by order of the said Court, dated 4 February 1862, it was ordered that these lands should be sold."

[Irish Jurist, Volume XV (Volume VIII, New Series), Dublin, 1863, page 21.]


2 June 1835.
[My abstracted list of people mentioned and who were living in 1835:
1. Plaintiffs - Robert BALDWIN, Edward BALDWIN (his brother), John BALDWIN (probably their cousin), and E. A. ROBINSON. Their Solicitor was Mr FLETCHER; their trustees were Mr (Lewis?) MOSSE and Mr W. D. PIGOTT.
2. Defendant - Sir Brook William BRIDGES, 5th Baronet, of Goodnestone, Kent. His Agent in Ireland was Mr FREKE.
[Summary of case]
"The plaintiffs held under a lease for three lives with a covenant for perpetual renewal, two of the 'cestui que vies' (one of them was the father and the other the uncle of one of the plaintiffs) having died, the landlord, on 28 January 1832, served a notice on the plaintiffs calling upon them to pay the renewal fines and interest, and to furnish a renewal for execution. On 17 February a draft renewal was furnished to the landlord's agent, a blank having been left for the amount of the renewal fines, as the period of the 'cestui que vies' was not then ascertained; on the 28th of the same month it was returned by the agent with some alterations, who asserted that one of the lives had dropped in 1804, and the other in 1818 [this year appears to be a mis-print for '1814 or 1815' - see the Judge's summary below]. The plaintiffs, on 28 September, ascertained, by a search of the parish registry books, that one of the lives dropped in 1804 and the other in 1818; and on 20 October tendered the amount of the renewal fines, which the landlord refused."
"The plaintiffs, under the circumstances, were decreed entitled to a renewal upon payment of the costs of the suit, although it was proved that some time previous to the service of the notice on the 28th of January 1832, they had been required to take out the renewal."
[The detailed case]
"By indenture of lease of 2nd February 1731, made between Brook BRIDGES (ancestor of the defendant) and Jonathan BALDWIN, the said Brook BRIDGES demised the premises in question to Jonathan BALDWIN, his heirs and assigns, to hold for the life of Jonathan BALDWIN and two other lives therein mentioned, at the rent of £14, with a covenant for renewal on the payment of a fine of £7, and to surrender the said lease within six months of the death of any 'cestui que vies'; and that the like making and perfecting of the like lease, mutatis mutandis, after the like payment of £7 sterling, from time to time, so often as any of the like deceases should happen, and the like surrender should be made, should be continued or renewed from time to time forever.
"In 1770, Jonathan BALDWIN died, and his interest became vested in James BALDWIN, and in 1780, another of the 'cestui que vies' having died, and the inheritance have (sic) become vested in William BRIDGES, he by indenture of lease and release of 21st and 22nd December 1784, in consideration of the surrender of the said renewal of 1731, and of payment of the renewal fines, demised the premises to James BALDWIN, for the lives of him the said James BALDWIN, Jonathan BALDWIN Junior, and Robert BALDWIN, with a covenant of perpetual renewal similar to that of the lease of 1731.
"In 1808, James BALDWIN, under a power contained in articles executed on his marriage, appointed the said premises to his two sons, the said Robert BALDWIN and Edward BALDWIN, two of the plaintiffs, as tenants in common; and they, in the same year, in consideration of £2,000, secured by two several bonds and judgements, conveyed their interest to one ROBINSON, who devised the same in trust for his son, E. A. ROBINSON (also one of the plaintiffs) and others of his family.
"In 1827, in consequence of disputes amongst the ROBINSON family, the premises were conveyed by all the parties interested to Mr MOSSE, upon certain trusts, and afterwards in the same year, they were conveyed by MOSSE and the said parties to W. D. PIGOTT, upon trust, out of the rents and profits, to pay off encumbrances, amongst which were the said two judgement debts of £1,000 each, due to the plaintiffs, Robert and Edward BALDWIN, and after the same should be discharged, upon trust to re-convey to E. A. ROBINSON. This trust afterwards became vested in the plaintiff John BALDWIN.
"Jonathan and James BALDWIN, two of the 'cestui que vies' having died, Mr FREKE, the agent for the defendant Sir B. W. BRIDGES, the head landlord, on 28 January 1832 served a notice on the said MOSSE and PIGOTT, calling on them to pay the renewal fines and interest, and to produce a renewal prepared for the execution. The plaintiffs' solicitor, on 17 February, sent to FREKE a draft renewal for his approval, a blank having been left for the amount of the renewal fines, as the periods at which the lives had dropped were not then ascertained; this draft was returned on 28 February, but the blank was not filled up.
"On 28 September, it was determined, after a search of the parish registry books, that Jonathan BALDWIN was buried in January 1805, and James BALDWIN in September 1818. One of them was father and the other the uncle of Robert BALDWIN, one of the plaintiffs, and both were buried in the churchyard of Maryborough, where some of the plaintiffs resided.
"A few days afterwards this information was transmitted to the plaintiffs' solicitor, who waited on FREKE on 20 October, and tendered the amounts of the fines and interest, which was refused. In consequence of this refusal, PIGOTT (the trustee) went to England, and there made the same tender to the defendant in person, who likewise declined to accept it. In January 1833, PIGOTT being about to leave the country, assigned his trust to the plaintiff John BALDWIN.
"On the part of the plaintiffs, Mr FLETCHER  their solicitor, was examined, who deposed that he had an interview with Mr FREKE on 13 February 1832, who then stated he was informed that one of the lives dropped in 1804, and the other in 1818 [sic - but from the judge's summary, this appears to be a mis-print for 1814 or 1815], and that he, FLETCHER, having replied that the information could not be correct, said he would make inquiries upon the subject, and requested FREKE, who said he would be going to the neighbourhood of the lands, to do the same, which he, FREKE, consented to do, and he then understood that the ascertainment of the fines should stand over until he and FREKE should be satisfied as to the exact period when the lives dropped, and that immediately afterwards he wrote to MOSSE and PIGOTT and to others who resided in the neighbourhood of the lands, to ascertain particularly when the lives dropped, but could get no precise information until the month of October, when PIGOTT came to town and informed him that MOSSE had a few days before ascertained, by a search of the registry of deaths in the parish of Maryborough that the said Jonathan BALDWIN was buried on 4th January 1805, and the said James BALDWIN on 5th September 1818.
"On the part of the defendant, Mr FREKE was examined, who deposed, that in the month of October 1830. and in the months of March and September 1831, he applied to MOSSE to take out a renewal of the lease; that he never entered into any agreement that the matter of the renewal should stand over until he and FLETCHER should be satisfied as to the periods when the lives dropped, but that on the 29th of February 1832, he had a conversation with FLETCHER on the occasion of the returning of the draft renewals, in which he stated that there could no difficulty in ascertaining the periods in which the lives dropped, as they were buried in the town of Maryborough, where some of their relations resided; that MOSSE and PIGOTT also resided in the neighbourhood of the same town, and that he, FREKE, could himself ascertain the periods of the deaths, as he had relatives in the same town; that on the 4th of September in the same year, PIGOTT applied to him, in the town of Maryborough, on the subject of the renewal, when he asked PIGOTT whether he had the renewal fines ready, to which PIGOTT declined giving a reply. It was also proved that Robert BALDWIN, one of the plaintiffs, and Elizabeth, the widow of Jonathan BALDWIN, one of the deceased 'cestui que vies,' resided in the town of Maryborough in January 1832, and continue to reside there since."
After final statements from the representatives of both parties, the Judge delivered his summary of the case, and his judgement, clarifying at least one of the details at issue:
"...Mr FREKE supposed that Jonathan BALDWIN's life had fallen in 1804, and James BALDWIN's in 1814 or 1815. In this respect, FREKE was inaccurate..."
Further, and concerning the conversation between FREKE and FLETCHER concerning the contested versions of the standing over of the renewal, the judge observed:
"...But in connexion with this conversation, we find that in September 1832, which FREKE swears was the first occasion of his visiting the Queen's County after this interview, Mr PIGOTT calls on him at Maryborough to make some application respecting the renewal; when FREKE asked him if he had calculated the renewal fines, and if he had the money ready? PIGOTT's answer is not stated; it is not stated that he gave a positive refusal, or remained silent; and the title to this estate turns on a conversation that is not fully before the court. FREKE only draws inferences and conclusions; he swears, that he conceived PIGOTT's object in his application to be delay; if so, and that he meant to rely on PIGOTT's laches, he ought to have stated this plainly to PIGOTT. After this, so soon as the month of October, it appears that PIGOTT had made the enquiries which FREKE had put on him making, and having ascertained the periods of the deaths of the 'cestui que vies,' he makes the proper tender. There certainly is not the diligence or activity which it might be wise for a party to use in the preservation of his rights; but there was no disposition on the part of the tenant to trick the landlord, or keep him out of his property. There is a difficulty exercising my judgement where all the facts are not fully before the court; and in such a case I am bound to lean against a forfeiture. In this case, I do not think there was wilful neglect.
"I shall therefore decree an account, if required, and a renewal, on payment of costs by the tenant, as the suit has been occasioned by his negligence."

["A Selection of Cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, during the time of Lord Chancellor Plunkett," by Bartholomew Clifford LLOYD and Francis GOOLE, Barristers at Law, Dublin, 1839, commencing at page 408.]



"A most extraordinary case was tried at the last Maryborough Assizes in Ireland. It was briefly this. Robert BALDWIN, in March 1782, made his will, in which he devised the lands now in question to the children of his youngest son; soon after which his faculties failed him, and he became altogether childish, and died in April 1784, above 80 years old. The defendant, and eldest son, immediately afterwards gave out that his father had destroyed the will; and no will being found, he entered into the lands in question; and so matters remained for 21 years, the whole family believing the father had died without a will.
"But, after 21 years, the delusion vanished, and the defendant's own children became the immediate instruments of justice to the children of his brother.
In the year 1802 the defendant's wife died, and he very soon after, at the age of 78, married a very young woman, which caused him anxiety to his sons, Robert BALDWIN and Edward BALDWIN, whose poignant expression of this feeling so exasperated their father, that he, on his resentment, executed his will to disinherit his eldest son Robert, and, in his fit of anger, showed it to his second son Edward, who instantly determined to get at it and destroy it, to preserve the property to his elder brother.
"With this view he broke open his father's desk, where he found, not his father's will, which he sought after, but the will of his grandfather, which was then altogether forgotten in the family. He read it, and found that the estate, of which his father would have disinherited his brother, lawfully belonged to his cousins, the children of his late uncle John. He immediately communicated the discovery to his brother, and he to their uncle Jonathan, in consequence of which, the will was, about the beginning of the year 1805, lodged in the Prerogative Court.
"When the defendant was apprised of the discovery of the will, he said it was very true, his father never did cancel the will; but he said he did it away by two deeds, by which he afterwards conveyed the property to him, and these deeds were both registered. It appears, indeed, that one such deed was registered since the discovery of the will; and both deeds appearing foully suspicious, a bill was filed in the Court of Exchequer, and on hearing of the cause in the last term, the cousins desired to have the opinion of  jury on these alleged deeds.
"After a trial of 8 hours, the jury found a verdict for the plaintiffs, with the full approbation of the judge. By this verdict, the plaintiffs (5 in number) are restored to an estate of £300 a year, of which, for 25 years, they have been denied by their uncle.
                                                              "Day Newspaper, 11 August 1809."
[KIRBY's Wonderful and Eccentric Museum; or, Magazine of Personable..., Volume 4, 1820, page 99.]

