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Sundry GORRIE Families in Perthshire, Scotland.

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I was very fortunate to have engaged in a prolific correspondence on GORRIE family history with Miss Jean AYLER, of York, between 1988 and 2004. As a retired British Rail employee, she had a generous retirement entitlement to reduced fare rail travel, and she used the privilege to visit and photograph old GORRIE haunts in Perthshire, and further west on the coast and in the Isles, particularly North Uist, where it is believed that the Perthshire GORRIE's originated. But she did much more than that - she delved deeply into the genealogies of these GORRIE families associated with Perthshire, and from other parts of Scotland as well.

We lost contact, but I have not yet published any of her research results, to which I had been able to add much detail of the Perthshire GORRIE family descendants in  Australia and New Zealand.

So, I begin now, starting with the ancestral family of a family history researcher who often occupies the adjoining research computer in the Family History section of the State Library of N.S.W. Just last week, he asked for my opinion on a resource he had located on, and to my utter surprise, it was for a Thomas GORRIE, whom the ancestry pedigree had presumed, in error, was a transported convict, and who was further identified as having resided in the Avisford-Mudgee district.

The "Sc" and "Au" identification numbers are those that appear in my larger paper draft. I hope to fill in the gaps between these first to postings, over time. To which I will add "Nz" numbers as well.


Donald Mantach GORRIE; died at Culmanwick, December 1674; married Christine DOUGLAS; with issue:
1. Janet GORRIE; she may have married in August 1683, Thomas GORRIE of Condoloich, with issue?
2. Margaret GORRIE; she may have married in January 1681, Donald STODDART, or instead in August 1692, William GORRIE?
3. Christine GORRIE.
4. Malcolm GORRIE; of Condocloich, 1697 and 1700; he was married with issue:
          a. John GORRIE, baptised at Fowlis Wester, 19 September 1697; named in Commissariat of Dunblane Testamentary records, dated 29 August 1728, of Condecleuch, with wife Christian and children Daniel and Janet, both minors; he married on 4 December 1720, Christian ALLAN (not to be confused with another John GORRIE and Christian ALLAN, married at Fowlis wester in 1730 - see Sc10 below); they had issue:
                    i. Malcom GORRIE, baptised 11 November 1721; probably die before 1728.
                    ii. Daniel GORRIE, baptised 10 March 1723; named in his father's will, 1728.
                    iii. Cathareine GORRIE, baptised 31 October 1725; probably died before 1728.
                    iv. Janet GORRIE, baptised 19 December 1726; named in he father's will, 1728.
          b. William GORRIE,baptised 28 April 1700; of Upper Condocloich, 1736; probably the tenant in Condocloich, who had issue:
                    i. John GORRIE, baptised 22 February 1730.
William probably married secondly, 3 October 1733, Janet STODDART; with further issue:
                    ii. Grizell GORRIE, baptised 16 December 1734; probably married Robert TAYLOR.
                    iii. Catharine GORRIE, born 27 April 1735.
                    iv. Margaret GORRIE, baptised 22 August 1736, of Upper Condocloich.
                    v. William GORRIE, baptised 10 December 1738; died young.
                    vi. Malcolm GORRIE, baptised 8 January 1744.
                    vii. William GORRIE, born 2 August 1745.
5. Isobel GORRIE.
6. Katherine GORRIE.


