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John PIGOTT of Dublin, Ireland, Linen Draper, and of Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis City in the 1880s.

A view of the Saint Louis landing, on the Mississippi, about 1850.


John PIGOTT was recorded as having been born in Dublin on 20 October 1782 (the Montana pedigree - see below).
He emigrated to the United States, probably arriving in Philadelphia on the ship Fox, 12 July 1819, with Robert ERWIN and Mrs ERWING; he settled in Saint Louis, Missouri, where his wife (Frances HALE) and three surviving children (Eliza, Frances and William J. PIGOTT) joined him a year or two later.
John was not the only member of his immediate family to emigrate to America. So too did his brother William - see [B] below; his sister Gertrude - see [C] below; and his sister Frances, the wife of David DYAS - see [D] below.

John PIGOTT's obituary referred to him as a "...native of Dublin"; and the typed family pedigree (the Montana pedigree) which recorded his birth date as 20 October 1782 is probably a copy of a family bible entry, and was probably compiled in Montana in the late 19th or very early 20th century; it is among the possessions of descendants of Henry Hale PIGOTT (1868-1954), now living in Denver, Colorado.

John was almost certainly a Linen Draper in Dublin before he emigrated.

John PIGOTT of Dublin, a Wholesale and Retail Linen Draper, resided at 97 Back Lane, 1808-10; he was declared Bankrupt in January 1811, when his interest in the dwelling house and premises on the south side of Back Lane, which he held for a term of 19 years at a small annual rental, and where he carried on the trade of wholesale and retail Linen Draper, were to be put up for sale; he was back in business, as a Linen Draper, 10 North King Street, Dublin, 1813-14; and thereafter at 3 Upper Bridge Street (1819).
John was initiated into Membership of Masonic Lodge No 153, Dublin, 8 February 1808, then residing at Back Lane, a Linen Draper; he was Grand Master of that Lodge, 19 March 1810, when he presided over a Lodge meeting at which James HALE (probably his brother-in-law) was " receive his certificate... having paid the sum agreed upon him".
John was of Linen Hall Street, Dublin, Merchant, when named as grantor of a Deed of Assignment dated 16 January 1816 [Memorial No 478463, Deeds Registry, Henrietta Street, Dublin], demising premises at 12 North King Street to William PIGOTT (presumed to be his brother - see [B] below); and of Upper Bridge Street, Dublin, Calico and Linen Merchant, when named as grantor of another Deed of Assignment dated March 1819 [Memorial No 503419], demising a new brick dwelling at 3 Upper Bridge Street to George BELL of Linen Hall Street.

John PIGOTT disappears from Dublin records after 1819.

John PIGOTT was married by the Rev Mr MADOLE, at St Mary's (Abby) Church of Ireland, Dublin, on 9 May 1803, to Frances HALE (the Montana pedigree).
They had nine children, whose birth dates are recorded in the Montana pedigree; five of the children born in Dublin died young, and only two of them have a surviving baptismal record:
1. William PIGOTT, born 18 September 1804; died 18 March 1806; probably, as William PICKETT, buried at St Catherine's Church of Ireland, Dublin, 24 March 1805, and if so, the date of death on the family pedigree is evidently in error.
2. Hannah PIGOTT, born 20 November 1805; died 18 March 1806; probably, as Hannah PICKETT, buried at St Catherine's, Dublin, 17 March 1806; ditto the day of death.
3. Charlotte PIGOTT, born 11 January 1907, and baptised at St Paul's Church of Ireland, Dublin, 23 January 1807; died 5 August 1813, of King Street, Dublin, and as Charlotte PIGOT, buried at St Catherine's (Church of Ireland), 7 August 1813.
4. See below.
5. John PIGOTT, born 28 October 1809, and baptised at St Nicholas Within (Church of Ireland), 5 November 1809; as John PIGOT, died 25 March 1814, of King Street, Dublin, and buried at St Catherine's, 27 March 1814, aged 4.
6. Thomas PIGOTT, born 18 August 1811; died 5 April 1812, of King Street, and as Thomas PIGOT, buried at St Catherine's, 6 April 1812, Dublin.
They had three more children born in Dublin, who did survive childhood and emigrated to America with their mother in 1821, although no baptismal records for them have survived:
4. Elizabeth (Betsy) PIGOTT, born 3 August 1808. Later Mrs MADDOX, of Saint Louis Missouri, See below.
7. Frances PIGOTT, born 7 January 1813. Later Mrs GORMAN, of Galena, Illinois. See also below
8. William James PIGOTT, born 30 May 1818 (the Montana pedigree) or 1816 (Monumental Inscription). Of Saint Louis, Lafayette and Lexington, Missouri. See also below.
And their youngest child was born in St Louis, Missouri:
9. John Thomas PIGOTT, born 2 June 1823. Of Saint Louis, Lexington and Boonville, Missouri. See also below.


John PIGOTT first appears in Missouri records on 10 August 1820, when he purchased 146 acres of land, near Saint Louis, from George Y. BRIGHT and Charles F. DELAMIERE, for $700, located in the S.E. fractional quarter of Section 24, Township 45; on 1 February 1821, he purchased an additional 160 acres in the same quarter, also for $700, which he sold to his brother William, seven days later, along with "...2 mares and colts, 1 yoke of oxen, 3 cows and calves, 14 head of hogs, sows and pigs..." and miscellaneous furniture and farming implements - it appears that John was setting his brother William up as a farmer.
These two blocks lay about 10 miles W.S.W. of the centre of Saint Louis City, near the present-day intersection of Manchester Road and Woodlawn Avenue, in the suburb now known as Rock Hill.