Readers of Charles DICKENS may already be familiar with this case - he cited it virtually verbatim in Chapter 6 of his "A Long Lane," first published in April 1865, the third of four "books" comprising his last published and completed novel, "Our Mutual Friend."


BALDWIN, Jonathan, Maryborough, Queen's County, Gent. Will dated 21 October 1795, proved 5 May 1803.
"An annuity to my wife Jane BALDWIN, charged on my house in Maryborough wherein George PRINGLE now lives, and my freehold farm Rossnadough, after his decease. My estate real and personal to be divided by my executors between my daughters, Mrs Mary KNAGGS, Mrs Jane LAWLER, Harriet BALDWIN and Alicia BALDWIN, subject to the annuity to my wife.
"Executors Rev John BALDWIN, Castle Cuffe, and Rev Stephen FLETCHER, Maryborough.
"Witnessed by Edward PIGOTT, William PILSWORTH, and Robert BLAKE. Memorial witnessed by Edward PIGOTT and John Benjamin COOKE.
"Rev John BALDWIN (seal)."
[Memorial Number 368015, Volume 77, Page 556 Deeds Registry, Henrietta Street, Dublin.]

Curiously, in the MEREDITH family abstracts of the Maryborough Parish Register (for the period dating from 1799), there is no corresponding burial entry for Jonathan BALDWIN until 4 January 1805, clearly too late for a probate in 1803.


Richard BALDWIN, of Doon, Queen's County, made his will on 23 August 1804:
"In the name of God, Amen, I, Richard BALDWIN, of Doon, in the Queen's County, Gent, considering the uncertainty of this life do make this my last will and testament in manner following. Inasmuch as I have assigned over a part of my interest in the lands of Doon aforesaid being for lives renewable forever unto my two sons, Richard and Matthew BALDWIN, I hereby establish and confirm same to them. That part of my said lands of Doon demised to my son James BALDWIN, I bewueath the same after expiration of the lease to my eldest son John BALDWIN, and to my son Thomas BALDWIN share and share alike, their heirs and assigns, during the remainder of the head lease of said premises, free of any rent or encumbrances. I bequeath unto my son Robert BALDWIN that part of said lands of Doon he now holds during the remainder of the head lease. I bequeath unto my daughter Mary BALDWIN £150 Stg to be paid by instalments from that part of Doon assigned over to my sons Richard and Matthew. I bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Sarah BALDWIN one half of all my stock of Cattle, furniture and debts due to me, the other half to my son MAtthew BALDWIN. I bequeath to my sons James and William BALDWIN the sums of one shilling each. I appoint my said wife Sarah BALDWIN, and my son Richard, Executors."
Proved 5 September 1805; witnessed by Wm FORSTER, Thos ROBERTS, R.D. ROBERTS, Richard FORSTER.

["Genealogy of Baldwins..." by William BALDWIN, New York, 1918, at page 28.]


The Deeds Registry, in Henrietta Street, Dublin, commenced registering all property transactions in Ireland in 1708, and Registry clerks made copies of these deeds in large Memorial volumes as they were registered, in order to facilitate the indexing of them. These Memorial books are accessible to the researching public, although they are not for the faint-hearted, being sufficiently large and heavy to be referred to, less than affectionately, as "Tombstones" - with the top shelf volumes being a trial, and somewhat of an occupational health hazard, and not just for the elderly and the frail!
In Book Number 153, at page 509, is recorded Memorial Number 103507, as follows (with abbreviations filled in, some additional punctuation, and the dates simplified into numerics):

"A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease dated 15 June 1751.
"Whereby Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwind in the County of the City of Cork, Esqr, did, for the considerations therein mentioned, demise and sell unto Joseph BALDWIN of Dysart in the Queen's County, Gent, all that and those the Towns and Lands of Dysart, Loughahoe and Coolnecarrig, and also the Rectorial and Impropriate Tythes of Dysart and the bog of Moneybawn and also the profits and tolls of and belonging to the two fairs held every year on said Lands of Dysart, together with all and singular the Appurtenances to said Lands belonging or appertaining, except as therein excepted.
"To hold to the said Joseph BALDWIN, his heirs and assigns, from thenceforth, during the natural lives of John BALDWIN, Jonathan BALDWIN and Joseph BALDWIN, sons of the said Joseph BALDWIN party thereunto, and for and during the natural life of the longest liver of them.
"Which Indenture is witnessed by William CARDEN of Lismore in the Queen's County, William HANDCOCK of Clonruskin, Esqr, and by Richard SWORDS of Maryborough in the said County, Gent; and this memorial is witnessed by the said William HANDCOCK and by Richard Sheffield CASSAN of Sheffield in the Queen's County.
"The signature and seal of Joseph BALDWIN.
"Signed and sealed in the presence of us, Wm HANDCOCK, Rich'd Sheffield CASSAN.
Sworn by Wm HANDCOCK.
"Sworn before me on 5 June, 1752, at or near a Quarter of an hour after 10 o'clock in the forenoon of the said day, James SAUNDERS, Deputy Registrar."

Loughahoe may have been Loughaboe.
William CARDEN of Lismore, Queen's County, was (by his marriage to Gertrude WARBURTON, whose mother was a PIGOTT) related to Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Cork (his third wife was Gertrude's sister Judith WARBURTON), and to George PIGOTT (Emanuel's son and heir by his first wife Lucy ROGERS) of County Cork (he was married to yet another sister, Jane WARBURTON); William had a daughter Priscilla CARDEN who, in 1763 (the year after Emanuel's death), married Thomas PIGOTT of Knapton in the Queen's County (George and Jane's son, and Emanuel's grandson). Just a little bit complicated, in the Protestant Irish tradition!
Richard Sheffield CASSAN was a grandson of Jonathan BALDWIN of Summerhill, near Maryborough.


John BALDWIN, of Lancashire, born about 1645; he arrived in Ireland about the 1650's, and thought by some descendants to have accompanied CROMWELL; John settled at Agha Harna, alias Summer Hill, in the Queen's County, in 1678 [all the foregoing from W.B.'s 1918 "Genealogy..." at page 67]; perhaps, as Jonas BALDWIN, of Maryborough, Gent, 1714, he was witness to a deed (Memorial Number 17297), being Articles of Agreement dated 23 March 1714 (registered on 29 November 1720), between Daniel BYRNE and Ed. DODGEWORTH - one of the witnesses to the Memorial (1720) was Jonathan BALDWIN (probably his son); John died in April 1715, aged 68, and his will was proved at Leighlin Diocese, 15 April 1715 [W.B.'s 1918, "Genealogy"] - the Phillimore and Thrift Index records the year as 1713; he was married in 1676, to Rebecca FREND, a daughter of Captain John FREND, of Boskill, County Limerick (probate, Dublin, 1676), and his wife Jane (their youngest son, Benjamin FREND, of Boskell, married a daughter of Rev John PADFIELD, of Ballintemple, Prebendary of Dysart).
John and Rebecca had issue:
1. Jonathan BALDWIN, of Summerhill. See [A] below.
2. Joseph BALDWIN; of Dysart, Queen's County. See [E] below.
3. John BALDWIN; of Castlecuffe, Queen's County. See [T] below.

[A] Jonathan BALDWIN, probably born before 1682; of Cool Kerry, and of Summer Hill (near Maryborough), Queen's County, Esq; he was grantee of a Lease for three lives, dated 28 November 1709 [Memorial Number 960], involving lands in Ballyteigue in the Queen's County and a tenement in Maryborough, from Henry WESTENRA of the City of Dublin, Esq -Jonathan was one of three lives for the term, the other two lives being his wife Alice BALDWIN, and his brother Joseph BALDWIN, aged 19 years; Jonathan was a witness to Marriage Settlements, dated 21 March 1717 [Memorial Number 10801], for Edward DODSWORTH, of Maryborough, and Judith PRITTIE - the other witness was Bartholomew SENIOR, also of Maryborough; Jonathan was party to a deed dated 20 January 1719, in which William DESPARD conveyed certain estates in Queen's County to Jonathan BALDWIN as sole trustee, for the purposes of raising money for paying DESPARD's debt; Jonathan was party to a Deed Poll, dated May 1723 [Memorial Number 45928], the second party being Richard WHITE of Whiddy Island, Count Cork, Esq - Jonathan was identified as the executor of the will of William DESPARD, Esq, deceased; Jonathan was grantee of a deed of lease for three lives, renewable on payment of fines for ever, for an unidentified property or premises in Queen's County, probably in or near Maryborough, dated 2 February 1731 [Memorial not yet sighted], from Brook BRIDGES; Jonathan was signatory to a Bill before Parliament in Dublin in 1731, concerning the building of a new road from Naas to Maryborough. Other signatories included Matthew CASSON, and Emanuel PIGOTT and five other members of the extended PIGOTT family; probably the Tither-takers for the PIGOTT family at Dysart in 1731.
Jonathan BALDWIN, of Summerhill, Queen's County, Gent; his will proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 21 February 1748-49.
Jonathan was married in 1703, to Alice DESPARD, "...a lady of Huguenot ancestry" [William BALDWIN, New York, 1918]; she was a daughter of William DESPARD, M.P. (about 1675 - 1720), and his wife Frances GREEN ["History of the Irish Parliament, 1692-1800," edited by E.M. JOHNSON-LIIK, 2007, Volume IV, page 52] or Frances ROE [in O'HART's Pedigrees], whose issue included "...another daughter, Alice, married Jonathan BALDWIN" [PRONI D/3000/27/1 - FALKINER Genealogical Notes]; Alice's will was proved at Leighlin Diocese, in 1767, a widow [Phillimore and Thrift Index].
Jonathan and Alice had issue:
1. Robert BALDWIN. See [B] below.
2. Henry BALDWIN. See [C] below.
3. Ann BALDWIN, probably born in or before 1708; died before 1742; she married, as his first wife, Matthew CASSAN (born 1693 - he married secondly in 1742, with further issue); with issue by Ann:
          a. Stephen CASSAN, born 1724-25.
          b. Richard Sheffield CASSAN, born 1729; witness to the 1751 Lease of Dysart by Emanuel PIGOTT to Joseph BALDWIN.
          c. Eliza CASSAN; married Rev George COOKE.
         d. Margaret CASSAN; married Aaron Crossly SEYMOUR.
4. Margaret BALDWIN; married James HILL.
5. Jane BALDWIN; married R. EVANS.
6. Ursula BALDWIN, born about 1720; of Summer Hill in the Queen's County; married William MASON; with issue including:
          a. Susannah MASON, born about 1754; died at Coolbanagher, in the Queen's County, 2 June 1820; she married Oliver Drought TIBEAUDO (1748-182); issue four sons and four daughters.
7. Elizabeth BALDWIN; married Mr SUTLIFFE (perhaps ? SUTCLIFFE).
8. Mary BALDWIN; unmarried.