Alexander GORRIE was baptised at Redgorton, Perthshire, on 11 August 1737, son of  William GORRIE; his father was perhaps a son of Andrew GORRIE of Nether Benchill (1708, 1716), and a brother of James GORRIE of Drumgour (1732), and of John GORRIE of Kinclaven (1735, 1738).
Alexander was of West Airth, Parish of Kinclaven; he died before April 1815; he was married at Auchtergaven, on 30 May 1760, to Agnes DUFF; they had issue:
1. Beatrix GORRIE, baptised at Auchtergaven, 3 May 1761.
2. Mary GORRIE, baptised at Auchtergaven, 17 October 1763; residing with her mother at West Airth in 1815.
3. John GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 24 July 1768; a Weaver in Kinclaven, 1815; at West Tofts, Kinclaven, 1841 Census, Linen Handloom Weaver, with wife and three children; he married, about 1797, Margaret (Betty) ELLIOT; with issue:
     a. Alexander GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 29 March 1799.
     b. Christian GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 30 June 1800; she was married at Kinclaven, 3 March 1828, to James MILLER.
     c. Margaret GORRIE, born 27 March 1802, and baptised at Kinclaven, 5 April; residing with her parents in 1841.
     d. Mary GORRIE, born 18 September 1803, and baptised at Kinclaven, 24 September; with her parents n 1841, a Cotton Reeler; died in Perth, 23 February 1880, a widow (informed by her nephew David MILLER); she was married at Kinclaven on 8 January 1843 to Peter FENWICK.
     e. Thomas GORRIE, born 8 April 1806, and baptised at Kinclaven, 14 April.
     f. Nancy GORRIE, born 12 August 1809, and baptised at Kinclaven, 21 August.
     g. Elizabeth GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 29 September 1813; died at Stanley, 25 March 1889, aged 75; married on 20 December 1835, Joseph MILLER.
     h. John GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 10 December 1815; residing with his parents in 1841, a Shoemaker; at West Toffs, Kinclaven, 1851 Census, Shoemaker employing one apprentice, with first wife and three children; still there in 1861, with first wife and four children; ditto, 1871, with second wife and four children; he died at Stanley, 8 December 1880, aged 65; he was married firstly, by proclamations at Kinclaven on 22 January 1843 and at Auchtergaven on 3 February 1843, to Isabel SCOTT; she died at Kinclaven in 1867, aged 52; with issue:
          i. John GORRIE, born at Kinclaven about 1844; with parents in 1851.
          ii. Alexander GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 11 April 1847; with parents, 1851, 1861; Commercial Clerk and Cashier in Glasgow; died at  Anderston, 12 February 1901, aged 61; married firstly, at Blythswood, 7 October 1870, Jeannie Walker WHARRIE, who died at Cambuslang in 1871, aged 21; he married secondly, at Blythswood, 29 September 1875, Margaret DAVIDSON, who died at Tradeston in 1879, aged 22; he married thirdly, at Blythswood, in 1881, Agnes Orr McCORMACK, who died at Kelvin, in 1897, aged 43; issue by each wife.
          iii. Isabella GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 1 April 1849; with her parents in 1851, 1861; died at Kinclaven in 1861.
          iv. Maxwell Johnston GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 22 May 1853; with his parents in 1861; informed his father's death in 1880; Master Tailor, Pitcairngreen, Redgorton; died there in 1925 or 1927; married firstly, at Auchtergaven, in 1876, Helen MORRIS, who died at Redgorton in 1879; he married secondly, at Stanley, in 1886, Elizabeth Helen GOW, who died at Redgorton on 29 March 1933, aged 66; issue by second wife only.
          v. John GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 18 May 1857; with parents in 1861, 1871; he informed his brother Alexander's death in 1909.
John married secondly, at Auchtergaven, on 30 April 1868, Christian McDuff CAMERON; she died at Leith on 10 December 1908, aged 78; by her, John had further issue:
          vii. Charles GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 20 June 1869; with parents, 1871, 1881; died at Stanley, 6 March 1884, aged 14.
          viii. James Fleming Thomson GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 9 October 1870; with parents, 1871, 1881, 1891; he informed his mother's death in 1908; he died at Leith in 1957, aged 86; married with issue.
          ix. Henry GORRIE, born at Kinclaven, 14 March 1873; with mother, 1881, 1891; died at Edinburgh Morningside, in 1949, aged 76.
4. Thomas GORRIE, baptised at Kinclaven, 29 March 1772; Musician, Skinner's Close, Edinburgh, 1794-1798; Musician, Burnet's Close, Edinburgh, 1807-1825; died before 1829; he married at Edinburgh Canongate, 19 May 1796, Elizabeth JOHNSTON; she was at Burnet's Close, Edinburgh, 1829-1831, Midwife; and at Pirrie's Close, 1831-1832; probable issue:
     a. John GORRIE, birth details not yet found, perhaps about 1797-1798; Trumpeter; Teacher of Music, at 209 High Street, Edinburgh (1822-1827), at 6 Niddry Street (1827-1828), and at 13 Carrubber's Close (1828-1835); he was married at Canongate, 23 February 1821, to Helen McINTOSH; with issue:
          i. Elizabeth GORRIE, born in Edinburgh, 19 July 1821.
          ii. Thomas GORRIE, born in Edinburgh, 23 June 1822. Probably the convicted burglar, transported to N.S.W. in 1840. See [A] below.
          iii. John GORRIE, born in Edinburgh, 9 November 1823; with his aunt Christina GORRIE in 1841, Glazier's Apprentice; Furniture Dealer in Leith; died at North Leith on 15 May 1894, aged 70, and buried at Rosebank Cemetery; married Margaret McLEOD; she died at Portobello on 13 December 1891, aged 60, a Licensed Broker. No known issue.
     b. Thomas GORRIE Junior, ditto, perhaps about 1799-1800; Musician, 13 Carrubber's Close, Edinburgh, 1826-1835.
     c. Elizabeth GORRIE, born 26 January 1802, and baptised at Canongate, 20 July; residing at 13 CArrubber's Close in 1835; married in Edinburgh, 17 August 1835, James McBAIN, Painter and Gilder, of 56 High Street, Tron Church parish, Edinburgh.
     d. Nanny GORRIE, born at Canongate, 20 July 1807; a twin.
     e. Alexander GORRIE, born ditto, the other twin; Teacher of Music, 13 Carrubber's Close, (1835-1846), at Bells Wynd (1837-1838; died at Edinburgh St Giles, 13 January 1855; married at Tron Church, Edinburgh, 18 April 1836, Harriet or Henrietta ABERDOUR, Bookbinder; she died in Edinburgh St Giles, on 7 June 1887, aged 73; issue:
          i. Elizabeth GORRIE, born Edinburgh about 1836; with her mother in 1851, aged 14.
          ii. Christian GORRIE, born 1840; died 1841.
          iii. Margaret GORRIE, born 1843; died 1844.
          iv. Alison GORRIE, born Edinburgh about 1850; with her mother in 1851, aged 1.
     f. Agnes GORRIE, born 25 December 1813; baptised at Canongate on 18 January.
     g. David GORRIE, born 3 January 1817, and baptised at Canongate on 18 January.
     h. Christian or Christina GORRIE, born 9 March 1818, and baptised at Canongate on 5 April; Dressmaker, 13 Carrubber's Close, 1841, with her nephew John GORRIE; she was married at Trinity college Parish, Edinburgh, on 2 August 1847, to Richard Donald ROBERTSON, Tailor.
5. Elizabeth GORRIE; residing with her mother at West Airth in 1815.


[A] Thomas GORRIE, born in Edinburgh; Upholsterer's Apprentice; appeared before the Edinburgh Court of Judiciary, 16 July 1839, as follows:
"William HENDRIE and Thomas GORRIE, charged with theft, aggravated by housebreaking and opening of lock-fast places, and further aggravated in the case of HENDRIE by previous conviction; pleaded Not Guilty. The Jury found HENDRIE Guilty as Libelled, with the exception of the theft in the second charge having been committed by opening lock-fast places, which they found Not Proven. Found the first charge against GORRIE Not Proven; found him guilty of the second charge, with the exception of the aggravation of breaking lock-fast places, and found him Guilty of the third charge, as Libelled. HENDRIE was sentenced to fourteen, and GORRIE to ten years' transportation." [Caledonian Mercury, Thursday 18 July 1839].
Although I am left wondering what the third charge actually was.
He and HENDRIE were transported to New south Wales on the ship Maitland, arriving in Sydney on 14 July 1840; Thomas had no previous convictions, and was described as 5 foot 6 and 3/4 inches in height; of Fair, ruddy and freckled complexion, brown hair and dark hazel eyes, with scars on left side of neck and back of thumb and little finger of left hand; single; Presbyterian, could read and write, aged 19, and a native of Edinburgh; granted his Ticket of Leave, 4 January 1844, for the Queanbeyan District; obtained his Certificate of Freedom on 5 February 1850 (#50/31). Whether the conditions of his Certificate prevented him from enjoying his freedom back in the British Isles is unclear (his partner-in-crime certainly was), it seems unlikely he would have had the resources to purchase a return ticket, at least not immediately.
He appears to have left no further trail in N.S.W. records as Thomas GORRIE.
He may have died in N.S.W. in 1856 [MJ Volume 155, #2033], as Thomas GOWRY. Indeed, the prefix code MJ was for the Burial Register of Canberry, otherwise Lake George and Queanbeyan, which is precisely the District for which convict Thomas GORRIE's Ticket-of-Leave was valid. However, the fiche of the Parish Register Index to the C.of E. Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn records his burial on 8 February 1856, aged 64 years, so born ca 1791 if his age was recorded correctly.
Jean AYLER recorded him as the son of John GORRIE, Trumpeter, and Helen McINTOSH (above).

