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The DECYX alias DESAIX Family, of Counties Dublin and Wicklow.

My great-great-great-grandfather, John PIGOTT of Dublin, is believed to have been born in Dublin about 1759, the illegitimate son of Esther HILLCOCK - and for 2-3 years, when he was aged about 2 to 5 years, his step-father was Peter DECYX, a Huguenot Refugee and a Dublin Silk Throwster, who died in June 1763.

When he died, Peter left his widow Esther with three additional children, all named DECYX, from whom a number of descendants subsequently prospered in the counties of Wicklow and Dublin.
The following is an attempt to establish some sort of a pedigree of these families, and to see where they ended up in the world.
As is usual with Irish genealogical research, many of the holes left by destruction of primary records can only really usefully be "filled" using best-fit speculation.
Which is not entirely satisfactory - and we must never forget that when we do this, the results are, indeed, SPECULATIVE.

Church Register details are derived primarily from two sources - the "official" Irish Government web-site, with free access (for the Dublin data); and the web-site, which is accessible by paid subscription (for the Wicklow data). Tithe Aplotment Books, Griffith's Valuations, and Census returns (1901 and 1911) are available on National Archives of Ireland web-sites.


Peter (Pierre) DECYX was probably born in France.
He was a Silk Throwster, who had some experience of the Continental methods of producing "thrown Silk" thread, which made for a stronger thread and a superior cloth when woven. He clearly had established himself in Dublin some time prior to late 1753.
He and his business partner, Paul SEGUIN the younger, constructed mechanical mills for producing thrown silks, as are well described in their November 1753 petition seeking financial assistance from the Parliament in Dublin, and which was published in the Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland (as viewed on the GALE Group's 'Eighteenth Century Collections On-line' or ECCO website):
"... the said Peter DECYX, one of the late French Refugees, hath, by the assistance of the said Paul SEGUIN, completed several Mills and Engines for winding and twisting raw Silks, none of which Engines or Mills were known or used in the Kingdom before the arrival of the said Peter DECYX.
"That the said Mills or Engines consist of the following particulars:
"One Mill, whose height is eight Feet, and Diameter fourteen Feet, for twisting and preparing fine Silks, to be afterwards thrown into the various Sorts now thrown in Bassan, Turin and other Places in Italy and Piedmont.
"Two mills, each nine Feet high, one of them fourteen and the other sixteen Feet in Diameter, for throwing Silks into the various Kinds fit for the Weavers, many of which Kinds were never before manufactured in this Kingdom.
"That these two Mills do turn 360 Bobbins and 60 Reels, and are constructed and conducted in the like Manner as the Silk Mills in Italy and France.
"That there are besides the above-mentioned Mills, two Engines for winding of fine Silks, which consist of ninety Swifts and ninety Bobbins, the Means of which Engines five Women can do more than thirty Women by the ordinary winding Hand Reels.
"That the said Mills and Engines are put into motion by the means of a wheel of nineteen feet diameter, by the labour of two men only.
"That the Expence of erecting the said Mills or Engines hath amounted to more than 1,000 pounds.
"That the Petitioners have manufacture several Quantities of Silks, and sold the same to the Weavers of this city, who have found such Silks to answer as well as those of the like Denomination from Abroad.
"That the Petitioners do at present employ upwards of 280 women without doors in winding Silk, besides about twelve Men or Women within Doors, to attend the Engine and Wheels, and in knotting the Silk.
"That the difference between the raw Silk, and the silk when manufactured, is eight to ten shillings in the Pound, a great Part of which Difference is paid for the Labour of the Industrious Poor of this Kingdom, and the whole difference is saving so much to this Nation.
"That the said Manufacture might be brought to greater Perfection if the Petitioners had a sufficient Stock to proceed on, and enlarge, their Business.
"That the Increase of the said Manufacture would be of the greatest Benefit and advantage for this Kingdom, not only by saving very large Sums, which are annually remitted abroad for thrown Silks, but also by enabling Weavers to sell their manufactures much Cheaper than they can at present afford them.
"And praying the House to grant the Petitioners such support and Encouragement as to the House will seem meet."

The House did approve, and a grant of £500 was remitted to the pair by a resolution of the House of Commons dated 8 November 1753.

On 7 June 1754, William DARQUIER and Paul SEGUIN the Elder, of the City of Dublin, Merchants, made a deed of lease to Peter DECYX, of the City of Dublin, Silk Throwster, of:
"... all that and those the three dwelling houses or tenements situate in the lane or street known by the name of Pie Corner near Chequer Lane in the suburbs of the said city, together with the backhouse lately built behind the said three dwelling houses by Paul SEGUIN Junior and the said Peter DESCYX, the said premises containing in breadth in the front to the said lane or street 50 feet or thereabouts, and in depth from front to rere 58 feet or thereabouts, more or less, bounded on the north by Mr JUDD's holding, on the south to Mr MEAD's holding, on the west to the sugar house holding belonging to the said Paul SEGUIN the elder and Wm DARQUIER, then in possession of the said Peter DESCYX, and to the east by the said lane or street, and the appurtenances, to hold for 31 years commencing 25 March then last past, at the yearly rent of £15."
[Memorial Number not yet determined - the above was recited in two later deeds, both mentioned below].
On 11 January 1755, the above lease was further endorsed by Peter DECYX, of the City of Dublin, Silk Throwster, who:
"... did declare that the said lease was made to him in trust  as to one full moiety or half part of the said premises thereby demised for the use of John VILLEBOIS of Dublin, Merchant, and as to one full fourth or 2nd part thereof in trust for the use and benefit of Francis SERVIERE of the said city, Merchant, and as to the remaining one fourth part or 2nd part thereof in trust for his, the said Peter DESCYX... Pierre DECYX, seal and sign..."
[Memorial Number 115778, Dublin Deeds Registry].

Pie Corner Lane was a narrow dog-legged lane that ran north from Chequer Lane towards Dame Street, but turning east before reaching Dame Street, then north again, before ending near the middle of Trinity Lane. It is now known as St Andrew's Lane or Street, running north from Exchequer Street, in a restaurant district of the city. As far as I can determine, it appears that the present (2017) Nando's Restaurant probably stands close to where Peter DECYX once had his premises.

ROCQUE's 1756 map shows a sequence of dwellings facing directly onto the western side of Pie Corner Lane (un-named, but running upwards and above the second letter "E" in "Chequer"), including three contiguous and sizeable "dwelling house" groups (dotted areas), increasing in size from south to north, the first two with yards at the rear, and the third and most northerly having a "ware-house or stable, etc," (light cross-hatched areas) at the rear.

[The two images I have used here are created from photocopies I made of a 24 page set of sectional prints of the 1756 Map which I found in an Auckland Library in 2007, but in the which publication I cannot immediately now identify from my plethora of un-indexed note-books.]

This third "building" does measure about 50 feet square, which is the closest in size to the 50 foot by 58 foot cluster of 3 dwelling houses described in one group of deeds.
But it is nowhere near the River Liffey, and so I find it difficult to envisage quite how the water wheel mentioned below would have been powered.

On 10 September 1754, Richard MORGAN, of the City of Dublin, Stone Cutter, granted a lease to Francis SERVIERE and Peter DECYX, both of the City o Dublin, in which he demised and sett unto them:
"... all that house or tenement situate on the southern (sic - ?) side of the lane called or known by the name of Pye Corner Lane in or near Chequer Lane in the County of the City of Dublin, then in possession of Thomas MARTIN, William HENRY and others, bounded on the south by concerns belonging to Richard MORGAN and on the north by Mr DAME's stable... for the term of 31 years..."
The memorial for this deed has not yet been sighted, but it was recited in an endorsement made on it in April 1758 - see below.

But Peter found himself early in difficulties.
On 25 June 1755, Peter made a deed poll, and put up his one fourth part of the above premises:
"... for better securing the payment of £518 14s 6d and the interest thereon" - with the above-mentioned John VILLEBOIS being the  assignee [Memorial Number 117969].
He made another Deed Poll, dated 25 September 1755, and endorsed on the back of the above Deed Poll, in which Peter assigned the premises to the said John VILLEBOIS:
"... for the residue of the said 31 years then unexpired, subject to be void on payment of the sum of £518 14s 6d together with lawful interest on a day of payment therein mentioned..." [Memorial number 118472]

In 1757, a Pierre de CYX installed a Silk-reeling mill, equipped with Italian-style twining mills for the Textile industry in Leiden, Holland [see "A Miracle Mirrored. The Dutch Republic in European Perspective," Edited by Karel DAVIDS and Jan LUCASSEN, Cambridge University Press, 1995]. While we have no proof that this was our Peter DECYX from Dublin, the coincidences of time period, yarn material, and style of mill are uncanny, and I would be surprised if this were not him, his entrepreneurial spirit undimmed by possible disappointments in Ireland.

On 29 April 1758, Peter made a Deed Poll to Richard MORGAN, of the City of Dublin, Stone Cutter, and reciting the Lease dated 10 September 1754 (above), and made as an endorsement upon it,  noting that the said Francis SERVIERE was dead, and:
"... by whose death the right of the demised premises in the said lease mentioned survived to him the said Peter DECYX as surviving joint tenant... and that the said Peter DECYX was not able to hold said premises.. and to pay the rent thereout to the said Richard MORGAN... By which said Deed Poll the said Peter DECYX... did grant , demise, release and surrender unto the said Richard MORGAN all his right, title, interest, property claim, demand term, for years to come and unexpired, of in and to the premises herein before recited..."
[Memorial Number 128162.]

The Dublin business evidently did not prosper, and, perhaps aggravated by SERVIERE's death, by 1759 Peter was experiencing more financial difficulties.

By virtue of decree of the Court of King's Bench, at the suit of Richard MORGAN against Peter DECYX for recovery of a debt of £19 16s 11d, two Sheriffs of the County of Dublin seized the Pie Corner Lane premises and sold it to the highest bidder (of 15 pounds), one William TERENCE of Dublin, and it was subsequently assigned to him by the two Sheriffs by deed dated 2 August 1759, in trust for William SUMMERVILLE of Ardrown, County Kildare, Esq, and John SANDY of Dublin.
By an indented deed dated 8 April 1760, Peter DECYX re-purchased the premises from the three trustees (TERENCE, SUMMERVILLE and SANDY) for the remainder of the term of 31 years still to come; and on 30 April 1760, he sold it to Isaac VIGNAU, of Dublin, Financier, for £200, together with:
"... all the Silk mills, Engines, Tram engines, Water wheel, and Pumps, and all the other implements and utensils..."
[Memorial Number 163352, Dublin Deeds Registry].

But that was not enough.
On 7 January 1762, Peter sold the Ringsend dwelling house property lease which John PIGOTT Senior had purchased in 1756 (probably for Esther HILLCOCK and their infant son John PIGOTT Junior, my great-great-great-grandfather) and was paid only £20 by his purchasor, the same Dublin Financier, Isaac VIGNAU, just one-fifth of what John PIGOTT Senior had paid for it 6 years earlier. VIGNAU clearly knew of Peter's difficulties, and probably, I image, driven a hard bargain to get the price down.

This Deed has several points of interest to my PIGOTT family story, and the Memorial of it is as follows:
"141387 [Book 215; Page 172] - DECYX to VIGNAU.
"A Memorial of a Deed of Assignment dated 7 January 1762, Endorsed on an Indenture of Lease dated 26 March 1756, whereby Jeremiah SULLIVAN of the City of Dublin, Gent, did demise and set unto John PIGOTT of the said City of Dublin, Esq, all that new dwelling house then lately built by the said Jeremiah SULLIVAN in Ringsend in the said County of Dublin, next adjoining to John BRYAN's dwelling house, together with the office and backyard thereunto belonging, as the same then stood inclosed, to hold unto the said John PIGOTT, his executors, Administrators and Assignees, from 25th day of that instant March, for 48 years at the yearly rent of £8 sterling, above taxes.
"By which said Deed of Assignment Endorsed, Peter DECYX of the City of Dublin, Gent, in whom the said Lease and premises were then legally vested, in consideration of £20 stg to him paid by Isaac VIGNAU of the said City, Gent, did assign and make over unto the said Isaac VIGNEAU all that the before mentioned dwelling house and premises, with the appurtenances, to hold unto the said Isaac VIGNAU, his executors, administrators and assignees, from the day before the date of said Assignment, during all the residue and remainder of the before-mentioned term of 48 years..."
"The signature and seal of - Is. VIGNEAU."