[B] Robert BALDWIN, born in or before 1704; probably of Summer Hill, Queen's County; perhaps the third life for term in the 1731 leasehold granted to Jonathan BALDWIN; probably the Robert BALDWIN, of Coolkerry, under the political influence of "...Mr DAWSON chiefly" ["A Handlist of Voters for Maryborough, 1760"]; County Magistrate, Queen's County, 1776 [from Hanaper and Records Office, Dublin - as listed in "History of the Queen's County", Appendix IV, page 787]; his will, dated March 1782, in which he demised his estates to the children of his youngest son, was concealed by his eldest son for 21 years, so depriving his nieces and nephews of their lawful inheritance; it is said that Robert's faculties failed him, and he died in April 1784, above 80 years old [Daily Newspaper, 11 August 1809 - replicated in a substantial part by Charles DICKENS in his last published novel, "Our Mutual Friend" in April 1865, as Chapter 6 of the third book, "A Long Street"].
Robert was married in 1731 to Isabella CAMPBELL; with issue:
1. James BALDWIN - see [D] below; 
2. John BALDWIN, born about 1734; he was married in 1771, to Margaret HANDCOCK; with issue five children living 1809, probably as adults (Plaintiffs in the case brought against their uncle in Maryborough Assizes in that year), including:
          a. John BALDWIN, born in 1773.
          b. Isabella BALDWIN, born 1775; died 1871.
          c. Alice BALDWIN, born 1777; died 1853.
3. Jonathan BALDWIN, born 1736; he was possibly granted, by deed dated 25 May 1742, the lease, for a term of three lives renewable, the lands of Castleflemin, Monomendragh or Shianderry, being part of Castleflemin, and the moiety of Leigaragh, all in the barony of Upper Ossory, Queen's County (but at age 6 , this papers unlikely); Jonathan was the second of three lives for term of a Lease dated December 1784; died on 1 January 1805, and was buried at Maryborough, 4 January; his will dated 23 December 1804, of Maryborough, made provision for his wife Frances BALDWIN, his only daughter Mary CLEGG, and his four CLEGG grandchildren; he was married, on 18 November 1770, to Frances FITZGERALD; as Mrs Frances BALDWIN, buried at Maryborough, 30 October 1818; they had issue:
          a. Mary BALDWIN; died on 31 December 1854; married in 1797, by Marriage License of the Diocese of Ossory, Benjamin CLEGG; issue:
                    i. John CLEGG, born in 1800-1801; he came of age in 1822; found to be insane, October 1851; unmarried in 1862 .
                    ii. Jonathan CLEGG.
                    iii. Robert CLEGG.
                    iv. Frances CLEGG.

[C] Henry BALDWIN, born about 1715; he died on 30 October 1756, aged 41 years, and was buried in Maryborough Old Protestant Churchyard; his will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 1756, of Mountmellick, Apothecary [the VICARS Index]; married on 28 June 1738, by License, Margaret HOMAN; with issue:
1. Jonathan BALDWIN; named as a child on his father's M.I., without dates.
2. Alice BALDWIN; ditto.
3. Henry BALDWIN; Captain, R.A.; married Anna SEGRAVE; issue:
          a. Henry John BALDWIN, born King's County, 26 May 1801; Q.C.; died 24 May 1854, aged 52; he married Mary Ann GREHAN; with issue five daughters:
                    i. Margaret BALDWIN; married Margaret GALLWEY.
                    ii. Marie BALDWIN; unmarried.
                    iii. Elizabeth BALDWIN; married LAWLESS..
                    iv. Mary Anne BALDWIN; married O'CONNELL.
                    v. Frances BALDWIN; married SHERLOCK.
4. Philip Homan BALDWIN, born 1745; Captain, H.E.I.C.; probate in 1811; married Eleanour O'BRIEN; with issue:
          a. Eyre Coote BALDWIN; J.P.; of Bell Park, County Tipperary, 1844; died at Portarlington, 14 July 1857; he married his cousin, Alicia BALDWIN of Castlecuffe; with issue:
                    i. John BALDWIN, born about 1823, only son; Ensign, 22nd Regiment, 1844; Lieutenant, 22nd Regiment; died in Peshawar, East Indies, on 2 January 1854 [The Evening Freeman, 29 March 1854], aged 30 years.
                    ii. Caroline BALDWIN; married Richard J. FALKINER, of Borrisokane, County Tipperary; with issue.
          b. Eleanor BALDWIN, born 1798; married Richard EYRE (son of John EYRE and Jane PUREFOY).
          c. Mary Ann BALDWIN; married FALKINER.
          d. Henry Philip BALDWIN, born 1803; married Frances CAREW, daughter of Robert CAREW of Woodenstown.
5. Anna BALDWIN; married in 1767 to G. GRAHAM or GREHAN.
6. Margaret BALDWIN; married M. LEESON.
7. Susan BALDWIN; married her cousin James BALDWIN of Summerhill. See[D] next.

[D] James BALDWIN, born about 1735; probably of Summerhill, Queen's County; James was granted a renewal of the 1731 lease (which had been Jonathan BALDWIN's) by William BRIDGES in December 1784 (Deeds of Lease and release dated 21 and 22 December, being one of three lives for the term, the other two being his brother Jonathan BALDWIN Junior, and Robert BALDWIN (his kinship is unclear, but probably James's eldest son); in 1808, James, under a power confirmed in articles executed on his marriage, appointed the premises which was subject of the 1731 Lease and 1784 re-lease to his sons, Robert and Edward BALDWIN (they were plaintiffs in a Court of Chancery case involving debts on the property, and heard in Dublin in 1835) as tenants in common; probably the defendant in a case brought before the Maryborough Assizes, 1809, concerning his father's will which went "missing" for 21 years; James was buried at Maryborough Churchyard, 5 September 1818.
James married his cousin Susan BALDWIN (see [C] above); Susanna the wife of James BALDWIN of Summer Hill was buried at Maryborough on 30 Oct 1802.
James and Susannah had issue:
1. Robert BALDWIN; living 1835, of age; he and his brother remonstrated with his father over his second marriage; Lieutenant, 71st Regiment; died in 1835, will proved Prerogative Court of Ireland; married in 1817, Elizabeth HADLEY; she died at Rockcorry, 12 November 1867, aged 77 [Cork Examiner, 19 November].
2. Edward BALDWIN; living 1835, of age; when his father reacted to the said remonstration by making a will in which he disinherited his older son Robert, Edward broke open his father's desk to destroy the will, but instead found their grandfather's long lost will, and consequently informed his cousins of their deprivation, as well as their uncle John, presumably their cousin's father; Lieutenant in the Leitrim Militia when he married at Nenagh, May 1808, Anne (O')LEARY, daughter of George LEARY, Esq, M.D.; issue:
          a. Henry P. H. BALDWIN, born 1818; died without male issue.
          b. Robert BALDWIN; died without issue.
          c. Mary Anne BALDWIN; married in 1833, George O'LEARY.
          d. Susan BALDWIN; married S. K. CASHILL.
          e. Caroline BALDWIN; married Henry EYRE.
James, "...soon after" the death of his first wife Susannah, and at the age of 78, was married secondly " a very young woman" named Elizabeth; evidently without issue; Elizabeth married secondly, aged 39, to Robert FITZGERALD of Dysart, with issue a son and a daughter.

Curiously, a James BALDWIN had issue by Elizabeth DOUGLAS:
1. Mary BALDWIN, baptised at Maryborough, 11 July 1803.
Another James BALDWIN (or perhaps the above with yet another marriage, unless his wife Elizabeth was using an alias) had issue by Elizabeth ROBERTS:
2. Frederick BALDWIN, baptised at Maryborough, 26 May 1805.
3. Amelia BALDWIN, baptised at Maryborough, 24 July 1806.
4. David BALDWIN, baptised at Maryborough, 25 July 1808.
5. William BALDWIN, baptised at Maryborough, 15 December 1809.

[N] Jonathan BALDWIN; of Maryborough, Queen's County; Gent; advertised the sale of the lands of Rossnadough, in the Queen's County, February 1786; will dated 21 October 1795, proved 5 May 1803, bequeathing an annuity to his wife Jane BALDWIN, charged on his house in Maryborough, wherein George PRINGLE then lived, and his freehold farm Rossnadough, and also naming his children as Mrs Mary KNAGGS, Mrs Jane LAWLER, Harriet BALDWIN and Alicia BALDWIN, and appointing Rev John BALDWIN of Castle Cuffe and Rev Stephen FLETCHER as executors, to which the witnesses were Edward PIGOTT, William PILSWORTH and Robert BLAKE [Memorial Number 368015, Volume 77, Page 556]; married in 1757, Jane MOLLOY [W.B., 1918] - (a tree on ancestry records her as Jane HOBBS, husband as John BALDWIN, born 1743, son of Joseph, with a marriage in 1769); issue:
4. Alicia BALDWIN; married Charles EDGEHILL of Ballyneen.
1. Mary BALDWIN, born 1770 [Ancestry tree]; married KNAGGS.
2. Jane BALDWIN, probably born in or before 1765 (the ancestry tree records her birth in 1772, clearly too late for the 1783 marriage); a spinster, when married at Maryborough, Queen's County, in late January or early February 1783, Captain LALOR, of the Queen's American Rangers, "...a couple whose amiable accomplishments are sufficient to tender their marriage a state of bliss" [Saunders Newsletter, Saturday 8 February].
4. Charity BALDWIN; married Mr A. COLE.
5. Harriet BALDWIN, unmarried.
There are two pedigrees on (see below) which repeat this family pattern - with one major addition - they both have an additional child, a younger son:
5. Jonathan BALDWIN (1781 to 1859), who is nowhere to be found in his supposed father's will.
And another son is speculated by William BALDWIN in his 1918 New York "Genealogy...":
6. Henry BALDWIN, born in Ireland; went to South America.