Some family trees on Ancestry suggest this Thomas GORRIE was the one who settled at Avisford and married Jane STODDART. This appears highly unlikely, given that he (the transported convict) was born in Edinburgh, and not in Methven, and was evidently about four or five years older. Further, it is evident that the Methven Thomas was not in N.S.W. in 1849 (when his brother David arrived, naming only one relation then in N.S.W. a brother John GORRIE of Hartley), and he was still in Methven in 1851 (Census returns, residing with his widowed half-sister Elizabeth PATON). See below.


Hugh GORRIE; married at Moneydie, 11 November 1764, Betty McLEISH; issue:
1. Agnes GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 24 November 1765; probably died young.
2. John GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 17 January 1768; Farmer at Burnside, and at Moss-side of Tibbermallo near Methven, 1841 Census, aged 70+, with second wife and ten children; died on 1 May 1846, aged 78; he was married firstly, in November 1793, to Helen HUNTER, who died on 8 March 1810, aged 39; they had issue:
     a. John GORRIE, born at Burnside, 5 October 1794; evidently died young.
     b.  Hugh GORRIE, born at Burnside and baptised on 8 May 1796; informed his brother James's death in 1860; probably went to Yorkshire; Bailiff of the Thorp Perrow Estate, 1841, 1851; died at Fairfield Estate, York, in September 1866, aged 70; Scottish Inventory recorded a residence in Methven; he married firstly, to Elizabeth, who died before 1843; he married secondly, on 12 May 1843, Margaret HUME, of West Rain Parish of Well, near Thorpe Perry (his father recorded as John GORRIE, Farmer); she died before 1847; Hugh married thirdly, September quarter 1847, to Ann; she died on 18 December 1848, aged 41; no known issue.
     c. George GORRIE, born at Burnside, 15 October 1797; Miller, of Perth, 1866, when he organised Hugh GORRIE of York's Inventory; of Paul Street, Perth, 1841 to 1881 censuses; died on 6 May 1882, and buried at Wellshill Cemetery; he was married at Dundee, in 1827, to Catherine SMITH (daughter of William SMITH and Catherine THOMSON); she died at Paul Street, Perth, on 1 September 1878, aged 68 [M.I. at Wellshill]; issue:
          i. Elizabeth GORRIE, born at Dundee, 6 July 1828; died at Dundee on 21 March 1915; married at Perth, on 4 April 1851, to John FARQUHARSON, MAster Plumber; with issue.
          ii. John GORRIE, born at Perth, 22 November 1829; Baker, of 7 Paul Street, Perth, 1850-51; went to Australia in 1852; Baker, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne; he placed a notice in the S.M.H., in May 1855, anxiously requesting that his uncles John, David and Thomas GORRIE, late of Methven, contact him; he died on 19 January 1865; he married Elizabeth GARRICK, with issue.
          iii. Catherine GORRIE, born at Perth, 1 October 1831; went to Australia, before 1860.
          iv. George GORRIE, born at Perth, 17 October 1833; buried at Wellshill, 24 September 1837, aged 3.
          v. William GORRIE, born at Perth, 12 October 1835; buried at Wellshill, 23 september 1836, aged 11 months [Perth Burial Register].
          vi. stillborn child, Perth, 21 January 1838 (this date conflicts with the next).
          vi. Jean GORRIE, born at Perth, 8 June 1838 (perhaps in error for 1839?); she was married at Perth, on 3 July 1863, to James GRAY, Watchmaker; they went to Edinburgh.
          vii. David GORRIE, born at Perth on 6 October 1841; Flour Miller, with parents, 1861; Joiner, of 29 Paton's Lane, Dundee, 1881; he died at Dundee, 30 August 1882, aged 40; he was married at Dundee St Clements, on 26 November 1875, to Mary RENNIE, a widow (with a son, Samuel RENNIE); she was at Kincardine Street, Dundee, in 1891, with her son; with issue.
          vii. Christina GORRIE, born at Perth, 16 September 1843; married at Dundee, John THOMSON, Blacksmith.
          viii. Helen GORRIE, born at Perth, 5 October 1843; died at 4 Paul Street, perth, January 1872, aged 36, unmarried.
          ix. Thomas GORRIE, born at Perth, 26 December 1847; Iron-moulder in Perth; died at 4 Paul Street, Perth, on 28 December 1913, aged 66, and buried at Wellshill; he married at Dundee, 23 June 1873, Isabella Lassells DOUGLAS; she died on 19 July 1922, aged 72 [M.I., Wellshill]; issue.
          x. George GORRIE, born at Perth, about 1853; Coach-smith; died at Perth, 2 March 1942, aged 89 [M.I., Wellshill]; married at Little Dunkeld, 23 March 1881, Elizabeth MENZIES (daughter of James MENZIES, Innkeeper, and Ann DOW); she died at Perth, 17 May 1921, aged 60; issue.
          xi. Mary GORRIE, born at Perth, 16 May 1855; Framer; died at Aberfeldy, 13 January 1950, aged 94; married James McKERCHAR, Cabinet Maker; he died in 1944; issue.
     d. James GORRIE, born 24 August 1799; Farmer, at Meckphen, Methven Parish, 1851 Census; died at Methven, 5 June 1860, aged 60; will confirmed, 19 June 1861; he married at Methven, 20 March 1831, Janet PATON (her brother James married his sister Elizabeth GORRIE); she died on 30 August 1878, aged 67; issue:
          i. Helen GORRIE, born 24 July 1831; died at Newington, Edinburgh, 27 August 1901; married James MENZIES, Hotel Keeper; with issue.
          ii. John GORRIE, born 4 April 1833; at home, with parents, 1851; went to New Zealand in 1864.
          iii. Janet GORRIE, born 22 November 1834; married in 1855, James McFARLANE, Ploughman, of Methven.
          iv. Daniel GORRIE, born 10 August 1836; went to New Zealand in 1865.
          v. Christina GORRIE, born 8 September 1838; died at East Kilbride, 6 July 1908, aged 70; married in 1862, Andrew HEGGIE, Land Steward.
          vi. Hugh GORRIE,born 30 April 1840; died before 1851.
          vii. James GORRIE, born 12 December 1841; died before 1843.
          viii. Jane GORRIE, born 1 July 1843; with parents in 1851; married in Dublin, Robert BEGG, Butcher; with issue, some born in Scotland; as a widow, she went to New Zealand.
          ix. George GORRIE, born 24 February 1845; went to New Zealand in 1869.
          x. Elizabeth GORRIE, born 10 November 1846; went to New Zealand.
          xi. David GORRIE, born 1849; aged 1, with parents in 1851; married twice with issue.
          xii. Hugh GORRIE, born 9 May 1851; went to New Zealand in 1871.
          xiii. Catherine GORRIE, born 1855; died at Methven, 2 October 1856.
     e. Mary GORRIE, born at Moss-side, 22 November 1801; probably died young.
     f. Elizabeth GORRIE, born at Moss-side, 5 December 1805; at Kirk Road, Methven, 1851 Census, a widow, with her half-brother Thomas and nephews John and David GORRIE (sons of her half-brother Robert); she died at Methven, 14 December 1883, aged 80; she married at Methven, 30 October 1831, James PATON (his sister Janet married her brother James GORRIE); he died on 7 April 1840; issue unknown.
     g. Lilias GORRIE, born at Moss-side, 15 December 1805; died young.
     h. John GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 12 June 1808; died young.
     j. William GORRIE, born at Moss-side, 1 June 1809; died young.
John married secondly, at Methven, 19 December 1813, Christian SIMMIE; she was at Moss-side, 1841, aged 45+; she died at Methven, 6 October 1841, aged 48; with further issue:
     k. David GORRIE, born 9 October 1814; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 25+; married at Methven, 11 August 1849, Catherine BELL; they arrived in Sydney on the ship Sarah on 10 December 1849 (his brother John GORRIE, living at Hartley, was the only relative recorded in David's immigration indent as living in N.S.W.); Stockman; on 28 May 1855, the Sydney Morning Herald published this notice - "If this should meet the eye of John, David or Thomas GORRIE, from Methven, Perthshire, Scotland, they are anxiously requested to communicate with their nephew, John GORRIE, Baker, 109 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne"; David died at Piper's Flat near Sofala, 11 December 1889; Catherine died at Piper's Flat, 17 May 1881; they had issue:
          i. John GORRIE, born at Wallerawang, 24 November 1850; Carrier; he died at Mudgee, 11 January 1899, of T.B.; he married at Mudgee, 12 April 1882, Sarah Maria SMITH, who is said to have deserted him during the wedding reception, and died at Camden on 1 January 1945, as Sarah Maria CROSS; she had issue, probably by George CROSS, who were named in her death registration (Walter Hyslop GORRIE, Allan Victor GORRIE, Stanley GORRIE, and Dorothy GORRIE alias CROSS alias DELANEY).