John purchased more land, in Saint Louis City Block 38, by deed dated 5 October 1829, for $650, from James GONZOLES and his wife Sophia, located on the S.E. corner of the intersection of Almond and Church (or Second) Streets, with an 80 feet frontage on Church Street, and 150 feet on Almond Street; he purchased yet more land, in City Block 55, by another Deed dated 1 December 1829, for $1,000, from the same James and Sophia GONZOLES, and located on the opposite corner, with a 60 feet frontage on the west side of Church Street, and 150 feet on the north side of Almond Street, which he "...occupied as a tavern."

[The old city after demolitions east of 3rd Street, about 1935. Image courtesy of wikipedia.]

These streets no longer exist, the whole area east of Third Street to the Mississippi River having since been cleared (about 1930's) to provide open parkland, over which the Gateway Arch stands proud - with Almond Street now under parkland south of the Arch near the approaches to the Poplar Street Bridge (bottom of the above picture).

John PIGOTT was enumerated in Lower Ward, Saint Louis Township, 1830 Census, aged 40-50, with a female aged 30-39 (probably Frances, despite the lower age), a girl and boy aged 10-14 (Frances and William James), and another boy aged 5-9 (John Thomas); he was listed as Alderman of South Ward, Township of Saint Louis, 1831.

John PIGOTT died in Saint Louis, 25 October 1831, "...after a painful illness... a native of Dublin, and for many years past a respectable citizen of this place" [Saint Louis Beacon, Thursday 3 November]; the Montana pedigree records the date as 26 October. His remains were buried in the City Graveyard, which then stood on the north-west corner of the intersection of Lafayette Avenue and South Fourteenth Street.
There is a note in his probate file, dated 30 January 1832, concerning an additional fee for the Sexton to re-inter his remains in Lot 7, also in the City Graveyard.

[Map showing early burial grounds in Saint Louis, many now defunct. North points to the right of the page.]

This cemetery was probably, like many others nearer the river, closed after a Cholera epidemic in St Louis in 1849 killed 4,500 residents, with the remains in the graveyard probably being re-interred. There is a large edifice now standing on the site.


John's wife Frances PIGOTT was in Boston, 15 October 1820, on the ship Carolina, en route from Liverpool to New Orleans, together with Gertrude PIGOTT (possibly in 1834 and 1838, Mrs PEARCE), Hannah HALE, and Frances' surviving PIGOTT children (BetsyFrances and William), clearly on her way, with packages of furniture, clothing, beds and bedding, to join her husband in Saint Louis.

[Image courtesy of Ancestry.Library, from their New Orleans, Passenger List Quarterly Abstracts, 1820-1875.]

On arrival in New Orleans, their ages were recorded as shown above - Hannah HALE (64 - old enough to have been Frances's mother), Gerthrude PIGOTT (62 - old enough to have been Frances's aunt or mother-in-law), Frances PIGOTT (36), and her children Betsy (11), Frances (7), and William (4).

Frances was Administratrix of her late husband's estate, September 1831; she was recorded as a Communicant Member of Christ Church (Episcopal), Saint Louis, 1833; she witnessed her daughter France Lucy's marriage in Saint Louis, 1834; at 97 and 99 south Second Street, widow, 1836-37, and 99 south Second Street, 1839-41 [Saint Louis City Directory]; she was head of a household in St Louis Township, 1840 Census; Communicant Member of St Paul's (Episcopal) Church, Saint Louis, 1841; at Seventh Street, between Franklin and Washington Avenues, 1842; at west side of Third Street, Saint Louis, opposite the Cathedral, 1845; in the 1845 Saint Louis Census, head of a household comprising a male and two females aged 21-45, three females aged 10-18, and a female aged 6-15; at Ward 3, Saint Louis City, 1850 Census, aged 72; and at Almond Street, between Main and Second Streets, 1851.

Frances PIGOTT died at Saint Louis City, about 15 September 1850, "...of dysentery," and was buried at Christ Church Cemetery (in use 1839-59, and at the time located in the block bounded by Ohio and California Avenues and La Salle and Caroline Streets - part of which today appears, from google.maps, to have headstones, laid flat, on the perimeter of parkland east of California Avenue, between Hickory and Rutgers Streets); her remains were exhumed and re-interred at Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, 2 February 1863, in her daughter Elizabeth MADDOX's plot (Block 54, Lot 1125).


