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HOLDEN Families connected with Belfast.

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In 1830, Letitia MAGUIRE of Dublin, married John HOLDEN of Belfast.
Letitia's older sister, Elizabeth MAGUIRE (1804-1854), was my great-great grandmother, having been married six years earlier, also in Dublin, to her mother's first cousin, and my great-great-grandfather, John PIGOTT of Dublin, Tax Collector.
Elizabeth and Letitia were the first and second of sixteen children of William MAGUIRE (1782-1844) of Dublin, Inspector of the Paving Tax and Sexton of St Patrick's (Cathedral Church of Ireland), by his wife Mary VICKERS.
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In an attempt to locate John HOLDEN of Belfast's origins for the benefit of his and Letitia's descendants, I have, over the last 15 years, accumulated the following data on HOLDEN families with connections to Belfast in particular, and Northern Ireland in general - with a few English HOLDEN's who also had commercial interests in Iron and Brass Founding.


Mr HOLDEN; married, perhaps to a woman named SINCLAIR, or whose mother was a SINCLAIR; it is of possible interest to this story that a Thomas SINCLAIR was residing at Hopeful, Antrim Road, Belfast, as recorded in Griffith's Primary Valuation (about 1854), as a very near neighbour to Patrick KINNEAR and to Ross SAULTER, whose wives were the sisters Anne and Mary HOLDEN, daughters of James HOLDEN, of the Phoenix Foundry, Belfast (see below); they had issue:
1. James HOLDEN, born at Newtown-Stewart, County Tyrone, 17 March 1785 (from later Census details in Canada); at the urging of his brother Sinclair, James went to Canada about 1826, and settled in Markham Township, Ontario; he was there in the 1851 Census, aged 66, with his wife and two children; he returned to Ireland briefly in 1869, visiting his brother John HOLDEN in Belfast and at his residence at Holywood, County Down, and taking photographs of his Irish relations (or taking prints given him by his brother, who was a keen photographer); James was living with his son Sinclair in Markham in 1871, a Widower; James died at Whitby, Ontario, on 10 September 1872, aged 87, born Ireland, a Protestant [Belfast News-Letter, 3 October 1872]; he married Frances HAMILTON; she was aged 57 in the 1851 Census, born Ireland; they had issue:
     a. Sinclair HOLDEN, born in Ireland about 1821; went to Canada with his parents; at Markham, Ontario, 1851 Census, aged 30, Farmer, with wife and two children; at Markham, 1861 Census, aged 40, with wife, six children, and his widowered father; Sinclair died at Walters Falls, Grey County, Ontario, in April 1904, aged 80, born in Ireland, a Methodist; he was married at Markham, on 12 November 1844, to Magdalena (Leny) CLENDINNING (witnessed by William HOLDEN); she was born in Canada; she died at Markham on 11 January 1863, aged 42.
     b. William Thomas HOLDEN, born in Ireland about 1825; went to Canada with his parents; witnessed his brother Sinclair’s marriage in 1844.
     c. John HOLDEN, born Ontario, about 1826; at Markham, 1851 Census, very near his parents, aged 25, Farmer, with wife and two children, a Baptist; he married Esther (-?-), born Ireland, and aged 21 in 1851.
     d. James HOLDEN, born Ontario, 29 February 1828; died at Manitoba, 24 October 1882; married Orilla FITCHETT, with issue.
     ? Ellen, born Stouffville, Ontario, 1830; married James A. LAUGHLIN.
     f. Abigail HOLDEN, born Ontario, 1831; married Noah WINDSOR.
2. John HOLDEN, born about 1791. In 1869 he was a Merchant in Belfast, with a residence in Holywood, County Down, when visited by his brother James from Ontario, Canada.
See [A] below.