          ii. Ann GORRIE, born at Wallerawang, 10 August 1852; died at Sunny Corner, 1893; married at Hartley, 182, William DOBBIE; with issue.
          iii. Christina Simmie GORRIE, born 3 September 1854; died at Hartley, 30 December 1861, aged 7.
          iv. Thomas B. GORRIE, born at Hartley, 1856; died there on 6 February 1862, aged 6.
          v. Catherine GORRIE, born at Hartley, 1858; died at Wallerawang, 18 February 1916; married at Hartley, 1879, Francis (or Fred) Walker NICOL; with issue.
          vi. Mary GORRIE, born at Hartley, 1860; possibly married at Lithgow in 1883, William John MATTHEWS.
          vii. David GORRIE, born at Hartley, 1862; died at Wickham, 4 February 1896; married at Liverpool, 1891, Fanny Jane TAPPING; with issue.
          viii. Georgina Walker GORRIE, born at Piper's Flat, HArtley, 1865; she married at Lithgow, 4 October 1890, Edmund Charles LANE; with issue.
     m. John GORRIE, born at Methven, 25 December 1815; went to Australia about 1840-41 (his death registration recorded him in N.S.W. for 45 years); living at Hartley in 1849 when his brother David arrived in N.S.W.; Stockman; died at Blackman's Flat, 28 March 1886 (his M.I. at Wallerawang records his death at Piper's Flat, and his Death Duties File records the death at Tagoomgoingoin, County Gowan); unmarried.
     n. Robert GORRIE, born 24 December 1817; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 20+; married in October 1845, Jane BROWN, with issue:
          i. John GORRIE, born about 1846; aged 2, with his aunt Elizabeth PATON in 1851; went to America.
          ii. David GORRIE, born about 1848; aged 2, with his aunt ditto.
     p. Mary GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 17 April 1819; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 20+; died at Methven, 11 March 1876; married at Methven, 12 September 1846, Thomas BELL, Schoolmaster.
     q. Jean GORRIE, born 9 April 1821; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 18 (? 15+); died at Methven, 3 January 1909; married at Methven, 26 August 1848, Daniel MURRIE, Blacksmith; issue:
          i. David MURRIE; informed his mother's death in 1909.
          ii. Mary MURRIE; informed her aunt Mary BELL's death in 1876.
     r. William GORRIE, born 12 May 1823; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 15+; Marine Engineer; of 64 Salop Street, Walton Road, Liverpool; died at West Derby, Liverpool, 17 May 1864; married at Scone, Perthshire, 27 December 1847, Mary WHITEHEAD; she died in 1864; issue:
          i. Christine GORRIE, baptised at Liverpool St Nicholas, 11 June 1848; died at West Derby, 1867, aged 19.
          ii. Mary GORRIE, born 1853; with her aunt Mary BELL in 1871.
          iii. William GORRIE, born 1857; ast Mate Cert, 1887; Master, Cert, 1889, Liverpool; Manager of the Kidderpore Docks, Calcutta; died at Plymouth, 12 February 1917; married, probably in India, Georgiana KINGHORN; she died in 1932; with issue.
     s. Thomas GORRIE, born on 8 April 1826, "... son to John GORRIE, Farmer in Moss-side of Tippermallo, and Christian SIMMIE his wife," and was baptised at Methven Parish Church, 23 April [Baptismal register entry viewed on the website]; Thomas was not recorded with his parents and nine siblings at Moss-side of Tippermallo in the 1841 Census - this absence is a little perplexing, but was not permanent; Thomas was at Kirk Road, Methven, 1851 Census, aged 24, born Methven, Writer's Clerk, and residing with his widowed older half-sister, Elizabeth PATTON (aged 45, born Methven, Domestic Duties) and their two young GORRIE nephews; Thomas evidently went to New South Wales in about 1852 (his 1873 death registration recorded him in N.S.W. for 20 years - informed by G. LUCKIE, Farmer, Avisford, family relationship, if any, unknown, but he was residing with Thomas when he made his will); Thomas settled in the Mudgee District; Storekeeper at Gunanguwa, 1855; Butcher at Louisa Creek, 1857; Postmaster at Avisford, 1857-69; Butcher at Avisford, 1862; Licensed Publican, White House Hotel, Avisford, from October 1871; he died at Avisford on 19 March 1873, aged 47 (Rev Alexander McEWEN of Mudgee and James STODHART of Dubbo made application for probate of the estate of Thomas GORRIE of Avisford, Miner, in April 1873 - LUCKIE was also named in Thomas's will as a residual beneficiary in the event that Thomas's widow died or re-married, when he would receive half the residue, the other half to be divided equally among Thomas's surviving children - one might speculate that Thomas may have left Jane to look after the Hotel and the Post Office, and gone out to try his luck at mining, perhaps in partnership with Mr LUCKIE).
In May 1854 was married at "... Mudgee, on the 16th instant, by the Rev Dr GUNTHER, Thomas, son of the late Mr John GORRIE, Farmer, Moss-side, Perthshire, Scotland, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr William STOTHARD, Orwell Park, Nacton, Suffolk, England" [S.M.H., Saturday 27 May] - this notice, while lacking the "Home papers please copy" tag, appears to be aimed at alerting home papers to run with it anyway (and to my eyes, it has the "flavour" of a free settler, not a Ticket-of-Leave or a C.P. man); Jane died at Mudgee on 26 September 1918, having had two further children (Alice Maud GORRIE and Frederick Ernest GORRIE) by un-named fathers, and she married secondly, at Mudgee in 1888, Frederick LEEDER - her death registration identified her parents as William STODDART, Gardener, and Jane THREADER; with issue:
          i. John Hugh GORRIE, born at Gunaguwa, Avisford, on 31 March 1855 [Maitland Mercury, 25 April 1855]; Horse Trainer in Mudgee; died at Mudgee on 28 December 1931; married at Mudgee, 4 December 1878, Elizabeth Ann DAY; she died at Mudgee, 8 February 1923; with issue.
          ii. Christina Ann GORRIE, born at Mudgee, 31 December 1858; died at Mudgee, 1865.
          iii. William Stothard GORRIE, born at Avisford, 11 September 1860; died near Mudgee on 15 August 1914; married at Hill End, 1887, Caroline Louisa LOVETT; with issue.
          iv. Mary Lilias GORRIE, born at Avisford, 7 August 1862; she died at Auburn, 1941; she married at Mudgee in 1885, George William PATEMAN; with issue.
          v. Jemima Stothard GORRIE, born at Avisford, 15 July 1864; died at Gulgong, 1944; married in 1886, Jacob PARKINS; with issue.
          vi. Christina Ann GORRIE, born at Mudgee, 18 September 1866; she died at Mudgee in 1932; she married at Mudgee, 1886, John James PATEMAN; with issue.
          vii. George Thomas GORRIE, born at Mudgee, 5 December 1868; died at Avisford, 25 April 1948; he married in 1898, Bridget Georgina PILLEY; with issue.
          viii. Richard James GORRIE, born at Mudgee, 20 March 1871; died at Gulgong, 5 April 1957; he married at redfern, 1905, Cecilia FARRER; with issue.
          ix. Albert Edward GORRIE, born at Mudgee, 16 April 1873; he died at Murrumburra, 14 March 1945; he married at Mudgee, 1905, Ann PILLEY; with issue.
     t. Lilias GORRIE, born 5 July 1828; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 12; married at Methven, 30 August 1851, John ALLEN.
     u. Richard GORRIE, born 13 January 1831; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 10; Marine Engineer (Cunard Line); died at Liverpool, Lancashire, 23 May 1874; married at Liverpool, 1855, Mary Ann COATES; she died at West Derby, Lancs, in 1901, aged 72; issue:
          i. John Henry GORRIE, born 1857; died 1892, unmarried.
          ii. Mary GORRIE, born 1859; died 1936; married her cousin, Frederick Henry COATES.
          iii. Richard GORRIE, born Liverpool,about 1861; Milling Engineer; married at West Derby, 1895, Amalia Katherine KLUG, with issue; they went to New Zealand in 1912.
          iv. William GORRIE, born 1864; died in 1960; Schoolteacher, Liverpool and Cheshire area.
     v. Ann Murray GORRIE, born 28 October 1832; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 8; Outfitter, 15 Brougham Street, Edinburgh, 1881; died at Methven, 9 September 1909, aged 76, unmarried.
     w. Christina GORRIE, born at Methven, 26 January 1835; at Moss-side, 1841, aged 6; Outfitter, with her sister in Edinburgh, 1881 and 1891; died at Edinburgh, 2 February 1902, aged 65, unmarried.
3. Bathia GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 11 July 1770.