John BALDWIN; Esq, of Maryborough; married with issue:
1. Jonathan BALDWIN; 17th Regiment; married with issue:
     a. Elizabeth Charlotte BALDWIN; married in Anaduff Church, in April 1833, Francis NESBITT, Esq, of Faltap, County Leitrim.


Some abstracts of Parish Register records for the Parish of Maryborough have survived, in abstracts posted on Rootsweb, at the following link:'s-County-Parish-Records/BURIALS-Maryborough.html. The records commence in 1793, and, with a gap between 1795 and 1799, continue up to the 20th century - but the only names abstracted are those of families related to the MEREDITH family.
The following are the entries for the BALDWIN family, and other families mentioned elsewhere in this article:
Due to glitches in editing, some date details has been lost from the following list. It will be restored soon.
30 October 1802 - Susanna BALDWIN, wife of James BALDWIN, Esq. of Summerhill.
9 February 1803 - Lewis MOSSE, son of William Lewis MOSSE.
4 January 1805 - Jonathan BALDWIN Esq.
26 February 1806 - Robert, son of Benjamin CLEGG.
1 March 1808 - Mrs. Mary DESPARD, widow of Richard of Clonenagh parish.
28 August 1808 - Frederick BALDWIN, child of James BALDWIN Esq.
13 September 1808 - Hannah BALDWIN, child of James BALDWIN Esq.
8 September 1809 - Sarah, dau of Thomas BALDWIN of Clonenagh parish.
5 September 1818 - James BALDWIN Esq.
30 October 1818 - Mrs. Frances BALDWIN.
12 January 1827 - Thos. BALDWIN, Aghaboe, aged 64.
15 January 1835 - Alexander ONIONS, otp [of the parish], aged 77.
10 February 1835 - Robert ONIONS, [parish illegible - possibly Aghaboe?], aged 5.
15 October 1835 - Thomas BALDWIN, otp, aged 55.
13 December 1835 - Robert BALDWIN, otp, aged 57.
26 February 1840 - James BALDWIN, Capoly, aged 83.
1 March 1841 - John ONIONS, Aughaboe parish, 1 year 8 mos.
13 March 1842 - Mary BALDWIN, Maryborough, aged 97.
1 June 1843 - Robert ONIONS, Bloomfield, Union of Maryborough, aged 49.
29 June 1845 - Susannah ONIONS, Maryborough, age 90.
16 April 1847 - Susan ONIONS, Maryborough, age 20.
George B. ONIONS, Maryborough, age 31.
Esther ONIONS, Raheenduff, Dysart, age 34.
26 December 1890 - Mary BALDWIN of Maryborough, aged 73.
11 July 1803 - Mary, daughter of James BALDWIN and Elizabeth DOUGLAS.
26 May 1805 - Frederick, son of James BALDWIN Esq and Elizabeth ROBERTS.
24 July 1806 - Amelia, daughter of James BALDWIN and Elizabeth ROBERTS.
25 July 1808 - David, son of James BALDWIN and Elizabeth ROBERTS.
15 December 1809 - William, son of James BALDWIN and Elizabeth ROBERTS.


[E] Joseph BALDWIN, born about 1690; probably named as the third life for term of a lease of his older brother Jonathan BALDWIN of Maryborough, November 1709, then aged 19 years; undoubtedly the Tither-taker for the PIGOTT family at Dysart in 1731, and intermittently thereafter, as both Tithe-monger and Tithe-taker, until 1754; inevitably the lessee of the Dysart Estates in June 1751, granted by Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Cork, for a term of lives of his three sons, John, Jonathan and Joseph; of Dysart, Queen's County, Gent, his will proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 29 November 1758; possibly buried at Ballybeg Churchyard, April 1758.
Joseph was married, on 25 January 1715, to Charity BEASLEY [W.B., 1918, page 72]; with issue:
1. John BALDWIN, born 1718; named as the first life for term of the 1751 lease of Dysart. See [F] below.
2. Jonathan BALDWIN; named as the second life of the 1751 lease of Dysart. See [N] above.
3. Beasley BALDWIN.
4. Mary BALDWIN, born 1724; married on 8 December 1738 (?), William HANDCOCK (son of Archdeacon HANDCOCK). He was probably the William HANDCOCK who was a witness to the 1751 lease of Dysart.
5. Charity BALDWIN; married Thomas WHITE of Ballybrophy.
?. Joseph BALDWIN (Junior); named as the third life for term of the 1751 lease of Dysart, but is not named by W.B. of N.Y. in 1918.

[F] John BALDWIN, probably the above eldest son of Joseph, made a deed of lease, dated 3 May 1764, of the lands of Castlegrogan, Queen's County, to Vicars FISHER of Mounteagle, also in the Queen's County; details of this lease were recited in a later deed, dated 14 December 1832 [Registered Number 1833; Volume 01; page 12], between Samuel WHITE of Castlegrogan, Elizabeth WHITE of Scotchrath, and Thomas WHITE of Ballybrophy, all in the Queen's County, and citing six earlier deeds,
John BALDWIN, of Larrigan, under the political influence of "...Lord Mountrath, and a particular friend of Mr GILBERT" in 1759 or 1760 ["A Handlist of the Voters of Maryborough, 1760," by H.F. KEARNEY, Journal of Irish Historical Studies, Volume 9, No 33, March 1954, pages 53-82].
John BALDWIN, of Dysart, Gent; his will proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 1797.
John BALDWIN, Junior, of Dysart, Queen's County (and perhaps son of the above John), was witness to an indented deed of lease for three lives, dated 1 May 1767 and registered 16 June 1768 [Memorial Number 171228], for the lands of Rossmore, by Dudley Alexander Sidney COSBY, of Stradbally, to Benjamin WHITELY, of Trey, Queen's County.
It also seems reasonable to speculate that John may have been the tithe-taker to the PIGOTT family at Dysart in 1763, 1770, and 1778.
John BALDWIN died in 1797, aged 69, his will probated on 22 August 1797.
John BALDWIN was married on 11 February 1760, to Elizabeth CAMBIE, daughter of Soloman CAMBIE of Castletown, County Tipperary; they had issue:
1. David BALDWIN, born 1761. See [G] below.
2. John BALDWIN.
3. Solomon BALDWIN; married Miss FOSBURY, of Limerick.
4. a daughter; married Mr PIGOTT.
5. Mary BALDWIN, born about 1760 [DAY Public Tree on]; married Rev Richard STACK (born Cork, 1750; died 1812); he was Curate of St Nicholas, Cork, in 1775, Vicar of Timoleague, Diocese of Ross, in 1778, Fellow of Trinity College, 1779, retiring to the rectory of Omagh and Killileagh in 1791 ["Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne and Ross," by William Maziere BRADY, Volume II, page 556]; they had issue:
          a. John STACK; Rector of Dromard, Killala; died without issue; married Harriett L'ESTRANGE.
          b. Richard STACK, born 1793; Barrister; died 1832; married Elizabeth FITZGERALD, daughter of Dr FITZGERALD, Vice-Provost of Trinity College, Dublin; with issue.
          b. William STACK, born 1795; died 1827; married Annabella INGRAM, daughter of Rev Mr INGRAM; with issue.
          c. Elizabeth STACK, born 1795; died 1869. married Rev Sir John Theodore ORPEN, of Ardtully, Kenmare; with issue.
          d. Charles Maurice STACK, born 1797; Solicitor; married his cousin, MArgaret STACK, daughter of Rev Thomas STACK of Omagh.
          e. Joseph STACK, born 1799; Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin, and took Holy Orders; he died suddenly on Friday 15 January 1749, " Raheenduff, the residence of his aunt, Mrs BALDWIN" [Freeman's Journal, 18 July] - inevitably, I believe, the widow of his mother's brother, David BALDWIN of Raheenduff.
          f. Mary STACK; married, by Marriage Settlements dated 19 November 1835, to Solomon Baldwin CAMBIE (1803-1861), a son of Edward CAMBIE by his wife Elizabeth WATKINS and a grandson of Solomon CAMBIE and Elizabeth RYAN; in an 1840 law suit, RYAN v. CAMBIE, it is stated that these 1835 Marriage Settlements involved a third party, namely Charles Maurice STACK, by then deceased, and R.J.T. ORPEN.
          g. Sarah STACK; unmarried.
          h. Anna STACK; unmarried

Joseph BALDWIN signed warrants for the distraining of Quakers for unpaid tithes, between 1791 and 1802, and in Parishes of Rosenallis (1791, 1794, 1797, 1800, 1802), Oregan (1793), and Castlebrack (1795), all in the Queen's County, severally and together with Lewis HIGGINS (1791, 1794, 1797, 1800, 1802), and Richard CROASDAILE (1793, 1795). There is no indication in the Quaker records to identify where he lived, which may not have been in any of these mentioned parishes, but I expect he was of age, so born before 1771.