3. Sinclair HOLDEN, born in County Tyrone, about 1802; went to Canada West in 1822, being farewelled with a heartfelt farewell ode by W.N., entitled “Going to America” and published in the Strabane Morning Post [14 May 1822]; he settled in Markham, York County, Ontario, and founded a Methodist church there about 1835; he was variously recorded as a Private School Master, a Druggist, and a Methodist Preacher; he was at Markham, 1851 Census, aged 48, Merchant, with his wife and son; at Markham, 1871 Census, aged 68, Druggist, a Wesleyan Methodist, with his wife and daughter, and two MAYOR children; at Markham Village, 1881 Census, aged 79, Merchant, Widower, with his daughter and the two MAYOR girls; he was married at Markham, about 1826, to Abigail LUNDY (born in Canada about 1801); they had issue:
     a. Sinclair HOLDEN, born about 1831; aged 19, Clerk, with parents, 1851 Census.
     b. Annie Elizabeth HOLDEN, born Ontario, about 1842; aged 28, with her parents, 1871; aged 33, with her father, 1881.

[A] John HOLDEN, born about 1791; Hatter, of Belfast, 1830 (marriage notice); Hatter, High Street, 1832 [Voter’s Register]; he leased two properties in High Street, Belfast, in 1833 and 1835 from Catherine ASHMORE, of Dorset Street, Dublin [Deeds Registry]; Importer, Manufacturer and Dealer, Hat Warehouse, 48 High Street, Belfast, 1835-36 [MATIER’s Directory]; he disposed of the two leases in May 1837 to his father-in-law, William MAGUIRE, in satisfaction of a debt of £500 (and prosecuted by MAGUIRE in the Court of Chancery, perhaps to secure his investment over and above other possible creditors?); John then branched out into the Sewn Muslin trade; Sewed Muslin Manufacturer, 28 Donegall Street, Belfast, 1843-44, residence Botanic Road, Thompson’s Court [Directory]; a Primitive Wesleyan Methodist - he attended that Society’s Annual Conferences in Dublin, as Representative of the Belfast Circuit, from 1829 (and inevitably met the family of his future wife Letitia MAGUIRE); he witnessed the marriage in Belfast in January 1847 of his brother-in-law Edward MAGUIRE and Sarah Jane EWART; John was a Guardian of the Belfast Union, 1849; Sewed Muslin Manufacturer, 28 Donegall Street, 1850, residence 9 Botanic Road; ditto, 30-32 Donegall Street, 1856, residence 3 Royal Terrace off Lisburn Road; “...retired” to Holywood, County Down; of High Street, Holywood, 1861; Rate Collector, High Street, Holywood, 1870; Poor Rate Collector, 6 Castle Chambers, 1868, residence High Street, Holywood; as John S. HOLDEN, High Street, Holywood, 1880.
John died at Mervue, High Street, Holywood, on 1 December 1888, aged 96 [Belfast News-Letter, Tuesday 4 December], and was buried in the Old Priory Burial Ground, Holywood [M.I.]; his will was proved at Belfast, November 1892, by his son-in-law, Samuel John MAGOWAN, Bank Manager of Belfast.
John was married at St Peter’s Church of Ireland, Dublin, on 12 November 1830, to Letitia MAGUIRE, the second daughter of William MAGUIRE (Inspector of the Paving Tax in Dublin and Sexton of St Patrick’s Cathedral), by his wife Mary VICKERS, (Robe Keeper at St Patrick’s), by Marriage Settlements dated 11 November [Memorial Number 576300, Deeds Registry, Henrietta Street, Dublin]; she was born in Dublin on 18 October 1806, and was baptised in St Patrick’s Cathedral (her older sister Elizabeth MAGUIRE was the wife of John PIGOTT of Dublin); Letitia died at Mervue, High Street, Holywood, on 18 September 1887, aged 80, and was buried in the Old Priory Burial Ground, in the north-east corner of the southern section [M.I. on a celtic cross]. John and Letitia had issue:
1. William Sinclair HOLDEN, born in Belfast, 19 February 1832; died on 31 May 1833, and buried at Shankhill Cemetery, “…aged 18 months."
2. Mary Jane HOLDEN, born in Belfast, 4 December 1833; informed the deaths of both her mother and father; she was living with her married sister Letitia in 1901, aged 66, and unmarried; she was living with her nephew Samuel MAGOWAN in 1911, aged 75; she died at Cloney, Glenarm, Larne District, County Antrim, 17 December 1911, aged 77, “…daughter of Linen Merchant (deceased).”