William GORRIE, born about 1750; a Weaver in Methven; he may have been buried at Methven on 22 December 1822, aged 56, although if this age is correct, too young for a marriage in 1776; he married at Methven, 3 March 1776, Janet SCOTT of Abernethie; they had issue:
1. William GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 13 July 1777; probably died young, perhaps the 15 May 1784 burial at Methven.
2. John GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 16 May 1779; probably also died young, and buried at methven on 11 August 1785.
3. Elizabeth GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 3 September 1781.
4. Lawrence GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 21 March 1783; buried at Methven, 28 July 1785.
5. John GORRIE, born at Methven, 1785. Perhaps in error for the 11 August burial.
6. James GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 1 April 1787 or 19 April 1789 (unless two, the earlier dying young). See [Z] below.
7. May GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 25 December 1791; a Cotton Handloom Weaver, at West Half Methven, 1841 Census, aged 45+, living alone; a Merchant Grocer, Elder Street, Methven, 1851 Census; she died at Methven, 21 March 1867, aged 75, the death informed by her cousin James GORRIE; will confirmation, 12 October 1867, estate valued at 276 pounds; unmarried.
8. William GORRIE, baptised at MEthven, 4 or 7 January 1795; he died at Methven, 9 July 1872; aged 84; he married at Methven, 12 October 1817, Ann YOUNG; she died at Denny, 14 February 1876, aged 91; they had issue:
     a. Thomas G. GORRIE, born about 1836; went to N.S.W. See Au128V below.
9. Margaret GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 22 May 1796, her father recorded as William GORRIE Junior - suggesting there was a William GORRIE Senior, perhaps her grandfather.
10. Helen GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 10 January 1801.
11. Andrew GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 9 July 1803.