[G] David BALDWIN, born about 1764, and a brother of Mrs Mary STACK (see above); probably the Esquire residing at Dysart, December 1797, when he was named in a "for lease" notice concerning parts of the Dysart estates, and for the sale of 1,700 fully grown trees upon it, as being the contact for showing interested parties the trees, nursery, etc, the lease being offered by Robert S. CAREW of Castle Borough, Enniscorthy [Dublin Evening Post, 21 December]; probably Lieutenant, Maryborough Cavalry, 1797, when he received he thanks of his Corps "...for his very attentive and obliging conduct on every occasion" [Dublin Evening Post, 19 January]; Grand Juror for the Queen's County, 1779, 1804 and 1811; probably of Raheenduff, Esq, December 1805, when he was advertised to receive proposals in writing for the lease of a Brewery and Malthouse in Stradbally [Dublin Evening Post, Tuesday 17 December]; a David BALDWIN was witness to deed dated 24 May 1819 (being the of Marriage Settlements for Elizabeth MELLIFONT and her cousin Richard TOWNSHEND); Gent, residing at Rahineduff, 1823 (as certified on his son Solomon's Cadetship papers, British India Office); probably the David BALDWIN at whose house, on 22 January 1832, occurred the death of his sister-in-law, Charlotte CAMBIE (relict of Richard CAMBIE of Sedgemore, County Tipperary, Esq); of Raheenduff, Esq, when he died on 9 May 1834, "...after some hours' painful suffering, in consequence of his horse having fallen with him" [Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent, Tuesday 20 May], and was buried at Dysart Churchyard, aged 69.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It appears that David married firstly, about 1784, but for which we have no details; with probable issue:
1. John BALDWIN, recorded as born in 1785 [W.B., 1918, page 72]; possibly lessee of Derry Farm, near Maryborough, in 1834, and died in 1873 [Leinster Leader, 20 May 1893]; he is said to have married secondly, at Dysart Churchyard, 1851, Elizabeth CLARKE, the widow of Robert ONIONS (Robert died in 1843, leaving Elizabeth with six children born between 1831 and 1841); but this is impossible if he was the John BALDWIN, Esq, who died at Raheenduff on 17 January 1849, formerly Captain in the 9th Lancers [Freeman's Journal, 25 January].
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
David was married, probably secondly, and perhaps about 1798, to his first cousin, Charlotte CAMBIE (daughter of David CAMBIE of Castletown, County Tipperary); she died on 9 February 1849, and was buried with her husband, aged 74. However, William BALDWIN ["Genealogies..." N.Y., 1918, at page 72] records this marriage in 1781, which is clearly impossible if her age at burial is correct - this is supported by David CAMBIE's will, dated 1792, which indicates that his daughter Charlotte was as yet unmarried.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Charlotte's father David CAMBIE was a brother of Elizabeth CAMBIE, David BALDWIN's mother; they were children of Solomon CAMBIE, of Castletown, County Tipperary (1740-1792) and his wife Elizabeth RYAN; the 1819 Marriage Settlements for Elizabeth MELLIFONT and Richard TOWNSHEND which David BALDWIN witnessed, named one of the other parties or witnesses as John SABATIER of Summergrove (near Mountmellick), Queen's County (yet another cousin of Elizabeth MELLIFONT, whose parents were David MELLIFONT and his wife, a sister of a John SABATIER of Summergrove, probably father of the younger John SABATIER); further, a Solomon CAMBIE, of Castletown, County Tipperary, had a daughter Catherine CAMBIE, who was married in 1785 (M.L.B., Diocese of Kilaloe), to the above-mentioned John SABATIER of Summergrove - and this Solomon CAMBIE (1740-1792) appears to be the one recorded on an public tree, with his wife Elizabeth RYAN, and their children, including a daughter Charlotte CAMBIE, said to have been born in 1778 (and if so, 3 years older than Mrs Charlotte BALDWIN if her age at death is correctly recorded on her M.I.), who was living when her father died in 1792, but for whom no husband is recorded - and another daughter Catherine, born 1774, also living in 1792, and whose husband was identified only as LABATIER, very inevitably, it would seem, in error for SABATIER.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
David and Charlotte had further issue:
2. Solomon Cosby BALDWIN, born Queen's County, 16 May 1803, and baptised at Dysart-Enos, 5 June (as certified on his Cadetship papers, British India Office records); he applied for a Cadetship with the British East India Company in 1823, his health being attested by John JACOB, Physician and Surgeon of the Queen's County Infirmary (his sister's future father-in-law or husband); Major, Bengal Infantry; probably back in Queen's County, 1873, when he "...set up by auction" the sale of the lease of Derry Farm, but which was not sold [Leinster Leader, 20 May 1893]; he died in 1879; he was married at Dapoolee, Bombay Presidency, in 1848, to Emma MILFORD; with issue:
          a. a daughter; unnamed in W.B.'s "Genealogy..." of 1918.
3. Charlotte Cecilia BALDWIN, born 1806; died 1874; married in 1827, John Edmond JACOB, M.D., Surgeon to the Queen's County infirmary, Maryborough; he died in 1864; issue (her mother Charlotte's maiden surname may appear in this list):
          a. John Julius Evans JACOB, probably born about 1828; died in 1852, unmarried.
          b. Arthur Edmond JACOB, born 1829; went to Australia; assistant Surgeon, 82nd Regiment; died in Australia in 1864; married Eleanor FISHE of Broughton, Lancashire.
          c. Olivia Elizabeth JACOB; married in 1858, Arthur POE, D.L., of Hartley Park, Callan.
          d. Charlotte JACOB; at Staplestown, Carlow, 1901 Census, aged 65, born Queen's County, with her husband an, son and grand-daughter; she married in 1857, William FISHBOURNE, of Staplestown, County Carlow (son of William FISHBOURNE by his first wife Anchoretta Phoebe GARDINER); he was aged 66 in 1901, FArmer and Grazier, born Carlow; they had issue:
                    i. William Francis FISHBOURNE, born County Dublin; aged 42 in 1901, with parents, Clerk, and a Widower.
                    ii. Olivia E. FISHBOURNE; married Francis A.S. KING, Civil Engineer, of Bankapore, India, by whom a daughter Anchorette KING, born at Church Street, Maryborough, 22 March 1899 (she was residing with her grandparents and uncle in 1901).
          e. David Baldwin JACOB, born 1836; J.P.; Surgeon, Queen's County infirmary; living 1880; married Sarah Elizabeth FISHBORNE, of Forthill, County Carlow (daughter of William FISHBOURNE by his first wife Anchoretta Phoebe GARDINER); with issue.
          f. Thomas Walter JACOB, born 1839; of London; married in 1870, Louisa BELL, of Lancashire.
          g. Vickers Edmond JACOB, born 1840.
          h. Mary Adelaide JACOB; married in 1867, Sydney MURDOCK, M.D., of Pembroke Road, Dublin; he died in 1881.
          j. Caroline JACOB; married in 1866, Rev J. ALEXANDER, Rector of Coroclone, Queen's County.
          k. Hamilton JACOB, born 1846; of Bellmullet, County Mayo, 1880.
          m. William Edmond JACOB, born 1846; of Canada; married in 1856, Jane Rebecca MADDEN, with issue.
          n. Alfred JACOB, born 1846; died at Cape of Good Hope, 1872, unmarried.
          p. Elizabeth Anna JACOB.

4. Eliza BALDWIN; unmarried; of Derry, 1885, when she was advised by the Warder at Heathcote Hospital, in Victoria, of the recent death of her brother Richard; in her letter to the Hospital, received at a Board Meeting held on 3 February 1885, she expressed her thanks, and forwarded a draft for £5 for the hospital, stating that she had previously forwarded £3 to a local resident, whom she named, for her brother [McIvor Times etc, Friday 6 February 1885]; possibly died at Abbeyleix, 1886 [Volume 3, page 291], aged 77.
5. David BALDWIN, born in the Queen's County about 1811; admitted Pensioner, Trinity College, Dublin, 16 October 1826, aged 15, son of David BALDWIN, "Privatus"; of Raheenduff, Esq, January 1842, when he attended a meeting in Maryborough and was signatory in an address to the Lord Lieutenant.; said to have emigrated to Australia [W.B., 1918]; possibly died in Victoria, as David Walter BALDWIN, in 1882, aged 72, parents not named.
6. Richard BALDWIN, born at Maryborough, about 1814; emigrated to Victoria, in or before 1852; in 1852, "...he was stationed in the police quarters  on the Wild Duck Creek, at the foot of the hill at Mr SPEED's, in charge of native police" [Obituary]; a miner on the McIvor Goldfield, residing at Long Gully; died at Heathcote Hospital, 17 October 1884, aged 70 years [Obituary, McVicar Times and Rodney Advocate, Heathcote, Friday 24 October]; parents recorded in Death Index as David BALDWIN and Char'l CAMPEY; no marriage recorded in Victoria.
7. Caroline BALDWIN, born about 1816 [HARRISON Tree on]; she was an executor of her sister Mary BALDWIN, and was named in proceedings in the Maryborough Quarter Sessions concerning Mary's lease of Derry Farm [Leinster Leader, 20 May 1893]; she was at Stradbally, 1901 Census, aged 85, Widow, living with her son-in-law Robert ARMSTRONG and his family; she died at 24 Castlewood Park, Rathmines, County Dublin, 19 June 1905, aged 89, Widow of Gentleman, the death informed by her daughter Charlotte; she was married in Stradbally Church, on 11 September 1845, as the second wife of William FISHBOURNE, of Fonthill, County Carlow [Dublin Weekly Nation, Saturday 20 September], Caroline being recorded as "...daughter of the late David BALDWIN, Esq, of Raheenduff, Queen's County"; William, by his first wife Anchoretta Phoebe GARDINER, had previous issue, including William and Sarah FISHBOURNE, who married the sibling pair of Charlotte and David JACOB (see above); she died in 1905 [DUTTON Tree on]; with issue:
          a. David William FISHBOURNE, born 1846; died 1880.
          b. Charlotte Elizabeth FISHBOURNE, born 1848; died 1917; married at Carlow, 1875, Robert ARMSTRONG, Clerk in Holy Orders; living at Stradbally, 1901 Census, aged 51, with husband Robert ARMSTRONG, aged 59, Doctor of Divinity, Rector of Stradbally, their 4 children aged 17 to 9, and her widowed mother; at Pembroke Road, Dublin, 1911, aged 62, Widow, with 3 children; issue:
                    i. Charles A. ARMSTRONG, born Queen's County; aged 17 in 1901 Census.
                    ii. Jane F. C. ARMSTRONG, born Queen's County; aged 16 in 1901 Census; aged 26 in 1911 Census..
                    iii. M. Norah K. ARMSTRONG, born Queen's County; aged 22 in 1911 Census.
                    iv. Bruce H. G. ARMSTRONG, born County Monaghan; aged 10 in 1901 Census; aged 20 in 1911 Census.
                    v. Arthur E. C. ARMSTRONG, born Queen's County; aged 9 in 1901 Census.
          c. Anna Catherine FISHBOURNE, born 1850; married at Cloydach, 19 July 1875, James R.C. ARMSTRONG.
          d. John Gardiner FISHBOURNE, born 1852; died 1924; married at Carlow, 2 June 1888, Sarah Elizabeth HAUGHTON.
          e. Joseph Sabatier FISHBOURNE, born 1861; died 1912.