3. John Sinclair HOLDEN, born at Belfast, 14 February 1836; M.D., Queen’s University, Belfast, 1865; Licentiate, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1865; General Practitioner in Glenarm, County Antrim; founding member of Belfast Naturalists Field Club, and was a prolific photographer of features of the Antrim coast, and co-published scientific papers on its geology and antiquities; went to Suffolk, England, before 1880; at 57 Friars Street, Sudbury St Gregory, 1881 Census, aged 43, Medical Officer of Health, Physician and Surgeon, with wife Mary; at 51 Friars Street, Sudbury, 1891, with wife and three children; ditto 1901 Census, with his two children, his second wife and their two children; at East House, East Street, Sudbury, 1911 Census, aged 74, with his second wife and their three children; Honorary Consulting Physician, St Leonard’s Hospital, Sudbury, for many years, and was Chairman of the Committee of Management at his death; also a senior member of the Sudbury Bench of Magistrates; an old member of the B.M.A. and former President of the East Anglia Branch; also a former President of the Cambridge Medical Society; John died at Sudbury, on 13 July 1923, aged 86 [British Medical Journal, 18 August]; his will was proved in September by Edward Herbert SIKES, Esq, and Alfred Henry CANHAM, Solicitor; John was married firstly, at Sudbury, on 13 April 1880, to Mary ANDREWES [Medical Times and Gazette]; she was daughter of George William ANDREWES of Sudbury, Solicitor and Magistrate, by his wife Elizabeth BRERETON; she died at Sudbury , September quarter 1893, aged 48; they had issue:
     a. George Sinclair HOLDEN, born Sudbury, 19 July 1881; with parents, 1891; Felsted School; Pembroke College, Oxon; undergraduate student, with parents, 1901; he evidently took a greater interest in the University Dramatic Society than in his academic subjects; he died in July 1917, having had issue a son - John Sinclair HOLDEN, who was born on 11 April 1912, and died at Poole, Dorset, on 3 September 1995.
     b. Nora May HOLDEN, born at Sudbury, September quarter 1883; with her parents in 1891 and her father in 1901; probably married at Sudbury in September quarter 1909, to either Oliver Theobald BROWN or Henry Evelyn WOOD.
     c. Rosalind Letitia HOLDEN, born at Sudbury, June quarter 1887; with he parents in 1891; Elementary School Teacher in Rotherham, West Yorkshire, 1911, residing with the family of her future husband; died in a motoring accident on 6 March 1958; she was married at Sudbury in September quarter 1913, to Frank I. HOYLE (born at Bahia, Brazil, on 6 July 1877); he died at Rotherham, 6 August 1937, and was buried at Moorgate Cemetery; they had a son and a daughter.
John married secondly, at Sudbury, September quarter 1895, Mary Agnes SIKES (born in Sudbury, 1861, daughter of John SIKES, Magistrate and Land Owner, by his wife Mary Sophia CANHAM); by her, John had further issue:
     d. Agnes Joyce HOLDEN, born Sudbury, September quarter 1896; with parents, 1901 and 1911; probably proved the will of her uncle, Rev Henry HOLDEN in 1931.
     e. Marjory Joan HOLDEN, born at Sudbury, September quarter 1900; went to Canada; married at Vernon, British Columbia, 28 May 1921, Walter Elliston ALLEN; with issue.
4. William Thomas HOLDEN, born at Belfast, 14 December 1838; Curate of St James’s, Clerkenwell, March 1867, when he participated at the marriage in Holywood of his sister Letitia; Curate of Bocking, Essex, 1871 Census, aged 32; appointed Rector of Whipsnade, Bedfordshire, 1878; at Whipsnade Rectory, 1871 Census, aged 42, with wife and daughter; ditto, 1881 through 1901, with wife and family; a Widower in 1911, with daughter; he was superseded as Rector in 1914, and died at Whipsnade on 18 December 1919; William married at St Mary’s Church, Bocking, 20 November 1872, Sarah Blake WYATT, third and youngest daughter of George WYATT of Hill House, Bocking; her death was registered at Luton, March quarter 1905, aged 62; they had issue:
     a. Lillian Kate HOLDEN, born at Bocking, 1874; she probably proved her brother Henry’s will, June 1931; unmarried.
