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A family of PIGOTT, Stone Masons, in the Counties of Meath and Westmeath.



The following baptismal and vestry meeting details are recorded in a pdf document, posted on the web-site, under the title of:
"Representative Church Body Library, Parish of Killucan (Diocese of Meath), Combined Register and Vestry Minutes, 1696-1786, transcribed and edited by Andrew WHITESIDE."

George PIGOTT, probably born before 1685, and perhaps well before; godfather at the baptism at Killucan Parish Church, County Meath, 14 September 1706, of Robert HARRISON, son of Michael HARRISON of Kinnegad, County Meath, and his wife Ann, the godmother being Mrs Isabella SMYTH.

Thomas PIGOTT, probably born before 1697; of Kinnegad, Mason; by his wife Elizabeth he had issue:
1. Mary PIGGOT, baptized at Killucan, 20 January 1717-18.
2. Johanna PIGGOTT, baptized at Killucan, 26 January 1719-20.
3. Elizabeth PIGOTT, baptized at Killucan, 29 May 1722.

Thomas PIGGOTT or PICKETT; of Kinnegad, Butcher; by his wife, also Elizabeth, he had issue:
1. Bridget PICKETT, baptized 6 January 1723-24.
2. Elizabeth PIGOTT, baptized at Killucan, 10 May 1726.

Philip PIGGOT, probably born before 1707; of Kinnegad, Mason; by his wife Sarah he had issue:
1. George PIGGOT, baptized at Killucan, 23 December 1728. A George PIGOTT attended a Vestry Meeting on 23 March 1761.
? possible other issue (but if so, not baptized at Killucan).
2. Lydia PIGGOT, baptized at Killucan, 14 February 1739-40.
3. Ann PIGGOT, baptized at Killucan, 1 February 1741[page torn - probably 1741-42].
4. Richard PIGGOTT, baptized at Killucan, 6 April 1744.
5. Ann PIGGOT, baptized at Killucan, 10 January 1748-49.
6. Charles PIGGOT, baptised at Killucan, 15 October 1750.
7. Mary PIGGOT, baptized 30 October 1752.
Phillip PIGGOTT attended Vestry Meetings on 9 April 1760, 23 March 1761, 23 March 1762, 4 April 1763, 23 April 1764, 28 March and 16 May 1769, 2 April 1771, 20 April 1778, and 5 April and 28 June 1779.
Oliver PIGGOT, of Kinnegad, Mason (meason), and his wife Ann had issue baptized there:
1. Thomas PIGGOT, baptized 28 January 1738-39.
2. George PIGGOT, baptized 27 November 1741.
Oliver PIGGOT, of Kinnegad, Mason, and his wife Mary had issue baptised there:
1. William PIGGOTT, baptized 21 April 1744.
2. Lydda PIGGOT, baptized 8 April 1754.
Oliver and Ann PIGGOT had issue baptized there:
1. Lydia PIGGOTT, baptized 16 May 1755.
2. Rich'd PIGGOT, baptized 19 September 1759.
George and Sarah PIGGOTE of Kinnegade had issue baptized there:
1. Sarah PIGGOTE, baptized 4 November 1753.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
William PIGOTT; born about 1740; he died on 27 February 1821, aged 81, and was buried at Kinnegad Parish Churchyard [see his memorial on]; he was evidently married with issue:
1. Anne PIGOTT, born about 1785; she married in 1803 to Thomas BAILY [Index to M.L.B.s, Diocese of Meath]; she died 2 May 1809, aged 24, and was buried with her father as Anne BAILEY.
2. Elizabeth PIGOTT, born about 1786; she died 7 May 1793, aged 7, and was buried with her father.
3. William PIGOTT; he erected a monument to his father and two sisters at Kinnegad Churchyard, after 1821.
William PIGOTT attended Vestry Meetings at Killculan Church, Kinnegad, 27 March and 15 May 1780, 16 April and 4 June 1781, and 1 April 1782.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Accounts presented to the House of Commons by Grand Juries of Ireland, County of Meath, Lent assizes, 1807, included [Page 269] the following:
To Benjamin PARKER, William and Charles PIGOTT, to build an arch of a bridge on Lands of Tieroghan, road from Kinegad to Edenderry, wages included, £8 0s 6d.
To (ditto) Lands of Knockalroo, road from Philipstown to Trim (ditto), £2 3s 10d.
To (ditto) Lands of Ballyboy, (ditto), £2 1s 5d.
To (ditto) over a mill-race on Lands of Ballyboggin (ditto), £1 2s 3d.
To (ditto) to repair a gullet on Lands of Park, road from Kinegad to Edenderry (ditto) £4 0s 3d.
To (ditto) arch of a bridge on lands of Ballyboggin (ditto), £1 18s 1d.

Jane Isabella, the Dowager Countess of Lanesborough, made an Indented Deed of Release, dated 1 February 1822 [Memorial 522246, Book 770, Page 311], by which she demised land to Rev Robert NOBLE, Minister of the Parish of Kinnegad, for the purposes of establishing a Parish School; the land, of 1 acre, was "... bounded on the north by the Quarry field, on the east by the road leading from Dublin to Mullingar, on the south by the lane leading from the road to the quarry, and on the west by the Stone Quarry of Kinnegad, together with that site in the Town for the Schoolhouse to be built on, situate on the south side of the Street of Kinnegad and adjoining the house now occupied by Mrs MAGUIRE."
Whilst this deed makes no mentions of the PIGOTTs, it does reveal that there was an established stone quarry in or very near the town of Kinnegad, with which the PIGOTT Masons would probably have been very familiar.


William John PIGOTT, of Rathmolyon, Farmer; he died on 28 August 1859 [Will]:



Charles PIGOTT, born about 1770's; of Kinnegad, Killucan Parish, County Westmeath, 1825 [Tithe Applotment Books]; possibly the Mason in Kinnegad who witnessed the July 1825 Deed of John PIGOTT (see above), or perhaps instead of Bundarry, whose younger son Charles PIGOTT was named as second life for the term of the same Deed; Charles was evidently married, with issue, probably including (the speculation that these two might be brothers has not yet been proven):
1. George PIGOTT, born about 1810. See [A] below.
2. Charles PIGOTT, born about 1814. See [B] below.

[A] George PIGOTT, born about 1810, possibly at Kinnegad, and stated by descendants to have been a son of Charles PIGOTT; Mason; he probably died at Rathmolyon, Trim, County Meath, 4 May 1892, aged 75, Married, a Stone Mason, the death informed by his daughter Catherine KERR of Isaacstown, present at the death; he was married at Athboy, 22 January 1834 to Catherine HANNA [Index to Marriage License Bonds, Diocese of Meath; several family trees on]; she died at Rathmolyon, 17 February 1899, aged 86, Widow of a Mason, the death informed by her daughter Catherine KERR, Rathmolyon, present at the death; they had issue [Family Tree on Ancestry - not all details have yet been verified back to original source]:
     a. Matilda PIGOTT, born at Athboy, 30 April 1835; she emigrated to South Australia; she died in Gumeracha, South Australia, 23 July 1867, aged 33 [Book 28, Page 470]; she named her father George PIGOTT when she was married at Gumeracha Court House, 18 March 1860, to Samuel Robert DONNELLY, son of Robert DONNELLY [Book 41, Page 295]; he died in Adelaide, 27 March 1865; they had issue.
     b. William PIGOTT, born at Athboy, 12 October 1836.
     c. Thomas PIGOTT, born at Athboy, 21 February 1840; he is said to have died in 1902 at Sleaford, Lincolnshire (but the only Thomas PIGOTT living there in 1901 was a Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Minister, of the same age, but a native of Lincolnshire with a wife named Harriet); married Mary LALLEY; she is said to have died in 1888, aged about 24.
     d. Charles PIGOTT, born in County Meath, 26 January 1843; Mason in Palmerstown, County Kildare, 1877, 1879; Mason in Johnstown, County Kildare, 1881, 1886; at Carnew Street, Arran Quay, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 55, Mason, with his wife and two children; he is said to have died in 1901, and to have been buried at Naas, County Kildare (but no PIGOTT of that name is recorded in the Statutory Registers); of Johnstown, Straffen, County Kildare, bachelor, Mason, when he was married by License at St Mark's Parish Church, Dublin, 20 February 1877, to Margaret RICHARDSON, of 16 Clarence Place, Dublin, full age, spinster, daughter of John RICHARDSON, Labourer; she was with her husband and two children, 1901 Census, aged 48, born in County Kildare; she died at 50 Carnew Street, Dublin, 19 April 1909, Married, aged 63, Brick Layer's wife, the death informed by her son William J. PIGOTT, of 9 Enniskerry Road, present at the death; they had issue:
          i. Elizabeth PIGOTT, born at Palmerstown, Naas, 5 October 1877, the birth informed by Ellen (X) RICHARDSON, of Palmerstown, present at the birth; as Eliza, she died at Johnstown, 1 July 1895, aged 17, Servant, of Phthisis (T.B.), the death informed by John PIGOTT of Johnstown, present at death (relationship, if any, not stated).
          ii. William John PIGOTT, born at Palmerstown, Naas, 14 May 1879, the birth, as John PIGOTT, informed by Eleanor (X) RICHARDSON, of Palmerstown, present at the birth; he was at Enniskerry Street, Dublin, 1911 Census;, aged 30, Mason, with his wife and son; he died at Baggot Road Hospital, late of 9 Enniskerry Road, Dublin, 22 May 1964, aged 85, Widower, Pensioner, the death informed by his son B.C. PIGOTT, of 66 Arron Quay, present at the death; he was of Carnew Street, Dublin, Builder, when he was married by License at St George's Parish Church, Dublin, 17 April 1906, to Catherine LEITCH, full age, spinster, of 9 Enniskerry Road, Dublin, daughter of Thomas LEITCH, Soldier, witnessed by Mary PIGOTT and Thomas LEITCH; she was aged 33, with her husband, 1911 Census, married 5 years with one child surviving from one, and born in South Africa; she may have died at 70 Pigeon House Road, Dublin, 14 October 1946, aged 69, Married, Housewife, informed by William J. PIGOTT, the Widower, of the same address; they had issue born at 9 Enniskerry Road, Dublin North - a son Benjamin (born 9 May 1907) and Margaret Elizabeth (born 3 May 1916).
          ? John PIGOTT, born in County Kildare, about 1880; aged 20, Mason, with his parents, 1901 Census. Perhaps in error for William John?
          iii. George Henry PIGOTT, born at Johnstown, Naas, 10 April 1881, the birth informed by Ellen (X) RICHARDSON, of Johnstown, present at the birth; he died in 1918 (but not Registered in Ireland); he married Irene C. FORREST.
          iv. Mary Jane PIGOTT, born at Johnstown, Naas, 28 June 1884, the birth informed by her mother; aged 15, with her parents, 1901 Census; she was Aughrim Street, Arran Quay, 1911 Census, aged 24, Typist, residing in the house of a Cycle Mechanic; she died at Jane Cottage, Newtown Park Road, Blackrock, 27 or 28 July 1954, Spinster, aged 70, Retired Insurance Official, the death informed by the Coroner for County Dublin.
          v. Charles PIGOTT, born at Johnstown, Naas, 18 July 1886, the birth informed by his aunt Katie PIGOTT, of Rathmolyon, County Meath, present at the birth; he died at Johnstown, 14 December 1891, aged 5, of Tubercular Meningitis, informed by his father, Charles PIGOT, Gardner, of Johnstown, present at the death.
     e. Mary Jane PIGOTT, born in 1846; died in 1888; she was aged 21, Spinster (father George, a Mason), when she was married at Rathmolyon Parish Church, by License (C. of I.), 13 June 1870, to David CUMMINS, aged 22, bachelor, Farmer, son of Robert CUMMINS, Labouring Man.
     f. Catherine PIGOTT, born at Rathmolyon, 17 October 1849 [ROWDEN Tree on]; she was aged 50, with her husband, at Rathmolyon, 1901 Census; she died at Rathmolyon, 23 October 1936; she was of full age, spinster, of Rathmolyon (but recorded her father as Chas PIGOTT, Mason), when she was married at Rathmolyon Parish Church, 2 December 1886, to Samuel Alexander KERR, full age, bachelor, Labourer, of Isaacstown, son of A. KERR (no family witnesses); he was at Rathmolyon, 1901 Census, aged 55, Farmer, born County Meath, with his wife, daughter and ASHTON nephew; they were at Rathmolyon in 1911, aged 67 and 62, married 24 years, with only born child; they had issue:
               i. Annie PIGOTT, born at Rathmolyon, 13 October1887; aged 13, Scholar, with her parents, 1901; aged 23 in 191, only child; she died in Dublin on 6 October 1974; married Henry HUGHES.
     g. Elizabeth PIGOTT, born 1845; died 1895; of Belford, Blackrock, full age, spinster, and a daughter of George PIGOTT, Mason, when she was married at St Paul's Parish Church, Dublin, 12 January 1881, to Joseph ASHTON, Coppersmith, of 13 Kirwin Street, Stoneybatter, a Widower, and son of John ASHTON, Blacksmith; they had issue:
          i. Arthur Irvine ASHTON, born at 18 Bow Street, Dublin North, 21 February 1896; he was aged 5, Scholar, with his KERR aunt and uncle, 1901 Census.