John and Frances had surviving issue:

1. Elizabeth PIGOTT, born in Dublin, about 1812; aged 11 on arrival in the U.S. with her mother, 1821; named as Eliza MADDOX on her father's probate oath, 1831; Administratrix of her late husband's estate, Saint Louis, 3 July 1832, her agent being William PIGOTT; Administratrix of her mother's deceased estate, 1850; married, probably in Saint Louis, William P. MADDOX, with issue:
     a. Edward MADDOX; named in his father's probate oath, 1832.
     b. Francis MADDOX; named in his father's probate oath, 1832.
     c. Eliza P. MADDOX, born Missouri, 25 March 1823 (recorded on her grave marker, but not consistent with her mother being born in 1812); married 1stly, in Saint Louis, 3 August 1848, Albion P. CONDON (born Maine, 1821; died Saint Louis, August 1853); Eliza married 2ndly, at St John's Church, St Louis, 22 November 1859, Thomas R. JAMES, Miller; they settled in Otterville, Cooper County, Missouri; she had issue:

          i. Florence CONDON, born Saint Louis, 2 May 1849; died St Louis, 27 May 1941; married at Saint Louis, 13 April 1869, Charles Louis WEYRICH (born Baden, Germany, 1842); he died Saint Louis, 1899; issue - a son Charles A. WEYRICH, born Saint Louis, 1872, and died in 1897, leaving a pregnant wife Grace.
          ii. Harry A. JAMES, born ca 1860; an engineer, aged 20, with parents, 1880 Census.
          iii. Richard E. JAMES, born ca 1862; aged 17, Mill Worker, with parents, 1880; died at Saint Louis, August 1924.
          iv. William P. JAMES, born ca 1864; aged 15, at school, with parents, 1880; died at Saint Louis, July 1936.
          v. Charles J. JAMES, born ca 1866; aged 13, with parents, 1880; Registry Clerk, Railway Coy, 1920 Census; died at Saint Louis, 10 May 1946, and buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery.
          vi. Catherine (Kate) W. JAMES, born ca 1869; died St Louis, January 1936; married William A. McCOY; he died Saint Louis, March 1936.
          vii. Josephine (Josie) J. JAMES, born Otterville, Missouri, about 1872; died at Saint Louis, 5 September 1955; married William J. BABINGTON.
          viii. Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. JAMES, born about 1875; aged 25, with her half-sister Florence WEYRICH, 1900 Census; died at St Louis, September 1940.

2. Frances PIGOTT, born in Dublin, 1813; aged 7 on arrival in the U.S., 1821; at Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois, 1880 Census, aged 67, widow, keeping house, with three grown children; she was married at Saint Louis, Missouri, on 5 February 1834, to Michael GORMAN, Chandler (a "mixed" Protestant/Catholic marriage witnessed, among others, by her mother, her uncle William PIGOTT, and her aunt Gertrude PEARCE); Michael was probably born in Clonaslee, Queen's County, Ireland, about 1806, son of Michael and Mary GORMAN; he was a Chandler in 1850, and Clerk in 1870; he died before 1880, and was buried in a family plot in St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, West Galena (as was Frances and most of the children); issue included:
     a. John P. GORMAN, born at Saint Louis, Missouri, 19 March 1835; aged 40, Clerk in Store, with widowed mother, 1880 Census; aged 61, with sister, 1900 Census; at West Galena, 1920 Census, aged 84, with two siblings; died at Galena, 8 February 1923, and buried at St Mary's Catholic Cemetery; unmarried.
     b. Mary S. GORMAN, born Illinois, about 1838; aged 38, with mother, 1880; at Bench Street, West Galena, 1900 Census, aged 55, Unmarried, Music Teacher, with three siblings.
     c. Thomas W. GORMAN, born at Galena, Illinois, 21 September 1841; aged 18, with parents, 1860; aged 52, Bridge Tender, with sister, 1900 Census; aged 78, with brother, 1920 Census; died at Galena, 22 August 1926, and buried at St Mary's Catholic Cemetery; unmarried.
     d. Frances Emma GORMAN, born at Galena, Illinois, 25 October 1844; aged 32, School Teacher, with mother, 1880; aged 50, with sister, 1900 Census; aged 75, with brother, 1920 Census; died at Galena, 7 January 1924; unmarried.
     e. Michael R. GORMAN, born Illinois, ca 1846; aged 21, with parents, 1870.

3. William James PIGOTT, born in Dublin, 1816 [M.I.] or 1818 [the Montana pedigree]; aged 4 on arrival in the U.S., 1821; Administrator of his uncle William PIGOTT's deceased estate, 1838; at District 46, Lafayette, Missouri, 1850 Census, aged 34, Druggist, with John T. PIGOTT; at Carroll, New Hampshire, 1860 Census, aged 34, Gentleman of Leisure; evidently involved with the siege at Queretaro, Mexico, 1867, as a military supporter of Emperor Maximilian I, who was executed after the siege was concluded in May 1867, whereupon William "walked" all or part of the journey home to his brother John T.'s house in Boonville, Missouri; family folk-lore records that his uncle William left a large sum of money with his brother John for his up-keep, which kept him in good comfort throughout his later life; at San Buena Ventura, California, 1880 Census, aged 64, Boarder; died in Los Angeles, 5 November 1897, and buried in Rosedale Cemetery, aged 80; described in a death notice, published in the Los Angeles Herald [Thursday 7 November], as being: 
"...of Boonville, Mo, but for the past 14 years an invalid, staying at the Sister's hospital in this city... a man of high character and education, and was greatly loved and esteemed by all who knew him."

[Sister's Hospital, Los Angeles.]