     b. William Meynell HOLDEN, born at Dunstable, 10 June 1875 [Belfast News-Letter, 12 June]; died there on 8 January 1878, aged 2 years 6 months [Belfast News-Letter, 16 January].
     c. William Meynell HOLDEN, born at Whipsnade, 1878; Auctioneer and Estate Agent in Paddington, London, in partnership with Charles Albert LUKER (dissolved in August 1900; at a boarding house in Bournemouth, 1911 Census, aged 32, on private means; died at Christchurch, Dorset, December quarter 1911, aged 32, evidently unmarried.
5. Letitia HOLDEN, born at Belfast, 15 June 1842, a twin; her death details have not been found, but she was living as a widow in 1920, and was subsequently buried with her husband at Carnmoney Burial Ground, Belfast; she was married at Holywood Parish Church, by her brother-in-law Rev Edward MAGUIRE assisted by her brother Rev William HOLDEN, on 13 March 1867, to Samuel John MAGOWAN, of Glenarm, County Antrim; Bank Manager, Royal Avenue, Belfast, 1901 Census, with wife Letitia and her two sisters; ditto, Royal Road, Smithfield, County Antrim, 1911 with his wife and her sister; he died on 26 January 1920, and was buried at Carnmoney; they had issue:
     a. Samuel McDonald MAGOWAN, born at Holywood, County Down, 11 January 1868; M.B., Ch.B., B.D., Royal University of Ireland; at Cloney, Glenarm, 1911 Census, aged 43, residing with his maiden aunt Mary HOLDEN; he died on 16 February 1954; he married at Ardrossan, 15 September 1914, Elizabeth IRVINE; with issue.
     b. Emily Letitia MAGOWAN, born at Belfast, 12 May 1870; married at Belfast, June quarter 1894, Frank HOEY, with issue.
6. Lucinda (Lucie) HOLDEN, born at Belfast, 15 June 1842, the other twin; photographed at Glenarm Park, about 1869, the photo being in the album of her cousin James HOLDEN in Ontario, Canada; she died at Mervue, High Street, Holywood, on 26 September 1892, aged 47, “…of fever,” and was buried in her parents plot in the Old Priory burial ground [M.I.].
7. Henry Brian McConagher Maguire HOLDEN, born at Belfast, 10 January 1845; Queen’s University, Belfast; Theological Associate, King’s College, London, 1868, and made a Deacon; Preisted at Holywood Parish Church on 19 December 1869 by the Bishop of Down and Connor [Irish Times, 21 December]; Curate of Kilconrida, County Antrim; of Ballymena in 1873 when named as executor of his mother-in-law’s will; celebrated the marriage in Dalkey, County Dublin, in November 1875, of his cousin Bessie MAGUIRE to Dr Joshua George BRERETON; appointed Organising Secretary, Temperance Society of the Diocese of Ripon, 1877; Vicar of St Bart’s, Bowling, Bradford, 1880; Vicar of Caunton, Nottinghamshire, 1888; Vicar of St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, 1890; Rector of Great Gonerby, 1901-16 [CROCKFORD’s Clerical Directory]; at 11 Pevensey Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, 911 Census, aged 66, with his wife; he died on 31 March 1931, late of Trelawny House, Luxulyan, Lostwithiel, Cornwall; his will proved by his nieces Lilian Kate and Joyce HOLDEN; Henry was married at Holywood, 3 August 1870, to Dora Adams GRANT (a daughter of George and Annie Frances GRANT); she died at 5 St Saviours Road, St Leonard-on-Sea, on 26 August 1926; no issue.
8. Elizabeth Emily (Emma) HOLDEN, born County Antrim, 13 August 1847; aged 53, with her married sister Letitia, 1901 Census; ditto 1911, aged 63; informed her sister Mary Ann’s death in 1911, then residing at 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast; possibly died at Belfast, March quarter 1913, aged 65.