[B] Charles PIGOTT, said to have been born at Kinnegad [his Memorial on], about 1814, and perhaps a brother to George; Mason and Farmer; he died at Allenstown, 27 November 1889, a Widower, aged 75, Mason, the death informed by his son George PIGOTT, of Back Street, Kells, present at the death; Charles was married at Ardbraccan, County Meath, 19 June 1855, to Margaret USHER or USSHER [F.H.L., Film Number 101369], son of Charles PIGOTT [All Ireland, Select Marriages, 1619-1898, on]; I had thought she died at Allenstown, 24 January 1895, aged 63, the widow of Charles PIGOTT, Farmer, the death informed by her son Charles PIGOTT of Allenstown - but as he was a widower in 1889, this may be a disconnect (not sure what this might lead to, if anything - perhaps one of the informants just made a mistake?); they had issue:
     a. William PIGOTT, born about 1856; he died at Raheny, County Dublin, 31 October 1883, aged 27, unmarried, Bricklayer, of Typhoid Fever, the death informed by his brother George PIGOTT, of Allenstown, County Meath.
     b. George Arthur PIGOTT, born about 1858; he was at Emmaville Avenue, Wood Quay, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 42, Clerk of Works, born England (sic), with his sister-in-law Elizabeth and two nieces; he was at Hollybank Road, Drumcondra, County Dublin, 1911 Census, aged 52, born County Meath, Civil Engineer, R.C., Married, with wife Henrietta Caroline (aged 39, born King's County) and her daughter Blanche Mabel COGGER; he was married firstly, in 1883, to Mary or May DRUMMOND; with issue:
          i. Charles Stewart PIGOTT, born at Rodstown, 15 September 1883, informed by the father, a Mason:a Merchant Seaman:

[Image from Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1918-1941,]
 He was serving on the Navarino, August 1919 to February 1921; he arrived in New York, 15 September 1922, 2nd Engineer, SS Dunstuffnage (?), from Glasgow; he died at sea on 5 March 1943, when his ship, SS Fidra, was sunk, while part of a convoy from Gibraltar to England [Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 49], aged 59, Chief Engineer Officer; he was married to Margaret HENDERSON, of Eastfield, Joppa, Portobello, Edinburgh.
          ii. William Gregory PIGOTT, born at New Market Street, Kells, 3 March 1885, informed by the father, a Mason; aged 16, Farm Servant, with his uncle Charles PIGOTT, 1901 Census; R.I.C.; died in W.W.1.
          iii. John Drummond PIGOTT, born at Back Street, Kells, 10 December 1886, informed by the father, of Back Street, Mason; Mason; he joined the Royal Tank Corps, at Grottenerton, Germany, 24 August 1914, aged 31 years 7 months, Bricklayer, born Kells, Meath, married to Harriet Elizabeth DANIELS, parish Church of Balrathboyne, 17 September 1921, B.E.F. 17 October 1915 to 15 September 1918, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, discharged at Canterbury, 4 July 1922; he sailed on S.S. Duchess of Richmond, from Belfast, 13 April 1929, arriving St John's, N.B., 21 April, aged 42, to visit his cousin Charles PIGOTT of 5982 Dampries Street, Vancouver, his next-of-kin in Ireland Mrs Elizabeth PIGOTT, Rodstown, Kells, and evidently accompanying some Students of the Ministry going to Canada for short spells with different churches as part of their studies; he sailed on the S.S. San Francisco, from Vancouver, 2 November 1938, aged 52, Plasterer, born Kells, Ireland, a Citizen of Canada, last permanent residence Vancouver; he evidently returned to his family in Ireland; John died at Rodstown, 5 November 1946, aged 59, Mason, the death informed by his widow Harriet; he was buried at St James's Churchyard, Athboy, County Meath [M.I.]; he was of Richmond Barracks, Dublin, Soldier, he was married by License at Balrathboyne Church of Ireland, 17 September 1921, to Harriet Elizabeth DANIELS, of full age, spinster, Teacher, of Allenstown (daughter of Clement DANIELS, Farmer), witnessed by Charles PIGOTT, C. PIGOT and another; they had issue.
          iv. Kate Swan McAra PIGOTT, born at Back Street, Kells, 7 June 1889, informed by the father.
          v. Annie Isabella PIGOTT, born at Back Street, Kells, 13 June 1891, informed by the father, of Back Street, Builder.
George appears to have had further issue by Elizabeth McGRATH; she appears to haven :
          vi. Violet Elizabeth PIGOTT, born 29 June 1895.
          vii. Aileen Gertrude PIGOTT, born 24 January 1898.
George Arthur, Civil Engineer, describing himself as a Bachelor, of 21 Emorville Avenue, South Winton Road, son of Charles Arthur PIGOTT, Civil Engineer, was married secondly, at Drumcondra C. of I. Church, 21 May 1901, to Henrietta COGGER, full age, spinster, of 61 Millmount Avenue, daughter of John Joseph McNamara, Horse Dealer, witnessed by Frederick G. VARCOE and Frances Patricia VARCOE.
     c. Elizabeth PIGOTT; died 1900 (F.A.G. Memorial).
     d. Mary Jane PIGOTT; died in 1930; married SYNNOT (F.A.G. Memorial).
     e. Charles PIGOTT, born County Meath, about 1861; he was at Rodstown, County Meath, 1901 Census, aged 39, Farmer, with his wife Elizabeth (aged 20), nephew William PIGOTT (aged 16), sister-in-law Martha PIGOTT (29, born Fermanagh), nieces Ellinor PIGOTT (3, born Wexford), Mary Jane PIGOTT (aged 1, born Wexford) and Emily PIGOTT (1, born Meath); he died at Kells, 23 February 1943, of Rodstown, and was buried at St Ultan, Ardbraccan, County Meath [F.A.G. Memorial]; he was of Ardbraccan, County Meath, Farmer, full age, bachelor (his father a Farmer), when he was married at Ardbraccan Parish Church, 22 December 1897, to Elizabeth RENNICKS, aged 17, spinster, of Ardbraccan, daughter of Samuel RENNICKS, Stone Cutter, witnessed by William RICHARDSON and Florence RENNICKS, with issue:
          i. Samuel PIGOTT, born at Rodstown, 12 August 1903, informed by the father, of Rodstown, Farmer.
      f. John PIGOTT, born at Allenstown, 30 June 1864, the birth informed by the father, of Allenstown, Mason; at Adbraccan, 1901 Census, aged 36, Builder, with wife and four children; at Ardbraccan, 1911 Census, but not recorded on the Household page, which did record his three children and a household servant; a Bricklayer, of Navan, County Meath, full age, bachelor (son of Charles PIGOTT, Bricklayer), when he was married by License at Powerscourt Church of Ireland, Rathdown, County Wicklow, 31 December 1890, to Eleanor Margaret MUSTARD, full age, spinster, of Dargle, Enniskerry, daughter of Thomas MUSTARD, ex Sergeant R.I.C.; Elenor died at Ardbraccan, Navan, 14 March 1910, Married, aged 44, wife of a Contractor, the death informed by her husband John PIGOTT, of Ardbraccan, present at the death; they had issue:
               i. William John PIGOTT, born at Canon Row, Navan, 21 April 1895, father a Builder, informed by Margaret McGOVERN, nurse; he was aged 5, with his parents, 1901 Census; he was at Townsend Street, Athboy, County Meath, 1929, when named in his brother Theodore's Canadian Immigration indent; he was of Athboy, Cycle Mechanic, of full age, bachelor, when he was married at St James's Church of Ireland, Athboy, Trim, 21 November 1922, to Ellen Mary NICHOLSON, aged 21, spinster, of Athboy, daughter of Richard NICHOLSON, Pensioner, witnessed by Frederick T. PIGOTT and Adelaide Constance NICHOLSON.
               ii. Dorothy Margaret PIGOTT, born at Ardbraccan, 1 June 1896, father a Contractor, informed by Margaret McGOVERN, nurse.
               iii. Charles PIGOTT, born at Ardbraccan, Navan, 25 December 1897, father a Contractor, informed by Margaret McGOVERN, nurse; aged 3, with his parents, 1901; aged 13, Scholar, with his father, 1911; he emigrated to Canada on the SS Canada, from Belfast, 4 April 1925, arriving Halifax, N.S. on 12 April, aged 27, Farmer, born Kells, Co Meath, intending to Farm in Canada, going to his uncle, Mr WEBSTER, North Star Stone, Calgary, Alberta, his n.o.k. in Ireland being Mr J. PIGOTT, Rodsown, Kells, Co Meath; he was of 5982 Damories Street, Vancouver, B.C., 1929; he died in Vancouver, 23 November 1967, aged 69 [Reg'n No 1967-09-015104].
               iv. Frederick Thomas PIGOTT, born at Grange, Navan, 16 July 1900, father a Contractor, informed by Margaret McGOVERN nurse; aged 8 months, with his parents, 1901; he witnessed his brother William's marriage, 1922.
               v. Theodore PIGOTT, born at Grange, Ardbraccan, 20 August 1891, informed by the father, a Builder; he was at Wilson's Hospital School, Heathland, Ballinack, County Westmeath, 1911 Census, aged 9, born Meath; he emigrated to Canada on the SS Duchess of Richmond, departing Belfast 13 April 1929, arriving St John's, N.B., 21 April, aged 28, born Navan, Motor Engineer, going to his brother Mr Charles PIGOTT, of 1892 Dampries Street, Vancouver, and recording his n.o.k. in Ireland as his brother Mr W.J. PIGOTT, Townsend Street, Athboy, Co Meath; he was a Truck Drive, Commercial Drive, Vancouver-Kingsway, British Columbia Voters Lists, 1962 and 1965; her died at Vancouver, 12 December 1972, aged 70..
               vi. Lena PIGOTT, born at Grange, Ardbraccan, 3 January 1905, informed by the mother; aged 6, with her father, 1911.
John, a Building Contractor and a Widower, was married secondly, at Kells Church of Ireland, 28 February 1911, to Margaret Elizabeth KELLETT, full age, spinster, of Kells, daughter of James KELLETT, Watchmaker.
     g. Samuel Richard PIGOTT, born at Rodstown, 2 January 1871, informed by the father, of Rodstown, Farmer; he was married at Rathboyne Church of Ireland, County Meath, 21 January 1897 (having been previously married at the Dublin Registry Office on 15 December 1896), to Martha Jane BOARDMAN, of full age, spinster, of Allenstown, daughter of John BOARDMAN, Labourer, the marriage witnessed by Julia E. PIGOTT; she was residing with her brother-in-law Charles PIGOTT, 1901 Census, aged 29, Married, born County Fermanagh; they had issue:
          i. Eleanor Margaret Deborah PIGOTT, born at Ballyanne, County Wexford, 24 April 1898, informed by the father, Land Steward; aged 3, with her uncle Charles PIGOTT's residence, 1901.
          ii. Mary Jane PIGOTT, born at Ballyanne, 2 July 1899, informed by the father, of New Ross, Land Steward; aged 1, with her mother at her uncle Charles PIGOTT's residence, 1901.
          iii. Emily Sarah PIGOTT, born at Rodstown, 23 February 1901, the birth informed by her aunt Lizzie PIGOTT, of Rodstown, present at the birth; aged under 1, with her mother at her uncle Charles PIGOTT's residence, 1901.
     h. Annie Kate PIGOTT, born at Rodstown, 29 November 1873, informed by the father, of Rodstown, Mason.
     j. Julia Elizabeth PIGOT, born at Allenstown, 29 March 1876, informed by the mother, of Allenstown, her father George a Mason; she witnessed her brother Samuel's church marriage in 1897.
     k. Margaret PIGOTT; of full age, spinster, of Rodstown, when she was married at Rathboyne Church of Ireland, County Meath, 27 November 1878, to Edward SMYTH, full age, bachelor, Blacksmith, of Athboy (son of Richard SMYTH, Blacksmith), witness by Charles PIGOTT and another.