[Z] James GORRIE, born 1787; a Papermaker, of Woodend, near Methven; he died at Redgorton, 12 February 1834, aged 45, and was buried at Pitcairn, Redgorton; he married at Methven, 19 November 1809, Janet WITHERSPOON; she was at Printfield, Ruthven, 1841 Census, aged 50+, with six children; she was at Tibbermore, 1851 Census, a Widow, with four unmarried children; they had issue:
1. Peter GORRIE, born at Bridgeton, Redgorton, 20 December 1810, and baptised 30 December; at Cromwell Beetling Mill, Cromwell Park, 1861 Census, Beetler of Linen Cloth, with wife and five children; he died at Redgorton, 5 February 1866, aged 56 (parents named in registration); he married at Redgorton, 2 January 1842, Grace DUFF (born at Little Dunkeld, about 1813), both of Cromwell Park; she was at Craighead, Redgorton, 1871, aged 58, Widow, Washerwoman; she died i 1883;  they had issue:
     a. James GORRIE, born at Redgorton, 27 October 1842, and baptised 27 November; informed his father's death in 1866; Teacher, Polwarth Duns, Berwickshire, 1880, when he informed his sister Margaret's death; of Kielder, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1883, when he informed his mother's death.
     b. Helen GORRIE, born at Redgorton, 14 May 1844, and baptised 14 June; Cloth Beetler, aged 25, with her mother in 1871 Census, unmarried.
     c. Janet GORRIE, born at Redgorton, 28 May 1846, and baptised 14 June; as Jessie, with her parents in 1861.
     d. John GORRIE, born at Redgorton, 16 November 1848, with his parents in 1861; Ironmonger in Perth; he married at Redgorton, 19 December 1873, Grace HEPBURN (aged 23); they had issue:
          i. Jessie GORRIE, born at Perth, 1 May 1874.
          ii. Peter GORRIE, born at Perth, 25 July 1875.
     e. Robert GORRIE, born at Redgorton, 29 May 1851, and baptised 22 June; with his parents, 1861; Iron Moulder, aged 19, with mother, 1871; probably the Commercial Traveller, 8 Pembroke Place, Liverpool, 1881 Census, with wife and three children; and if so, he died at Liverpool, March quarter 1915, aged 63; he married at Dunfermline, 31 December 1873, Robina ADAMSON; with issue:
          i. Jean Murray GORRIE, born at Dunfermline, 16 June 1874.
          ii. Peter GORRIE, born at Dunfermline, 18 March 1876; probably a Stationer's Assistant, Silverdale Avenue, then Hilberry Avenue, Liverpool, 1915-36; probably married with issue - a son George Henry GORRIE, Plumber, died at West Lancashire, 1982.
2. William GORRIE, born at Woodend, Methven, 27 February 1815, and baptised 5 March; at Huntingtower near Methven, Tibbermore, 1841 Census, Labourer, with wife; at Tullock Row, Perth, 1851 Census, Bleacher, with wife and four children; he married at Tibbermore, 25 December 1840, Jane DAVIE (born at Tibbermore about 1816, daughter of James DAVIE and Rose CAMPBELL);  they had issue:
     a. James GORRIE, born at Tibbermore, about 1842; with parents, 1851, aged 9.
     b. John GORRIE, born at Tibbermore, about 1844; with parents, 1851, aged 7.
     c. Janet GORRIE, born at Tibbermore, about 1847; with parents, 1851, aged 4.
     d. William GORRIE, born at Tibbermore, 1850; with parents, 1851, aged 7 months.
They went to Australia in 1854, on the ship Lightning, departing Liverpool on 13 May, with their four children. See Au113V below.
3. James GORRIE, born at Woodend, Methven, 27 February 1819 (the old I.G.I. recorded a James baptised at Methven on 15 November 1816, perhaps another who died young?); with his mother in 1841, aged 20+, Agricultural Labourer; with his mother, 1851, aged 32, MAchine Fenter (?); he went to Australia before 1859. See Au116V below.
4. Thomas GORRIE, born at Woodend, 28 December 1820, and baptised at Methven, 4 June 1821; with mother, 1841, aged 15+, Calico Apprentice; he married at Glasgow, 1843, Isabella McGREGOR; they had issue:
     a. a daughter, died before July 1855.
     b. James GORRIE, born about 1845; aged 13 on arrival in New Zealand, 1858.
     c. Ellen GORRIE, born about 1847; aged 8 on arrival in N.Z., 1858.
     d. Andrew GORRIE, born about 1850; aged 8 on arrival in N.Z., 1858.
     e. Jane GORRIE, born abut 1853; aged 5 on arrival in N.Z., 1858.
     f. William GORRIE, born at Milton of Campsie, Stirling, 1 July 1855; aged 3 on arrival in N.Z., 1858.
They emigrated to New Zealand in 1858 on the ship Oliver Lang. See Nz204W below.
5. Henry GORRIE, born at Methven, about 1824; with mother, 1841, aged 20+, Calico Printer; with his mother, 1851 Census, Print Cutter; aged 30 when he emigrated to Australia on the ship Lightning, with brothers William and Andrew. See Au114V below.
6. Andrew GORRIE, born 27 April 1827; with mother, 1841, Agricultural labourer; emigrated to Australia on the ship Lightning, 1854. See Au115V below.
7. David GORRIE, born about 1828; with his mother, 1841; with his mother in 1851, a Machine Engraver; he emigrated to Australia before 1862. See Au121V below.
8. Janet GORRIE, born about 1830; with her mother, 1841, aged 10; with her mother, 1851, a Warehouse girl; she went to Australia about 1852, and married Richard PROUSE. See Au109V. They went to New Zealand. See Nz203W further below.