There are two points of particular interest in this Deed of Assignment:
Firstly, it was signed and sealed by VIGNEAU, and not by Peter; this does appear to be irregular, given that the standard practice was for the Grantor to sign - so perhaps the sale was made under duress due to Peter's insolvency issues?
Secondly, there is no indication here as to any intervening deeds-making, from March 1756 until January 1762, that would appear to have been necessary for DECYX to have been legally vested with the right to dispose of it. Or at least none that have survived. However, in 1873, John PIGOTT's great grandson, William Jackson PIGOTT, of Dundrum, County Down, supplied information about "... an old deed in my possession, where one Hester HILCOCK, alias PIGOTT, alias DECEYX, makes a consignment of house-property in Ring's End, Dublin, to her son, John PIGOTT, son of Capt John PIGOTT, of Brockley Park, Queen's County" [Note and Queries, 4th Series, Volume XII, 8 November 1873].
There is no doubt that this purported and undated deed was never formally registered - but if DECYX had acquired possession of it in its draft form, and offered it as "evidence" of his right to dispose of the property, then it seems likely that the Deputy Registrar should properly have insisted on it being registered, and immediately. Perhaps John PIGOTT was by then not available to add his all-important sign and seal. And notwithstanding the undeniable evidence that Hester HILCOCK was still a Spinster when she married DECYX (see below), which indicates that the "... alias PIGOTT" tag could not have been truthfully applied to her, and may well have been "inserted" later by W.J. PIGOTT, perhaps to mask the evidence that his grandfather was undoubtedly illegitimate.

But that was not enough to settle his predicament, either.
Just five weeks later, on 11 February 1762, Peter DECYX , "... late of the City of Dublin, Silk Throwster," was one of several who petitioned the House of Commons in Dublin, "... praying to be included in the heads of a Bill for the relief of insolvent debtors"; but on 17 February, his petition was ordered by the committee to "... be discharged." [Journals of the House of Commons, pages 729 and 783].
It is unclear whether the term "...late of Dublin" indicates that Peter had left Dublin to live elsewhere, or that he was no longer a Silk Throwster, and perhaps already heading for a stint in the Debtor's Prison of Marshalsea associated with the Four Courts in Dublin.

For there, in June 1763, he died, as this death notice in the Dublin Courier of Friday 17 to Monday 20 June makes clear:
"DEATHS. A few days ago, in the Four Courts Marshalsea, Mr Peter DECYX, formerly of Chequer Lane, Silk Throwster."

Peter's business partner, Paul SEGUIN the younger, had been born in Dublin on 9 January 1721-22, son of Paul SEGUIN Senior and his wife Susanne DEGALS (they were married the Parish church of SS Peter and Kevin, Dublin, on 2 April 1728). His baptism by Mr Anthoine FLEURY, Ministre, was not dated, and his own parents acted as "parrain" and "marrain." But the entry was endorsed with the comment - "Donné un extrait 19 Aoust 1757" - which may well have coincided with him getting his passport for a short voyage, perhaps to Leiden in Holland?
I imagine it quite possible that Peter DESAIX and Paul SEGUIN Junior, may have been of a similar age.


Jeremy DESSIS and Maria HANNAH had a daughter Jeanne, buried on 11 March 1710-11, aged 9 months, at St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, where the Lady Chapel had been turned over for use by the Protestant French refugees known as Huguenots.
From "Livres des Enterrements de L'Église Francoise Unie de St Patrick et de Ste Marie," page 206:
“Jeanne DESSIS – Aujourd’huy 11e Mars, 1710-11, a été enterré par Mr VIRIDET, minister, le corps de Jeanne, fille de Jeremie DESSIS et de Marie HANNAH sa femme, agée de 7 mois, lors de son decés, qui fut le jour d’hyer; les soussignés se sont trouvés au dit enterrement. A. VIRIDENT, Ministre. Marque de P.C. (Pierre CACOS).”

Henrietta RABAULT was named in the Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland, Anno 1715, page 103, in a "List of all the French pensioners, with such as have been added since, July 1711, and also such as are dead, or otherwise provided for, with the day of their death, or other provision, affixed to their names, to this 6th day of December 1715."
So also was named her sister Jane, and their father John RABAULT de la Coudrière, an Army Officer who had served as Adjutant of a Horse Regiment under the Marquis of Ruvigny.
In 1717, at page 345, a note was added, recording that "Henrietta RABAULT and Joan RABAULT, daughters of Lieutenant-Colonel COUDREY, at eighteen pounds 5 shillings, each, per annum, amounts to thirty six pounds 10 shillings per annum; the father has 8 shillings per diem on the Establishment, and one of his daughters is married to one in Germany, therefore we are humbly of the opinion, they ought not to be continued on the establishment."
John RABAULT de la Coudrière had several of his sons (by his wife Nehenée Marguerite JORDOUIN) baptised in the Swallow Street French Church in London in 1692 and 1693, for whom the second, Guillaume, was sponsored by William King of England, Scotland and Ireland (but who was represented by one of the Grooms of his Privy Chamber, Lord SELKIRK), as well as James Duke of Ormond, and the Duchess of Schomberg.

Jeremy may have married secondly this Henrietta RABAULT; she died in Dublin on 28 December 1754, and was also buried at St Patrick's Cathedral.
From "Livres des Enterrements de L'Église Francoise Unie de St Patrick et de Ste Marie," page 232:
“Henriette DECISE… ... (RABAULT) – Est morte le 28e Dècembre, 1754, a esteé enterrée dans la cimitiere de cette église, le 31e du même mois, par Mr SCOFFIER, un de nos ministers. L.J. SCOFFIER, Ministre.”
The space between the names DECISE and (RABAULT) was evidently left quite deliberately by the Minister in order to fill in fuller details later, when they came to hand, so as to conform with other entries in the register. This suggests to me that there was nobody in the congregation who knew what those details were. As Peter DECYX was in Dublin by 1753, and a member of the congregation by 1758, it would suggest that he was not her son, which fits the notion that he had arrived in Ireland as an adult. 
From "Registers of the French Conformed Churches of St Patrick and St Mary," Edited by J.J. Digges La TOUCHE, Dublin, 1893, at page 75:
“Pierre MARTIN – Fils de Pierre MARTIN et de Suzanne MARTIN, est né le 23e Decembre 1757, et a esté baptisé par Mr SCOFFIER, un des ministers de cette église, le 8e Janvier 1758, et a eu pour parrain, Mr Pierre DECYX, et pour marraine, Mad’le Leah BACLE.”

There is no indication that Pierre DECYX was related to this MARTIN family. However, there was a marriage in the same church in March 1783, between Etienne MARTIN (son of Pierre MARTIN and Suzanne BACLE, and so a brother of the Pierre born 1757) and Henriette ROBINET, a niece of Mademoiselle DARASSUS - and the name Robinet does appear in a branch of the DESAIX family in Manhattan much later on, so it is a possibility.
Dominicus DESA and Margaret BYRNE were married at St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 16 October 1751, witnessed Dionysus BYRNE and Antonius DE SYLVA.

Ignatius DE SAA, baptised St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1752, son of Franciscu DE SAA and Margta., witnessed John MOORE and Judith NOWLAN.

At first glance, neither of these last two appear to have any bearing on the identity or ancestry of our Pierre DECYX.


Barnaby HILCOCK; of the Fleece Tavern, City of Dublin, when he witnessed a Deed dated 11 January 1723 (Memorial Number 25201, Registry of Deeds, Dublin), concerning moneys owed to Dennis SHEILL of Ballykillro, county Westmeath, to Terence GEOGHEGAN of the City of Dublin (I suppose we cannot be entirely sure this was Esther's father, but I have found no evidence that there were two of the name); he made a Deed of Lease, dated 4 January 1744 (Memorial Number 91471) demising unto Glassny McMahon, of Dublin, Merchant, for 20 years at a yearly rent of £7 sterling, "...all that the stable and loft over the same, then in possession of Mr POOLE, at the rear of the ground on which the Cockpitt stands; as also all the said ground under ye said Cockpitt, and also all that part of the cellar next to the Cockpitt under the dwelling house of the said HILLCOCK, all which premises are situate, lying and being on Cork Hill in the City of Dublin"; Barnaby HILLCOCK of Dublin was recorded by William HAZLITT (in his "Roll of Honour, Etc", 1971, page 109) under "Roll of Book Collectors" with a "Bookplate, 1751"; Mr E. EVANS (in his letter to the Irish Builder, 1898) also recorded Barnaby as living in 1751 (perhaps from this same source).
Barnaby HILLCOCK was married to Frances (-?-); Frances HILLCOCK was the second sponsor at the baptism at St Andrew's (R.C.) church, Dublin, in 1742, of Margaret, the daughter of John DONOGHE; Frances may have married secondly at St Werburgh's, Dublin, on 4 April 1753, to Charles FINGLAS?
Barnaby and Frances had issue;
1. Hester HILLCOCK. See [A] below.
2. Nicholas KILCOCK, born Cork Hill, 1743, and baptised at SS Michael and John (R.C.), Dublin, sponsored by Francis DOLAN and Ann DOLAN.
3. Frances HILLCOCK, born Cork Hill, 1744, and baptised at SS Michael and John, Dublin, sponsored by Dominicke BROWNE and Margaret ERWIN.
4. Caroline HILOCK, born Cork Hill, 1746, and baptised at SS Michael and John, Dublin, sponsored by Robert GOSON and Dorothy ELIDON (?).

[A] Hester HILLCOCK, of Dublin, born about 1735; as Esther HILLCOCK, 1758, when she was the second sponsor to the baptism at St James's (R.C.) church, Dublin, of Joes Baptista HUTIN,  child of Joes and Luccia HUTIN; Esther DECEASE sponsored the baptism, in 1787, at St Andrew's (R.C.), Dublin, of Esther GARVEY, daughter of Hamilton GARVEY - if this was Peter's widow, it is evident that she did not re-marry; Esther is believed to have died in 1796.


Peter DECYX and Hester HILCOCK were married in August 1760.
The Index to Marriage License Bonds for the Diocese of Dublin recorded the 1760 License for Peter DECYX and Hester HILCOCK, M.L., page 193.
The Irish Builder and Engineer, Dublin, Volume 38, 15 February 1896, at page 44, noted that it was the ecclesiastical duty of:
"... Isaac MANN, D.D., Archdeacon of Dublin and Curate of Donnybrook, to solemnise a marriage between Peter DECYX, of the City of Dublin, Silk Thro(w)ster, and Hester HILCOCK of the parish of Donnabrooke, Spinster."
Further details of this marriage were published in the Irish Builder, on 15 February 1896, in a letter from E. EVANS (which I abstracted in part from a newspaper microfilm in Dublin - probably the same source as the above "snippet" result), recording that the Marriage License, issued by "his grace" Charles COBB, Archbishop of Dublin, was dated 9 August 1760; and that the marriage was celebrated on 12 August.


Peter and Esther appear to have had issue:
1. Michael DECYX or DESAIX alias DISSET; born about 1761; died 16 January 1831, and was buried at St Mark's (C.or I.), Dublin; he married firstly, with possible issue:
     a. Catherine DESAIX.
     b. Mary DESAIX.
Michael may have married secondly, Elizabeth (-?-), with further issue:
     c. Elizabeth DESSIS, born about 1816, and died 8 December 1818, aged 2 years.
2. Susannah DECYX, baptised at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 23 July 1762.
3. Peter DECYX or DESAIX, born about 1763, perhaps after his father's death, but before February 1764; probably married Mary HALL (perhaps a sister of John HALL, who was married to Dinah WILSON); issue:
     a. William De SAIX, who married Bridget NORTON. See [G] below.
     b. a son.
     c. John DESAIX, born 1795, who married secondly, his cousin Dianna HALL (a daughter of John HALL, Citizen of Dublin, by Dinah WILSON, a Quaker from Mountmellick). See [C] below.
See [B] below.

These particular details came almost entirely from correspondence by William Jackson PIGOTT (hereinafter WJP - he was my great-grandfather's first cousin, so a grandson of the illegitimate John PIGOTT Junior) published in the Dublin newspaper, The Irish Builder and Engineer, in 1896, and with Mr E. EVANS (probably Edward EVANS, father-in-law of another PIGOTT cousin from Cork), who replied to one of WJP's letters, which I will abstract in full here.