William SINCLAIR, perhaps born about 1758, son of John SINCLAIR and Mary HARPER (and perhaps an uncle of John, James and Sinclair HOLDEN?); of Brookvale Lodge, Belfast, Merchant; he died on 13 August 1842, aged 84, late of Brookvale, Gent, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery, 17th Old Part, Grave 14, 15 (birthplace not recorded in the burial register); William married Elizabeth MONTGOMERY; she died on 15 March 1834, aged 65, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery, "....wife of William SINCLAIR of Brookvale Lodge" (location not recorded) - but died "...on Thursday last [Belfast Newsletter, Tuesday 18 May 1834] which computes to 13 May; with issue (some details from public trees on ancestry.com):
1. Jane SINCLAIR, born abut 1801; died in 1878; she was married at the Rosemary Presbyterian Church, Belfast, on 3 January 1827, to Robert SIMMS.
2. William SINCLAIR, born at Belfast (Brookvale Lodge in burial register), about 1803; Merchant; died at Brookvale Lodge, 11 August 1841, aged 37 (Inflammation), and buried in his father's plot at Clifton Street Cemetery; he was married to Mary GIBSON, with issue:
     a. William SINCLAIR, born about 1827; died in 1881; married at Limerick, as the "...only son of the late W. SINCLAIR, Esq, of Brookvale," on 26 September 1850, to Amelia HIND, daughter of John HIND, Esq, of the Lodge [Freemans Dublin Journal, 1 October]; with issue.
     b. Sarah SINCLAIR; eldest daughter of the late William SINCLAIR, Esq, of Brookvale, Belfast, when she was married at St George's Church, Dublin, 25 September 1851, Rev Charles HIND, of Rotherhithe, London [Standard (London), Monday 29 September].
     c. James SINCLAIR, born about 1836; died at Brookvale Lodge on 26 March 1840, aged 3 (Fever), and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery (plot not recorded).
     d. James SINCLAIR, born at Brookvale Lodge, 1841; died there on 14 November 1842, aged 15 months, and buried in his grandfather's plot at Clifton Street Cemetery.
3. John SINCLAIR, born about 1808; Provision Merchant, Tomb Street Belfast, 1843, in partnership with his brother Thomas HOLDEN, and residing at 4 Donegall Square West [Belfast Directory]; a major financial contributor for the building of Contig Presbyterian Church; died on 21 January 1856, aged 48 (break up of constitution), Provision Merchant, of The Grove, Belfast, and buried at Clifton Street Cemetery, Wall, New Part, Grave 53; he was married at Fisherwick Place Church, Belfast, 22 February 1835, to Eliza PIRRIE, daughter of William PIRRIE, Esq, of Belfast; she died at Dunmurry, County Antrim, on 29 January 1888; with issue:
     a. William Pirrie SINCLAIR, born May 1837; M.P. for Antrim (Liberal), and for Falkirk (Liberal Unionist); Shipowner in Liverpool; died at Rivelyn, Prince's Park,  Liverpool, on 1 November 1900, aged 63, and was buried at Smithdown Road Cemetery [M.I., Toxteth Park Cemetery, N 36/37, G.D. 497, 498]; as the eldest son of the late John SINCLAIR of the Grove, County Antrim, Esq, he was married at Mountpleasant Church, Liverpool, 11 January 1865, to Agnes CRICHTON, only daughter of the Rev Hugh CRICHTON of Liverpool [Liverpool Mercury, 12 January]; she died at Liverpool, 23 February 1919, and was buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery with her husband, born in Liverpool on 18 December 1843 [M.I.].
     b. Elizabeth Montgomery SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 9 July 1838; she died in 1916; she was married about 1866, to Rev William Fleming STEVENSON, Presbyterian Minister, of Strabane, Belfast and Dublin (he died at Rathgar, 16 September 1886; with issue.
     c. Jane SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 30 April 1840; died at Bangor, County Down, in 1904; married Samuel KINGAN; with issue.
     d. Thomas McElderry SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 1842; died in Iowa, U.S., in 1881; married Caroline SOUTER.