John PIGOTT, possibly a son of the above; of Kinnegad, County Westmeath, Farmer; first party to a Deed of Assignment dated 9 July 1825, concerning a house and lands in Kinnegad, of which he had an earlier lease from the Countess of Landsborough (am unable to find this earlier deed), under which his mother Isabella PIGOTT enjoyed benefits, and mentioning the late Philip PIGOTT of Curacon - the 1825 Lease being granted by John PIGOTT to Patrick HEVEY, for a term of "... the natural lives and life of the said John PIGGOT, party hereto, Charles PIGGOTT the younger son of Chas PIGGOTT of Bundarry, and George PIGGOTT of Bundarry" - the deed witnessed by Charles PIGGOTT of Kinnegard, Mason, and another.
Tithe Applotment Books, 1825, County of Westmeath, Parish of Killucan, Townland of Kinnegad - George PIGOT, Rich'd PIGOT, and Charles PIGOT.

William PIGOTT, born at Kinnegad, about 1824; he attested at Lisburn, County Antrim, 26 April 1844, aged 19, 60th Rifles, as a Private, S.N. 2012; he was discharged after 17 years 298 days service, on medical grounds (chronic rheumatism), having spent 8 years 5 months on service Abroad (Cape of Good Hope, 7 years 6 months; East Indies, 1 year 4 months; Kaffir War, 1851).


Phillip PIGOTT; House, Townland of Rathmoline (sic), County Meath, rated at £3  11s, 1 February 1839 [Ireland, Valuation Office Books]; House and Office, Townland of Glebe, County Meath, rated at £4, 2 February 1839 [Ditto]; he was married in 1833 to Mary Anne GOODWIN [Index to M.L.B.s, Dicoese of Meath]; the probably had issue:
1. Mary PIGOTT; Mary WEILY, aged 79, Farmer's daughter, was at Dalystown, Ballyconnell, 1901 Census, residing with her brother-in-law Garret GILL; she died at Dalystown House, Trim, 4 December 1903, a Farmer's Widow, aged 82, the death informed by her brother-in-law Garrett GILL, of Daleystown, present at the death; she was married at Rathmolyon, 2 June 1851, to John WIELY or WEILY or WILEY, son of William WIELY; a John WEILY died at Trim, 1876, aged 86, 2nd quarter [Volume 7, Page 851], but perhaps too old?
2. Jane PIGOTT; she was married at Rathmolyon, 23 September 1856, to Hugh DEMPSEY, son of Hugh DEMPSEY; a Hugh DEMPSEY died at Trim, 1869, aged 60 [Volume 2, Page 874].
3. Ann PIGOTT, born about 1833; she was at Daleystown, Ballyconnell, 1901 Census, aged 67, born County Meath, with her husband, sister and two children; she died at Dalystown, Trim, 23 November 1906, aged 74, Married, wife of a Farmer, the death informed by her daughter Susan J. GILL, of Dalystown, present at the death; she was married at Laracor, County Meath, 11 February 1861, to Garrett GILL, son of Garrett GILL (Registered at Trim, Volume 10, Page 476]; he was a Farmer at Rathmolyon, 1864, 1869, and at Killballyporter, 1871, 1874; he was at Dalystown, Ballyconnell, 1901 Census, aged 71, Farmer, born County Meath, with his wife, two children, and others; in 1862, Garrett purchased land in Rathmloyon from Willie John PIGOTT, and there he built his house named Ashmount; he died at Dalystown, Trim, 23 March 1908, aged 78, Widower, Farmer, the death informed by his son Paul F. GILL, of Dalystown, present at the death; they had issue:
     a. earlier issue, 1861-63, perhaps including Susan?
     b. Mary Anne GILL, born at Rathmolyon, Trim, 5 October 1864, informed by the father.
     c. Garret GILL, born at Rathmolyon, 19 July 1866, informed by the father; he was at Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, 1901 Census, aged 34, Second Class Clerk, Taxing Office, with his wife and daughter, visiting his widowed O'HARA mother-in-law; he was married at the Baptist Chapel, Parish of St Peter's, Dublin, 15 July 1898, to Elizabeth O'HARA, of 49 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, daughter of Edward O'HARA, Tea Merchant.
     d. Sarah Christina GILL, born at Rathmolyon, 25 December 1867, informed by the father.
     e. Phillip Henry GILL, born at Rathmolyon, 14 October 1869, informed by the father.
     f. Emily GILL, born at Kilballyporter, Trim, 9 October 1871, informed by the father.
     g. Paul Fawcett GILL, born at Kilballyporter, 23 April 1874, informed by the father; aged 26, Farmer's son, with his parents, 1901 Censu; he informed his father's death, 1908s.
     h. Janet Goodwin GILL, born at Kill, 24 February 1876, informed by the father; she was aged 25, Farmer's daughter, with her parents, 1901 Census.


George PIGOTT; of Kilbeggan, County Westmeath; his wife Mary died shortly before 1 September 1785; they had issue:
          Mary PIGOTT; she died shortly before 27 June 1782, the only child.
George married secondly, September 1787, to Isabella DOWNES, of Clara, King's County [Dublin Hibernian Journal, 26 September].

Michael PIGOTT, born about 1827; of Kilbeggan; he died there on 7 March 1898, aged 70, Married, Labourer, the death informed by his daughter Winnie PIGOTT, present at the death, of Kilbeggan; he was married to Mary BRENNAN; she was at Mill Lane, Kilbeggan, 1901 Census, aged 62, Widow, Housekeeper, born County Westmeath, with her six children; she died at Kilbeggan, 5 January 1903 aged 64, informed by her son John PIGOTT, present at the death, of Kilbeggan; they had issue:
1. Edward PIGOTT, born about 1862; he was of Kilbeggan, of middle age, bachelor, Labourer, when he was married at Kilbeggan R.C. Chapel, 7 June 1894, to Margaret HANNIGAN, also of middle age, spinster, daughter of Robert HANNIGAN, Labourer; he was at Mill lane, Kilbeggan, 1901 Census, aged 38, Labourer, with his wife and two sons; they had issue:
     a. William PIGOTT; aged 4, with his parents, 1901.
     b. Michael PIGOTT; aged 1 and-a-half, with his parents, 1901.
2. Mary PIGOTT, born at Mill Lane, Kilbeggan, 1 April 1865; she probably died at Kilbeggan, aged 13, Labourer's child, the death informed by Mary (X) PIGOTT, of Kilbeggan, present at the death.
3. Catherine PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 25 May 1867, informed by the mother.
4. William PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 29 June 1870; aged 29, with his mother, 1901; he emigrated to Illinois in 1905; he died in Chicago, 27 November 1937. 
5. Bridget PIGOTT, born about 1871; aged 30, with her mother, 1901.
6. John PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 1 August 1872; aged 27, with his mother, 1901; he informed his mother's death, 1903.
7. Michael PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 5 September 1874; aged 25, with his mother, 1901.
8. Winifred PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 7 May 1877; she informed her father's death, 1898; she was aged 23, with her mother, 1901.
9. James PIGOTT, born at Kilbeggan, 20 April 1879; aged 21, with his mother, 1901.


Charles PIGOTT, born in Dublin, about 1836-38; of Glasnevin, Bricklayer, 1867; he was at Blessington Street, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 58, Bricklayer, with his wife Sarah (aged 54, born Longford); at Hardwicke Place, Rotunda, 1911 Census, aged 74, Bricklayer, Married, with his wife, son John, daughter-in-law and grandson; he died at 12 Hardwick Street, Dublin, 23 June 1911, aged 72, Married, Mason, the death informed by his son John PIGOTT, of the same address; he married Sarah ELLIOTT, with issue:
1. John PIGOTT, born at Glasnevin, Dublin City, 7 April 1867, and baptized at Glasnevin C. of I., 27 May (father a Mason); aged 43, Bricklayer, with his parents, 1911; married Elizabeth McKEOWN, with issue:
     a. Robert PIGOTT, born Dublin City, about 1901; aged 9, Scholar, with his parents and grandparents, 1911.
2. Mary Jane PIGOTT, born at Glasnevin, 4 August 1868 (father a Mason).
3. Sarah Matilda PIGOTT, born at Glasnevin, 10 January 1872 (father a Bricklayer), and baptized at Glasnevin C.of I., 24th March (father a Mason); she was buried at Glasnevin, 24 December 1872, aged 11 months [Church Record].
4. Eliza PIGOTT, born at Glasnevin, 13 November 1873, and baptized Glasnevin C.of I., 1 March 1874 (father a Mason); of Church Hill, Glasnevin, full age, spinster, father a Mason, when she was married at Glasnevin C.of I., 30 July 1895, to Robert McKEOWN, full age, bachelor, Gardener, of Glasnevin, son of James McKEOWN, witnessed Charles PIGOTT. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

John SHYING and John SHEEN - were they one and the same as MAI Sai Ying?



MAI Sai Ying arrived in N.S.W. from Canton (his birthplace) in 1818 as a free man, and settled, originally at least, and for two periods either side of a five year return visit to China, in the Town of Parramatta.


[An on-line translation of the name MAI Shi Ying into Chinese characters,
being halves of the character pairs generated by translations of:
Wheat (Xiao-mai), World (Shi-jie) and Hero (Ying-xiong).]

Other researchers have interpreted the first character as MAK. Whilst things may have changed a little in 200 years, a Cantonese woman who manages a local cafe in King's Cross (where I do my photo processing) tells me that the pronunciation of the handwritten characters (below) is My Si (rhyming with sigh) Ying (rhyming with ring) - and that there is no "K" in it. Perhaps occidental ears of early British settlers heard the hint of a "k" in MAI's verbal delivery of his family name. Further discussions with my Cantones Cafe managers confirm that they do not emphasise the imputed "K" sound that appears in historical renditions in early N.S.W., so perhaps occidental ears have heard a hint of "c"  in Mai's clipped plosive.
However, the first character does not appear to be an exact match with several samples of the sign he made on archived documents in N.S.W. (which may account for the said difference in the pronunciation?):

The following is very similar to the characters MAI Sai Peng used to sign his Power of Attorney in 1831, the third being "peng" - a translation of the English word "friend":


Once again, the current representation of the third or "peng" character does not exactly match MAI's "signature" in the third segment of it.

In China, the family surname is traditionally recorded first, before the "given" names.
And once again, it is likely that neither MAI, nor his English neighbours in Parramatta, fully comprehended this significant cultural difference, at least not initially. MAI himself probably learnt the lesson when his 30 acre grant went missing because of his own use of the additional character "peng" instead of "ying."