Firstly, the Irish Builder of 1 February 1896, Volume 38, Number 867, on page 31 - WJP wrote:
"Jeanne, daughter of Jeremy DESSIS and Maria HANNAH his wife was buried in the burying place of the Huguenots, St Patrick's, Dublin, 11 March 1710/11, aged 7 mos. It is possible Pierre DECYX was a son of theirs.
"This Pierre was likely the husband of Henriette nee RABAULT, who died 28th December 1754, and interred same cemetery 31st, and he certainly married (2ndly?) to Hester HEACOCK in 1760 by whom inter alia he had Michael (?) born 1761; Susannah bapt S. Peter's 23 July 1762; and Peter born 1764 who married, probably, a first cousin named HALL, as I am informed that his 3rd son John De SAIX born 1795 (?) married secondly his second cousin Diana, daughter of John HALL, Freeman of the City of Dublin (by Dinah WILSON a Quakeress of Mountmellick), so there must have been a previous relationship existing between the families of HALL, HILCOCK and De SAIX, which might account for the Rev Searle HALL who lived Bride's Street, 1777, and married to a daughter of Travers HARTLEY, Esq, having the christian name De Sciese.
"John De SAIX's eldest brother William married Bridget NORTON, who was probably a daughter of Brett NORTON and Bridget FIFE, MLB 1774. Was the Rev Searle HALL's mother a DECYX?"
Time has conspired to diminish my memory for detail, so I have highlighted those notes in parenthesis (?) and so on, in colour, to indicate that I can longer be certain that I did not insert these notes myself, even as I was writing the copy out long-hand in The National Library of Ireland in Kildare Street, Dublin, back in 1993, from a poor quality copy on microfilm.
Whilst we see a very clear template for the descent of Peter DESAIX in County Wicklow below, it is also clear from other information, which WJP evidently had not seen, that Peter could not have been a son of Jeremy DESSIS - his 1753 petition to the House of Commons clearly indicates that Peter had probably arrived in Dublin relatively recently, and almost certainly as an adult; nor would he have been married to Henriette RABAULT, as she was in Ireland in 1715, and her spouse details were unavailable to the Minister for inclusion in her burial registration, as was the French custom, and with space to add them in when they were determined - indicating that nobody in the congregation at the time of her death, or soon after, knew who her husband had been, including our Peter.
Also, Dublin records indicate that Travers HARTLEY was a prominent Dublin Merchant, and had two wives, neither of whom were named DECYX - Ann SPENCE (married at St Luke's C.of I., 11 February 1748), and Ann GIBTON (married SS Peter and Kevin, 28 March 1752).
Perhaps either Searle HALL or Travers HARTLEY may have had mother named DECYX?

Further, E. EVANS replied to WJP's letter with his own, published in the Irish Builder of 15 February 1896, as follows:
"Sir, Having read in the Irish Builder of 1st inst a letter from Wm Jackson PIGOTT requesting some of your correspondents to assist him in unravelling certain genealogical entanglements in which he is interested, viz't the families of DECYX, HILCOCK and HALL. I feel great pleasure in giving him the following mems relating to at least a few of the families which I trust, if followed up, may lead him to whatever other particulars he may require.
"In an old M.S. Pedigree of the family of PIGOTT, I find that Hester HILCOCK, daur of Barnaby HILCOCK of Dublin (1751), was married firstly to John PIGOTT Esq of the Queen's County, by whom she had a son John PIGOTT of Dublin, born in 1758, and married 3 December 1793 to Mary VICKERS, daughter of Joseph VICKERS of Dublin Esq, by whom she had issue. It appears that John PIGOTT the husband of Hester HILCOCK died either soon after the birth of his first child, or probably before the birth, because she married her second husband Peter DECYX, a French Huguenot, on 12th August 1760, by whom she had issue, the descendants of whom are now living in Newtown-Mount-Kennedy, County Wicklow, and who spell the name DECEASE instead of DECYX.
"But in her marriage license with DECYX, she is called Spinster. This licence was issued 9th August 1760 by his Grace Charles COBB, Archbishop of Dublin..."
[Remainder of article was unreadable.]

Here is the "bomb-shell" news that proves that John PIGOTT was illegitimate, although EVANS was polite enough not to rub the point in. But the extraordinary response to this letter, in which WJP, in a very prickly manner, picked holes in the date references made by EVANS, spurred EVANS to write yet again, on 28 March, wondering why WJP was being so negative in his criticism, and signing off that "...I most respectfully decline to have any further correspondence" with him!
Although that is for another chapter of the PIGOTT story, I mention it here as an illustration of one of WJP's weaknesses. He was very keenly active in researching his family history, and we must remember that he had access to a wealth of original material which has since been destroyed (WJP died in 1921, so did not even live long enough to comprehend that much of his research became de-facto primary source material after the PRO fires in the Four Courts buildings in 1922). However, as we see above, it appears that he did not welcome "unpalatable" facts, and even after the penny dropped about his grandfather's illegitimacy (he must have comprehended that from EVANS's letter), he still continued to research two other Hester HEACOCKS to see if he could find one of them marrying John PIGOTT! I have learnt to take WJP with just a small grain of salt.
The third letter from WJP was published in the Irish Builder of 15 October 1896, Volume 38, Number 884, at page 212:
"The DISSET Tombstone, St Mark's Graveyard.
"Sir, The following inscription appears on a tombstone in the graveyard, a description of which is given in connection with the 'History of Dublin hospitals' at present appearing in the Irish Builder (page 206).
'This stone was erected by Elizabeth DISSET
in memory of her beloved husband
Michael DISSET, who departed this life
16th January 1831, aged 70 years.
Also her daughter Elizabeth who departed
this life 8th December 1818, aged 2 years.
Afflictions sore long time I bore
Physicians all in vain
Till God is pleased to call me hence
And take away my pain.'  
"I am under the impression that this Michael DISSET was the eldest son of the Huguenot Pierre DECYX and his (second?) wife HILCOCK (or HAYCOCK?) whom he married 12 August 1760.
"Can any reader of the Irish Builder confirm me in this opinion, or give me the maiden name of the above Elizabeth DISSET who was his 2nd wife, or the name of his first wife by whom he had 2 daughters Catherine and Mary DISSET?
"Yours,  W.J. PIGOTT, Manor House, Dundrum, County Down. 5 October 1896."

While no details of Michael DISSET have survived in available parish registers, his daughter Elizabeth DESSIT's burial is corroborated in the St Mark's Register, from images on the web-site:
"Elis'th DISSET, aged 2, of the parish of St James, buried St Mark's C. of I., 10 December 1818, registered 28 December, William BARBER, Curate."

However, on the web-site there is a Transcription of an "Index of Irish Wills, 1484-1856," Volume 4/236/18, which mentions both Michael DISSETT and Elizabeth DISSETT, for the year 1831, with an identical National Archives of Ireland Reference Number - IWR/1831/F/65.
And another resource on Findmypast adds some further clarity - this is the "Ireland Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations Indexes, 1595-1858," which records, firstly:
"Mich'l DISSETT, Phibsborough, Co Dublin, Probate Year 1831, Number 21, P."
And later for the year 1851, two consecutive entries:
"Elizabeth DISSETT, Newtownvisy, Bray, Co Wicklow, Widow, Number 241, I.
"Michael DISSETT, Phibsborough, Co Dublin, Gent, Number 246, w/a unad."
Which I interpret to be the administration of his widow Elizabeth, with a reference to her late husband's will/adm'on or his "probate" (in 1831) as having been "Undaministered" by her during the rest of her lifetime. But I may be wrong.

Notwithstanding all of the above, there is another version of this monumental inscription, published 17 years after WJP's letters to the Irish Builder, and which can be found in the 1913 Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland, at page 71, under the heading "Dublin, St Mark's Church and Churchyard. (From Mrs T. LONG)", as follows:
                                        "This stone was erected by Elizabeth DISSET
                                                in memory of her beloved husband
                                                             Richard DISSET
                                                        who departed this life
                                          on the 10th of February 1831 aged 70 years
                                            also his daughter Elizabeth, who departed
                                      this life the 8th of December 1818, aged 2 years."
Whilst I am not going to quibble over how many lines it took, nor whether the capitalisations are correct, it is rather important that the forename of Elizabeth's father is different, as also is the day and month of his death. Although it is a fact that four of the seven letters in both Michael and Richard are identical, explaining away the different interpretations of the first letter and the last two is more difficult, to say nothing of the differences in the day and the month. And whether Mrs LONG had a particular dislike of epitaph poetry, or it had simply become too hard to read, I know not - but as to whether there may have been some deterioration in the quality of the stone, which may have accounted for the other differences as well, I cannot now say. But WJP's version does predate Mrs LONG's - might it on those grounds alone be held to be the more reliable? And this is supported by the additional Wills Index information. Despite his aversion to unpalatable facts, I certainly do not believe that WJP went about deliberately changing things to suit his own predilections.
There is a suggestion at large that Peter DECYX and Esther HILLCOCK may have had another son, named John. In the absence of any indication in this 1896 correspondence, and given that there was probably no time for Hester to have had more than 3 children in the short time she was married to DECYX (August 1760 to June 1763, with the middle birth firmly "booked" for June or July 1762), I suspect the suggestion must inevitably relate to a member of the next generation. Indeed, the dates do rather suggest that Michael (or was this Richard?) was born sometime between May 1761 and August 1761 (assuming that premarital decorum was observed, which it may not have been, given Esther's track record), and that Peter Junior was born after May 1763, but before March 1764 (depending on when his father's incarceration in the Marshalsea Debtor's Prison actually commenced, and whether conjugal visits were permitted by the Prison authorities, or otherwise provided for). It should be further noted that naming a son John DECYX would make life difficult in a household shared with an older half brother named John PIGOTT!

William Jackson PIGOTT made this mention of Peter DESAIX Junior:
"... Peter born 1764 who married, probably, a first cousin named HALL, as I am informed that his 3rd son John De SAIX born 1795 (?) married secondly his second cousin Diana, daughter of John HALL, Freeman of the City of Dublin (by Dinah WILSON a Quakeress of Mountmellick)..."

WJP's father William was a grandson of Esther HILLCOCK, so it follows that William Senior was thereby a nephew of her two DECYX alias DESAIX alias DISSET sons, and should probably have known more than just a little of their doings and that of their children, his cousins. The actual details are so far uncorroborated from available records, but getting to the bottom of how that cousinship arose might well prove very instructive to this story.

Presuming, as I do, that Pierre DECYX came to Ireland as an adult, then it seems reasonable to assume this HALL cousinship probably arose from within Hester HILCOCK's family. But whether WJP knew that Peter's wife was named HALL, or was presuming it from the cousinship between John DESAIX and Diana HALL of the next generation, is uncertain. But we see from Wicklow R.C. baptismal registers, where three younger children of Peter DESAIX and his wife Mary HALL were baptised, that WJP was not merely guessing.

As she was a HALL, and given that Peter Junior and Mary named their eldest son William, which may have been Mary's father's name, then it seems appropriate to begin with a search for a William HALL with children named John and Mary born around the 1760s, give or take 5 years.

One intriguing possibility, I now see, is the Deputy Registrar of the Dublin Deeds Registry who accepted Peter DECYX's claim to have the legal right to ownership of John PIGOTT's leasehold on the Ringsend property - he was in fact a William HALL. And if he was married to a sister of Esther HILCOCK, then he would have known all about it without even having to ask any questions. But this possibility remains remote. So far.

In the article published in the Irish Builder and Engineer, Dublin, on 15 February 1896, and probably in a letter from E. EVANS, it was noted that:
"The family of HALL resided many years in St Bride's Parish during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1689, Edward HALL was churchwarden at St Bride's; the Rev Searle HALL (cousins?) also resided there."

Despite this, there do not appear to have been any evidence in registers for St Bride's parish - perhaps those registers did not survive the 1922 fires. But there was an Edward HALL, who married at St Mary's (C. of I.), Dublin, on 27 January 1727, to Mary TOMLINSON, who may have been the St Bridget's churchwarden?

Further, we do find several possibly connected entries from the web-site:
1. Eliza HALL, baptised at St Paul's (C. of I.) Dublin, 11 December 1803, daughter of John and Dinah HALL.
2. Susannah HALL, baptised at St Mary's (C. of I.), Dublin, 9 August 1818, daughter of John and Diana HALL.
This spouse Dinah may have been Dinah WILSON of Mountmellick - and if so, John was probably a brother of Mary HALL, the wife of Peter DESAIX Junior of Wicklow, and father of Diana  HALL, the wife of John DESAIX. See below.



[B] Peter DESAIX, probably born about late 1763, and undoubtedly the 3rd son of Peter and Hester; married Mary HALL; she is believed to have been Peter's first cousin; issue included:
1. William DESAIX. See [G] below.
2. Peter DESAIX. See [D] below.
3. John DESAIX. See [C] below.
4. Margaret DESAIX, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 8 June 1800, sponsors Thomas DOYLE and Judith JUDD.
5. Thomas DESAIX, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 8 August 1802, sponsors William COSTELLO and Mary KING. Possibly [F] below.
6. Edward DESAIX, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 21 March 1808, sponsors Thomas CLARKE and Rose BYRNE. Possibly [E] below.