John GORRIE, born about 1748; Weaver in Methven; granted by William PEDDIE and William MOOR, 10 May 1797, a "... tenement of two stories and attic in Easter Clayholes of Perth, and the garden land immediately in front, and the buildings built thereon, and vacant land behind"; John was granted a tack by Hon David SMYTHE of Methven, 9 April 1800; he died of asthma, and was buried at Methven on 15 November 1822, aged 74; his will, dated 24 January 1805, was confirmed on 13 April 1825; William probably married firstly, Margaret MAXTON of Aberdalgie, by proclamations at Aberdalgie on 3 August 1776, and at Methven on 4 August;she evidently died about late 1790, perhaps due to complications arising from her giving birth to twins; issue:
1. James GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 13 Jul 1777 (perhaps born 13 Oct 1776, unless there were two?); named as eldest son in his father's will, 1805.
2. David GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 17 January 1779 (ditto 13 October 1778, ditto); probably died before 1797-98, & perhaps the child of John GORRIE buried at Methven on 8 July 1785.
3. John GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 7 March or 27 May 1781 (the earlier date was a baptism in the Methven Free Church Register); named in his father's will, 1805, as the third lawful son and as the beneficiary of the Clayholes Estate; he died before his father.
4. George GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 15 December 1782; probably died before 1805, and perhaps instead the 1785 burial at Methven (? instead of David above).
5. William GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 30 April 1786; he appears to have gone to Charleston, South Carolina, but returned to Perth to stake his claim to the Clayholes property left to his brother John; not named in his father's will, so probably then already in America.
There are some indications that this may be the William GORRIE of Perth, Confectioner, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1840. See Sc57 and Nz201A below.
6. Margaret GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 6 or 16 September 1787; probably died before 1792.
7. Peter GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 19 September 1790; evidently identified as Patrick in his father's will, 1805.
John GORRIE Senior married secondly, at Methven, 30 October 1791, Elizabeth BENNETT; he had further issue by his "... present wife Elizabeth" [1805 Will], as follows:
8. Margaret GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 28 October 1792; not named in her father's will, perhaps already dead.
9. Elizabeth GORRIE, baptise at Methven, 2 February 1794; named in her father's will; married at Methven, 3 December 1826, Andrew SMITH of Carsehill, near Methven, Farmer; he died in 1857, aged 70; issue:
     a. Andrew SMITH; aged 21, with his parents, 1851; at Carsehill, 1876; at Moss-side, Methven, 1891; died in 1907; married Isabella GELLATLY, with issue:
          i. Andrew SMITH; at Moss-Side, 1911; married in 1909, Mary Spence GRIEVE, with issue.
     b. Elizabeth SMITH; aged 22, with her parents, 1851 Census.
10. Janet GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 3 January 1796; named in her father's will
11. David GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 16 December 1797 or 1798; named in his father's will, 1805.
12. May GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 10 November 1799; named in her father's will, 1895; died in november 1878, aged 78; married on 7 July 1822, James GREGOR or McGREGOR; he made his father-in-law's inventory on 13 April 1825; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 28 August 1824; married in December 1846, John MONCRIEFF; they went to Australia, May 1852.
     b. James McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 23 October 1826; died at Methven, July 1874.
     c. Janet McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 19 July 1829; died at Methven, July 1888.
     d. May McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 25 July 1832; died at Main Street, Methven, August 1911.
     e. John McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 13 October 1835; died at Strachur, 18 July 1913; married isabella MORRISON, of Inverglen, Strachur; she died at Strachur, 9 August 1892; with issue.
     f. Ann McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 27 August 1838.
     g. Margaret McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 7 May 1841; died at Methven, May 1909.
     h. Hugh McGREGOR, baptised at Methven, 31 May 1844.
12. Hugh GORRIE, baptised at Methven, 28 September 1802; named in his father's will, 1805.
13. Ann GORRIE, born at Methven; named in her father's will, 1805; she died at Bishophall, 5 December 1891, aged 86; married on 30 November 1828 William NAIRN, with issue:
     a. William NAIRN, born at Methven, 1831; died at Cassochie, Methven, 24 February 1910; unmarried.
     b. Janet NAIRN, born at Methven, 1835; married on 31 December 1861, Robert CROCKART, with issue.
     c. Ann NAIRN, born at Methven, 1837; married on 29 August 1860, George RICHARDSON of Cassochie; issue.
     d. John NAIRN, born at Methven, 1839; died at Forteviot Farm, 3 May 1921.
     e. Elizabeth NAIRN, born at Methven, 1841; married on 10 December 1867, Alex PATON of Kinclaven; with issue.
     f. James NAIRN, born at Methven, 1844.


William GORRIE was born at Methven, 27 April 1786 [family records in New Zealand], so inevitably the 30 April Methven baptism, parents John GORRIE and Margaret MAXTON (see Sc39 above); William was probably one of two named in Perth North Associate Session Minutes as having "... lately failed in their worldly circumstances," for which a committee found nothing scandalous about their behaviour, the Session having earlier noted "... the distressing situation may were in by the failure of trade and reduction of wages"; William was ordained an Elder by the Session, 1833, and was first entered in minutes as such, November 1833; William advertised his new shop in Perth, May 1828 - "W. GORRIE, Confectioner, returns his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry and Public of Perth and its vicinity, for the liberal share of patronage which he has experienced from them; and begs to intimate that, for the better accommodation of his retail customers, he has OPENED that SHOP, 32 George Street... His general Trade and Wholesale business will be carried on solely at his former shop, 98 High Street... Perth" [Perthshire County Gazette, 29 May]; William was directory listed at 7 Athole Place, Perth, house above, Confectioner, 1837-38; William was further recorded in Session Minutes dated 22 May 1840, as being "... removed from the bounds of the Congregation to go to a foreign country" - his "quarter" (presumably as Elder), being Charlotte Street, North Port, Curfew Row, all to the east of Kinnoul Street, including the east side of Kinnoul Street, Crescent and Athole Place, ent to R. CLINT; William and his family, together with a new wife, emigrated to New Zealand on the Brig Deborah, which sailed from London about July-August 1840. See Nz201 below.
William married firstly, at the Perth North Associate Session Antiburgher Church, 1 September 1815, Mary SCOTT; she was born on 27 June 1794, daughter of John SCOTT of Broxden in Aberalgie, Farmer, and Janet GARVIE; she died in Perth, 27 June 1831, aged 36, & was buried at Perth on 30 June; they had issue:
1. Janet GORRIE, born at Perth, 4 or 14 June 1816, & baptised at the Associate Congregational Church, 2 July; she died at Perth on 25 February 1818, due to "teething," and was buried at Perth, 27 February.
2. Elizabeth GORRIE, born at Perth, 3 April 1818, & baptised at ditto, 12 April; went to New Zealand with her father.
3. John GORRIE, born at Perth, 28 July 1820, and baptised at ditto, 31 July; went to N.Z. with his father.
4. William GORRIE, born at Perth, 25 May 1822, and baptised at ditto, 14 March; died 13 October 1823, of "chincough," and buried at Perth, 16 October.
5. William GORRIE, born at Perth, 9 March 1824, and baptised at ditto, 14 March; went to N.Z. with his father.
6. Mary GORRIE, born at Perth, 19 April 1825 or 1826, & baptised at ditto, 23 May; went to N.Z. with her father.
7. Harriet GORRIE, born at Perth, 24 May 1827, and baptise at dtto, 27 May; went to N.Z. with her father.
8. Dinah GORRIE, born at Perth, 2 October 1829, and baptised at ditto, 4 October.
9. James GORRIE, born at Perth, 11 May 1831, and baptised at ditto, 15 May; went to N.Z. with his father.
William married secondly, at Perth, 13 February 1840, Mary MORTON; she was born on 19 May 1810, a daughter of Andrew MORTON, Farmer, of Gallowmuir, Forgandenny, and Elizabeth THOMSON; she went to N.Z. with her husband and his children.