However, a perhaps more accurate version of the first character has now emerged (with thanks to Leon LYELL):


Leon added:
"The characters in Shying marriage certificate name are 麥世英. The first one -the 'surname' is different from what’s on your webpage but you have correctly noted that it looks different from the written character. Your Cantonese restaurateur should confirm the new character as ‘Mak’. 
 "In ‘Mandarin’ (Pinyin) the pronunciation is Mài shìyīng ‘Mai’ rhymes with ‘tie’, ‘shi’ rhymes with ‘the’ (ie not thee but a very short sound) and ‘Ying’ rhymes with ‘sing’. The marks above the syllables show the tone, ie whether the vocalization should become lower or stay flat in this case. A wee problem for the study of Chinese ancestry is that because Pinyin is ubiquitous (thanks to the great helmsman) it has become very difficult to trace people who spoke different languages/dialects (the word may vary depending on one’s prejudices).
 "The man himself claimed to be a native of Canton and the usual Cantonese pronunciation today would be ‘Mak Sai Ying’ (I don’t know the tones) which is where that vocalization came from. In the Elizabeth Farm daybook, his name was written as ‘Matchiping’ which we can guarantee is somewhat mangled but confirms he probably used the ‘Peng’ (or Pong) character at that early stage which matches the use of Mark O’Pong in his 1820 land grant. I’m trying to find out where this daybook is now (it was at Elizabeth Farm in 1992) and whether we can get a copy of those pages in case they have any more clues about him apart from him being a carpenter.
 "If he was Hakka, Dr Siu-Leung LEE, who was a biochemist but regarded as an authority on Hakka culture, tells me that the pronunciation of 麥世英 would be 'Mak Sie Ying [or] Mark Sie Ing. Spelling is not a definitive answer'."

Leon has also provided me with a better rendition of the third segment of the alternate peng/pong character:


Leon  added further:
"朋友 is indeed friend ('pung yow' in Mandarin and very similar in Cantonese), however, it would not be used in a name. The word in the name is certainly 'pung' and it signifies 'friends'. The problem is what looks like the 4th character. It could be intended to be a part of the 3rd character but is too stretched out for that (to my non-expert eye). If the two bits were one character it would look more like 鹏. But to me, it looks like a separate character (not which usually means 'number' or 'date' and to me seems out of place. My Cantonese friend sort of agrees it looks like a fourth character except that is doesn't make sense to do that. This is apparently something done now at the end of the name of a ship. Maybe he was thinking about the ships he was about to board?"

Either which-way, his descendants have been unable to locate details of his death and burial under the name of John SHEYING (by which name he was married in 1823 to Sarah THOMPSON) alias SHYING (by which surname several of their four sons were baptized).
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

John SHEEN was buried at Rookwood in 1880, with his wife Margaret (maiden surname McGOVERN, who died in 1875); he was of a similar age to John SHYING, and had arrived in the Colony about the same time; he was also a native of China.
Several of his descendants believe, and perhaps not without good reason, that they were one and the same man.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The following is an attempt to locate as many documented mentions of both of these men, separated by the year 1845 - concerning John SHYING up to his last known activity in Parramatta in 1844 - and followed by John SHEEN, from the time of his marriage in Sydney in 1846.

Many of the original documents have been microfilmed, and the images digitalized in various capacities, but none of which are free to publish on-line without permission of the copyright holders. As I have yet to seek that permission, I will, in the meantime, have to settle for transcriptions of them.

These records have been accessed in the State Library of New South Wales in Macquarie Street, Sydney, the Library of the Society of Australian Genealogists (S.A.G.) in Kent Street, Sydney, and at State Records (formerly N.S.W. Archives) at Kingswood. Further information has been included from the National Library of Australia's holding of newspapers through it's trove web-site.

Several other people have already carried out research into John SHYING, some of which has been published by the Parramatta District Historical Society Inc in their Journals. I have yet to visit the Society at Hambledon Cottage, and will attempt to do so after Christmas (2018).
Further private research notes have been deposited in the Mitchell Library by Winsome DOYLE and Valerie BLOMER [MSS 5857]. I have yet to sight all of the original documentary references in these sterling efforts, but it is interesting to note that none of them canvass any possibility of him being buried as John SHEEN.

However, Valerie BLOMER has more recently published an on-line account of her ancestor John SHYING's life story, and it appears that she had done considerably more research since her papers in Mitchell indicate - including a serious consideration of the two men being the same.
It is an extra-ordinary account of John SHYING's life, and I commend it to anyone who seeks the truth of it. Entitled "An Alien in the Antipodes" and dated 28 July 1999, a copy may be read online at on near (or it will get you close).
I have no intention to replicate her research results here, as they are impeccable.
But my current desire, even as someone who has no family connections to him, is to sight the original documents attached to his Colonial existence, first hand, if I can.

I have also begun to insert additional information, some observations, with the inevitable questions which arise from it all, and [in this format].

Any correspondence will be most welcome.

Chris PIGOTT, Potts Point, N.S.W. -


18 June 1815 - Arrival in Port Jackson of the ship 'Northampton,' with convicts and other passengers, including John SHYING's future first wife Sarah Jane THOMPSON, then aged about 11, her mother Sarah O'NEAL, a convict, and her son John O'NEAL (Sarah Jane's younger half-brother), aged about 6 years.

24 February 1818 - Arrival in Port Jackson of the ship 'Laurel,' Captain GREEN, with MAI Sai Ying (the later John SHYING) on board.
The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 25 April, under Ship News:
"Yesterday arrived the ship Laurel, Captain GREEN, from Bengal, with a cargo consisting mostly of teas. She left Bengal the 1st of August for China, and called at Malacca, which was still under command of the British Governor FARQUHAR, the Dutch Government not yet having been established there."
Ditto, under another heading of Sydney:
"From Captain GREEN, we learn that a commotion had taken place at Saparosa, in which the whole of the Dutch garrison had been cut off by the native inhabitants, which melancholy information had been forwarded to Canton by a Company's cruiser...
"The Laurel reached Canton the 5th of October, and left 20th November for this port, experiencing a fair passage, with the exception of a dangerous becalming for several days close into one of the shoally islands of the Anambers. She called also at Port Dalrymple, on her way, and remained for some days, during which period, we are sorry to learn, several rash and thoughtless people under sentence of the law had taken to the woods, and were not apprehended when she came away."
Valerie BLOMER, in her "An Alien in the Antipodes," noted that the 3rd Officer on the voyage of the 'Laurel' from Canton in 1818 was George BLAXLAND, a son of John BLAXLAND of Parramatta. She rightly speculated upon the likelihood that this is how SHYING came to work for his father. Indeed, it may well be asked if that is how he came to be on that ship in the first place - had George been on the lookout for a suitable and perhaps oriental artisan to go to N.S.W. and become "recruited" as one of his father's employes?
The Anambers were probably the Anambas Islands, part of the Riau Archipelago, about 250 km east of the coast of Malaysia, on about the same latitude as Kuala Lumpur. So it appears that the 'Laurel' came to Australia via the DEmpu and Sunda Straits, and down past Western Australia, en route to Port Dalrymple (on the north Tasmanian coast, not far from Launceston).
November 1819 - [Card Catalogue, Mitchell Library]:
"OPONG, Nov 1819, employed by J. BLAXLAND as a Carpenter (BIGGS, J.T. - Report , Appendix, page 5731, B.T. Box 26)."

10 or 14 June 1820 - Petition made by "John BLAXLAND, John HARRIS and another gentleman whose signature is illegible"[John WATSON, "John SHYING, Oriental Gentleman," Journal of the Parramatta District Historical Society, Volume 6, 199, at page 55 et seq.], on behalf of Mark O'PONG to Governor MACQUARIE for a grant of land in Parramatta.
WATSON transcribed the petition [citing Colonial Secretary's Correspondence, Fiche 3027, 4/1825 A, No 581, pages 2165-6 -I have not yet sighted this original record] as follows:
"That memorialist came to this Colony by the ship Laurel, GREEN, Master; is a native of Canton in China; has been in the Colony for two and one half years, during which time he had been in the service of John BLAXLAND, Esq, as a carpenter, supporting a honest, industrious character.
"That memorialist being anxious to become an agriculturalist of this Colony humbly implores your Excellency to take his case into your favorable consideration and grant him such portion of land for a farm as to your Excellency's wisdom and goodness shall deem meet and for such mark of favor, memorialist as in duty bound will pray."
It appears that this "petition" was made by BLAXLAND, HARRIS and another "on behalf of" our Chinaman, who was recorded here with his second preferred given name Peng or Pong - once again presumed, by its position, to be the family name. I deduce from this that MAI Sai Ying or Peng probably had no literacy in the English language - although I suspect that he may probably have already acquired some basic verbal English language skills before he left Canton?
12 May 1821 - The Sydney Gazette.
The above petition was eventually "successful", and notification of a grant, for 30 acres, was published in the Sydney Gazette on 12 May 1821:
"Surveyor General's Office, 28th April 1821.
"The following LIST of NAMES of NEW SETTLERS who are to receive Grants of LAND, and of OLD SETTLERS who are to have additional LANDS located for them in the Year 1821, is published for general Information:-
"... Mark OPONG...
"John OXLEY, Surveyor General."
This list, covering surnames beginning with H through to Y, comprised a total of about 400 names, more-or-less.
3 February 1823 - First marriage of John SHYING to Sarah Jane THOMPSON at St John's, Church of England, Parramatta [Mitchell Library, S.A.G. Reel 55, page 44], entry number 409:
"John SHEYING of the parish of Parramatta and Sarah Jane THOMPSON, of the same parish, were married in this church by banns this Third day of February (1823) By me, Thomas HASSALL, Off'g Min'r.
"The marriage was solemnised between {John (his-X-mark) SHEYING
                                                                {Sarah Jane (her-X-mark) THOMPSON
"in the presence of {Matthew TODD
                              {Alice (her-X-mark) WILLIAMS."
I do not know why John SHYING made his-X-mark in the register here, but made the sign of his three Chinese characters in his second marriage, in the same register, in 1843. Perhaps Rev HASSALL was less welcoming of SHYING's ethnic origins than Rev ROBART was 20 years later?
8 November 1823 - Birth in Parramatta of their first son, John, and his baptism at St John's Church of England [Mitchell Library, S.A.G. Reel 55, page 140]:
"John James SHYING, son of John and Sarah SHYING, Parramatta, was born Nov'r 8th and Christened December 7th 1823. Registered same day by me Tho's HASSALL, Off'ing Min'r."
[Note - pro-forma register, printed, with spaces for insertion of hand-written details, here highlighted in blue.]

Late 1823 or early 1824 - Petition of John SHYING to Governor BRISBANE, transcribed by John WATSON ["John SHYING, Oriental Gentleman, "citing Colonial Secretary's Correspondence, Fiche 3058, 4/1833, No 49, pp 173-6]:
"That your petitioner came to this Colony about six years ago in the 'Laurel' Captain GREEN, and has continued ever since that period, having been usefully employed as a mechanic in the Colony. That about twelve months ago he married a young woman who came free to the Colony, by whom he has one infant son. That your petitioner humbly craves of your Excellency the indulgence of continuing in the Colony, and further humbly solicits permission to erect a small habitation in this Town (Parramatta) to enable him to carry on his business and thereby comfortably provide for his increasing family. Petitioner would further beg leave to request the indulgence of an allotment of ground in Church Street, near where he now lives, for the aforesaid purpose as being most eligible for his business."

14 February 1824 - The Colonial Secretary's reply to the above petition [John WATSON, citing Col. Sec's Correspondence, Reel 6012, page 336]:
"The survey of Parramatta being complete, there exists no objection to your obtaining on lease any vacant allotment you choose."

1823-25 - General Muster of N.S.W. [N.S.W. and Tasmania, Settlers and Convicts, 1787-1859, on Findmypast and, Ref H.R.O. 10/20, at folios 171 and 172]:
"SHEANG, John, age n.r., came free, vessel Laurel, 1819, ---, Carpenter, Parramatta.
"SHEANG, John, aged 2, born in colony, ---, Son of John SHEANG.
"SHEANG, Sarah, age n.r., came free, vessel Morley, 1820, ---, Wife of John SHEANG, Parramatta."
These details have also been abstracted in the book "General Muster List of New South Wales, 1823, 1824, 1825," edited by Carol J. BAXTER, and published by AGBR, Sydney, 1999, at pages 519 and 520. The Muster information for Parramatta was gathered in the Court House there, and for surnames commencing with "S" this was collected on three dates - 12 September 1823, 24 September 1824 and 7 October 1825. It should be noted that on both of the family history web-sites, and, the transcriptions of the page images appear to have wrongly interpreted the use of  double commas - which nowadays is used to denote "ditto" - and thereby incorrectly indicating that all three SHEANGs were convicts - which they most definitely were not (although for Sarah, it was evidently a close call).
18 May 1826 - Birth in Parramatta of their second son, George, and his baptism at St John's Church of England [M.L., SAG Reel 55, page 2, entry number 29] on:
"June 11th 1826, born 18 May, George Hugh, son of John and Sarah SHIYING, Parramatta, Shop Keeper, Samuel MARSDEN, Officiating Minister."