Mary DESAIX or DECEISE, born about 1789; death registered at Rathdrum, County Wicklow, 1871, aged 81 [Volume 2, page 874] - possibly a wife or widow?

Anne DECEISE, born about 1794; death registered at Rathdrum, County Wicklow, 1871, aged 76 [Volume 17, page 734] - possibly a wife or widow?

[C] John DESSAIX, probably born before 1795 (probably a son of Peter DESAIX and Mary HALL); married, probably firstly, at Wicklow R.C., 14 October 1816, Ann DEVELIN, witnessed Arthur ELLIS and Mary THOMPSON or FLANAGAN; they had issue:
1. Jane DESSAIX, baptised Wicklow, 13 February 1820, sponsors Patt. TOOLE and Ann HALL.
2. Peter DESSAIX, baptised at Wicklow, R.C., 21 April 1822, sponsors John BYRNE and Mary (indec) ESMOND.
3. Mary DESSEAUX, bapt Wicklow R.C., 2 May 1824, sponsors Owen ROURKE and Mary WATERS.
4. John DECEASE, bapt Wicklow R.C., 24 June 1826, sponsors John ROURKE and Esther ESMOND.
5. Michael DECEAS, baptised Wicklow R.C., 8 November 1828, sponsors Richard and Eliza FLEMMING.
6. Ellen DECEAUX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 6 November 1831, sponsors Edward DECEAUX and Jean DEVELIN.

John DESAIX, probably born before 1818; Butcher, Main Street, Wicklow, 1846 [Slater's Directory]; probably the Mr of Mr and Mrs DESAIX who were buried in the Church of Ireland churchyard in Wicklow (as is made evident on the monumental inscription placed on the grave by their daughter Dinah when she buried her brother William there in 1907); John was a Victualler (or Butcher) in Wicklow, 1839, 1841, 1843 and 1846, with wife Diana; John married, probably secondly, about 1838, Diana (-?-), probably HALL, and if so, she was his second cousin; Diana DESAIX probably died in 1882, her death registered at Rathdrum March quarter, aged 63 [Volume 2, page 860], and buried Wicklow C. of I., 29 january 1882, aged 62 years; they had issue:
1. Elizabeth Susan DECEIX, born 23 May 1839, and baptised Wicklow C. of I., 9 June, father a Victualler.
2. Diana Madeleine DECEIX, born 27 July 1841, and baptised at Wicklow C. of I., 29 August, father a Victualler; as Adelaid DECEISE, buried at Wicklow C.of I., aged 16 months..
3. William Alexander DESAIX, born at Wicklow, 4 April 1843, and baptised Wicklow C. of I., 18 May, father a Butcher; Secretary of the Wicklow Regatta, 1878, and August 1895; Sidesman, Easter Vestries, Wicklow, March 1880; Starter of the River events, Wicklow Athletic and Aquatic Sports, September 1886; Committee for the reopening of Wicklow Market, January 1888; signatory to a protest by the Wicklow Commissioners to the National Board of Education, January 1894; at Main Street, Wicklow, Butcher, 1894 [Slater's Directory]; Wicklow Harbour Commissioner, August 1896; at 6 Main Street, Wicklow, 1901 Census, aged 57, Master Victualler, with his sister (both R.C., both unmarried); he died at Wicklow, 4 April 1907, aged 64, and was buried in his parents grave in the parish churchyard, Wicklow, where his sister erected a monument with the inscription "Erected by DINAH DESAIX, In Loving Memory of her brother, WILLIAM DESAIX, who died on his birthday, April 4th 1907, aged 64 years - 'I know that my redeemer liveth and that he shall stand' - also her father and mother, who are buried beneath"; probate of William Alexander DESAIX, was granted 13 May 1907, to Francis W. McPHAIL, Auctioneer, and Osborne E. BARBER, Solicitor, estate valued at £2078.
4. Adelaide DECEIX, born 31 July 1846, and baptised Wicklow C. of I., 27 September, father a Victualler.
5. Dinah DESAIX, born 17 June 1851, and baptised Wicklow C. of I., 26 June, father a Butcher; probably the Miss DESAIX of Main Street, Wicklow, who was awarded the 9th prize, for Grand Drawing, at the Wicklow Bazaar and Fancy Fair, held in the Abbey grounds [Freeman's Journal, Dublin, 26 August 1875 (? - I forgot to write the year, but remember working out that she was then aged about 21)]; at Main Street, Wicklow, Butcher, 1881 [Slater's Directory]; aged 45, with her brother, 1901 Census; at 96 Cabra Road, Phibsborough, 1911 Census, aged 67, boarding at the residence of Henry and Eliza ELWOOD; she died at Dublin North, 13 December 1921, aged 68 (70 in Undertakers record), funeral from City Morgue, Dublin, to Wicklow Churchyard [J. and C. NICHOLS, Ltd, Dublin, Undertakers].
There is one problem with this speculation, based largely on WJP's note. It would appear unusual, to say the least, for a man to have baptised children by one wife in the Catholic Church, then baptised those by a second wife in the Protestant Church of Ireland, both in the same Town. Not that it was impossible. But questions would no doubt have been asked. Just because WJP asserted that John, the younger son of Peter Junior, did marry a second time, and to his second cousin named Diana, does not necessarily mean that his first wife was Anne DEVELIN. But there do not appear to be any other options available. 

The DESAIX grave in Wicklow Churchyard. Image courtesy of Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive.

[D] Peter DESSAIX, probably born before 1796; believed to have been a Cooper; probably sponsor of his niece Margret DECIX at Wicklow R.C., July 1834; married at Wicklow R.C., 10 January 1817, Anne MURPHY, witnessed by Thomas DESAIX and Mary ROURKE; she was possibly Anne DECEISE, born about 1794, whose death was registered at Rathdrum 1871, aged 76 [Volume 17, page 734]; they had issue:
1. Miles DESSAIS, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 4 January 1819, sponsors Thomas OSMOND and Bridget MURPHY; at 4 Liverpool Buildings, Bebington, Cheshire, 1861 Census, aged 37, Merchant Shipping Clerk, with brother Peter, lodging in the household of Elizabeth AUDLEY; at Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, 1871 Census, aged 52, Carpenter, Unmarried, boarding in the household of Mary RUNDLE; at 1 Parliament Place, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, 1881 Census, aged 62, Master Cooper employing 6 men, with nephew Henry, lodging in the household of Eliza WILSON; Miles died at Liverpool, September quarter 1885, aged 65, and was buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery on 22 August.
2. Mary DESSAIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 27 May 1821, sponsors Owen RORKE and Bridget MALLIN (?).
3. Peter DESAIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 1 November 1829, sponsors Richard WALSH and Ann DECEAS. See [H] below.
4. Henry DECEIS, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 8 June 1834, sponsors Timothy DOYLE and Mary KEARN.


[E] Edward DESCEASE, born 1808 (son of Peter DESAIX and Mary HALL); sponsor of the baptism of his niece Ellen DECEAUX at Wicklow R.C., November 1831; of Newtown-Mount-Kennedy, County Wicklow, Victualler; as Edward DECEISE, Butcher, Newtown etc, 1846 [Slater's Directory]; as Edward DECIES, of Newtown-Mt-Kennedy [Griffiths Valuations, 1852-53], lessee of a House, Office and Garden (and also including a Stall), in the Town, immediate lessor Michael RAPER, of 10 perches, valued at 5s for land and £7 15s  for the buildings, also 8 acres 20 perches of land in the Mt-Kennedy Demesne, immediate lessor John STAMPER, valued at £12 5s; he died at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin, on 5 April 1878 [Probate grant], and registered at Dublin North, 1878, aged 70 [Volume 2, page 433]; probate was granted on the oath of Ellen DECEISE, Spinster and the sole executor, effects under £300; probably married at Wicklow (R.C.), 7 August 1832, Mary MURPHY, witnessed Timothy FLANAGAN and Andrew CUBBERT.

Ellen DESAIX, Dog Licenses for Wicklow, 16 March 1875, of N. Mount Kennedy, a male white poodle - and Edward DESAIX, of ditto, a male black sheep-dog.

Thomas DESSAIX; at 6 Maitland Street, Bray, Wicklow, 1901 Census, aged 33, Butcher's Assistant, residing with his aunt Ellen DESSAIX, aged 60, Housekeeper, both unmarried, both R.C. I have a note that he was a member of the Wolfe TONE and '98 Memorial Committee for Bray, 1899 [Freeman's Journal, 15 July].
Was she the Ellen DECEISE who proved Edward DECEISE's will in 1878? Did she die at Maitland Street, Bray (Registered at Rathdrum) on 26 August 1902, Spinster, House Keeper, aged 57?


Mary DESAIX or DECEISE, born about 1811; death registered at Rathdrum, County Wicklow, 1874, aged 53 [Volume 12, page 682] - possibly a wife or widow?

[F] Thomas DECEIX, probably born before 1819; married Margaret DIXSON (or DIXESSON); they had issue:
1. John DESSAS, baptised Wicklow R.C., 17 August 1828, sponsors Edward DESSAS and Mary DESSAS; probably, as John DECEISE death registered at Rathdrum 1868, aged 40 [Volume 17, page 664]..
2. Eliza DECEAX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 20 December 1830, sponsors Edmund DECEAX and Jean DECEAX (first sponsor perhaps in error for Edward?).
3. Thomas DECEAX, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 25 December 1832, sponsors Joseph THOMAS and Margret BYRNE.
4. Margret DECEIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 6 July 1834, sponsors Peter DECUIX and Mary DECUIX (mother DIXESSON).
5. Michael DECEIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 20 December 1835, sponsors John PATERSON and Eliza DIXESSON (mother DIXESSON).
Thomas DESAIX, possibly the above 1832 birth, although Census information does suggest he was born later, about 1839 (perhaps the 1832 Thomas died young); as Thomas DESSAIE of 29 Charlotte Street, Dublin, son of Thomas and Margaret DESSAIE, when married at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral (R.C.), on 20 June 1864, to Maria Ann DANIEL, of 19 Mid Gardiner Street (daughter of Bernard and Margaret DANIEL), witnessed by Edward and Elizabeth DESSAIE; at Middle Gardiner Street, Mountjoy, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 62, Fitter, R.C., with wife Maryann, aged 60, also born County Wicklow; as Mrs DESSAIX, of 19 Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, placed an advertisement in an American newspaper on 9 December 1871 ("Search for Missing Friends" on, seeking news of her sister, Lucy DANIEL, who left Arklow, County Wicklow, in 1858 for Quebec, and was last heard of at Diamond Harbor about 7 years ago, and asking her to get in touch " hear something to her advantage" by writing to Mrs FLYNN at 15 Oneida Street, Boston, Mass.

Mary DESAIX, born about 1820; her death registered at Rathdrum 1874, aged 53 [Volume 12, page 682] - she may have been the Maria DE SE who witnessed the baptism in Liverpool in 1867 of Peter and Hannah's daughter Annette?
However, John DESSAIX, of Arklow, County Wicklow, son of Thomas and Margaret DESSAIX, was married at St Audoen's (R.C.), Dublin, 21 April 1861, to Anna MERNAH, daughter of Martin MERNAH of 24 Merchant's Quay, Dublin, witnessed by Richard FLYNNE and Maria BRADY.

William DESAIX, born about 1826; his death registered at Rathdrum 1867, aged 40 [Volume 17, page 691].

Griffith's Valuation, County Wicklow (1852-53), for men born before 1831, and some perhaps well before:
Thomas DECEISE, Parish of Kilpoole, Custom House Lane - Thomas GREGORY Jr (immediate lessor), House, annual value £1 5 shillings.
Thomas DESSAIX, Parish of Kilpoole, Town of Wicklow, Corporation lands - Town Commissioners of Wicklow (inmmediate lessors), Forge and Yard, annual value 15 shillings
John DECEISE, Parish of Kilpoole, Main Street - Robert G. CUNNINGHAME (immediate lessor), Office, Yard and Garden, annual value £5.
Peter DECEISE, Parish of Rathnew, Corporation of Murragh, Town of Wicklow, Bond Street - Mary A. GREGG (immediate lessor), House and Yard, annual value £2 15 shillings.

Anne DESSAIX, born about 1833; death registered at Rathdrum 1866, aged 32 [Volume 7, page 801] - possibly a wife or widow?