3. Mary Adelaide BALDWIN, born Queen's County, about 1818; purchased the lease of Derry Farm in 1874 for £700,  but had the great misfortune to see the Landlord, Sir John CARDEN, replaced by John George ADAIR [Leinster Leader, 20 May 1893]; she died at Derry, Maryborough, 23 December 1890, Spinster, aged 72, Lady, the death informed by her sister, Caroline FISHBOURNE, of the same address, present at death; she named her executors as Rev Dr ARMSTRONG, and her sister Caroline FISHBOURNE [Leinster Leader, 20 May 1893].


[T] John BALDWIN; settled at Castlecuffe, Queen's County; married on 4 September 1707, Alesia BEASLEY [W.B.'s 1918 "Genealogy..." at page 77]; they had issue:
1. Joseph BALDWIN; J.P., of Castlecuffe; died 9 Jul 1777; married (possibly firstly to Miss COWELL, and if so, then secondly) Judith JACKSON; he married (possibly thirdly), Elizabeth ROBERTS alias LEE, a widow; issue by Judith JACKSON:
          a. John BALDWIN. See [V] below.
          b. Joseph BALDWIN; unmarried; will proved in 1819.
          c. daughter; married Isaac SMITH, fifth son of Thomas SMITH of Lismacrory, County Tipperary, by his wife Dorcas SMITH of Violetstown, County Westmeath.
          d. Margaret BALDWIN; married John SMITH, of the Coombe, Dublin.
          e. Anna BALDWIN.
2. William BALDWIN.
3. Jonathan BALDWIN; died without issue.

[V] Rev John BALDWIN; of Castlecuffe; Rector of Clonaslee; County Magistrate, Queen's County, 1823; he was married on 4 February 1777, to Elizabeth BALDWIN, daughter of Jonathan BALDWIN of Maryborough, Queen's County; issue:
1. Rev John BALDWIN; of Castlecuffe; unmarried; died in December 1859, aged 78, and left Castlecuffe to his niece Caroline FALKINER alias BALDWIN.
2. Joseph BALDWIN; died without issue.
3. Charity BALDWIN, born about 1784; she was the wife of Rice MEREDITH, of Reary Valley, Queen's County; she died at Derrylough, the residence of her son William MEREDYTH, on 15 December 1865, a widow, aged 81.
4. Alecia BALDWIN; married her cousin, Eyre Coote BALDWIN, with issue:

          a. Caroline BALDWIN; married Richard J. FALKINER, of Rodeen House, Borrisokane, County Tipperary; they had issue:
                    i. Jane Maria FALKINER, born 1847; died 1870.
                    ii. John FALKINER, born 1848.
                    iii. Joseph Richard FALKINER, born 1849; died 1919.
                    iv. Caroline FALKINER, born 1850.
                    v. Anne Fairclough FALKINER, born 1856.
                    vi. Eleanor FALKINER, born 1858; died 1933.
                    vii. Eyre Coote FALKINER, born 1860; died 1936.
                    viii. Richard Henry Eyre FALKIER, born 1860; died 1928. 5. Eliza BALDWIN.
Another sister of Rev John (Sr or Jr?) may have been Marian BALDWIN, the wife of Nathaniel FALKINER.

Elizabeth BALDWIN, of Castlecuffe, Queen's County; her will proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 1778.


Thomas BALDWIN, born about 1695; of the Queen's County, Ireland; died 1770; married with issue:
1. Richard BALDWIN, born 1729; of the Queen's County; died in 1805; married firstly, COWELL, with issue:
     a. Thomas BALDWIN, born 1780; buried at Maryborough, 15 October 1835, aged 55; married Isabella MASON, with issue three sons and three daughters born 1801 to 1811.
     b. Robert BALDWIN, born 1782; buried at Maryborough, 13 December 1835, aged 57; married Monemia MASON, with issue four sons and five daughters born 1801 to 1820.
     c. Richard BALDWIN, born 1784; married Jane NOBLE, with issue three sons and a daughter born 1809 to 1820.
     d. Matthew BALDWIN, born 1786; died 1817; married Esther GOWEN, with issue two daughters born 1813 and 1815.
     e. William BALDWIN.
     f. James BALDWIN.
Richard married secondly, Sarah NOBLE, with further issue:
     g. Mary BALDWIN.
     h. John BALDWIN.

Joseph BALDWIN; married Elizabeth (-?-); with issue:
1. John BALDWIN, born about 1743, probably in Queen's County; died at Maryborough, 21 Oct 1795; will of Jonathan BALDWIN dated 21 October 1795, proved 5 May 1803, bequeathing an annuity to his wife Jane BALDWIN, charged on his house in Maryborough, wherein George PRINGLE then lived, and his freehold farm Rossnadough, and naming his children as Mrs Mary KNAGGS, Mrs Jane LAWLER, Harriet BALDWIN and Alicia BALDWIN, and appointing Rev John BALDWIN of Castle Cuffe and Rev Stephen FLETCHER as executors, to which the witnesses were Edward PIGOTT, William PILSWORTH (?) and Robert BLAKE [Memorial Number 368015, Volume 77, Page 556]; married in 1769, Jane HOBBS; issue:
     a. Mary BALDWIN, born 1770; named in her father's will, 1795, as Mrs KNAGGS.
     b. Jane BALDWIN, born 1772; named in her father's will, 1795, as Mrs LAWLER.
     c. Harriet BALDWIN, born 1774; named in her father's will, 1795, unmarried.
     e. Alicia Ann BALDWIN, born 1778; named in her father's will, 1795, unmarried; died 1857.
     d. Jonathan BALDWIN, born 1781; evidently not named in his alleged father's will; died 1859; married Margaret SMYTH, with issue.
This Pedigree and the one following appear to be showing signs of conflation.

Jonathan BALDWIN, born Maryborough, about 1743 (perhaps the same as the last - with a variant or two); said to have died at Maryborough, 1822; also said to have married in 1786, Jane LAWLER (this date is impossible for the issue attributed, unless she was a second wife, or, more likely, confused with the daughter Jane's married name); issue:
1. Mary BALDWIN, born 1770.
2. Jane BALDWIN, born 1772.
3. Harriet BALDWIN, born 1774.
4. Alicia Ann BALDWIN, born 1778; sailed to Hobart on the barque Jessie, Captain J. TROW, from Liverpool, arriving at Hobart Town, 23 May 1834; continued their journey on the brig Siren, Captain MUNROE, arriving in Sydney on 26 February 1835, with passengers - Mr Charles EDGEHILL, Farmer, Mrs EDGEHILL, Jane, Mary Ann, Cherry, Charles, Richard, Foster, Oliver and Isabella EDGEHILL...' [Sydney Herald, 2 March] - but on the Unassisted Immigrant Passenger List was recorded Mr Charles EDGEHILL, Farmer, born Ireland, with Mrs C. EDGEHILL, (daughters) Jane, Mary Anne and Cherry, and (sons) John, Jonathan, Charles, Richard and Oliver; Alicia died at Holbrook, N.S.W., 15 November 1857 (parents not named in Registration), and was buried at Howlong, aged 87; she was married at Castle Cliff, Queen's County, on 3 March 1799, Charles Moore EDGEHILL; he purchased a large acreage in the Riverina, in 1846; he died on or about 11 January 1855, and buried at Howlong Cemetery, aged 85; he died intestate [Deceased Estate Notice, 1856, seeking widow, if any and any next-of-kin]; with issue five sons and five daughters born 1800 to 1815, including:
          a. Jane Alicia EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, March 1800; arrived in Australia with her parents, 1835; died at Hartley, N.S.W., 12 January 1873, and buried with her parents at Howlong; married Daniel O'NEILL.
          b. Sarah Rachel EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1802; died young.
          c. Harriet EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1804; she emigrated to Canada after her husband died; she was at Mosa, Middlesex County, Ontario, 1861 (as THIBEAUDEAU) and 1871 Censuses; she died in Canada, after 1871; she was married at Clonaslee, Queen's County, in 1825, to Joseph Oliver TIBEAUDO; he died in Ireland in 1848; with issue.
          d. John EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1805; died at Rutherglen, Victoria, 16 April 1873.
          e. Mary Ann EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1807; arrived in Australia with her parents, 1835; said to have died in 1872; the fourth daughter when married at Montpelier, on 17 October 1839, Robert or Richard BLACKWELL, of Woodbourne.
          f. Oliver EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1809.
          g. Richard EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1810; arrived in Australia with his parents, 1835; probably died at Dubbo, 1896 #1724, parents not named in Registration.
          h. Charity (Cherry) EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 1812; arrived in Australia with her parents, 1835; died 1891; married in N.S.W., 1847, William JENKINS.
          j. Charles Richard Wellington EDGEHILL, born Queen's County, 16 June 1814; arrived in Australia with his parents, 1835; died at Hume, 1889 #6487 (parents named); married Mary Ann HOGAN; she died at Wagga wagga, 5 June 1910, aged 81; with issue:
                    i. Catherine EDGHILL, born N.S.W., 1850.
                    ii. Julia EDGHILL; died at Wagga Wgga, 1863 #6088.
                    iii. Harriet EDGHILL; died Wagga Wagga, 1863 #6120.
                    iv. Emma J. EDGHILL; died at Wagga Wagga, 1863 #6121.
                    v. Anne EDGHILL, born Wagga Wagga, 1858; died Wagga Wagga, 1863 #6122.
                    vi. Margaret EDGHILL, born Wagga Wagga, 1860.
                    vii. Martha EDGHIILL, born Wagga Wagga, 1862 #14289.
                    viii. Julia EDGHILL, born at Wagga Waga, 1864.
                    ix. Charles Moore EDGHILL, born Wagga Wagga, 1865 #16022; died at Canterbury, 1937; married Lilian PLUNKETT, with issue.
          k. Jonathan BALDWIN, born Ireland, 1815; arrived in Australia with his parents, 1835; died at Liverpool, N.S.W., 3 October 1845.
          l. Foster EDGEHILL; said to have arrived in Australia in 1835, with the EDGEHILL family, but relationship unclear.
          m. Isabella EDGEHILL; said to have arrived in Australia in 1835, with the EDGEHILL family, but relationship unclear.
          n. Catherine EDGEHILL; said to have arrived in Australia in 1835, with the EDGEHILL family, but relationship unclear.
5. Jonathan BALDWIN, born 1781; died 8 December 1859.