10 October 1827 - Letter of Charles COWPER, Clerk of the Corporation, to Rev WILSON, of the Female Orphan Institute, concerning payment of unauthorized expenditure, including the third in a list of seven claims:
"John SHYONG, Sundries, £8 0s 9d."
Another list, recorded in an extract from a meeting of the Committee of Trustees of Clergy and School Lands, dated 4 July 1828, concerning further payments claimed by the Female Orphan School, amounting to a total of £158 13s 5d, including the first of eight claims, for:
"John SHYONG, £42 14s 8d."

7 January 1828 - Birth in Parramatta of their third son, Henry James SHYING, and baptism at St John's (C.of E.), 11 27 January, by Rev John VINCENT, "... son of John and Sarah SHIYONG, Parramatta, Shop Keeper."

1828 Census - Householder's Return, District of Parramatta, No 91:
"John SHYING, aged 32, came free, ship Lawler (sic), 1817 (sic), Parramatta, Shop Keeper, Protestant.
"Sarah Jane SHYING, 26, came free, ship Morley, 1820, wife of above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"John James SHYING, 5, born colony, son of above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"George Hugh SHYING, 2, born colony, son of above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"Henry James SHYING, 9 month, born colony, son of above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"Wm H. BROTHERTON, 28, F.S. (free by service), ship Ocean (3), 1818, (sentence of) 7 years, Clerk to above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"William CLARE, 44, F.S., ship Lord Castlereagh, 1815, 7 years, Servant of above, Parramatta, Protestant.
"Hartley DRURY, 26, F.S., ship Martha, 1817, 7 years, Servant of above, Parramatta, Roman Catholic.
"Owning 5 horses 4 cattle.
"Signed by John SHYING. Witnessed by John BROWN, Constable."
This is the only age for John SHYING that I have been able to find and recorded on his own information. 
10 March 1829 - The Australian, Tuesday:
"Licensed Publicans in Parramatta.
"... John SHYING, The Lion; ..."

27 May 1830 - Birth in Parramatta of their fourth son, Thomas Jones SHYING, and baptism at St John's (C.of E.), 18 April, "... son of John and Sarah SHYING, Parramatta, Publican."

28 June 1830 - Publican's Licenses [NRS 14401 (4-61), Reel 5049, Mitchell Library]:
"John SHYING, Golden Lion, Church Street, Parramatta."

2 September 1830 - The Sydney Gazette:
"At Parramatta, on Friday 8 October 1830, at 11 for 12 o'clock, positively without Reserve (unless disposed of by Private Contract).
"The following valuable PREMISES, situated in the Town of Parramatta, known by the name of the Golden Lion, Church Street, Windsor Road, &c, the property of Mr John SHYING.
"Lot 1 - A beautiful, well-built brick house, measuring 60 feet in front by 28, with a Chinese veranda not to be equaled by any in the colony, containing 7 rooms well fitted up, with a good cellar 25 feet by 12 feet; likewise a good store-room the length of the house; the yard containing a brick house, with kitchen and 3 rooms, likewise a 4 stall stable, and a fine well of water; will be let immediately at £2 per week.
"Lot 2 - A good weatherboard house with 2 rooms, adjoining Lot 1, and good water; let at 3 shillings per week.
"Lot 3 - A good weatherboard house, in Church Street, Windsor Road, containing 6 rooms, with kitchen and good water; let at 14 shillings per week.
"Lot 4 - A good brick house of 4 rooms, with a Smith's forge, in full trade, adjoining Lot 3, and good water; let at 6 shillings per week.
"Lot 5 - A good weatherboard house, containing 3 rooms, opposite Lot 4; let at 3s 6d per week.
"Lot 6 - A beautiful well-built and finished stone house, situated in Fenton Street, Orphan School Road, containing 3 rooms, with granary and a 2 stall stable; let at 2s per week.
"Lot 7 - A weatherboard cottage, beautifully situated, adjoin the Government Domain, containing 4 rooms, a good garden with young trees, and good water, opposite the new wind mill; let at 3s per week.
"Terms of sale - One half of purchase money to be paid down, and the other half by approved bills at 6 months. The purchaser of Lot No 1 may have the license transferred, on paying for the unexpired term, and fixtures at a valuation."

23 November 1830 - The Sydney Gazette, Tuesday:
"TO BE LET OR SOLD, for the term of 3 years, with the license, in the Town of Parramatta, a beautiful well-built Brick House, Sign of the Golden Lion, George Street, Windsor Road, measuring 60n feet in front by 28 feet, with a chinese veranda... (as above)...
"Application to be made to John SHYING on the premises."

18 October 1831 - A Power of Attorney [Number 675, Book D, as cited in documents found in the Mitchell Library, in MSS 5857]:
"John Pong SHYING to Joseph Hickey GROSE and John Foreman STAFF" to act generally in regards to "... all his messuages or dwelling houses, lands, tenements and hereditaments situate and being in the Colony of N.S.W. ... in consideration of the said John Pong SHYING leaving the Colony."

1832 - The New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory (data probably collected in 1831 for publication in early 1832):
"Alphabetical Directory...
"SHYONG, John, Publican, Parramatta."

21 November 1831 - Letter from the Attorney General's Office to The Honorable Alexander McLEAY, Colonial Secretary:
"Sir, I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th instant, transmitting to me a letter addressed to you by Sarah SHYONG, requesting that the Title Deeds of certain Town Allotments in Parramatta claimed by her Husband John SHYONG, who is a native of China, and not naturalized, may be executed in her name, and requesting direction of His Excellency the Acting Governor that the same may be returned with my legal Report, whether there is any legal objection to its being done. In reply I have the honor to state, that as the husband of Sarah SHYING cannot receive a grant of land, I see no legal objection to the Grant being made if His Excellency shall be pleased to do so to Trustees, to the use of the Wife, and her children, but as a married woman the Grant cannot be made directly to herself. The Trusts may be for her sole use only, or to her for life with such power to dispose of the property to her children, as shall be arranged before the Grant shall be finally made."
The signature of the writer of this letter is hard to read - John (possibly) KINSELLA?

John SHYING evidently returned to China, and perhaps for 5 to 6 years. Details of his voyage are unknown, but two possible voyages with Canton as their destination are canvassed next.
The reason for John SHYING re-visiting his homeland is unclear. The reason for him not seeking to become naturalized is also unclear. I wonder whether the two may have been connected. Did John have financial interests in his native country? An inheritance, perhaps? Might his becoming a naturalized British Subject have jeopardised any financial interests he may have in China? Or did John not do so because he thought that he may not have been successful in the first place?
5 December 1831 - The ship "Larkins," 700 tons, CAMPBELL, Master, sailed from Sydney, bound for Canton, with a cargo of 6 bales of possum skins and stores [Sydney Monitor, Wednesday 7 December], with one passenger, Mr EDWARDS [Sydney Gazette, Thursday 8 December].

30 January  1832 - The bark "Elizabeth," Captain PHILLIPS, sailed from Hobart Town to Canton, in ballast [The Australian, Friday 2 March].

27 March 1836 - Death of his wife Sarah SHYING.
She was buried at St John's (C.of E.) Cemetery, Parramatta, [Mitchell Library, SAG Reel 55, third batch, page 18, entry 245]:
"Sarah SHYING, abode Parramatta, buried 29th March, aged 34 years, Free Dealer's wife, R. FORREST, Off'g Min'r."

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article. 
This image, and those following, have been posted by me on memorials created for them on the web-site.]

The gravestone bears the inscription:
"MARCH 27th 1836.
"Leaving a Husband and four
"Children to deplore her loss of
"a tender Wife and kind Mother"

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.
The graves face towards the east, and are in Section 1, Block C (see illustrations under the Lych Gate at the entrance), about 20 rows in from the entrance on O'Connell Street, and directly uphill from the monument to the "flogging parson," the Reverend Samuel MARSDEN.]

1836 - John SHYING returned to New South wales. Details of his return voyage to Sydney are unknown, but several voyages commencing in Canton are canvassed next.

12 May 1836 - The barque "Macclesfield," Captain WRIGHT, arrived in Sydney from Canton (departed 22 February), with a cargo of tea [Sydney Gazette, Saturday 14 May].

21 May 1836 - The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston), Saturday, Hobart town Ship News:
"The Lady of the Lake, arrived at Sydney with 3,000 chests of tea, from Canton.
"The Canton, Macclesfield, Orwell, Lord Amherst and Mary Ann were all loading at Canton, for one or other of these colonies."

27 July 1836 - The bark "Orwell," LEWING, Master, arrived in Sydney, from Canton (date not recorded) via Hobart Town (13th July), with a cargo of tea, and one passenger, Mr KEMP [Sydney Gazette, 30 July].

14 November 1836 - The Sydney Herald:
"On Saturday, 17 December, in Church Street, Parramatta.
"All those Capital SIX MERCANTILE RESIDENCES, in the heart of Parramatta, situate between the Bridge and Court House, newly finished, and adapted to any business, and which, in another year or two, will be a property of considerable value, and renting at double the present rents.
"LOT 1 - House and shop let to SHYING the Chinaman, at £40 per annum, all with a separate entrance up the gateway.
"LOT 2 - House and shop let to Mr JOSEPH at £40 per annum.
"LOTs 3 and 4 [ditto] ..."

10 April 1837 - The "Respectful Petition of John SHYING, native of Canton," to His Excellency, Major-General Sir R. BOURKE, K.C.B., Governor of the colony BOURKE [Colonial Secretary's Correspondence Index, Item 2/7970, Reel 1182, State Records, Kingswood Reading Room]:
"Your petitioner has been a Colonist now upwards of Twenty Years during a portion of which period he was under the administration of the late Governor MACQUARIE, which Governor was pleased to confer an order on Petitioner in 1821 in March on the date of the 31st of that month, a Grant of Land of Thirty acres (30) as per (hard to decipher word - looking like grant) from Governor MACQUARIE's Order book.
"That your Petitioner relied upon one Mr O'BRIEN, a Surveyor, surveying and marking off the same in favor of Petitioner, which your Petitioner cannot find he has done, or of Petitioner's name appearing on the face of any chart, only on the records of the order Book as already alluded to by Petitioner, and which was the cause of your respectful Petitioner resting so easy.
"And for the past five years he, petitioner, has been in his native country of 'China' and left his children, natives of the Colony, under two Trustees, Messrs GROSE of Sydney, Merchant, and John FOREMAN STAFF of Parramatta, with whom Petitioner forgot to leave a memorandum.
"As Your Excellency's Petitioner has brought Capital with him from China, prays upon your Excellency to be pleased to confirm the said order, having four children, and under the supplication of my being deceived by Mr O'BRIEN.
"Your Petitioner, upon Your Excellency's being pleased to grant the boon craved, Petitioner will improve thereon for the benefit of his family.
"And Petitioner, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
"John SHYING, Church Street, Parramatta."

4 May 1837 - Annotation on the above letter, as 37/96:
".. Surveyor-General is requested to ... report
"... for Col Sec'y, T.B.H."

15 June 1837 - John SHYING's letter to S.A. PERRY, Esq, the Surveyor-General [Item 2/7970, Reel 1182, State Records, Kingswood Reading Room]:
"Sir, I have the honor to acknowledge your letter of yesterday respecting thirty acres of land.
"In reply, the late Mr OXLEY told me it would be selected at Brush Farm.
"With regard to my name in reference to the Office Book, you will find my name Mark O Pong. This is my country way, but after my marriage my name is John SHYING, and my children are christened in that name.
"I hope you will do me the honor of a reply to this, and  You will much serve - Sir - Your very humble and obedient servant,
"John SHYING."