William DECEISE; born Wicklow about 1834; enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary, 1854, aged 19; emigrated.

Mary DESSIT, born County Wicklow, about 1864; of 11 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin (daughter of John DISSET and Ann RAWEN), when she was married at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral Dublin, on 22 September 1891, to Michael CASSERLY, Grocer (son of John, Farmer), both of 11 Mid Gardiner Street, the second witness being Mary DESAI; Michael was at Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 39, Shopman Grocer, with wife Mary, aged 36, and eight children - John (born 1894), Lucy Mary (1895), Annie (1896), Bridget Christina (1897), Michael (ca 1899), Thomas (ca 1901), Elizabeth (ca 1901) and Ellen (1907).

Thomas DESAIX, born County Wicklow, about 1865; at Kilmantan Place, Bray, Co Wicklow, 1911 Census, aged 45, Victualler's Assistant, with wife Elizabeth, aged 39, married 4 years.


Michael DECIOSE; he had issue:
1. Ellen DECIOSE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 5 October 1828.

I wonder if this might have been Michael senior (1761-1831), up from Phibsborough, County Dublin, visiting relations with his 2nd wife Elizabeth?

[G] William DECEISE, born about 1793, possibly the son of Michael DECYX; died 27 October 1865, aged 72; married about 1818, Bridget NORTON; she died 13 December 1839, aged 42; issue (as annotated in CANTWELL's "Memorials of the Dead" with baptisms from the Irishroots web-site, father only named unless indicated):
1. Eliza DECEISE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 26 December 1819 (as DESUIZE); died 15 August 1866, aged 40, the wife of PHELAN [M.I.]; married at Blessington C.of I., 15 April 1844, John PHELAN, witnessed Joseph MOONEY and Timothy CORNELL.
2. Maryanne DECEISE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 1 January 1822; died 28 April 1878, aged 52 sic - M.I.]; the wife of the late George GARLAND; she was married at Dublin, 6 October 1846, to George GARLAND.
3. Essy DESCEISE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 1 February 1824.
4. Susana DECEISE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 4 February 1826; died young [M.I.].
5. Margret DECISE, baptised Blessington C.of I., 16 November 1831 (mother Bridget).
6. Esther DECEISE, born about 1832 (unless instead Essy above?); died 14 October 1888, aged 56; married at St Peter's, Dublin, 11 April 1861, William J. KING (son of James KING); he was at House 43/39, North Great Georges Street, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 65, Trinity College Butler, C.of I., R/W, Widower, born County Dublin, with his son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter; he died 1(?) May 1910, aged 74; issue included:
     a. William James KING; aged 38, Civil Servant, born County Wicklow, living with his widowered father, along with his wife and daughter; he married Martha (in 1901, aged 37, born County Dublin), with issue - a daughter Mary Esther KING, aged 11, scholar, born City of Dublin.
7. Ellen DECEISE, born about 1834; died 12 April 1872, aged 38, and buried St Mary's, Blessington [M.I.]; married at St James's, Dublin, 21 October 1857, William Thomas BROWNING (son of William BROWNING); issue included:
     a. Mary Ann BROWNING, born Blessington, County Wicklow, 7 November 1864.
     b. Samuel BROWNING, born Cavan, County Cavan, 19 August 1868.
8. John DECEISE, baptised at Blessington C.of I., 15 May 1836 (mother Bridget); Clerk and Sexton of Church; died 4 December 1906, aged 68; married St Peter's, Dublin, 21 October 1867, Margaret Loftus BOOTH (daughter of George Loftus BOOTH); she died at Shangannah Terrace, Killiney, 18 February 1928, aged 79, Widow; issue included:
     a. Harriet DECIESE, born at 7 Sandymount Avenue, Dublin, 28 December 1875.
9. Hannah DECEISE, born about 1839; died 12 April 1878, aged 38; the wife of Patrick DUNGAN or DUNCAN; formerly the relict of W. BYRNE. However, a Hannah DECEST was married at Dublin, 3 February 1846, to a John BYRNE.

A Monumental Inscription in St Mary's parish churchyard, Blessington, County Wicklow:

the Memory of
   BRIDGET DECEISE                      ESTHER
who died 13 Dec. 1839                     wife of
                       aged 42                           WILLIAM J. KING
                 Also her husband                  who died 14 Oct. 1889
    WM. DECEISE                            aged 56
     died 27 Oct. 1865, aged 72            Also her brother
  And their daughters                         JOHN
                        SUSAN                       who died 4th Dec 1906
     who died young                             aged 68
           ELIZA PHELAN                     and her husband
       died 15 Aug 1866, aged 40       WILLIAM J. KING
                       HANNAH                     who died 18th May 1910
   wife of the late                              aged 74
                  PATK. DUNCAN            Also GEORGE GARLAND
            and formerly Relict of             who died 24 July 1912
J. W. BYRNE, Senr.                                   
died 9 Dec. 1871, aged 50                                    
ELLEN BROWNING                                     
died 12th                                    
April 1872, aged 38                                    
wife of the late                                   
 GEO. GARLAND                                   
 28 April 1878 aged 52.                                  

Image courtesy of Yvonne RUSSELL, Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive.

Tithe Applotment Books, County Wicklow (1833):
William DECEASE, Parish of Blessington, House and Garden, 2 roods 4 perches, annual value £1 12s 6d, tithe to Rector 7d, tithe to Vicar 6d.
William DECEASE, Blessington Demesne, 12 acres 3 roods 35 perches, annual value £12 6s 2d, tithe to Rector 4s 5d, tithe to Vicar 3s 7d.
Griffith's Valuation, County Wicklow (1852-53):
William DECEISE, Parish of Blessington, Blessington Demesne - Marquis of Downshire (immediate lessor), land, 9 acres 3 roods 9 perches, annual value £7 10 shillings.


[H] Peter DESSAIX, born Wicklow, about 1833; aged 27, Cooper, born Wicklow, at 4 Liverpool Buildings, Bebington, Cheshire, 1861 Census, residing as a lodger with his brother Miles (aged 37, Unmarried, Merchant Shipping Clerk, born Wicklow); Peter DESAIX, of Wicklow, 10 March 1869 and 9 March 1870, when he paid for a Dog License for a male fawn terrier, fee 6d; Peter DESAIX died at Rathdrum, 1870, aged 37 [Volume 17, page 710]; as Petrum DESAIX, of Liverpool, son of Peter and Hannah DESAIX, when he was married at St Francis Xavier's R.C., Liverpool, on 24 June 1861, to Hannah TEMPLE, also of Liverpool, (born August 1840) daughter of William TEMPLE and Sarah [ECCLESTON], witnessed by James HOBBS and Sarah TEMPLE; the widow Hannah emigrated to New York on the S.S. Aurania, departing Liverpool, 3 September 1892, with her daughter Annette; Hannah was at Lexington Ave, Manhattan, in 1900, with daughter Annette; at East 126th Street, Manhattan, 1905 State Census, aged 65, in U.S. 13 years, Nurse, with son, daughter-in-law and 7 grandchildren; she was at 526 West 160th Street, Manhattan, with daughter Annette, 1910; Hannah died at Manhattan, 16 February 1916, and was buried at Greenwood Union Cemetery [M.I.].
Peter and Hannah had issue:
1. Mary Harriett DESAIX, born West Derby [Volume 8b, page 418], 23 September 1862; died Liverpool, 25 June 1879, and registered at Liverpool [Volume 8b, page 132], aged 16, and buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery, 28 June.
2. Henry Francis DESAIX, born Liverpool, 22 June 1864, and baptised R.C. Liverpool, 3 July, witnessed by James and Ann FURLONG; emigrated to the US in April 1887; he was at 136 East 119th Street, Manhattan, 1900 Census, born June 1864, Compositor, with wife and 6 children; Naturalised 9 May 1904; aged 40, Compositor, residing with his mother, along with his wife and 7 children, N.Y. State Census, 1905; at 533 East 134th Street, Bronx, 1910 Census, aged 46, Printer in Printing House, with wife and 7 children; at Melrose Avenue, Bronx, 1915 State Census, aged 52, Printer, with wife and 6 children; at 920 Melrose Avenue, Bronx, 1920 Census, aged 55, Compositor Pattern, with wife and 5 children; he died Manhattan, New York, 27 December 1929, and buried Mount Olivet Cemetery, Maspeth, Queen's County [Section M, Plot 5291]; married Mary Bessie SIMS (born New York, 25 April 1863); she died at the Bronx, 28 July 1935, and buried with her husband; issue:
     a. Herbert Walker DESAIX, born New York, about 1889; aged 10, with parents, 1900; aged 15, Office Boy, with grandmother, 1905; aged 20, Electrician, Power House, with parents, 1910; Salesman, Rubber, with parents, 1915; at Hawthorne, Passaic County, New Jersey, 1940 Census, aged 50, Executive, Electrical, with wife and 2 children; he died 2 February 1944; married at Manhattan, 29 November 1915, Amelia I. BULL; issue, including Herbert A. DESAIX (born 13 Mar 1919, died October 1958, late of West Virginia).
     b. Annette Helline DESAIX, born New York, 31 January 1892; aged 18, Stock Clerk, Underwear, with parents, 1910; married at Bronx, 10 April 1920, Andrew H. Van HORN.
     c. William DESAIX, born New York, 29 January 1894; possibly died young?
     d. Edward DESAIX, born New York, 1 March 1896; aged 4, with parents, 1900; aged 18, with parents, 1910.
     e. George Robinet DESAIX, born Manhattan, 25 June 1898; aged 2, with parents, 1900; aged 11, with parents, 1910; aged 21, Clerk, with parents, 1920; died 1948, and buried with his parents.
     f. Walter Francis DESAIX, born New York, 8 July 1899; aged 11 months, with parents, 1900; aged 9, with parents, 1910; aged 20, Clerk, with parents, 1920; died Islip, Suffolk County, New York, April 1978; married at Manhattan, 15 June 1928, Zena DECOONS.
     g. Henry Ernest DESAIX, born Manhattan, 16 December 1900; aged 8, with parents, 1910; aged 19, Clerk, with parents, 1920; at Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, 1930 Census, aged 29, Clerk, Oil Station, with wife Inez and daughter; at 108 Clark Place, Memphis, 1940 Census, aged 39, Clerk, Carpet Office, with wife Inese, 3 children, and mother-in-law Mary E. BENNER (aged 63, Widow, born Ireland); he died in Tennessee, 11 March 1988, and was buried at Calvary Cemetery, Memphis; married Inez BENNER (born Tennessee, 13 March 1904); she died at Memphis, November 1985; with issue, including Anne MARIE DESAIX (born Tennesee 19 Nov 1929, died Mississippi 22 January 2016, married ROBERTSON), and several others, one living.
     h. Lillian May DESAIX, born Manhattan, 30 September 1903; aged 6, with parents, 1910; aged 16, Clerk, with parents, 1920; died 12 October 1985, and buried Hastings-on-Hudson, Westchester County, N.Y.; married Harold A. PARNHAM (1904-1985).
3. Anne Elizabeth DESAIX, born Liverpool, 12 June 1867, and baptised R.C., Liverpool, 16 June, witnessed by Francis McOWEN and Maria DE SE; went to New York with her mother, 1892; with her mother in 1900 and 19190; at 526 West 160th Street, Manhattan, 1920, aged 48, Unmarried, Dressmaker; as Annette DESAIX, she died at Yonkers, New York, 29 August 1931, and was buried with her mother.
4. Sarah Eleanor DESAIX, born at Ashford, County Wicklow, 18 June 1869, and registered at Rathdrum [Volume 12, page 299]; died at Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, 9 March 1945.