4. John Thomas PIGOTT, born in Saint Louis, 14 June 1823; enumerated with William J. PIGOTT, at Lafayette, 1850 Census, aged 27, also a Druggist; Banker in Boonville, Missouri; went to Los Angeles, October-November 1895, with wife Josephine, to bury his brother William; died 29 November 1904; of Lexington, when he married at Boonville, 17 March 1859, Josephine Hanley TRIGG (daughter of William Hodge TRIGG by his wife Sarah Gaines WYAN); they had issue:
     a. Nannie PIGOTT, born at Lexington, Missouri, 23 June 1860; with parents, 1860 Census; died at Lexington, 28 June 1860, an infant.
     b. William Trigg PIGOTT, born at Boonville, 3 October 1861; Kemper Military School, Boonville; Missouri University, 1880, graduating in Law; commenced a Law Practice in Virginia City, Montana, August 1880; Virginia City Attorney, November 1880 to November 1890; in partnership with Ransome COOPER, 1890 to 1894, residing in Great Falls; vice-president for Montana, American Bar Association; Member, Montana Board of Education; Justice of the Montana Supreme Court (appointed twice, elected once); a Democrat; died 18 March 1944; married at Pike County, Missouri, 11 January 1883, Virginia CURTIS (born Georgia, daughter of Rev Judson M. CURTIS); they had issue:

          i. John Thomas PIGOTT, born Missouri, 27 September 1885; Yale University, 1906; went to San Francisco, about 1909, and was Attorney in the office of Judge Charles W. SLACK; Lawyer; at Washington Street, San Francisco, 1930 Census, aged 44, Attorney in General Practice, with wife and three children; he died in San Francisco, 8 May 1965; he married firstly, at Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, 2 May 1912, Bessie ASHTON (1888-1943); he married secondly, Daphne DRAKE (1894-1978); issue by first marriage - Elizabeth R. PIGOTT (married Paul K. YOST); Virginia C. PIGOTT (married Lewis V. COLEMAN), and John Thomas PIGOTT Junior (born 1920, U.S.N., and Lawyer in Los Angeles).
          ii. Morris Curtis PIGOTT, born at Boonville, 14 February 1887; Kemper Military School; Yale University, 1906; Mining Engineer and Metallurgist; Mexico, 1919; at Cochise, Arizona, 1920, aged 43, Assistant Superintendent Copper Smelter, with wife and two children; died at Helena, Montana, 5 June 1926; married at Helena, Montana, 1 June 1911, Marianne Van HOOK (born San Diego, 1888, daughter of John Clifford Van HOOK and Carrie Duer EVANS); issue - Van Hook Curtis PIGOTT (born 28 September 1912, died 1926), Marianne PIGOTT (born 1914, married David Allen SHARP), and William Trigg (III) PIGOTT (born 1922, died 2007, married with issue).
          iii. William Trigg (II) PIGOTT, born Montana, 6 August 1889, and Kemper Military School; A.B., Yale, 1911; Infantry Major; Military Attache, Tokyo; for many years Military Attache, U.S. Embassy, London; retired from the Diplomatic Service, 1935; died 2 July 1975; probably married Marie, perhaps without issue.
          iv. Winifred PIGOTT, born Montana, January 1896; aged 34, a widow, with her brother John, 1930 Census; died Palo Alto, California, 3 March 1969; married firstly, Wirt Wendall PENDERGAST (born Washington State, 1895); he died at Wenatchee, Welan County, Washington, 3 March 1928; she married 2ndly, 22 April 1946, as his second wife, Clifford E. Van HOOK, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (a brother of her sister-in-law Marianne); he died at Santa Clara,
California, 28 November 1975, leaving issue only by his first marriage.

     c. Frank Wetzell PIGOTT, born at Saint Louis, 21 September 1864; at Boonville, 1910 Census, aged 45, Book Keeper; at Boonville, Broker, 1912, when he applied for a U.S. Passport; aged 65, book-keeper, with "cousin" Whitlaw DRAFFEN (probably instead his brother Frederick's relation); died at Boonville, Missouri, 1 August 1953; no marriage recorded in the Montana pedigree.
     d. John Christian PIGOTT, born at Boonville, 21 November 1865 (the Montana pedigree records him as John Christman PIGOTT); partner in the firm of PIGOTT and McKINLEY, Dry Goods, Boonville; at Boonville, 1930 Census, aged 64, no occupation, with wife; married at Boonville, 11 January 1893, Mary Wilson TRENT; she died on 13 May 1953, aged 84.
     e. Harry Hale PIGOTT, born at or near Boonville, Cooper County, 26 July 1868; Kemper Military School; Secretary, Agricultural and Loan Agency, and of the War Finance Corporation; Managing Director, Federal Agricultural Corporation, Helena Branch; died at Flathead County, Montana, 29 May 1954; married at Butler, Bates County, Missouri, 17 March 1892, Anna Rebecca FRIZELL; she died at Gallatin County, Montana, 13 April 1956, aged 81; they had issue:

          i. Josephine PIGOTT, born at Butler, Missouri, 8 May 1894; died at Talahassee, Florida, 6 January 1969; married at Helena, Montana, 15 January 1920, Ethelbert DOWDEN; he died at Denver, Colorado, 5 February 1986, aged 94; with issue - Marion DOWDEN (born Denver, 1922; died New Haven, Connecticut, 2007, wife of Starr Hicock BARNUM).
          ii. Marianne F. PIGOTT, born Helena, 30 September 1897; died 1963, unmarried, and buried with her parents in Forestvale Cemetery, Montana.
          iii. Anna Lou PIGOTT, born Kenwood, Helena, 29 October 1903; died at Denver, September 1941 (by a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head); married at Helena, 16 June 1926, Charles BOETTCHER, a millionaire businessman and aviator friend of LINDBERGH; he was kidnapped for ransom in Denver, 1933; he died in 1963 (having married secondly Mrs Mae Scott FOSTER); issue - two daughters

     f. Frederick F. PIGOTT, born at Boonville, 9 August 1871; Farmer in Boonville; married at Bethel Presbyterian Church, near Boonville, 14 October 1908, Mary Harriet DRAFFEN (daughter of James Wellington DRAFFEN by his wife Louise TICHENOR).


William PIGOTT; Linen Draper, North King Street, Dublin, 16 January 1816, when named by John PIGOTT (I presumed this to have been his brother) as grantee of a Deed of Assignment for the newly built premises at 12 North King Street; William disposed of that property by Deed of Assignment, dated 2 January 1817, to Henry GANNON of Linen Hall Street, Dublin.
William emigrated to America; he arrived in New York on 5 May 1817, on the brig Anne from Dublin, a fellow-passenger with David DYAS, undoubtedly his brother-in-law; he eventually settled in Saint Louis, where he "purchased" a farm lot from his brother John, in February 1822; he "sold" this lot in December 1827 to his sister-in-law Frances PIGOTT, for $5, "...for and in consideration of the natural love, affection, goodwill and amity which he bears..." towards her.
William was inaugural Secretary, Missouri Hibernia Relief Society, Saint Louis, 1827; probably at Upper Ward 3, Saint Louis, 1830 Census, with two other Free Whites (one aged 30-39, the other 20-29) and a female slave; joint securitor (with Jonathan WISEMAN), 3 July 1832, for his niece Elizabeth MADDOX's probate oath as Administratrix of her late husband's estate; witnessed his niece Frances PIGOTT's marriage in Saint Louis, February 1834; and died in Saint Louis, 16 April 1838 [Missouri Republican, Tuesday 17 April], late resident of the corner of Third and Locust Streets, Saint Louis; evidently unmarried.
William died intestate; his sister Gertrude PEARCE renounced her right to administer the estate on 30 April 1838; administration was granted to their nephew, William J. PIGOTT, who signed an oath bearing the same date, before Henry CHOUTEAU, Clerk of the County Court of Saint Louis [page 90 of 131, on-line Missouri Probate records], stating that, to the best of his knowledge, the following were the heirs of William PIGOTT, deceased:
"Frances DIAS, a sister of the said deceased, married to David DIAS who resides in or near Bellevue in the Territory of Wisconsin.
"Gertrude PIERCE, a sister of the said deceased, who resides in the County of St Louis in the State of Missouri.
"Elizabeth MADDOX, William J. PIGOTT, John T. PIGOTT, children of John PIGOTT, deceased, a brother of the said William PIGOTT deceased.
"Frances S. GORMAN, a daughter of the said John PIGOTT deceased, wife of Michael GORMAN, who resides in Galena in the State of Illinois."
William's relations do not seem to have shared William's fondness for his sister-in-law, Mrs Frances PIGOTT, whose name no-where appears in this oath.


Gertrude PIGOTT arrived in the U.S. with her sister-in-law Frances PIGOTT, in 1821, her age then recorded as 63; this would put her birth in ca 1757, which is considerably earlier than other indications, and suggests a possibility that this may have been instead of a previous generation, and perhaps instead the mother (or aunt) of John, William and Frances, rather than their sister.

Gertrude PEARCE, probably a contemporary of her brothers John and William and of her sister Francis, would therefore have been born around 1780; she was probably married to Mr PEARCE in Ireland, and appears to have had issue a daughter Gertrude PEARCE, born in Dublin in 1814 (family pedigree).

It is evident from the declaration made on William PIGOTT's 1838 Probate file, by their nephew William James PIGOTT, that she was, as Gertrude PEARCE, of Saint Louis, a beneficiary as William Senior's sister.
From this, I had presumed that it was therefore she who was recorded in John PIGOTT's probate accounts, 1831, as a creditor for $14 worth of dry goods, the receipt of which was acknowledged under the firm of PEARCE and PIGOTT.

There was another Gertrude PEARCE, who was born in Dublin in 1814 (family pedigree); she was probably a daughter of the Gertrude PIGOTT (the sister of John, William and Frances) who had evidently married a Mr PEARCE.
So, in the absence of clarifying details, it is not clear which Gertrude PEARCE was the witness to the February 1834 Catholic marriage of Frances Lucy PIGOTT, either as her aunt or her cousin.

There was a G. PEARCE who was buried in the City Burial Ground, 12 May 1833, by Rev CHADERTON, of Christ Church (Episcopal), Saint Louis; this could have been Gertrude's husband.


Frances PIGOTT appears to have been born about 1786 (if her age at death was correctly reported); some of her descendants believe that she served as Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Caroline of England, wife of King George III (but, without corroborating evidence, this has the hallmarks of being a bit of a tall story - it appears that her family were Irish, and neither King George, nor his wife, ever visited Ireland - and there is no record in the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle, of there having ever been Frances PIGOTT employed at that time).