30 June 1837 - The report by the Surveyor-General to the Colonial Secretary [Item 2/7970, Reel 1182, State Records, Kingswood Reading Room]:
"There is no record of an order in favor of 'John SHYING' but there is one by Gov'r MACQUARIE in favor of 'Mark O PONG' for 30 acres dated 31st March 1821 in which name it appears by the accompanying letter addressed to me by SHYING; he received the order. How far therefore it may be considered as affected by the orders of October 1826 and 1827 will be for the decision of His excellency the Governor. 

12 July 1837 - Final annotation on the above letter exchanges on the Colonial Secretary's file:
"There is nothing apparently in this case to except it from the operation of the regulations of October 1826 and 1827.
"SHYING to be informed of the meaning and effect of the regulation of October 1826 and 1827, and of my inability to relieve him from their operation. (Initials), July 9."

8 July 1837 - Publican's Licenses [NRS 14401 (4-68), Reel 5053, Mitchell Library]:
"John SHYING, The Lamb Inn, Pennant Street, Parramatta."

4 July 1838 - Sydney Monitor, Wednesday:
"John SHYING, late a publican, appeared to answer an information laid against him for a breach of the Licensing Act, when Dr FORSTER rose, and was going to leave the Court, the Police Magistrate stated, that if he went away, the case must be dismissed, as it was one on which a single magistrate could not adjudicate, that it Dr FORSTER would say when he would return, he Mr P would wait for him. The Court was kept open for half an hour, when no Second Magistrate appearing, the case was dismissed."

20 May 1839 - Death of John SHYING's mother-in-law, Sarah O'NEIL (widow of Daniel O'NEIL, and before him of James THOMPSON, maiden surname McLEAN), at the Benevolent Asylum, aged 77 years; she was buried at St Lawrence Church, Sydney, 21 May.

25 November 1840 - The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser, Wednesday:
"Case No 827 - Henry HARVEY, of Parramatta.
"Thirty seven perches, county of Cumberland, parish of the Field of Mars, Town of Parramatta, allotment No 19 on the Windsor Road in Section No 26; bounded on the west by John WARD's allotment, north 134 links; on the east by the Windsor Road, south ten degrees, east 134 links; and on the south by John SHYING's allotment (formerly FLINTOFF's), west 163 links.
"This allotment was leased by Sir Thomas BRISBANE for 21 years from 30 June 1823 to Thomas POTTER, deceased, whose widow, it is alleged, sold it to Joseph Hickey GROSS, who sold it to John SHYONG, the Chinaman, who sold it to Complainant. The deed is required on proposing to pay a fine equal to 21 years quit rent."

1841 - Census of N.S.W. Parramatta [State Records of N.S.W., Reel 2222, Return No 213]:
John SHYING, Landed Proprietor, aged 45 but not yet 60 years, and married; with a married woman aged 21 but not yet 45 years, both recorded, as I see it, as Jews; in a wooden house, finished and inhabited.
There appear to be no indications of the four sons living with them.
26 December 1841 - Arrival in Sydney of John's future second wife, Bridget GILLOOLY, on the ship 'Lady Clarke,' for the bounty fare of £19, aged 28, a native of Roscommon, Ireland, Servant.

19 April 1842 - Burial of Daniel O'NEIL, step-father of John SHYING's late first wife Sarah, in St Patrick's R.C. Cemetery, North Parramatta, by N.J. COFFEY, "... Abode Parramatta, Aged 66 years, Servant."
John's future second wife (see next below) would shortly after be buried in the same grave.

10 October 1842 - Second marriage of John SHYING at St John's Church of England, Parramatta [Mitchell Library, SAG Reel 56, page 58, entry number 238]:
"John SHYING of this Parish, Widower, and Bridget GILLORLEY, of this Parish, Widow, were married in this church by Banns with consent of  (blank) this tenth day of October in the year 1842
"By me, H.H. ROBART
"This marriage was       {(the three Chinese character signature of) Mai Sai YING)
"solemnised between   {the-X-mark of Bridget GILLORLEY
"in the presence of {James TURNER
                              {J. T. STAFF."
Some researchers have suggested that Bridget may not have been a widow, and that she had emigrated as an unmarried woman named GILLOOLY, as indicated in the 1841  Immigration indent.
29 January 1843 - Death of his second wife Bridget [Mitchell Library, Reel SAG 11, folio page 320, image number 933, entry number 107]:
"Bridget San (?) CHIN, abode Parramatta, buried St Patrick's R.C., Parramatta, 30 January 1843, aged 33 years, (ship's name) Free, by Rev N.J. COFFEY."
The spelling of the name in the Register is of some interest. The middle name did look like San, but there was a stray line in the image which crossed over the 3rd letter, which may have been an "h"? But the "reversion" to a format resembling three Chinese characters but in English translation is puzzling - was this an attempt by the Catholic Rev COFFEY to try his hand at Anglicizing what he was hearing? If so, then it probably indicates that John SHYING did bury her, even though he did not bury her with his first wife. Although that may well be down to their different religious affiliations anyway.

She was buried in the grave of Daniel O'NEIL, Step-father of John SHYING's first wife Sarah.

[The above three photographs taken in December 2018 by the author of this article. 
The grave is not far (perhaps about 30 metres) from the entrance gate on the corner of Church Street and Pennant Hills Road; it faces east-north-east, towards Pennant Hills Road. 
The road in the background of the third photo is the extension of Church Street north of the Pennant Hills Road intersection.]
Some of the dates and ages on this stone have been mis-read by other researchers. The burial register confirms the year of Bridget's burial as 1843, but the age, which the register records as 33 years, appears on the stone as 35. The numeral 3 has a long horizontal stroke at the top, to the left of the diagonal stroke beneath it; the numeral 5 has a much shorter top stroke to the right of the diagonal stroke beneath it.
25 February 1843 - Town Grant, Town of Parramatta, Series 53, Page 56 [digital index to Lands Office records, accessed at State Records, Kingswood]:
Concerning 37 perches of land on the Windsor Road, being Allotment 19 of Section 20, Parish of the Field of Mars, County of Cumberland:
"... being the allotment leased to William Potter by His Excellency Sir Thomas BRISBANE on 30 June 1823, and now granted in consideration of the sum of £19 8 shillings and 6d sterling having been duly paid by John Pong SHYHONG to the Colonial Treasurer of our said territory before these presents are issue, being a fine equal to payment of 21 years Quit-rent on the said allotment in terms of the regulation of 25th August 1834 under the recommendation of the Commissioner of Claims No 827, but he being an Alien the deed is now prepared at his request in favour of his four sons, the said John SHYHONG the younger, George SHYHONG, Henry SHYHONG and Thomas SHYHONG, under the advice of the Attorney General."

16 March 1844 - The Parramatta Chronicle, Saturday:
"SALE OF TOWN PROPERTY. - On Wednesday last the premises occupied by Mr STOW, situate in Church Street, and known as the Peacock Inn, the property of Mr SHIYING, was brought to hammer by Mr PHILLIPS, and knocked down to Mr GOODING for £585. The weatherboard house in which Mr SHYING resides was also put up for sale, but in consequence of Mr Nicholas CAVILLION stating at the sale that he had a disputed claim upon the premises, pending in the Court of Claims, and having previously cautioned intending purchasers by public advertisement, a bid could not be obtained for the property."

20 April 1844 - A tripartite Indented Deed, Number 845, Book 6, made between Henry HARVEY of Parramatta, Landholder, as the first part; John SHYONG the Elder and John SHYONG the Younger of Parramatta, Dealers, of the second part; and John STOW of Parramatta, Licensed Victualler, of the third part; concerning the sale of the following property to John STOW [a photocopy of the original deed, with a typed transcript, in the boxed MSS 5857, Mitchell Library]:
"...One rood and six perches situated in the Town of Parramatta, Parish of the Field of Mars, County Cumberland, Allotment 17 on the west side of the Windsor Road, in Section 20, and bounded on the south by Fennell Street..."
"Signed sealed and delivered                                         (MAI Sai Ying in chinese characters) [S.S].
"in the presence of                                                          Henry HARVEY [S.S.]
"(indecipherable signature, poss) Chas H. SYMS.         John SHYONG [S.S.]
"Received of and from the within-named John STOW the sum of five hundred and ninety pounds sterling, being the full amount of consideration money within-mentioned to be paid by him to me,
"Witnessed                                    MAI Sai Ying (in chinese characters)
"(ditto)                                          J. STOW (signature)."
John SHYONG Junior had actually not yet come of age.
22 April 1844 - Deed of sale of 1 rood 6 perches, allotment 17, on the west side of the Windsor Road, Parramatta, to John STOW, for 590 pounds [transcribed by Winsome DOYLE, her notes, MSS 5857, Mitchell Library]:
"The land had been granted by Governor GIPPS to Henry HARVEY on 30 March 1840, nominally, on behalf of John SHYONG, who being an Alien, a native of the Chinese Empire, was incapable of holding lands in British territories..."
This looks very much like the previous deed dated 20 April, for the same Allotment.
20 October 1844 - John SHYING evidently made a will.
The will has not been sighted, and it does appear that it was NOT the subject of a probate grant in N.S.W. (at least under that surname, or variations of it) - but it is mentioned in a later Indented Deed, and in which we find the following statement:
"Whereas the last will and testament of John SHYONG the Elder, late of Parramatta aforesaid, dated the 20th day of October 1844, the said John SHYONG the Elder gave and devised the lands, hereditaments and premises hereinafter described are hereby released and conveyed, the same being described in the said will as All that Messuage or Dwelling House and premises situate in Church Street in Parramatta aforesaid, and granted to Joseph Hickey GROSE Esquire of Sydney in the colony aforesaid, until his Trustees thereinafter named in Trust to receive the rents and profits until his son Thomas SHYONG (one of the said parties hereunto of the second part) should attain the age of 21 years, and the rents so to be received to divide in manner therein mentioned, and when and so soon as his said son Thomas should attain the age of 21 years, he thereby ordered and directed his said Trustees to sell and dispose of the said Messuage or dwelling house and premises either by Public Auction or private contract, and he thereby appointed the said James URQUHART, John MORRIS (since deceased) and his son the said John SHYONG Trustees and Executors of the his said will."
This 1854 Deed named two witnesses, John Morton GOULD of Parramatta, Solicitor, and his Clerk F.C. QUAIFE, who both appear to have signed their names; and it listed the names of five of the first and second parties to the deed (all written in the one hand), evidently not signatures, but with the annotation of Sign and Seal against them, as follows:
"James URQUHART (S.S.)
"John SHYONG (S.S.)
"John SHYONG (S.S)
"Henry SHYONG (S.S.)
"Thomas SHYONG (S.S.)"
The fact that John SHYONG is recorded as having made two separate Signs and Seals here does appear to ask the question - were these two different John SHYONGs? Or, in other words, might this constitute evidence that John SHYONG the Elder may have still been living in 1854? The actual signatures may only have been made on original documents that were not archived (those that went to the grantee as evidence of holding title) and may have not survived. The absence of George SHYING from the signatories to this deed is of interest - he appears to have been in California from the end of 1849 until early-mid 1854.
8 November 1844 - John SHYING's eldest son, John James SHYING (the younger), came of age.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1. John James SHYING; born at Parramatta, 1823; Foreman to the late Mr Richard HANSLOW (he died in 1861), Undertaker, of George Street South; in May 1865, after having carried on the Undertaking business for HANSLOW's widow, he commenced in business with his brother George, as Undertakers, at 709 George Street South, opposite Christ Church [The Empire, 1 May]; of Kent Street, Sydney, 1848-49 Electoral Register for Brisbane Ward; Undertaker, South Head Road, 1864 [Sand's Directory]; of 22 Abercrombie Street, 1867-70; of Abercrombie Place, 1871; of 3 Adelaide Terrace, Cooper Street, Abercrombie Place, 1873; of 119 Little Abercrombie Street, 1879; of 26 Abercrombie Street, 1883; he died on 19 November 1885, aged 62 years, and was buried on 21 November, at Rookwood Necropolis, Anglican, Section CC, Plot 440.