[C] Thomas DESSAIX, probably born before 1810; of Wicklow; died before 1877; married at Wicklow R.C., 14 January 1839, Martha ELLIOTT, the sponsors being Edward DECEIX and Jane ELLIOT; Martha DESSAIX died at 76 Charlemont Street, Dublin, January 1877, "...aged 66, relict of Thomas DESSAIX of Wicklow, R.I.P. Australian papers please copy" [Freeman's Journal 26 January], and registered South Dublin [Volume 2, page 641]; probable issue:
1. Mary DESAIX; probably married at St Paul's R.C., Annan Quay, Dublin, 4 June 1850, George BYRNE, sponsors Patrick Flynn and Elizabeth CONNOR; probable issue:
     a. (?) George BYRNE, bapt St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1851, sponsor Esther KELLY.
     b. (?) Mary BYRNE, bapt St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1852, sponsors Pat and Bridget BYRNE.
     c. Margaret BYRNE, bapt St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1853, sponsor Eliza DEESE.
     d. (?) Mary Anne BYRNE, of Whyte's Lane, Dublin, born 2 December 1866, and bapt R.C. 3 December.
2. Edward DECUIX or DESSAIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 16 February 1840, sponsors Denis RILEY and Mary BRIEN; at Lower Rutland Street, Mountjoy, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 59 (born Dublin City), Coachmaker, with wife and 8 children; at Conliffe Road, South side, Mountjoy, Dublin, 1911 Census, aged 71 (born Wicklow), Coachmaker, with wife and 4 children; he died at 81 Clonliffe Road, Dublin, 20 August 1928, aged 76, Widower, Coachbuilder, informed by his daughter Katherine KILES, of same address; he was married at Rathmines R.C., County Dublin, on 25 September 1864, to Elizabeth BERGIN; she was born in Dublin, about 1844; she died at 26 Denzille Street, South Dublin, 6 April 1917, aged 72, informed by her son James;  issue included:
     a. Thomas Phillip DESSAIX, born at 38 Wexford Street, Dublin, 21 August 1865, and baptised Harrington Street R.C., 25 August; aged 30, Storekeeper, with parents, 1901; aged 45, Messenger, Probate Court, Four Courts, with parents, 1911; a Thomas DESAIX died at 81 Conliffe Road, 22 May 1916, Bachelor, Labourer, aged 43, informed by Matilda DESAIX, same address, present at the death.
     b. Maria DESAY, of 33 Wexford Street, baptised Harrington Street R.C., Dublin, 2 or 26 June 1867, witnessed Thomas and Catherine HOGAN; possibly aged 27, Dressmaker, with parents, 1901, unless she died young and this was a later birth; she died at 81 Clonliffe street, Dublin North, 19 October 1935, aged 59, Unmarried, Dressmaker, the death informed by her sister Lizzie DESAIX, of 15 Charleville Avenue.
     c. Edward Joseph DE SAIT, of 13 Grenville Street, born 11 July 1869, and baptised St Mary Pro-Cathedral, 16 Jul, son of Edward DE SAIT and Eliza BURGON, witnessed Mary Anne DOYLE.
     d. Francis Peter DESAIN, of 13 Greenville Street, born 3 April 1871, and bapt St Mary Pro-Cathedral, 10 Apr, son of Edward DESSAIN and Elizab. BERRIGHON, witnessed by Marianne DESSAIN.
     e. Martha Matilda DESSAIX, born at 12 Grenville Street, Dublin, 16 December 1872, baptised St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, 23 December, sponsored by Catherine O'BEIRNE; as Matilda, aged 25, Housekeeper Domestic, with parents, 1901; aged 36, with parents, 1911.
     f. John Joseph DESAIX, born 26 Summer Street, Dublin, 29 November 1874, and baptised St Mary Pro-Cathedral, 7 December, sponsored by Maria DESSAIX; aged 23, Coachmaker, with parents, 1901.
     g. Elizabeth Anne DE SALE, of 30 Denzelle Street, born and baptised 1877, St Andrew's R.C., daur of Edward DE SALE and Elizabeth BERGIN, witnessed John FOX and Bridget DONOVAN.; aged 21, Dressmaker, with parents, 1901; she died at 26 Denzille Street, 2 March 1910, aged 27, Spinster, of T.B., informed by her mother.
     h. Catherine DESAIX, born 30 Denzille Street, Dublin, 1879, and baptised at St Andrew's (R.C.), 1879, sponsored by Mary HENDRICK; aged 19, Dressmaker, with parents, 1901; she informed her father's death, 1928; she was married  at St Agatha's R.C., Dublin North, 17 March 1915, to George MILES, Valet, of 27 Michael's Road (son of James MILES, Farmer).
     j. Teresa Florence DESAIR, of 20 Great Clarence Street, born and bapt St Andrew's R.C., 1881, daur of Edward DESAIR and Eliza BERGIN, witnessed Andrew NOON and Elizabeth SALTER; probably married as Florrie De SAIX, at St Agatha's R.C., North Dublin, 10 September 1911, to Daniel CREEGAN, Photoengraver, son of Patrick CREEGAN, Engineer.
     k. Louisa DESAIX, born 10 Buckingham Buildings, Dublin, 15 September 1883, and baptised St Mary Pro-Cathedral, 24 September, sponsored by Julia NOONE; probably as Florence, aged 17, Milliner, with parents, 1901; aged 28, Dressmaker, with parents, 1911.
     l. Henry Edward DESAIX, born Dublin, 2 September 1885, and baptised St Mary Pro-Cathedral, 14 September, sponsored by Mary Anne NOONE; aged 15, Scholar, with parents, 1901; aged 25, Assistant Librarian, with parents, 1911.
     m. James DESAIX; informed his mother's death, 1917, of 26 Denzille Street.
3. Martha DECIESE, baptised Wicklow R.C., 12 December 1841, sponsors John CLEARY and Ellinor ROCHE.
4. Matilda DESAIX, born about 1842; sponsored the baptisms in Dublin of her probable nephews - Thomas DESAIX (1865), Andrew Sydney DESSAIX (1872) and George DESAIX (1874); she probably died at R.D.L. Asylum, on 28 May 1909, Spinster, Servant, aged 65 (registered Dublin North).
5. George DESSAIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 28 January 1844 (indexed as DACEIX), sponsors Peter FLANAGAN and Mary WALL; of King Street, Dublin, when he was married at St Andrew's (R.C.), Dublin, 21 June 1868, to Elizabeth BUGGLE (daughter of James and Mary BUGGLE); issue:
     a. Thomas Christopher DESSAYX, of 29 Cumberland Street, born 1870 and bapt at St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1871, son of George DESSAY and Eliza BUGGLE; See [Z] below.
     b. James George DESSAIX, born 29 S. Cumberland Street, 1872, and baptised St Andrew's (R.C.), Dublin, 1872, the baptism sponsored by William DESSAIX and Agnes BUGGLE.
     c. Mary Elizabeth DESAYX, of 19 Denzille Street, born and bapt St Andrew's R.C., 1877, daur of George DESAYX and Elizabeth BUGGLE, witnessed Wm James EGAN and Sarah GRIFFITH.
     d. Elizabeth Ann DESAIN, of 25 Cumberland Street, born and bapt St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 1881, daur of George DESAIN and Elizabeth BUGGLE, witnessed Mary BERNARD and Mary DESAIN.
     e. Edward John DESAY, of 25 South Cumberland Street, baptised St Andrew's R.C., 4 April 1884, son of George DESAY and Elizabeth BUGGLE, witnessed John DORAN and Jane MacCREVY; possibly married at St Nicholas R.C., South Dublin, 29 October 1911, Elizabeth RUTH (daughter of William RUTH, Labourer), his father named as George DESAY, Blacksmith.
6. Peter DECEISE, baptised Wicklow R.C., 5 July 1846, sponsors John REYNOLDS and Lucy DECEISE. See [D] next below.
7. James DECEIX, baptised Wicklow R.C., 7 February 1850, sponsors Richard FLYNN and Mary DECEISE; Smith, of 18 Charlotte Street, 1882; he died before 1891; married at SS Michael and John R.C., Dublin South, 12 June 1882, Elizabeth SALTER, of 23 Aungier Street (daughter of Thomas SALTER, Porter); she was at 19 Poole Road, Liscard, Cheshire, 1891 census, aged 26, Widow, with two children, residing with her unmarried siblings Margaret SALTER (aged 41), Thomas SALTER (32) and Johanna SALTER (27), Elizabeth died at Toxteth Park, Liverpool, December quarter 1920, aged 61 [Volume 8b, page 270]; issue:
     a. Martha Elizabeth DESAIN, of 23 Aungier Street, born 22 April 1883, and baptised at SS Michael and John, 26 April, daughter of Jacobi DESAIN and Elizabeth SALTER; aged 8, with her widowed mother in Liscard, 1891; witness Anna DALEY; married at Toxteth Park, Liverpool, December quarter 1906, George BRAMWELL [Volume 8b, page 390].
     b. Thomas Joseph DESAIX, born 23 Aungier Street, Dublin, 4 March 1885, and baptised SS Michael and John (R.C.), 9 Mar, sponsored by Matilda DESAIX; possibly died in infancy.
     c. Jacobus G. DESAUX, of 23 Aungier Street, baptised SS Michael and John (R.C.), 28 November 1887, son of James DESAUX and Elizabeth SALTER, witnessed Thomas and Joan SALTER; possibly died in infancy.
     d. Edward Christopher DESAIX, born at 23 Aungier Street, 13 December 1889, and baptised SS Michael and John (R.C.), 16 December, sponsored by Richard and Mary DOYLE; aged 16 months, with his widowed mother, Liscard, 1891.
8. William DECEISE, baptised at Wicklow R.C., 18 August 1857, sponsored by John KEEGAN and Mary MURPHY.

Mary DESSITT, of 1 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, (daughter of John DESSITT and Ann RAWLEY), was married at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, 22 September 1891, to Michael CASSERLEY (son of John CASSERLEY and Bridget MATTHEWS), witnessed by Edward M DERMID and Mary DESAI.

[Z] Thomas DESAY; Wheelwright; of 29 Cumberland Street, son of George and Elizabeth, when married at St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 19 August 1894, to Mary DOWNEY, of 11 Boyne Street (daughter of Francis and Mary DOWNEY); they had issue:
1. George Francis DESAY, born 48 Queen's Square, and baptised St Andrew's R.C., 1896, witnessed Francis DOWNEY and Elizabeth DESAY; probably married at St Andrew's R.C., Dublin, 22 July 1924, Eva DALY (daughter of Hugh DALY, Labourer, deceased; she died at 23 Mackin place, Dublin South, 2 April 1939, aged 30, wife of Labourer.
2. Thomas DESAIR, born Wentworth Place, and baptised at Westland Row (R.C.), Dublin, 1 January 1899.
3. William James DESEANT, born 19 Denzille Street, and baptised at Westland Row (R.C.), 8 October 1899 (mother named Mary Ann DOWNEY).
4. Mary Elizabeth DESAIX, born 6 Wentworth Place, Dublin, 19 June 1904.
5. Josephine DESAIX, born Dublin, 14 May 1909
6. Patrick Joseph DESAIX, born 6 Wentworth Place, 19 March 1911, and baptised at Westland Row, 13 March.

Mary DE SAIX, of 11 Mid Gardiner Street (daughter of John De SAIX), and Michael CASSERLEY were married at R.C. Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin North, 22 September 1891.
Florrie DE SAIX, of 81 Clonliffe Street (daughter of Edward DESAIX, Coachbuilder), and Daniel CREEGAN were married at Dublin North, 10 September 1911.
Elizabeth DESAIX, of 54 South Richmond Street, aged 19 (daughter of Edward DESAIX, Labourer), and Timothy HOLLAND, Tailor, of 9 Johnson's Court off Grafton Street (son of William HOLLAND, Yardsman), were married in Dublin South, 26 November 1931.

William DESAIX; a Blacksmith assistant, October 1898, when he "...fell suddenly dead on Tuesday outside his residence, Benburb Street, Dublin, aged 40 years" [Freeman's Journal, 6 October] or aged 48 [Registration Index].

Harriet DECEISE; death registered at Dublin South, 1876.