William GORRIE, Confectioner of Perth, with his wife and seven children, arrived in the Brig Deborah at the Bay of Islands on 26 November 1840 [N.Z. Gazette, Saturday 19 December]; he settled firstly at Awaroa, near Whangarei, where he purchased 2,000 acres of the Greenhill property (Margaret Johnson SCOTT, Mrs Mary GORRIE's younger sister, married at Kororareka in 1841, John CARRUTH of Whangarei, which is perhaps why William and Mary went there); the local Maori were not impressed, and when John CARRUTH destroyed some property regarded by the Maori as "tapu," a mob of armed natives from Munga Kahia made a  "muru" raid, between 3 and 6 March 1842, in which William's holding was plundered of 44 pounds worth of goods, and, among others, John CARRUTH and his brothers lost a similar amount [Bay of Islands Observer, 7 April]; the GORRIEs were subjected to another "muru" raid in 1843, but due to the intervention of Gilbert MAIR, who spoke fluent Maori, they were persuaded to break off their plundering, and under the glow of a "... magnificent comet lighting up the landscape," they departed with the tide, "... singing their rhythmical songs" [Nancy Preece PICKMERE, in her "Whangarei, The Founding Years," 1986].
These encounters led the authorities to evacuate the European settlers in April 1845, and William took his family to Auckland, where he "... commenced business in High Street as a Confectioner, Lozenge manufacturer and Pastry cook" in premises owned by David WHITE [New Zealander, 9 September 1845]; he removed to Shortland Crescent, nearly opposite the Exchange Hotel, in August 1846 [New Zealander, 29 August].
William was instrumental in the establishment of the Presbyterian Church for the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland, commencing in May 1847, and which was in use by late 1849; by January 1850, he was advertising that he "... had commenced making minced pies, scotch buns, etc" [New Zealander, 1 January]; and in September 1852, he advertised his retirement from the retail business in Shortland Street, and opening a new wholesale confectionary business in Pitt Street [New Zealander, 15 September]; he died at his residence in Pitt Street, Auckland, on 24 February 1861, aged 74, and was buried at the Symonds Street Cemetery, Grafton; by his will, he bequeathed land in Wellington Street for the construction of a new church, to seat 550, which was opened in April 1865 by his son John GORRIE [Rev John DICKSON, M.A., in his "History of the N.Z. Presbyterian Church," Dunedin, 1899].
Mary GORRIE died at Ponsonby, 10 September 1877, aged 67, and was buried in Auckland by Rev Mr RUNCIMAN, 12 September.
William had further issue in New Zealand by his 2nd wife Mary MORTON:
10. William GORRIE, born on the Deborah, lying at anchor in the Bay of Islands, 30 November 1840, and was baptised by Rev Barzillai QUAIFE at Kororareka on 4 January 1841.
11. Margaret Johnston GORRIE, born at Whangarei in 1842; she died at Shortland Street, 21 September 1848, of water on the chest,  aged 6, and was buried at Symonds Street Cemetery on 23 September.
12. Jessie GORRIE, born at Whangarei, 11 March 1845; died in Auckland, 3 February 1849, and was buried at Symonds Street Cemetery, aged 3 years 11 months.
13. Eleanor GORRIE, born at Auckland, 17 February 1848; she died on 14 October 1929, and was buried at Waikumete Cemetery; she married in Auckland, 9 June 1870, John Henry UPTON; he was a Stationer, of Shelley Beach Road, Ponsonby; his firm was UPTON & Coy, Booksellers, of Queen Street, Auckland; they had issue.
14. Henry Thomas GORRIE, born at Shortland Street, Auckland, and baptised 17 december 1849; Bank of New Zealand; went into the business his father-in-law, Alfred BUCKLAND, Stock Agent and Auctioneer; resided at Three Kings, Roskill; died at his residence, Dunkerron, Three Kings, November 1922, and was buried at St Andrew's, Epsom; he married at Auckland, 1881, Blanche BUCKLAND, she died on 28 October 1930, aged 72; they had issue.
15. Jessie GORRIE, born in Auckland, 27 April 1852; died at Pitt Street, Auckland, 13 November 1862, & buried at Symonds Street Cemetery.

 *  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *


Colin MacDonald said...

Hi there,

A good piece of research here.

I'm a descendent of Janet Gory, who was born at Kindrum, Moneydie, Perthshire in 1748. Her father was Alexander Gory.

Janet married a John Marshall at Perth, in 1777. She was still alive by the time of the 1841 census and it appears she died before 1851 near Methven.

Her Great-Grandson was Dr William Marshall, Queen Victoria's Physician at Balmoral from 1871-1881.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I am amazed with your research. I have run hot and cold over many years with my research.
I also had contact with Jean Ayler, which ceased abruptly, and she sent me valuable information. I come down from John Gorrie M Ann Reoch 27.05.1781 (Redgorton). Their children's births registered from 1782 at Cottarton of Balbrogie/Belbagie, Wetlands of Nairn, Beuley, Redgorton,Coldside of Belbagie. I don't see my family overlapping yours but it was your mention of Jean Ayler that urged me to write.
Regards, Val Sauer