     e. John Morrison SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, 24 June 1843; died in Indianapolis, U.S., 1878; married Elizabeth Lecky RICHARDSON; issue:
          i. Elizabeth Ivan SINCLAIR, born Ireland,1878; died at Belfast, 1902.
     f. Samuel Gibson SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 3 April 1827; Provision Merchant, 1 Sunnyside, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 1901 and 1911 Censuses (aged 53, 63), with his two younger sisters; he died in Liverpool on 28 April 1913, and was buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery [N 35, G.D. 496].
     g. Robert Simms SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, 1848; died in 1940.
     h. Letitia Mary SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, 1851; with her brother Samuel, 1901 and 1911 Censuses (aged 49 and 59), unmarried; she died in Liverpool, 19 February 1940, aged 88, and was buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery with her brother Samuel [M.I.].
     j. Agnes Maria SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, 1853; with her brother Samuel, 1901 and 1911 Censuses (aged 48 and 58), unmarried; she died in Liverpool, 28 July 1938, aged 78 years, and was buried at Toxteth Park Cemetery, with Samuel and Letitia [M.I.].
4. Mary HOLDEN, born in Belfast, about 1809; possibly died at Donegall Street, 17 August 1842, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery, (Wall, New Addition, Grave 47); she was married in Belfast, 12 March  1829, to Samuel GIBSON of Belfast [Belfast News-Letter, 13 March]; possible issue:
     a. Mary GIBSON, born in Belfast, 1834; died at Donegall Street, Belfast, 13 May 1835, aged 6 months (Hooping Cough), and buried at Clifton Street Cemetery (plot not recorded).
5. James SINCLAIR; of Donegall Place, 1836; married with issue:
     a. William Pirrie SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, 1836; died 1 November 1836, aged 6 months, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery (plot not recorded).
However, Charlotte SINCLAIR died on 12 January 1850, aged 78, widow of William SINCLAIR, Donegall Place, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery (Wall, Old Part, Grave 42).
5. Thomas SINCLAIR was born in Belfast, about 1810; he was a Provision Merchant, at 5 Tomb Street, Belfast, in 1843, residence Hopefield, in partnership with his brother John SINCLAIR [Belfast Directory]; Thomas died in London, on 2 January 1867, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Samuel GIBSON [Belfast Newsletter, Saturday 5 January], and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery on 7 January, aged 56, Gentleman and Merchant ("Extravasation" of blood on the brain), late of Hopefield, Antrim Road [Wall, New Part, Grave 52]; Thomas was married firstly, to Sarah ARCHER, daughter of William ARCHER of Rockshill, County Down; she died at Hopefield, 30 June 1849, aged 49, born Belfast, and buried in the family plot at Clifton Street Cemetery; they had issue:
     a. William SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 1836; died 25 May 1854; however. a William SINCLAIR died at Hopefield, 27 May 1854 (Rheumatic fever), and was buried with his sister at Clifton Street Cemetery, his age recorded, perhaps in error, as 8 years.
     b. Elizabeth Montgomery SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 1837; she died at 3 College Avenue, Londonderry, on 31 March 1919, aged 81, widow of a Linen Merchant, the death informed by her son-in-law, James McMASTER, of the same address, present at the death; she was married at Belfast, 23 November 1859, to Henry KIRK, son of William KIRK, Esq, of Annvale, Keady ["Marriage Festivities," Belfast Morning News, 26 November].
     c. Thomas SINCLAIR, born at Hopefield, 23 September 1838; M.A., D.Lit, Queen's University, Belfast; Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of County Antrim; arrived in New York on the ship Majestic, 19 September 1906, aged 68, on a visit to Indianapolis with his son William R. SINCLAIR (aged 22); he died in 1914; Thomas married firstly, in 1876, Mary DUFFIN, daughter of Charles DUFFIN of Strand-town Lodge, Belfast; she died in 1879; they had issue:
          i. Frances Elizabeth SINCLAIR, born at Hopefield, 4 November 1877; Of Belfast, Novellist; married CRICHTON.
          ii. Thomas Charles SINCLAIR, born at Hopefield, 18 May 1879.