A HOGAN family tree on records the following:

Thomas BALDWIN, born in the Queen's County, about 1695; of Doon, 1760, under the political influence of "...Mr PRESTON, but is a particular friend of Mr GILBERT" ["A Handlist of the Voters of Maryborough"]; died in the Queen's County in 1770; married with issue:
1. Richard BALDWIN, born in the Queen's County, 1729; died there, in 1805; married firstly, COWELL; with issue:
          a. Thomas BALDWIN, born 1780; died 1835; married Isabella MASON; with issue:
                    i. Mary BALDWIN, born 1801; die 1876.
                    ii. David BALDWIN, born 183; died 1804.
                    iii. Olivia BALDWIN, born 1805; died 1808.
                    iv. Catherine BALDWIN, born 1807; died 1878.
                    v. James BALDWIN, born 1809.
                    vi. William BALDWIN, born 1811.
          b. Robert BALDWIN, born 1782; married Manemia MASON; with issue:
                    i. Richard BALDWIN, born 1801; married Mary Ann McMULLEN, with issue..
                    ii. Catherine BALDWIN, born 1804; died 1894; married John HASLEM, with issue.
                    iii. Mary BALDWIN, born 1806.
                    iv. Robert BALDWIN, born 1808; died 1899; married Lucy PIM.
                    v. Matthew BALDWIN, born 1810; died 1878; married Elizabeth, with issue.
                    vi. Sarah BALDWIN, born 1812.
                    vii. William BALDWIN, born 1814.
                    viii. Isabella BALDWIN, born 1818.
                    ix. Ursula BALDWIN, born 1820; died at Doon, 1889; married her cousin Richard BALDWIN, with issue.
          c, Richard BALDWIN, born 1784; married Jane NOBLE; with issue:
                    i. Richard BALDWIN, born 1809; died at Doon, 1896; married his cousin Ursula BALDWIN, with issue.
                    ii. Thomas H. BALDWIN, born 1810.
                    iii. Sarah BALDWIN, born at Doon, 3 November 1813; died at Doon, 1905.
                    iv. George BALDWIN, born at Don, 5 April 1820; died 1890; married Rebecca Jane WILDE, with issue.
          d. Matthew BALDWIN, born 1786.
          e. William BALDWIN.
          f. James BALDWIN.
Richard married secondly, Sarah NOBLE, with further issue:
          g. Mary BALDWIN.
          h. John BALDWIN.


Richard BALDWIN, son of Richard BALDWIN, married at Clonenagh, 16 June 1854, Ursula BALDWIN, daughter of Robert BALDWIN; she died at Abbeyleix, 1889, aged 69; they had issue, including:
1. Mary Anne BALDWIN, born at Doon, Abbeyleix Registration District, 25 Apr 1868; she died in 1878, aged 9.

Robert BALDWIN, born about 1808; died at Doon, Rahine, 4 December 1899, Widower, Farmer, the death informed by Robert BALDWIN, also of Doon, present at death. Rebecca Jane BALDWIN died at Doon, Rahine, 30 November 1899, aged 73, Widow, also informed by Robert BALDWIN, of Doon, present at death. Evidently not husband and wife if their marital status as Widower and Widow are correct.
Lucy BALDWIN, died at Doon, 26 September 1894, aged 55, farmer's wife, the death informed by Robert BALDWIN, the widower of deceased, present at death.
Sarah BALDWIN, born in the Queen's County, about 1823; at Doon, Rahine, Queen's County, 1901 Census, aged 87, Unmarried, Housekeeper to her nephew and his family, Church of Ireland; she died at Doon (Registration District of Ballyroan, Union of Abbeyleix), 23 November 1904, aged 91, the death informed by Thomas BALDWIN, of Doon, relationship not stated.

Richard BALDWIN; of Doon; married at Doon, 1806, his step-sister Jane NOBLE; issue:
1. Thomas BALDWIN born 1810.
2. Sarah BALDWIN, born 3 November 1813.
3. Richard BALDWIN, born 1809; died young.
4. George BALDWIN, born 5 April 1820; married in 1818, Rebecca Jane WILDE, of Doon; issue:
          a. Thomas Haslem BALDWIN.
          b. Louise BALDWIN.
          c. Richard Wilde BALDWIN.
          d. Jane BALDWIN.
          e. Jacob BALDWIN, born Queen's County, about 1872; aged 38 in 1901 Census, Farmer, with wife and 2 sons, and his maiden aunt Sarah; he died at Doone, 25 August 1938, aged 70, Farmer, the death informed by Thomas BALDWIN, Doon, relationship not stated; Jacob married at Roskelton Church, 29 March 1894, Isabella Matilda WILDE, daughter of Isaac WILDE, Farmer - both residing in Doon; she was aged 25 in 1901, also born Queen's County; they had issue:

                    i. Richard William BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 3 in 1901 Census.
                    ii.. George Jacob BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 2 in 1901 Census.
          f. Sarah BALDWIN.

John BALDWIN, born Queen's County, about 1824; he was at Ballymaddock, near Stradbally, 1901 Census, aged 76, Widower, Farmer, with sons and daughter; probably died at Kilteale, 5 April 1902, aged 78, Farmer, the death informed by his son, David [X] BALDWIN, present at death; married; his wife may have been Eliza BALDWIN, who died at Kilteale, 9 May 1900, Married, Housekeeper, the death informed by her son, David [X] BALDWIN; the family were recorded in the Census as Roman Catholic; issue:
1. David BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 46 in 1901 Census, with widowed father.
2. Mary BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 42 in 1901 Census, with widowed father.

Jonathan BALDWIN was born at Ballymaddock, 4 January 1871, son of Jonathan BALDWIN and Kate UNTHANK; he died in 1877, aged 6, Athy Registration District.

John BALDWIN, of Ballymaddock, Queen's County, Farmer; died before 1901; married R.C., 27 September 1864, Catherine WHELAN; she was at Ballymadock, near Stradbally, 1901 Census, aged 60, Widow, Farmer, born Queen's County, with her son and his family (all Roman Catholic); she died at Ballymaddock, 12 March 1903, aged 64, Widow and Housekeeper, the death informed by Charles BALDWIN, son; issue:
1. William BALDWIN, born at Ballymaddock, 16 May 1867; died in 1867, age 0.
2. Charles BALDWIN, born at Ballymaddock, 29 October 1868, son of John BALDWIN, farmer, and Catherine WHELAN; aged 30 in 1901 Census, Agricultural Labourer, residing with his widowed mother, and his wife and two children; married Bridget (-?-); issue:
          a. Thomas BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 8 in 1901 Census.
          b. Catherine M. BALDWIN, born Queen's County; aged 2 in 1901 Census.
          c. John BALDWIN, born Queen's County, 1900; aged 1 month in 1901 Census.


Death Registrations are not yet viewable on the website much before about the 1890's. While we await the further processing of these records back to 1864, we have to suffice with the indexes, which record deaths for those born before registrations commenced, in birth order (presuming ages were recorded correctly), as follows:

Registration District of Abbeyleix:
Mathew BALDWIN, born 1801-02; died 1878, aged 76.
Richard BALDWIN, born 1802-03; died 1865, aged 62.
Eliza BALDWIN, born 1808-09; died 1886, aged 77.
Richard BALDWIN, born 1808-09; died 1876, aged 67.
Matthew BALDWIN, born 1810-11; died 1878, aged 67.
George BALDWIN, born 1819-20; died 1890, aged 70.
Ursula BALDWIN, born 1819-20; died 1889, aged 69.
John S. BALDWIN, born 1850-51; died 1885, aged 34.
George BALDWIN, born 1852-53; died 1881, aged 28.
Jane BALDWIN, born 1856-57; died 1879, aged 22.
Sarah Ann BALDWIN, born 1858-59; died 1880, aged 21.
Jane BALDWIN, born 1858-59; died 1876, aged 17.
Thomas BALDWIN, born 1863-64; died 1879, aged 15.

Registration District of Athy:
Anne BALDWIN, born 1796-97; died 1872, aged 75.
John BALDWIN, born 1799-1800; died 1873, aged 73.
Elizabeth BALDWIN, born 1808-09; died 1872, aged 63.
Jonathan BALDWIN, born 1827-28; died 1888, aged 60.
Edward BALDWIN, born 1831-32; died 1889, aged 57.
Honor BALDWIN, born 1834-35; died 1865, aged 29.
Richard BALDWIN, born 1839-40; died 1872, aged 32.
Julia BALDWIN, born 1845-46; died 1864, aged 16.
Elizabeth BALDWIN, born 1848-49; died 1882, aged 33.
Joseph BALDWIN, born 1861-62; died 1885, aged 23.

Registration District of Mountmellick:
Frances BALDWIN, born 1798-99; died 1876, aged 77.
William BALDWIN, born 1800-01; died 1886, aged 85.
Joseph BALDWIN, born 1806-07; died 1865, aged 58.
Catherine BALDWIN, born 1807-08; died 1887, aged 79.
Elizabeth Maria BALDWIN, born 1809-10; died 1887, aged 77.
Hannah BALDWIN, born 1816-17; died 182, aged 65.
Margaret BALDWIN, born 1824-25; died 1875, aged 50.
John BALDWIN, born 1833-34; died 1869, aged 35.
Richard BALDWIN, born 1849-50; died 1873, aged 23.

Registration District of Cootehill:
Elizabeth BALDWIN, born 1788-89; died 1867, aged 78.


Bridges BALDWIN; said to have been a nephew of Richard BALDWIN of Dublin (he died 1678) ["The Midland Septs and the Pale, etc," by F.R. Montgomery HITCHCOCK, M.A., Dublin, 1908, page 229]; Bridges was named as a beneficiary in the 1743 will of his great-aunt, Elizabeth BRIDGES, of Wallington House, Surrey, Spinster, who died in 1745 - she was a relation of the Brook BRIDGES family of Baronets, which would in time include the defendant in the 1835 Chancery Court case recorded above (the BRIDGES family at Wallington were originally from Ireland); Bridges BALDWIN was created a Knight; Sir Bridges BALDWIN registered a deed in 1750 concerning lands in County Wicklow (among which were Kilmagigg, Croneconnelly, Ballydonnell or Redcross), in County Dublin (a dwelling house in Weystown, and dwellings in Church Street and StJames's Street), and in King's County (he was named, among others, in a deeds search undertaken in October 1805) [MS 38,574/5 - Wicklow Papers, N.L.I.]; his will was dated 13 Feb 1745, naming his wife Frances NEYNOE, and mentioning Rev Charles BALDWIN, Clerk, of the City of Dublin; he died at his residence, Frederick Street, Dublin, a few days ago, and buried at St Nicholas Without, on a Thursday [Faulkner's Journal, Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 September 1765]; his will was proved P.C.C., 29 November 1765; Bridges BALDWIN, of Dublin, Esq, and Frances NEYNOE, Marriage License Bond, Diocese of Dublin, 3 May 1738 [Fisher Mss, National Library of Ireland -Digital resources].