[D] Peter Henry DESSAIX, said to have been born at Arklow, County Wicklow, 1846, son of Thomas DESAIX, Coachmaker, and Martha or Margaret ELLIOTT (so named in his marriage registration); Peter emigrated to N.S.W in or before 1867; Coachbuilder, of Wilson Street, off Dowling Street, East Sydney, 1870; re-visited Dublin in 1872; Coachbuilder, Bourke Street, Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo, 1875; of Newcastle, Coachbuilder, when sequestered, 12 December 1878, for bankruptcy [N.S.W. State Records Index], certificated dated 20 February 1879; he paid an Immigration Deposit, 31 December 1879, for the benefit of James DESSAIX, aged 28, Coach-smith, of 78 Charlotte Street, Dublin (he does not appear to have emigrated); Peter was a Coach Builder, of Blane Street, Newcastle, June 1879, when he built a new Wagonette for Mr John GALVIN, who intended to ply for hire of it between Hamilton and Newcastle; gave evidence in a Newcastle Court concerning debts incurred by his son Thomas Patrick, then under age, and whose defence was that the Court had no jurisdiction over a minor, 25 January 1887, stating that his son was born on 24 January 1868, was carrying on the business for himself, that he (Peter) had nothing to do with the receipts, that he worked for his son and had been paid by him, that he never got a shilling from the business, and that his son had a banking account of his own [Newcastle Morning Herald, 25 January] - this looks suspiciously like Peter may have turned the business over to his under-age son in order to continue trading after he was declared bankrupt; Coachbuilder, 103 Darlington Road, Darlington, 1890; of Myrtle Street, North Sydney, Coachbuilder, May 1896, when subject to a  Sequestration Order for Bankruptcy, by his own petition; of Fitzgerald Street, Waverley, 1897; of North Sydney, Coachbuilder, when sequestered, 23 May 1896, for bankruptcy [N.S.W. State Record Index]; of Ridge Lane, North Sydney, 1904; Peter was seriously injured at North Sydney in July 1910, a Coachbuilder aged 60 (?), when a spring cart fell on him while he was repairing it, crushing his chest-bone; of 29 Ancrum Street, North Sydney, 1910; of Bray Street, Mosman, 1915; he died at the Rydalmere Mental Hospital, 23 October 1935, (parents Peter DESSAIX, a Blacksmith, and Martha) "...of Mosman, grandson of the late General DESSAIX (hero of the Marengo, France), and loved husband of the late Susan DESSAIX, aged 88 years, R.I.P. Privately interred" [Sydney Morning Herald,Saturday 26 October], and was buried at Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde [R.C., Section C, Plot 805 - named in Cemetery records in error as DESSIAX]; he was aged 20 when he was married at St Mary's R.C. Cathedral, Sydney, on 8 May 1867, to Susan ERWIN, aged 17, born Sydney, parents Patrick ERWIN, Publican, and Eliza NELSON, consent of Charles Frederick SCOTT, she signed the register, Peter made his "X" mark; she died at Mosman, 2 July 1919 (parents Patrick and Eliza), and was buried at the Field of Mars Cemetery [R.C. Section C, Plot 805], after service at the Sacred Heart Church, Mosman [The Sun, Thursday 10 July, and The Catholic Press, Thursday 17 July].

Susannah's grave in the Field of Mars Cemetery. Peter was also buried here, but no additional inscription was made.

Peter and Susannah had a large family, including:
1. Thomas Patrick DESSAIX, born Lane Cove, 24 January 1868. See [E] below.
2. William Edward DESSAIX, born Sydney, 15 March 1870; of Medlow Bath, 1911 [Border Morning Mail, Albury, 8 February 1911]; he died at North Sydney, April 1927, funeral 16 April, late of North Sydney; buried Field of Mars Cemetery [R.C., Section C, Plot 804] in an unmarked plot next to his mother.
3. Andrew Sydney DESSAIX, born at Charlotte Street, Dublin, 6 June 1872. See [F] below.
4. Peter Henry DESSAIX, born Sydney, 9 October 1874 [Indexed as DISSAIX]. See [G] below.
5. Martha Jane DESSAIX, born Sydney, 21 September 1876; aged 59 in her father's 1935 death registration; died at Chatswood, 1956; married at St Leonards, 1902, James J. RIDDLE.
6. Florence Matilda DESSAIX, born Newcastle, 16 August 1878; died before her father; married at St Leonards, 1899, William Glough RODGER; issue:
     a. Frederick William RODGER; living July 1920; died North Sydney, 1948.
     b. Elsie F.M. RODGER, born Mosman, 1907; living July 1920.
     c. Mary L.J. RODGER, born Mosman, 1909; living July 1920.
     d. Nellie I. RODGER, born Mosman, 1912; living July 1920.
7. Alfred George DESSAIX, born Newcastle, 1881 [date not accessible in Index]. See [H] below.
8. Frederick Arthur DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 20 March 1883. See [J] below.
9. Francis James DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 22 July 1885; See [K] below.
10. Edmund Roger Bede DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 24 August 1887. See [L] below.

[E] Thomas Patrick DESSAIX, born Lane Cove, 24 January 1868 [registered at St Leonards]; in January 1887, he appeared in Court in Newcastle as defendant of a summons brought on by Alexander LYNCH for 6 pounds for work and labour done - Thomas pleaded that as he was under age, the Court had no jurisdiction to hear the case; in the same month, a notice was published advising the sale by public auction of a large quantity of coach building materials on the premises of Thomas Patrick DESSAIX, Coachbuilder, Blane Street [Newcastle Morning Herald, Monday 17 January]; of Enmore and Cabramatta, when sequestered, 5 July 1894, for bankruptcy [N.S.W. State Records Index]; in about 1897, he "...accompanied his father on a Continental tour. In France, they were astonished at the respect that was shown for the name of DESSAIX. The authorities in Paris were lavish in their attention to the visitors" [Border Morning Mail, Albury, Wednesday 8 February 1911]; known as "Shaddo" in August 1899, for his activities as a Private Detective, having been charged with attempting to extort the premises of James FLETCHER, together with Victoria WHITE and his uncle James ERWIN [Albury Banner, 20 August 1899] - WHITE and ERWIN were discharged after being found not guilty of conspiracy, but DESSAIX was returned into his former custody [Albury Banner, 23 February 1900]; of 5 West Street, North Sydney, 23 Nov 1903, when the business named Melrose Laundry was registered in his wife Harriett's name; of 312 West Street, North Sydney, 1904; in March 1904, he took a lease on premises in Townsend Street, Albury, on a weekly rental from Patrick KELLY, who in January 1906 took action in the Albury Police Court for DESSAIX's ejectment, despite Thomas claiming that he had a verbal agreement for a three year tenure [Border Morning Mail, Albury, 21 January 1906]; he registered in his own name, 23 November 1906, the firm The Melrose Laundry, in Dean Street, Albury; land salesman with the firm of Arthur RICKARD Limited, February 1911 [Border Morning Mail, 8 Feb]; with Henry George PINNER, on 19 January 1918, registered the business DESSAIX and PINNER, Land and Estate Agents, various addresses (unspecified); aged 68 in his father's 1935 death registration; he died at Muswellbrook, 20 June 1949, aged 81; married in Victoria, 1890, Ellen Harriet BROWN; she was at 28 Ryde Road, Gordon, Martin Division, 1930, Home Duties; at 4 Steinton Street, Manly, Mackellar Division, 1949, Home Duties; she died at Mosman, 6 June 1952, aged 83, and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section K8, Plot 66]; issue:
     a. Florence Elsie DESSAIX; at Morvern, 28 Ryde Road, Gordon, 1930, Home Duties, with husband Areli Ernest, a Bricklayer; still there in 1949; she died at Chatswood, 1952, and buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section K6, Plot 45]; married at Mosman, 1915, Areli Ernest GREEN, with issue two known sons, including John Richard Ernest GREEN, Corporal, A.A.S.C., who died at Stanhope, Qld, 29 July 1942, aged 20.
     b. Harold John Francis DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1893 #33224. See [N] below.

[F] Andrew Sydney DESSAIX, born at Charlotte Street, Dublin, 6 June 1872, and baptised at Rathmines R.C., 23 June, sponsored by Andrew IRWIN and Matilda DESSAIX; of Ebley Street, Waverley, 1897; of Greta, Camden Street, Newtown, 1904, a coachbuilder; at 2 Hedger Avenue, Ashfield, Martin Division, 1935, Blacksmith, with wife and 2 children; aged 63 in his father's 1935 death registration; he died at Newtown, 6 January 1946, late of Burwood, and was buried at Rookwood Necropolis [Anglican, Section 12, Plot 2231, Row 16]; he was married in 1891, to Maude Mary ELLIOTT; she died 14 August 1935, aged 44, and buried Rookwood Necropolis [Anglican, Section 12, Plot 2233, Row 16]; with issue:
     a. Ellerstene Monica M. DESSAIX, born Newtown, 1891; died St Peters, 24 February 1907 #2797, aged 15, late of Newtown.
     b. Royal Sydney Desmond DESSAIX, born Newtown, 1893. See [M] below.
     c. Gwendoline Doris Marie DESSAIX, born St Peters, 1896; at 33 Links Road, Concord, Martin Division, 1930, with husband; they were at 24 Correy Road, Concord, 1936, and at 47 McNamara Street, Concord, 1943 to 1958; she died in N.S.W., 1980 #12422; she was married at Marrickville, 1919, to Walter Raymond SPARKS, Manager and Traveller.
     d. Marcia Dagmar Sylvia DESSAIX, born Waverley, 1897; at 2 Hedger Avenue, Ashfield, 1931; at 26 Cowles Road, Mosman, 1943; at 3 Grandview Parade, Pittwater, 1980; she died in N.S.W., 1982 #12790; she was married at Marrickville, 1918, to Walter J. HIGGINSON.
     e. Olga D.S. or F.D. DESSAIX, born St Peters, 1900; died St Peters, 1901 #3101.
     f. Marjorie Eileen Phyllis DESSAIX, born St Peters, 1902; she was at Melville Street, South Ashfield, 1930, with husband; they were at 18 Queensborough Road, Croydon, 1933, and at 7 Handy Street, Ashfield, 1937 to 1963; she died in N.S.W., 1980 #1826; married at Ashfield, 1923, Neville Reginald MARKHAM, a Law Clerk and Traveller.
     g. Hector Earl Neville DESSAIX, born St Peters, 1905; at Ayr Street, Ashbury, Parkes Division, 1930, a Salesman, with wife Linda Gwendoline; at Ayr St, Ashbury, 1935, Salesman, with wife; at 12 Rookwood road, 1954, Storekeeper, with wife Joan; died 23 September 1974, aged 68, late of Carringbah; married at Hurlstone Park, December 1924 #10327, Linda Gwendoline HADLEY (daughter of Mrs Rose and the late Mr Frederick Herbert HADLEY); she was at 17 Ayr Street, Ashbury, Albury, Evans Division, 1949, Home Duties, with 2 probable sons; she died on 26 February 1975, late of Oyster Bay; issue included a son - Graeme Harold DESSAIX who died in N.S.W., 1979 #14439.
     h. Bernard Henry Elliott DESSAIX, born about 1907; at 7 Northwood Street, Camperdown, 1930, Motor Diver; with his parents, 1935, Truck Driver; at 28 Bridge Road, Hornsby, Robertson Division, 1949 and 1954, a Truck Driver; he died at Hornsby, 25 June 1957 #12856, aged 50, late of Hornsby.
     j. Corona Shirley Vida DESAIX, born St Peters, 1911; with her parents, 1935, Clerk; she died on 23 August 1989, Late of Hornsby; she was married at Ashfield, 1940 #1666, to Albert Matthew BLEWETT.

[G] Peter Henry DESSAIX, born Sydney, 9 October 1874 #2790 (Indexed as DISSAIX); probably registered the firm Devereux Brothers, Contractors, House Painters and Coach Painter, 31 July 1903, at 35 Edwards Street, North Sydney; residing at 41 Atchinson Street, Crow's Nest, 1921; at 78 Young Street, Neutral Bay, 1930, Painter, with son and two daughters; died at Mosman, 21 April 1933, aged 58, and buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section B5, Plot 28, unmarked plot - named in Cemetery records in error as DESSIAX]; married at St Leonards, 1898, Ethel Sylvia M. BULLIVANT; she probably died, as Ethel Minnie, on 3 May 1921, aged 43, at Rydalmere, late of Lane Cove, and buried at Gore Hill Cemetery [S.M.H., Wednesday 14 May]; with issue:
     a. Thelma Sylvia Minnie DESSAIX, born St Peters, 1899 #25180; as Thelma Elvira Minnie, with father, 1930, Home Duties; at 22 West Street, Crow's Nest, North Sydney Division, 1931 and 1933, with husband; she was married at North Sydney, 1931, Aubrey JONES, Deckhand.
     b. Elvira Enid Pearl DESSAIX, born Newtown, 1901; at 93 Young Street, Neutral Bay, 1930, with husband; they were at 39 Laycock Street, Narrabeen, in 1933, and at 11 Shadforth Street, Mosman, in 1934; she died at St Leonards, 1969 #37995; she was married at North Sydney, 1928, to Kenneth Robert IRVINE, Labourer.
     c. Stanley Reginald DESSAIX, born Mosman, 1904 #34399; with father, 1930, a labourer; died at North Sydney, 7 June 1935 #8202, and buried in his father's plot at Macquarie Park.
     d. Alma Mary DESSAIX, born Mosman, 1904 #34400; with father, 1930, Home Duties; at 63 Burlington Street, Crow's Nest, 1935, Home Duties; at 45 Hayberry Street, Crow's Nest, 1937, Home Duties, with brother; she died on 24 August 1975, late of Mosman; she was married at North Sydney, 1940 #27592, to Francis George HOARE.
     e. Raymond Bernard Ashton DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1908 #8305; at 45 Hayberry Street, Crow's Nest, 1937, Painter, with sister; at 18 Ward Street, North Sydney, 1943, Painter; died 7 November 1983 #25682, and was buried at Rookwood Necropolis [Remembrance Lawn, Section 1, Plot 331, Row 13].
     f. Neidah Estelle Dulcie DESAIX, born St Leonards, 1910 #43282; at 26 Clarke Street, Crow's Nest, North Sydney Division, 1932, Home Duties; at 88 Undercliffe Street, Neutral Bay, 1937 to 1963, Governess, with husband; she married at Manly, 1936, Jack Edward SELFE, Taxi Driver.
     g. (?) Cyril Frederick Kenneth DESSAIX; at 109 Awaba Street, Mosman, 1943, Clerk; died in N.S.W., 1979, father named Peter in index to death registration.