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.]

John SHYING, of Balmain, was married firstly, at St Mary's (R.C.), Sydney, on 21 November 1843, to Mary RYAN, also of Balmain, and a Communicant Catholic; she died at Margaret Place, Sydney, on 5 February 1854, was buried at St James's (C.of E.), Sydney, 7 February, aged 25 years; they had issue:
     a. John Joseph SHYING, born on 22 December 1844; died on 21 August 1900; as the "... only son of Mr John SHYING of Sydney," he was married by the Rev Dr FULLARTON in Sydney, 8 April 1867, to Sarah Annie DUNN, "... second daughter of Mr John DUNN, late of Waterloo, Sydney" [S.M.H., Tuesday 16 April]; they had issue.
     b. Sarah Louise SHYING, born on 19 September 1846, and baptised on 4 October at St James's (R.C.), Sydney; she was buried at St James's (R.C.), Sydney, 20 March 1853, late of Margaret Street, aged 6 and a half years.
     c. Mary Ann SHYING, born at York Street, on 30 August 1850, and baptised at St James's (R.C.), Sydney.
John James SHYING, Widower, a Communicant Presbyterian, was married secondly, by Special license, at St Andrew's (C.of E.), Sydney, 28 December 1854, to Eliza Jane HALL; she died on 8 May 1897, aged 58 years, and was buried with him at Rookwood.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. George Hugh SHYING, born at Parramatta, 18 May 1826; Undertaker; went to the US on the ship "Duke of Roxburgh," departing Sydney 12 October 1849, bound for San Francisco [Shipping Gazette, Saturday 13 April]; he returned to Sydney on the ship "John Williams" from Upalu (Samoa), on 23 May 1854, with Mrs SHYING and two children [N.S.W. Immigration Records,]; probably the Butcher, of Sussex Street, Sydney, June 1856, when the subject of Insolvency Proceedings [Maitland Mercury, Tuesday 19 June]; Undertaker, 778 George Street, 1865 [Sand's Directory]; of 16/18 Botany Road, 1868-69 [Sand's]; of 120 South Head Road, 1870-76; Undertaker, of Ross Street, Glebe, 1879; of Short Street, Glebe, 1883; he died on 6 June 1893, at his residence, 8 George Street West, and was buried at Rookwood Necropolis on 8 June, late of 8 George Street West - Funeral Notices were inserted in the S.M.H. on 7 June by his wife Mrs SHYING, his children George, John and Martie SHYING, and his brother Thomas J. SHYING.

[There is no gravestone on his grave, in Old Anglican, Section R, Plot 1321.]

George was married at St Mary's (R.C.), Sydney, by Rev Robert McCORMACK, C.C., on 12 October 1846, to Mary SHEEN, of Sydney (witnesses were Samuel PROSSER and Margaret SHEEN).
Family trees on record that a Mary SHEEN was born in Ireland in 1829, the daughter of David SHEAHAN (or SHEEN) and Julia MAHER (this was the maiden surname attributed to Mary in the baptismal entry for her son Joseph SHYING in 1847), and that is indicated in the on-line index to N.S.W. Statutory death Registers (where her parents are recorded as David and Julia). The pedigrees also record that she had a sister named Margaret SHEEN (born in 1832, also Ireland), who married Jacob GOODRIDGE in Sydney in 1850. Indeed, that marriage took place at St Mary's (R.C.), Sydney, on 27 May 1850, and the second witness to that marriage was Mary SHYING (George's wife). It follows that that was inevitably her sister Margaret who had witnessed Mary's own marriage in 1846.
Mary went to join her husband in America, sailing from Sydney on 20 May 1851, on the American Brig "Fortunio," bound for  Honolulu, aged 20, with her son Joseph SHYING, aged 4, both recorded as British subjects; she died at the residence of her sister, Mrs J. GOODBRIDGE, Pyrmont, on 17 June 1882, "... the beloved wife of Mr George SHYING Senior, aged 52 years" [Freeman's Journal (Sydney), Saturday 24 June]; they had issue:
     a. Joseph SHYING, born Pitt Street, Sydney, 15 March 1847, and baptized at St James's R.C. Sydney, 28 March, by Rev Mr FYANS (mother recorded as Mary MAHER?); age 4, when he sailed to America with his mother, May 1851 (see above); Carpenter, of George Street, Sydney; Joseph died at his residence, 719 George Street South, on 21 July 1876, ".. aged 29 years, leaving a wife and two children to mourn their loss, (the) eldest son of George and Mary SHYING of Oxford Street" [S.M.H., Monday 24 July]; he was married at St Andrew's (C.of E.), Sydney, 26 May 1870, to Rebecca Jane SOLOMON, aged 17, of Ultimo; she died at her sister's residence in Pyrmont, on 28 May 1884, aged 31 years, "... widow of late Joseph SHYING, Undertaker" [In Memoriam, S.M.H., 28 May 1885]; with issue.
     b. Sarah SHYING, born at Union Street, Sydney, 2 February 1849, and baptized at St James's (R.C.), Sydney, 18 March, by Rev John McCLENNAN (mother Mary SHEEN). Query whether she died an infant, which would explain why she did not go to America in 1851?
     c. Julia Martha SHYING, born in San Francisco (so recorded in her marriage registration), about 1852-53; she died in Sydney on 6 December 1885; she was married at St Peter's (C.of E.), Woolloomooloo, 16 November 1884, of full age, Spinster, of Sydney (parents named in full), to Gavin HOUSTON, of full age, a Widower, of Sydney, Grocer (born in Maitland, parents Gavin and Agnes HOUSTON, the father deceased).
     d. Mary Eliza SHYING, born about 1854; she was married at St Andrew's (C.of E.) Cathedral, on 9 June 1875, to John Charles BURTON, of Paddington, Boot-maker.
     e. George R. SHYING, born at 185 Sussex Street, Sydney, in May 1856 [Empire, Thursday 8 May]; died in 1893; probably George Robert SHYING, who married in Sydney, 1878 [#196], Alice M. SAMUELS; with issue.
     f. James Edwin SHYING, born 1858; died 14 November 1874, aged 16 years, late of Sydney [Empire, 16 November].
     g. Letitia E. SHYING, born 1861; died on 3 August 1874, aged 13, late of Oxford Street [S.M.H., 5 August].
     h. Emily E. SHYING, born 1863; died 1864.
     j. William SHYING, born 1865; died 1948.
     k. Alice M. SHYING, born 1866; died at Wallsend, 1924 [#704]; married at East Maitland, 1889 [#5464], Arthur W. STUART or STEWART.
     l. Margaret SHYING, born 1870; she died at Balmain North, 1901 [#4460], aged 31 years, and was buried at Rookwood [R.C. Mortuary 1, Section K, Plot 1876]:

She was married at Sydney, 1888 [#1435], to Robert H. BUTCHER.
     m. John R. SHYING, born 1873.
George appears to have married secondly, in Sydney, 1884 [#251], to Ellen CARNEY (or CORNEY), and in his marriage registration he recorded his mother as Sarah O'NEIL; Ellen survived him as sole executor; and by her had further issue:
     n. still born child, buried at Rookwood, 7 February 1885 [Anglican, Section R, Plot 1321]
     o. Martin SHYING, born Sydney, 1886 [#2074].
     p. Mary SHYING, born Sydney, 1889 [#674]; she died in 1889, and was buried in her father's plot at Rookwood (Anglican, Section R, Plot 1321]..
     q. Kate SHING, born at 8 George Street, Sydney, 27 May 1890 [#1774], and baptised at St Benedict's (R.C.), 8 June, by Rev Francis TIMONEY.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Henry James SHYING, born at Parramatta, 7 January 1828; Cabinet Maker, 477 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1863-1879 [Sand's Dircctories]; he died at his residence, 28 High Holborn Street, Surry Hills, on 9 December 1891, "... after a long and painful illness, in his 68th year, leaving a wife and seven children to mourn their loss" [Australian Star, Monday 21 December], and was buried on 10 December at St John's Cemetery, Parramatta, next to his mother.

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.]

Henry was married at St James's (C.of E.), Sydney, by Rev Richard HOWELL, on 8 March 1853, to Sarah McDONALD, of the Parish of St Philip's, Spinster, with the permission of Jane McDONALD, witnesses being John SHYING of St Philip's parish and Ann McDONALD of St Lawrence parish; Sarah was buried at Rookwood on 16 September 1907; they had issue:
     a. George Edward SHYING, born 13 February 1854, and was baptised at St Lawrence (C.of E.),  Sydney, 9 April; he was buried at St Mary's (R.C.), Sydney, 2 April 1857, aged 3 years.
     b. Henry J. SHYING, born 1859; died 1897; probably married at Newtown, 1884 [#2718], Blanche E. BRADFORD (unless he was instead the cousin?).
     c. Thomas McDonald SHYING, born 1861; died on 28 August 1871, aged 10 years, late of Sydney.
     d. John L. SHYING, born 1863; died 1935; probably married at Woollahra, 1887 [#3111], Minnie C. IRVING.
     e. Sarah L. SHYING, born 1865.
     f. Blanche A.M. SHYING, born 1868.
     g. Alice A. SHYING, born 1870.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4. Thomas Jones SHYING, born at Parramatta, 24 March 1830; of 9 Goulburn Street, Sydney, Butcher, 1866 [Sand's Directory]; of St John's Road, Butcher, 1871 [Sand's]; of Crown Street, Pyrmont, Butcher, 1873 [Sand's]; of 684 Elizabeth Street, Carcass Butcher, 1876 [Sand's]; of Parramatta Road, Glebe, Butcher, 1879 [Sand's]; of 400 Harris Street, Butcher, 1883 [Sand's]; he died on 1 August 1894, aged 64 - In Memoriam Notices, published in the Evening News, 1 August 1895, were inserted by his second wife Elizabeth SHYING and niece E. KENNAGH; his daughter and son-in-law Annie and L. MILHAM; and his sister-in-law and nephew Ellen and J.C. KENNAGH; he was buried at Rookwood [Anglican, Section CCC, Plot 380].

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.]

Thomas SHYING, a Communicant Presbyterian, was married at St Andrew's, Parramatta, by Rev James COUTTS, on 23 June 1851, to Sarah FOSTER, Spinster, of Parramatta; she died at North Willoughby, on 1 May 1893, aged 62 years, and was buried at Rookwood [Anglican, Section CCC, Plots 85, 86] (no gravestone); they had issue:
     a. Henry John SHYING, born 2 August 1852 [Volume 38A, number 1277]; died on 11 May 1854, aged 2 years, and was buried with his grandmother at St John's Cemetery, Parramatta.
     b. George SHYING, born 1854 [Volume 40, number 280]; as the "... eldest son of Mr Thomas SHYING" he was married at Short Street, Forest Lodge, on 27 March 1875, to Catherine FORD, "... only daughter of Mr Henry FORD" [Sydney Mail, Saturday 15 May].
     c. Henry John SHYING (II), born 15 May 1854.
     d. Annie Eliza SHYING, born 25 February 1856, and baptised at St John's, Parramatta, 23 March; she died at 121 George Street, Camperdown, October 1899, aged 43 years, and was buried on 19 October at Rookwood [Anglican, Section EE, Plot 761]; she was married in Sydney, 1876 [#1167], to Levy MILHAM; he was buried with his wife on 10 February 1936, aged 80 years.
     e. Albert Thomas SHYING, born 15 January 1858, and was baptised at St John's, Parramatta, 7 February; he died on 26 January 1894, aged 36, and was buried at Rookwood [Anglican, Section CCC, Plots 85, 86], with his mother (no gravestone).
     f. Emily Seline SHYING, born 9 January 1860, and baptised at St John's, Parramatta, 19 February; she was married at st Stephen's (C.of E.), Newtown, on 8 November 1881 to Thomas Henry Robert MARSHALL, a Drayman from Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Thomas evidently married secondly, Elizabeth KENNAGH, who survived him.