Descendants record that Frances emigrated to America, with her husband David DYAS and their four children, in 1817; again, there is an uncorroborated story that their removal from Ireland was forced by their legal predicament, brought about by their "assisting" a Catholic Priest about the Irish countryside (perhaps concealing a "meddlesome" priest from being "arrested" by the authorities), and that their departure, perhaps on a "coffin" ship from the west coast of Ireland, was assisted by the said Queen Caroline.
It is not impossible that her father, as yet unidentified, but perhaps another John PIGOTT (Frances named her second son John Pigott DYAS), may have been in Army service, and as such could have served time as an Aide-de-Camp to a member of the Court in London, even a member of the Royal Family, and that Frances may later have "used" that connection, perhaps through a colleague of her father and later installed in Dublin Castle, to forestall attempts have them brought to trial until after there "escape."

But the reality appears to be a little different - David DYAS arrived in New York on 5 May 1817, on the brig Anne from Dublin, not with his wife and children, but with his brother-in-law William PIGOTT - probably in advance of his family joining him when he was settled, as his other brother-in-law John PIGOTT would do several years later.

Frances and David first settled in Williamsport, Hardy County, Virginia, where another two children were born, in 1818, and in April 1821; they then "visited" Saint Louis, where another child was born in July 1824.
The family was possibly enumerated in the 1830 Census at Cedar, Boone County, Missouri, as David DIAL (aged 40-49), with a female (40-49), a male (20-29), a male and a female (15-19), a female (10-14), a male and a female (5-9) and a male (under 5).
Her husband David was said to have served in the 27th Regiment of the Illinois State Infantry, during the Black Hawk War of April-August 1832, so perhaps then residing in Illinois; by 1838, they were residing at Bellevue, recorded as the Territory of Wisconsin, later the State of Iowa (as were George F. DYAS and William DYAS, in separate households).
In 1840, David was head of a household in Jackson County, Iowa Territory, comprising a male and a female aged 50-60 (he and wife Frances), a male aged 40-50 (perhaps not a DYAS?), four males aged 15-20, and two males aged 5-10, total of nine persons.
David was enumerated at Bellevue, Iowa, in the 1850 Federal Census (aged 64, Farmer, with son William); in the 1856 Iowa State Census (aged 70, a Widower, with son Robert); and in the 1860 Federal Census (aged 73, Gentleman, with son George).
Frances was buried at Belleville, Jackson County, Iowa, 19 April 1845, aged 60; David died at Bellevue, 31 October 1863, aged 73; they were both buried in a small cemetery on Brady Farm, known as the BRADY-DYAS cemetery, now on private property.

David DYAS, of "... Cook's Town, near Kells, County Meath," was married to "... Miss Frances PIGOTT, of Back Lane," Dublin, probably in early-mid October 1809 [Marriage Notice, Saunder's (Dublin) Newsletter, Monday 16 October]; they had issue:

1. Catherine Sophia DYAS, born at Ballyfermott, County Dublin, 31 October 1810; aged 7 on arrival in America; at Bellevue, Iowa, 1880 Census, aged 67, a widow, with son Stephen; died on 11 September 1883, and buried Brady Farm Cemetery, Bellevue; she married on 14 May 1833, Thomas NICHOLSON (born Pennsylvania, 1792); he died at Bellevue, 1 November 1855, and buried Brady Farm Cemetery; issue:
     a. Stephen NICHOLSON, born Iowa, about 1851; aged 28, a Farmer, with his mother, 1880 Census.

2. William Frederick DYAS, born County Meath, Ireland, 1812; aged 5 on arrival in the U.S.; Private, 27th Illinois Regiment, Black Hawk War; at Bellevue, Iowa, 1860 Census, aged 48, Farmer, with wife and son; died at Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska, 28 February 1875, and buried at Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery, aged 63; he married Mary Ann LENNOX (born Maryland, about 1837); she was at Bellevue, Jackson County, 1880 Census, aged 42, with five children; she died on 18 September 1910, aged 74, and was buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery; issue:
     a. William F. DYAS, born Iowa, 8 April 1860; Farmer in Bellevue; died 9 February 1924; married Emma L. LAUBER; she died 19 July 1925, aged 63; both buried at Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery.
     b. Robert J. DYAS, born Iowa, about 1862; Farm Labourer, aged 18, with mother, 1880; died 1941.
     c. Anna DYAS, born Iowa, about 1965; at school, aged 14, with mother, 1880.
     d. Ella F. DYAS, born Iowa, about 1869; at school, aged 11, with mother, 1880.
     e. Melanie L. DYAS, born Iowa, about 1873; aged 7, with mother, 1880; probably buried 1961, Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery.

3. Amelia Gertrude DYAS, born County Meath, Ireland, 14 March 1814; aged 3 on arrival in the U.S.; at Bellevue, 1820 Census, aged 31, with husband son; died in 1891, and buried REED Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Iowa; married firstly, at Galena, Illinois, 10 November 1835, Alexander Whitehall REED; issue:
     a. Samuel REED, born Iowa, about 1839; aged 10, with parents, 1850 Census.
Amelia married secondly, her late husband's half-brother, William H. REED.