As a prelude to identifying these, it might be useful to learn something of them from the pen of F.R. Montgomery HITCHCOCK, M.A., in his "The Midland Septs and the Pale: an account of the early septs and later settlers of the King's County and of life in the English Pale," Dublin, 1908, in the Appendix, at page 229; he wrote:
"Corolanty, now the seat of Edward Francis SAUNDERS, Esq ..., was built about 1698 by John BALDWIN, who belonged to a Warwickshire family, got a grant of land at Shinrone, and was High Sheriff of King's County in 1672.
"John BALDWIN Junior, High Sheriff in 1697, survived his father less than a year, and died in 1699, leaving, with other children, Thomas BALDWIN his heir, Mary the wife of Edward CROW of Spruce Hall, County Galway (married 1700), and Catherine the wife of Thomas MEREDYTH, of Newtown, County Meath, M.P. (married 1704).
"Thomas BALDWIN, who succeeded to Corolanty, was born in 1679 and died in 1732, leaving by his wife Mary EYRE, of Eyrecourt, two sons and five daughters, viz't - John BALDWIN; Thomas BALDWIN, Attorney-General for Jamaica; Margery, married 1718 Charles SADLIER of Castletown, County Tipperary,; and Lucy, who died unmarried in 1768.
"John BALDWIN, the son and heir, dissipated the estate and died without issue in 1754. and his widow married secondly to Hervey, Lord Mountnorris.
"Part of the Corolanty property came into possession of Dr Richard BALDWIN, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, who died in 1758, leaving the whole of his large fortune to the university. Though his parentage has been the subject of dispute, he was not in any way related either to the Corolanty family, or the Queen's County BALDWIN's, or to the BALDWIN's of Dublin, who subsequently settled at Boveen, near Shrinone.
"Sir Bridges BALDWIN of Dublin, Knight, who died in 1765, was nephew of Richard BALDWIN of Dublin (died 1768), from whom the BALDWIN-HAMILTON's derive. This Richard BALDWIN had an only son, Richard, of the Four Crosses, County Wicklow, High Sheriff in 1756, who was father of Colonel Charles BALDWIN of Boveen, High Sheriff of King's County in 1802. By his wife, Miss BARRY, only daughter of the celebrated Dublin Doctor, Colonel Charles BALDWIN left an only son, Charles Barry BALDWIN of Boveen, M.P."

John BALDWIN; of Corolanty, King's County; died in 1754, without issue; married on 15 April 1734, Mary WALL, daughter of William WALL of Coolnamucky, County Waterford, M.P.; she died in September 1779, having married secondly, on 2 July 1755, Harvey MORRES, M.P. (afterwards Viscount Mountmorres) ["Genealogical Memoirs of Members of Parliament for the county and city of Kilkenny," by George Dames BURTCHAELL, 1888, Kilkenny, pages 120 and 138].

Charles BALDWIN, born Boveen, Shinore, King's County, 27 December 1737; died December 1834; married Olivia BARRY; she died 1829.


Another public tree, posted by TIBEAUDO, recorded another family, to which other details have now emerged, and have been added:

Richard BALDWIN. born 1620; died 1666; married THURSTON; issue:

Charles BALDWIN, born 1650; party to the Marriage Settlements of his son Arthur, July 1716; of Dublin, when he made Deeds of Lease and Release dated 9-10 May 1721, concerning the lease of lands at Croneconnelly, Ballydonnell, Ballygillaroe and Knockanree, to Ann Phillis CRADOCK, of Croneconnelly, County Wicklow (the widow of Richard CRADDOCK); recorded as Master of the Rolls in a LONGFIELD pedigree [BURKE's Landed Gentry, Volume 2]; buried at St John's, Dublin, 9 June 1730; married at Wicklow, 8 October 1679, Alicia BOSWELL (1658-1699); Alles BALDWIN was buried at St John's (C. of I.), 18 August 1699; issue:
1. Jonathan BALDWIN, born Summerhill, County Cork, 1680, unless baptised as John BALDWIN, at St Michan's Dublin, 13 January 1680 (mother Alicia); buried at St Paul's Dublin, 18 June 1762; married Mary (-?-); issue.
2. Arthur BALDWIN, baptised at St Michan's (C. of I.), Dublin, 18 January 1683; party to Articles of Agreement, dated 7 May 1736, with Dennis CLANCY of Redcross, County Wicklow; probably buried at St Michan's, 17 December 1736; married, by settlements dated 3 July 1716, Edith LONGFIELD, with exchange of lands in Kilmagigg, County Wicklow, and a dowry of 
£1,400 [MS 38,613/13 - Wicklow Papers, N.L.I.].
3. Richard BALDWYNE, baptised at St John's (C of I.), Dublin, 15 February 1684[-85].
4. Charles BALDWIN, baptised at St John's, Dublin, 28 September 1687.
5. Edward BALDWIN, baptised at St Nicholas Within (C. of I.), Dublin, 1 July 1689 (mother not named).
6. Elizabeth BALDWIN; married, by License dated 11 January 1713-14, William LONGFIELD, a brother of Edith (the future wife of Elizabeth's brother Arthur).
7. Richard BALLDWYN, baptised at St Michan's, Dublin, 26 March 1699 (mother Alice); died in Dublin, June 1768, and was buried at St Peter's (C. of I.), Dublin, 3 June; he was married at St Bride's (C. of I.), Dublin, on 7 October 1734, to Mary USSHER; she died at Hume Street, Dublin, in July 1771, and was buried at St Peter's (C. of I.), Dublin, 26 July; issue:
          a. Elizabeth BALDWIN, born 1735. b. Richard BALDWIN, baptised at St Peter's, 39 October 1736; died before 1796; married Grace EVANS; issue.
(8) Charlotte BALDWIN (baptismal record not found - perhaps instead of the next generation); married William SCHAW, Physician to Frederick, Prince of Wales (son of George II and father of George III); he died in 1751, aged about 44; with issue:
          a. Frederick Bridges SCHAW, born about 1740; Captain, 66th Regiment of Foot; died in 1805; married firstly, in Edinburgh, 1762, Isabella THOMSON, of Jamaica; issue:
                    i. Frances Charlotte SCHAW, born at Kingston, Jamaica, 1764; died in 1799; married Peter Brady CROSS, of Lincoln's Inn.
                    ii. Frederick David SCHAW.
Frederick married secondly, in 1778, Anabelle GARRICK, with further issue:
                    iii. William Garrick SCHAAW, born 1785; Captain; married Emma Hart PROTHERO.

This Dublin family, with property interests in County Wicklow, was the subject of legal proceedings between 1756 and 1773, from which the following additional pedigree details emerge:

Richard BALDWIN, of Dublin; married with issue:
1. Robert BALDWIN; died before 1757; married, "irregularly" as it would appear, to Anastasia NICHOLSON; she claimed rights to Robert's property as his widow, and as guardian of their son Robert BALDWIN Junior, but this was contested in H.M.'s Court of Prerogative by Richard BALDWIN, the uncle; issue:
          a. Robert BALDWIN Junior, born about 1750; under age in 1769; of age by 1773.
2. Richard BALDWIN; challenged Anastasia's claim to Robert's property, and in 1757, obtained a decree in the Prerogative Court which granted him Administration of the deceased's estate.
However, there appears to be some confusion in my understanding of the newspaper notices in 1773, from which I deduced that Richard was Robert Senior's uncle, which is impossible if Robert Senior's father was named Richard.
Another tree on ancestry records the following:

John BALDWIN; married Elizabeth WARREN; issue:
1. Robert BALDWIN, born 21 August 1741; of Summer Hill, near Carrigaline, County Cork; emigrated to Upper Canada; died on 24 November 1816, at Annarna, Baldwin's Creek, County Derham, Upper Canada; he was married at Cork, in September 1769, to Miss Barbara SPREAD [Dublin Mercury, 12-14 September], daughter of William SPREAD, of Forest, County Cork; she died on 21 June 1791, and was buried at Templemartin Church [M.I.].


BURKE [Landed Gentry, 1846], records the following pedigree:

Mr BALDWIN; Ranger of the Royal Parks; fixed his residence at or near Bandon, County Cork; married a Miss HERBERT, of Powis; issue:
1. Walter BALDWIN; died unmarried.
2. Herbert BALDWIN; Esq, of Curravoidy; married Mary DOWNES, daughter of Dr Dives DOWNES, afterwards Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross; issue:
          a. Henry BALDWIN.
          b. Herbert BALDWIN; inherited Clohina from his uncle, 1683; married in 1689, Mary HUNGERFORD, daughter of Colonel HUNGERFORD, of the Island, near Clonkitty; issue:
                    i. James BALDWIN; son and heir. See [Y] below.
                    ii. Herbert BALDWIN; died without issue.
                    iii. Richard BALDWIN; married with issue - a son Richard who married a Miss GERMAIN.
          c. Walter BALDWIN.
          d. Mary BALDWIN; married in 1689, Colonel FOOT.
          e. Elizabeth BALDWIN; married John WARE, Esq.
3. James BALDWIN; Colonel in the Army; purchased Clohina, County Cork, in 1678, from Valentine GREATRAKES, the "Great Stroker"; by his will, dated 1683, he passed this estate on to his nephew Walter BALDWIN.

[Y] James BALDWIN; son and heir; married in 1726, Elizabeth LANGTON, of Bury, County Limerick (a niece f Colonel Nicholas COLTHURST); with issue:
1. James BALDWIN; Esq; married in 1763, Mary O'CONNELL, daugter of Daniel O'CONNELL, Esq, of Derrinane, County Kerry; issue:
          a. Walter BALDWIN; of Cork, M.D.; M.P. for the City of Cork; married firstly, Barbara DUNNE; with issue:
                    i. Mary Anne BALDWIN; married John O'SULLIVAN, of Bere, County Cork.
Walter married secondly, Miss HERRICK, with further issue:
                    ii. Herbert BALDWIN, born April 1822.
2. Herbert BALDWIN; married Miss COLLIS; with issue.
3. Anne BALDWIN; married Thomas OLIFFE, of Cork.
4. Mary BALDWIN; married Charles McCARTHY, Esq.