[H] Alfred George DESSAIX, born Newcastle, 1881; Painter, 100 Hayberry Street, Crows Nest, 1913, with wife Ada Alice; registered the firm Alfred McGeorge, Housepainter and Contractor, 12 October 1921, at 68 Willoughby Road, Crow's Nest; as Alfred Charles, died at North Sydney, 19 August 1927, aged 45, late of Crows Nest, and buried at Field of Mars Catholic Cemetery; married in 1902, Ada Alice CHAPMAN (parents James and Ada Alice, named in index to her death registration); she was at 13 Brook Street, Naremburn, 1930, no occupation; at 36 Slade Street, Naremburn, 1935, Home Duties; at 47 Oakville Road, Chatswood, 1937, Home Duties, with son; she died at Willoughby, 14 August 1958, aged 76, late of Mosman; with issue:
     a. Elsie M. DESSAIX, born Burwood, 1901.
     b. Alice A. DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1903.
     c. Grace Eileen Emma DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1904; at 8 Hambledon Street, Hawthorn, Yarra Division, 1942, Home Duties, with husband, then a Munitions Worker; at 47 Oakville Road, Willoughby, North Sydney Division, 1963, with husband; they were at 5/17 Renwick Street, Leichhardt, 1972; she was still there in 1977, on her own; she was married at Paddington, 1938, to Edgar Robert BULKELEY.
     d. Alfred G. DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1906; died St Leonards, 27 May 1907 #6558, infant, late of North Sydney.
     e. Violet Susan DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1907; at 13 Brook Street, Naremburn, 1930, with husband; they were at 36 Slade Street in 1935, at 47 Oakville Street, Willoughby, in 1943, at the Pacific Highway, Mount Colah, in 1945, and at 141 Pentecost Highway, Turramurra, in 1954she was married at North Sydney, 1926, to Richard Roland WATTS, Bricklayer and Contractor.
     f. Henry J. DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1909; died St Leonards, 1909 #3235.
     g. Mabel E. DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1910; married at Parramatta, 1932, Kenneth J. THOMPSON or DUNSTAN.
     h. Thomas Patrick DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 23 March 1912; at 47 Oakville Road, Chatswood, 1937, Bricklayer, with his mother; at 317 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, 1943, Bricklayer; at 23 Stephen Street, Hornsby, 1954, Bricklayer, with Myrtle Fay, Home Duties, probably his wife; he died 4 February 2003, aged 90, late of Port Macquarie, and was buried at Innes Gardens Cemetery, Port Macquarie; possibly married at North Sydney, 1937 #2196, Jean Isabel WINCHESTER; possibly married secondly, Myrtle Fay (born 5 January 1920), known as Pat, who was buried Innes Gardens Cemetery, 8 January 2001, leaving issue 2 sons, and Peter DESSAIX, who died at North Sydney in 1950, an infant..
     j. Ernest Frederick Erwin DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1914; at Oates Avenue, Mt Gravatt, Moreton Division (Qld), 1949, Contractor, with wife Bridget Mary - they were enrolled in the same year at Wiyarra, Killarny, McPherson Division (Qld); he died in N.S.W., 22 November 1985 #29318, late of Mount Kuring-Gai, and was buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C., Block 12, Plot D].
     k. Elsie M. DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1914.

[J] Frederick Arthur DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 20 March 1883; Painter, at 24 Waters Road, Mosman, 1913, with wife Mary Ann Lillian; at 432 Olive Street, Albury, Hume Division, 1930, a Painter, with wife Mary Ann Lillian; aged 52 in his father's 1935 death registration; at 17 Anglesea Street, Bondi, 1935, Painter, with wife; at 29 Penkivil Street, Bondi, 1937, all ditto; at 82 Balfour Road, Bellevue Hill, 1943, Painter, with wife; he died at Redfern, February 1944, funeral 9 February, and buried Eastern Suburbs Cemetery, Matraville [R.C., Section FM3, Plot 590]; married at Mosman, 1916 #9188, Mary Ann Lillian RICHARDSON (parents James and Mary Ann in index to her death registration); she was at 8 Berry Street, North Sydney, 1949, Home Duties; at Lilianfels Avenue, Katoomba, 1954, Home Duties; she died on 20 May 1966, aged 81, late of Mosman, and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section EE4, Plot 40]; issue:
     a. Teresa Susanna Alma DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1914 #50071; at 131 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, Wentworth Division, 1937; she was married at Waverley, 1939, to Thomas LAMICH.
[K] Francis James DESSAIX, born at St Leonards, 22 July 1885; at Wheeny, Medusa Street, Mosman, 1930, a Storeman, with wife Annie Elizabeth; ditto, 1937, with wife; aged 50 in his father's 1935 death registration; died Newtown, 19 July 1957, aged 71, late of Mosman, and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section H15, Plot 54]; he was married on 9 January 1915, to Annie NORRIS; she probably died, as Annie Elizabeth, on 3 February 1964, late of Mosman.

[L]  Edmund Roger Bede DESSAIX, born at St Leonards, 24 August 1887; registered the firm Edmund Rodger and Coy, House Painter and General Contractor, 3 Feb 1922, at Alpha Street, Willoughby; aged 48 in his father's 1935 death registration; at 40 Phoenix Street, Lane Cove, 1943, Painter, with wife;\; died 28 July 1948, aged 60, late of Lane Cove, and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section H15, Plot 52]; married at Petersham, 1908 #8747, Eva Pearl Elizabeth LIPSCOMBE (parents Richard William and Margaret, as recorded in the index to her death registration); she died 7 June 1955, aged 65, and buried Macquarie park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section H15, plot 53]; issue:
     a. Evelyn Martha Florence DESSAIX, born Mosman, 1909 #16542; at 37 Longueville Road, Artarmon, 1930, a Teacher; she married at North Sydney, 1930, George R. JOHNSON.
     b. Leslie Edmund Reginald DESSAIX, born Mosman, 1911 #6441; died 3 September 1917 (Registered at St Leonards, #13112, as DESSIAX), and buried Gore Hill Cemetery [C.of E., Section V, Plot 6].

[M] Royal Sydney Desmond DESSAIX, born at Newtown, 1893; 1st AIF, enlisted 11 August 1914, aged 21 years 3 months, and discharged 4 March 1915; at 45 Kingsgrove Road, Belmore, 1935 and 1937, Manufacturer, with wife Edna; died at 45 Kingsgrove Road, Campsie, 1 November 1937, registered Canterbury #22104, and buried Rookwood Necropolis [Anglican, Section 12, Plot 3195, Row 25].
Royal S.D. and Madge DESSAIX had issue:
1. Roy S.D. DESSAIX; born about 1908-09, details not yet found in Statutory Indexes - perhaps ? registered under Madge's maiden surname; he died at Newtown, 1911 #11290, and was buried at Rookwood, Anglican, Section NN, Plot 183 (no M.I.), buried 10 July 1911, aged 2.
Royal married at Marrickville, 1916 #10512, Edna Florence Ethel BULLIVANT; she was at 45 Bexley Road, Campsie, 1943, Home Duties, with Aimee Necia DESSAIX, Interior Cabinet Coverer, probably a daughter; ditto, 1954, Home Duties, with son; she died 7 January 1994, aged 95, late of Campsie, and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery [General Lawn, Section GJH, Plot 136]; By her, Royal had further issue:
2. Aimee Necia DESSAIX, born about 1919; with her mother in the 1943 Electoral Roll; she died on 7 August 2007, aged 88, late of North Ryde, formerly of Campsie; she was married at Canterbury, 1944 #21917, to Raymond Leslie GREAVES.
3. Dudley Desmond DESSAIX, born Campsie, 16 April 1921; at 30 Soldiers Avenue, Harbord, Mackellar Division, 1954, Manufacturer, with wife Hazel Elizabeth; he died on 19 July 2009, aged 88 (notice in the Manly Daily), and was buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery [R.C. Monumental, Section H15, Plot 52]; she died on 20 December 1978, late of Harbord, the death registered in N.S.W., 1979 #555 (parents Alfred Ernest and Jane Mary Watson).
4. Lionel Sydney DESSAIX, born Campsie, 28 August 1922; at 45 Cecilia Street, Belmore, Lang Division, 1954, Process Worker, with Lilian Josephine, probably his wife..
5. Yvonne Edna DESSAIX, born Campsie, 6 January 1925.
6. Paul Donald DESSAIX; with mother, 1954, Tailor; youngest son, December 1952, when engaged to be married to Margaret SNEDDEN.
7. Hector Ernest DESSAIX; died N.S.W., 1974 #15846, father Roy.

[N] Harold John Francis DESSAIX, born St Leonards, 1893; at La Paloma, Central Ave, Mosman, 1930 and 1937, Carpenter, with wife Pearl Mary; at La Paloma, 24 Central Avenue, Mosman, 1943 and 1949, Carpenter, with wife and children; named in his brother-in-law Areli GREEN's funeral notice, 1949; died at Parramatta, 22 March 1969 #21969, late of Mosman, and buried French's Forest Cemetery [R.C., Section K4, Plot 28 - no M.I.]; married at Mosman, 1917 #12348, Pearl FENTRILL; she probably died, as Pearl Mary, 9 March 1968, aged 76, late of Mosman, and buried French's Forest Cemetery [R.C., Section K4, Plot 28], and if so, her mother named Sarah in index to her death registration; with issue:
1. Doris Mary DESSAIX, born Mosman, 1 October 1918; with parents, 1943, Typiste; she probably died on 16 July 1975, late of Mona Vale; she was married at Bowral, 1947, to Winston Michael GRAY.
2. John Patrick DESSAIX, born Mosman, 26 September 1920; with parents, 1943 and 1949, Carpenter and Joiner; at 24 The Crescent, Dee Why, Mackellar Division, 1954, with his wife Joan Rosale, Home Duties; he died on 2 April 1999, late of Balgowlah heioghts, formerly of Dee Why (death notice, S.M.H., 7 April); he married Joan Rosale (-?-); she died on 15 December 2015, aged 93 (death notice in the Manly Daily, 17 December); they had issue - a daughter, stillborn in N.S.W., 1962 #37250.
3. Richard Thomas DESSAIX, born before 1928; with parents, 1949, a Carpenter; at 17 Waine Street, Harbord, Mackellar Division, 1954, Carpenter, with his wife Mary Elizabeth, Home Duties; he died at the Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, 27 October 1967 #39629, late of Harbord; she died on 21 September 2001, aged 76, late of Harbord.

One mystery surrounds a Peter DESSAIX who was badly burned in a fire in North Sydney in July 1909, then aged 70, and described as a Frenchman. Was this the same Peter DESSAIX, who was actually aged only 63?
The other "mystery" surrounds his alleged grandfather - my information is that the General DESSAIX who died at the Battle of Marengo in June 1800 was Louis DESSAIX, a Napoleonic General, killed by the Austrians in their comprehensive defeat by the French at Marengo, and probably had nothing to do with Wicklow in Ireland.


Jane DECEIX was enumerated in the 1850 Census for 7th Ward, New York County, aged 23, born Ireland, in a household with Mary DECEIX, aged 25, Peter COFFEY, aged 18, Carpenter, Mary A. COFFEY, aged 23, and Mary MACKIN, aged 21, all born in Ireland.
Jane DECEIX, Dressmaker, was directory listed at 326 Third, New York City, 1852.


Michael DISSET was married at St Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, 25 February 1800, to Anne BROGGEY.
Michael DISSETT died at Listowel, County Limerick, in 1877, aged 80.
Mary DISSETT died at Listowel in December quarter 1900, aged 94.
Edmond DISSET died at Listowel, Septemberquarter 1879, aged 75

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