4. John Pigott DYAS, born County Meath, Ireland, 1816; aged 1 on arrival in the U.S.; Merchant, aged 31, 1850 Census, residing with his sister Amelia REED, at Bellevue, with his wife and two daughters; died 1855, and buried Brady Farm Cemetery; married at Bellevue, Margaret BEATTY; issue:
     a. Frances DYAS, born Iowa, about 1845; aged 5, with parents, 1850.
     b. Emily DYAS, born Iowa, about 1847; aged 2, with parents, 1850.
     c. Margaret DYAS, born Iowa, about 1851.
     d. James DYAS, born Iowa, about 1853.
     e. John P. DYAS, born Iowa, about 1855.

5. Robert Samuel DYAS, born at Williamsport, Hardy County, Virginia, 1818; at Bellevue, 1850 Census, aged 30, Merchant, with wife, daughter and two others (Lewis ELDRIDGE, aged 9, and Joseph VANHORN, aged 17); at Bellevue, 1856 Iowa State Census, aged 37, Farmer, with wife and three children; ditto, 1860 Census, aged 41, with wife and four children; died on 20 December 1861, and buried Brady Farm Cemetery; married at Scott County, Iowa, 30 September 1847, Martha Van HORN (born Holland, 15 August 1828); she died 16 May 1907, and buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery; issue:
     a. Mary DYAS, born Iowa, about 1848; aged 12, with parents, 1860.
     b. William Lewis DYAS, born Iowa, 7 November 1850; aged 9, with parents, 1860; at Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana, 1900 Census, aged 49, Clerk, with wife and four children; died at Anaconda, Montana, 13 July 1907; married at Anaconda, 8 May 1893, Emma ELRIDGE (born Tennessee, 1869); issue:

          i. Robert Lewis DYAS, born 9 January 1894; married at Anaconda, 18 April 1920, Dorothy FINDLAY.
          ii. Margaret DYAS, born 24 June 1896.
          iii. George D. DYAS, born 29 March 1898.
          iv. Carrie DYAS, born 16 February 1900.
          v. Edward Elridge DYAS, born 2 May 1902; died Anaconda, 2 October 1930.
          vi. William Henderson DYAS, born 22 August 1904; died Anaconda, 27 January 1909.
          vii. Dorothy Emma DYAS, born 29 November 1906.
     c. Catherine DYAS, born Iowa, about 1852; aged 7, with parents, 1860.
     d. Edward Samuel DYAS, born at Bellevue, Iowa, 16 May 1855; died on 24 April 1940, and buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery; possibly married Catherine (died 11 October 1948) with issue:

          i. Robert H. DYAS, born 22 August 1890; died 7 December 1965, and buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery.
          ii. Edward S. DYAS Junior, born 25 August 1893; died 19 February 1980, and buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery; probably married with issue.
          iii. Harold R. DYAS, born 6 November 1895; died 15 December 1971, and buried Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery.

6. David Alexander DYAS, born at Williamsport, Hardy County, Virginia, 15 April 1821; at Bellevue, 1860 Census, aged 39, Farmer, with wife and two children; ditto, 1870, aged 49, with second wife and five children; at Vicksburg Township, Jewel County, Kansas, 1880 Census, aged 59, Farmer, with wife, six children and mother-in-law; married firstly, Jackson County, Iowa, 14 September 1848, Mary Van HORN (born Ohio, 1828, a sister of Martha, his sister-in-law); she died Bellevue, 1860; issue:
     a . Martha Antoinette DYAS, born Bellevue, 2 August 1849; with father, 1870 and 1880; possibly, as Nettie, died on 25 December 1920, and buried at Caldwell Cemetery, Kansas.
     b. Joseph Samuel DYAS, born Iowa, 10 April 1953; died on 27 July 1915, and buried at Caldwell Cemetery, Kansas.
     c. Charles David DYAS, born Bellevue, 12 July 1859; aged 20, with father, 1880; died 1929, and buried Pleasant View Cemetery, Jewell County, Kansas; married Mary HENRY; she died in 1948; with issue.

David married secondly, on 20 December 1866, Rebecca LAMBERTSON (born Indiana, 1838); she died at Formoso, Kansas, 24 October 1880; further issue:
     d. Mary DYAS, born Iowa, about 1865; aged 4, with parents, 1870.
     e. George Franklin DYAS, born at Bellevue, 4 June 1868; with parents, 1870, 1880; died at Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas, 8 April 1952, and buried Randell Cemetery, Jewel County; married firstly, 16 February 1887, Etta HANDLEY; married secondly, 4 March 1900, Rudy Lulu MILLS.
     f. Robert Clyde DYAS, born Bellevue, 7 August 1872; with parents, 1870; died at Randell, Jewel County, Kansas, 25 July 1955, and buried Wallace Cemetery, Kansas; married at Jewell County, 7 April 1898, Violet Mary RIGHTMEIER; she died 23 May 1956, aged 75.
     g. John Thomas DYAS, born at Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, 25 March 1874, a twin; with parents, 1880; died 7 August 1956, and buried Wallace Cemetery, KS; married at Jewell County, Kansas, 31 March 1898, Stella Amelia PATON; she died at Jewell County, 7 March 1939; with issue:

          i. Raymond Thomas DYAS, born 9 September 1899; died 6 May 1968; married at Jewell County, 3 June 1921, Grace Gertrude MILLER.
          ii. Vivian Margaret DYAS, born 8 December 1901; died 7 April 1979; married 1917, Albert Custer PAYNE.
          iii. Marion DYAS, born 12 March 1906; died 15 April 1974; married in 1926, Dorothea ABRAMS.
          iv. Carol Esther DYAS, born 8 July 1914; died Omaha, Nebraska, 26 September 1971, and buried at Wallace Cemetery, Kansas; married HATFIELD.
     h. James Tobias DYAS, the other twin; died in 1964.
     j. Margaret Bell DYAS, born at Formoso, Jewell County, Kansas, 14 October 1876; died 7 October 1935, and bur Wallace Cemetery; married KEMMERER.
     k. Mary Louise DYAS, born at Formoso, 11 September 1878; died at Formoso, 22 May 1892

7. George Francis DYAS, born Saint Louis, Missouri, 10 July 1824; at Bellevue, Iowa, 1860 Census, aged 35, Farmer, with wife, two children and father-in-law; ditto, 1880 Census, aged 55, Farmer, with wife, four daughters and father-in-law; married Anna Frances WHITMORE (born Indiana, about 1836, daughter of Daniel WHITMORE) and widow of Joseph Van HORN (by whom a daughter Emily Van HORN); issue:
     a. Carie DYAS, born Iowa, about 1855; aged 24, Teaching School, with parents, 1880.
     b. Rosealtha DYAS, born Iowa, about 1858; aged 21, Teaching School, with parents, 1880; married Jeremiah LINAHAN, with issue.
     c. Amelia DYAS, born about 1860.
     d. Frances DYAS, born about 1864; probably as Jane, age 15, at school, with parents, 1880.
     e. Eva Sophia DYAS, born at Jackson County, Iowa, 27 July 1866; aged 13, at school, with parents, 1880; married Jesse W. MACE, with issue.

The Wikipedia entry for Belleview, Iowa, records the following historical detail:
"George Dyas House 1850-1860 23852 362nd Avenue, Bellevue The George Dyas House is the westernmost of a group of houses and agricultural buildings know as the Dyas Farm. This limestone home is one of the first examples of limestone architecture in Jackson County.

"William Dyas Barn, 1850-1860, 41088 243rd Street, Bellevue. The William Dyas Barn is one of only nine standing limestone barns in the county and is still in use. The barn is built into the side of a hill with the second floor door at ground level in back, a true bank barn.
"Dyas Hexagonal Barn, 1921, 41279 243rd Street, Bellevue This unique shaped barn is one of a group of barns names to the National Register by Lowell Soike and included in his book 'Without Right Angles'."


American records indicate that the wife of this John PIGOTT, of Dublin and Saint Louis, was Frances HALE. And it is this marriage, to Frances HALE, which places John PIGOTT, the Linen Draper, fairly and squarely in the domain of my ancestor, John PIGOTT of Grafton Lane and Charlotte Street, Dublin, whose wife was Mary VICKERS. Her sister, Eliza VICKERS, was the wife of Edward HALE of Hanover Street, Dublin, and their issue included a daughter Frances HALE (born 1811), possibly named after an aunt; and Edward is likely to have been closely related to James HALE, who named his son William Pigott HALE (born 1806); which James HALE was a member of the same Masonic Lodge as John PIGOTT.
In fact, James and Hannah HALE, of Cork Street, Dublin (1773, 1778), and of Dolphin's Barn (1775), had three children baptised at St Catherine's (Church of Ireand), Dublin - Edward William HALE, on 11 April 1773; James HALE, on 27 September 1775; and Francis or Frances HALE, on 30 August 1778, the gender of the last yet to be confirmed from the original register or transcript of it.

It is logical to assume that the two John PIGOTTs would have known of each other - they were both Protestants, with connections to the Cloth Manufacturing industry, and with links to Masonic Lodges, and were having children baptised around the same period in much the same area just south-west of Dublin City, in the vicinity of the Liberty of St Patrick's Cathedral.

And it has now been established, through modern D.N.A. evidence, that they were already related, as cousins, probably of a fairly close degree, before they became brothers-in-law "at a short distance."

This also indicates that the early ancestry of John PIGOTT of Saint Louis is almost certainly traceable further back through the senior line of Dysart PIGOTT's in Queen's County, with a "partial" pedigree recorded by Robert PIGOTT (about 1665-1730), the last main line proprietor of Dysart, in his 1728 will. Although Robert had no issue of his own, he recorded the names of a (probably incomplete) number of PIGOTT nephews, any of whom may have survived, married and had issue.
See the details in the blog at this link:

Having three other siblings emigrate to America should have made the task of identifying the previous generation more simple. But to date, we only have indications of actual ages for the two sisters, but not for either John or William.
And the loss of primary records in Ireland appears to have included what may have been there, prior to 1922, for this family.
But we do have a possible name for their father - as the daughter Frances named her second son John Pigott DYAS, it seems not unlikely that that was her father's name - and if so, he was yet another John PIGOTT of Ireland!

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