13 February 1841 - Margaret McGOVERN, aged 22, arrived in Sydney on the ship "Jane Gifford" with her sisters Alice (25) and Catherine (20), all from Tipperary, and daughters of Norah McGOVERN, Widow, father deceased.

30 April 1846 - Marriage by Rev John Dunmore LANG, at Scot's Church, Sydney [Archives Office, Marriage Register, 5-4113, R.G. Volume 73, 2, No 1081], of:
"... John SHIN, a native of Chinese India, of Twofold Bay, aged 36, bachelor, and Margaret McGOVERN. of Sydney, Spinster, aged 21..."
Neither party signed the declaration of Communicant Membership of the church, and the first witness was J. BRADY (second witness signature illegible - possibly L. NIMO?).
John Dunmore LANG was under an obligation to ensure that when he married two people, they were both clear to do so. If John SHIN was the same man as John SHYING, then LANG should rightfully have established whether John was previously married - that he records him as a bachelor suggests he either did not know, or ask, or even care? That both of John SHYING's wives were already deceased meant, of course, that there would be do impediment - barring any unlikely breach of consanguinity limitations under Canon Law. Perhaps the more interesting reference LANG makes is to John SHIN's place of nativity - could he have perceived that John was not 100% Chinese? Or might this have been a "before-his-time" allusion to what we now refer to as Indo-China?
2 February 1847 - Birth in Sydney of John and Margaret's first daughter Margaret Mary SHEEN - she was not baptized until 14 November 1872, then at Sofala, and about 6 months after her marriage.

12 August 1850 - Birth at Concord of a second daughter Sarah SHEEN [Pre-Registration Church Records, Volume 145, Number 1582 - Microfilm Reel 011 (S.A.G. Library), Number 1635; and her baptism at St Patrick's R.C. Church, Parramatta:
"Baptised 22 September 1850; born 12 August; Sarah, daughter of John SHEEN and Margaret McGOVERN, of Concord; Sponsor Margaret DICKEN (? or DICKSON); Michael BRENNAN Off'g Min'r."

18 July 1853 - Baptism in N.S.W. of Eliza Ann SHEEHAN, daughter of John SHEEHAN and Margaret McGOVERN.

24 July 1856 - Birth at Chippendale of a son John SHEEN [Registered Number 1938].

1864 - Sand's Directory:
"John SHEEN,Gardener, Holt Street."

24 December 1867 - Marriage at Elizabeth Street Presbyterian Church, Sydney, of his elder daughter Sarah SHEEN to John MOY MOW. He was a native of China - and was naturalized in N.S.W., 16 August 1872 [State Records, Register 3, No 129].

11 May 1872 - Marriage at Sofala of his daughter Margaret Mary SHEEN to Ah CHONG alias Joseph LAW, a native of China.

13 December 1875 - Death of Margaret SHEEN [Statutory Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages - pro-forma printed, with handwritten entries in Italics]:
"Date and place of deathDecember 13th 1875; 4 Little Essex Street.
"Name and Occupation - Margaret SHEEN.
"Sex and ageFemale; aged 52 years.
"Cause of Death, Duration of last illness; medical attendant; when he last saw deceasedCholeric Diarrhoea, Debility from Chronic Rheumatism; three weeks; Andrew HOWISON (? my best guess); 6th December.
"Name and occupation of father. Name and maiden surname of mother -  --- McGOVERN.
"InformantJohn SHEEN; Son, 4 Little Essex Street.
"Particulars of Registration - E.L. MARCH, 13 December 1875, Sydney.
"When and where buried; name of Undertaker - 15th December 1875; Roman Catholic, Necropolis; J. and G. SHYING & Co.
"Name and religion of Minister and names of witnesses -   ---   ---  ; Henry MEARNS (? my best guess), George SHYING.
"Where born and how long in Australasian Colonies or States - Tipperary, Ireland; Thirty years in N.S.W.
"Place of marriage, age, and to whom - At Scots Church, Sydney, by the Rev Dr LANG; aged 21 years; John SHEEN.
"Children of marriage - Margaret, 29; Eliza, 25; Sarah, 27; John, 19; "alive."

14 December 1875 - Margaret SHEEN was buried at Rookwood Necropolis, R.C. Mortuary 1, Section 5, Plot 252, aged 52 years (on-line index to Roman Catholic Burials).

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article. The grave faces south-south-west over Necropolis Drive into the Old Methodist Section, on the western edge of the first (and most eastern) block of graves in Section 5.]

The gravestone on the plot records the following (image posted on
"In Memory of

22 December 1875 - Evening News (Sydney), Wednesday, Death Notice:
"December 13, at the residence of her son-in-law, John MOY MOW, No 4, Little Essex-street, Lower George-street, Margaret SHEEHAN, wife of John SHEEHAN of Sofala, aged 47 years."

1878 - Marriage at Waterloo of his only surviving son, John SHEIN, to Ellen LEWIS [Registered Number 1923].

18 June 1880 - Death of John SHEEN [Statutory Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages]:
"Date and place of death - 18th June 1880; 17 Harrington Street.
"Name and Occupation - John SHEEN; Gardiner.
"Sex and age - Male; aged 91 years.
"Cause of death; duration of last illness; medical attendant; when he last saw deceased - Apoplexy; 6 days; Dr WRIGHT; same day.
"Name and occupation of father. Name and maiden surname of mother   ---  ---  ---.
"Informant - John SHEEN; Son, 66 Beaumont St, Pyrmont.
"Particulars of Registration - E.L. MARCH, 19th June 1880, Sydney.
"When and where buried; name of Undertaker - 20th June 1880; R. C. Cemetery, Necropolis; J. and G. SHYING & Co.
"Name and religion of Minister and names of witnesses -  ---   ---  ; William SLAYFORD, John HANSLOW.
"Where born and how long in Australasian Colonies or StatesChina; 61 years in the Colony.
"Place of marriage, age, and to whom - Dr LANG, Clk; ---; Margaret McGOVERN.
"Children of marriage - Eliza, 27; Sarah, 29; Margaret, 30; John, 24; boy deceased.
This is the only age I have yet found for John SHEEN, but it was clearly not recorded here by him. The birthplace and time in the Colony are uncannily similar to information recorded earlier for John SHYING. Their ages do differ, by 5 years or so, but I have only been able to find one  age given by John SHYING himself (in 1828) Census, and one for John SHEEN (but that was recorded after his death on the information of his son). I have become used to seeing some degree of variation in the ages of individuals recorded on their own information and over their lifetime. So, one verified record of age is a very small sample - too small to be making a final call as to its accuracy, in my view.
19 June 1880 - Evening News (Sydney), Saturday, Funeral Notices:
"The Friends of Mr John MOY MOY are respectfully requested to attend the Funeral of his deceased FATHER-IN-LAW, John SHEON; to move from his residence, 17 Harrington-street, at 1.15 p.m. sharp, TOMMOROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON. SHYING, Undertaker."
"The Friends of Mr Ah CHONG are respectfully requested to attend the Funeral of his deceased FATHER-IN-LAW John SHEON; to move from 17, Harrington-street, at 1.15 p.m. sharp, TOMORROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON. SHYING, Undertaker."
"The friends of Mr JOHN SHEEN are respectfully invited to attend his funeral; to move from his late residence, No 17, Harrington-street, TO-MORROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON, at a quarter past 1 o'clock, for the Necropolis. J. and G. SHYING and Co, 747, George-street, and 118, Oxford-street."

20 June 1880 - John SHEEN was buried at Rookwood Necropolis, R.C. Mortuary 1, Section 5, Plot 252, aged 91 years (on-line index to Roman Catholic Burials).

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.]

The gravestone on the plot records the following (images posted on
"Also Of
"WHO DIED 19 JUNE 1880.
"May their souls rest
"in peace."

[Photograph taken in December 2018 by the author of this article.]
I am at a loss as to how a 91 year-old Chinaman, who had been living in New South Wales for 61 years, could have been buried without the hint of recognition of these details in the Sydney press - he had to have acquired, by then, a celebrity status in the wider Chinese community. If he was John SHYING by another name, then the Undertakers who arranged his funeral (who were SHYING's sons John and George), could hardly have failed to notice who they were burying, and that it was their father. But, still not a peep from them, or the press. However, I find it also very odd that two Chinamen arrived in Sydney in the same year, 1818, but only one has left a trail in the archival records. So, the case of a double identity is probably, as they say in Scottish Courts, "not proven."


[In 1875 - Margaret, 29; Eliza, 25; Sarah, 27; John, 19; "alive."]
[In 1880 - Eliza, 27; Sarah, 29; Margaret, 30; John, 24; boy deceased.]

1. Margaret Mary SHEEN, born in Sydney, 2 February 1847, but was not baptized until six months after her marriage; she died on 7 October 1909, and was buried at Rookwood, Old Catholic, Section M, Plot 834:

She was married (with surname mis-recorded as GIHEEN) in Sofala on 11 May 1872 to Ah CHONG alias Joseph LAW; he died on 22 March 1902, and was buried at Rookwood (see above photo).
They had issue:
     a. Sarah LAW, born about 1862-63; as Sarah SORENSON, she died 13 August 1951, aged 88, and buried in her parents plot at Rookwood; she was married in Sydney, 1884, to John SORENSEN.
     b. Frank Ah LAW, born at Sofala, 1864.
     c. Thomas James LAW, born at Sofala, 1865.
     d. Alfred LAW, born at Sofala, 1868.
     e. Edith M. Ah LAW, born at Sofala, 1869.
     f. William LAW, born at Mudgee, 1871.
     g. Henry Edward LAW, born at Mudgee, 1873.
     h. Ada LAW; she died at Chatswood, 1957; she was married in Sydney, 1902 #2736, to Axel Olaf OHLSON, a native of Sweden; 58th battalion, First A.I.F.; believed to have been killed in the Battle of Fromelles, 1916, but his body was never recovered.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Sarah SHEEN, born at Concord on 12 August 1859, and baptized at St Patrick's (R.C.), Parramatta, 22 September by Rev Michael BRENNAN, and sponsored by Margaret DICKEN (or DICKSON);
Sarah died on 31 January 1936, aged 85 years, and was buried in the MOY MOW family plot, Rookwood [Anglican, Section 4, Plot 4615].

[Photo taken by the author in December 2018.]

She was married at Elizabeth Street Presbyterian Church, Sydney, 24 December 1867, to John MOY MOW; he was a native of China, and was naturalized in the Colony of N.S.W. on 16 August 1872; he died on 28 January 1886, aged 47 years, and was buried on 29 January at Rookwood [Anglican, Section J, Plot 215 - his inscription is recorded on MOY MOW plot in Anglican, Section 4, plot 4615]:

 [Photo taken by the author in December 2018.]

They had issue:
     a. John A. MOY MOW, born in Paddington, 1868.
     b. Chong Chu MOY MOW, born in Paddington, 1870.
     c. Albert Cecil MOY MOW, born in Sydney, 1875.
     d. Maud Eliza MOY MOW, born in Sydney, 1877.
     e. Bertha I. MOY MOW, born in Sydney, 1879; died in Sydney, 1880.
     f. Rosetta MOW MOY, born in Sydney, 1881.
     g. Arthur F. MOW MOW, born in Sydney, 1884.
     h. Rupert H. MOY MOW, born in Sydney, 1886; died at Newtown, 1922.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Eliza Ann SHEEN, baptized on 18 July 1853.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. John SHEEN, born at Chippendale, 24 July 1856; he died at Bathurst Hospital, of Bright's Disease, April 1899, aged 48 years, and was buried in the Catholic Portion of Bathurst Cemetery (there is no gravestone); John SHEIN was married firstly, at Waterloo, 1878 [#1923], to Ellen LEWIS; he was married secondly, at St Michael's (C.of E.), Flinders Street, Surry Hills, 23 December 1882, to Ada Annie PARKER (the register did not record the occupation of John's father, nor name of John's mother); in February 1889, a warrant was issued by the Water Police for the arrest of John SHEEN, charged that he did marry one Ada PARKER, his former wife Ellen LEWIS being then alive [Police Gazette, Wednesday 20 February].
I am under an impression that he may have had issue, but have been unable to locate evidence for same.