Thomas married secondly, in Belfast, 15 August 1882, his cousin, Elizabeth Lecky, the widow of John Morrison SINCLAIR (died 1878, aged 35), and a daughter of William RICHARDSON, Merchant; by her Thomas had further issue:
          iii. William Richardson SINCLAIR, born at Hopefield, 27 September 1884; he was aged 22 when he visited Indianapolis with his father in 1906.
     d. John SINCLAIR, born at Belfast, 4 January 1841; at East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey, 1870 Census, aged 29, Provision Dealer, with wife Fanny and Caroline SINCLAIR (aged 50, born in Ireland); at Madison Avenue, City of New York, 1880 Census, aged 39, Provision Dealer, with wife and 2 children; at 66th Street, Manhattan, 1900, aged 59, Retired Merchant, with wife and two children; he died in New York, 1901; he was married in Manhattan, N.Y., in 1870, to Frances Colt BUNKER (born in New York, December 1845); they had issue:
          i. Edith SINCLAIR, born in New York, about 1871; aged 9, at school, with parents, 1880.
          ii. Archer SINCLAIR, born in New York, about 1877; aged 3, with parents, 1880.
          iii. Marjorie J. SINCLAIR, born in New York, May 1883; at school, with her parents, 1900.
          vi. Donald B. SINCLAIR, born in New York, April 1889; at school, with his parents, 1900.
     e. Mary SINCLAIR, born in Belfast, about 1843; she died at Hopefield, 3 December 1853, aged 10 (Cholera), and was buried in her father's plot at Clifton Street Cemetery.
Thomas was married secondly, at Belfast, 26 April 1855, to Elizabeth Sydney EDGAR (daughter of Rev John EDGAR, D.D.), with further issue:
     f. Mary Evelyn SINCLAIR, born in 1856; died in 1918; married at Belfast, 1876, David Raphael MOORE.
     g. Emily Gertrude SINCLAIR, born in 1857; died in Belfast, 5 December 1940.
     h. Sydney Edgar SINCLAIR, born March 1858; at Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa, 1900 Census, aged 42, President of Sinclair Packing Company, with wife and two children; he died in Wyoming County, New York, in 1917; he was married in Belfast, in 1883, to Maria Louise MATIER; she was born in Ireland in February 1860; they had issue:
          i. Sidney M. SINCLAIR, born in Iowa, June 1885; aged 15, with parents, 1900, a Student.
          ii. Marguerite SINCLAIR, born in England, June 1893; aged 6, with parents, 1900.
     k. Francis Howard SINCLAIR, born in 1861; died at Newton Abbot, Devon, in 1951; married Maud GRIMSHAW.
     j. Helen Ethel SINCLAIR, born at Hopefield, Skeigoneill, 13 November 1864; "...youngest daughter, she died on 23 July 1887, aged 22.

There was yet another, and perhaps related family of SINCLAIRs in Belfast, with inscribed monuments in the Clifton Street Cemetery, and with full transcriptions recorded on memorials created for them on Findagrave.com, as follows:

William SINCLAIR, born about 1759; of Fortwilliam, Belfast; died 11 February 1807, aged 47, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery; married Charlotte Maria POLLOCK; she died in Belfast, 9 January 1850, aged 86, and was buried with her husband; they had issue:
1. Elizabeth SINCLAIR, born 17 June 1785; died in Belfast, 24 April 1837; married at St Anne's, Belfast, 6 June 1809 (this year appears to be in error), Rev Edward MAY, Vicar of Belfast (1809-1819) and Sovereign of Belfast (1807-08, 1811, 1815); he died at Pisa, in Italy, 22 October 1819, aged 36; with issue:
     a. Edward Stephen MAY, born about 1802; died 13 August 1854, aged 51.
     b. William MAY.
     c. George Augustus Chichester MAY; the Rt Hon, an M.P.
     d. Charles Henry MAY.
     e. Charlotte Elizabeth MAY.
Agnes SINCLAIR, born about 1750; died in Belfast, 16 January 1825, aged 74.
2. Charlotte Maria SINCLAIR, daughter and co-heiress; she was married on 20 August 1826 to Conway Richards DOBBS, of County Antrim, J.P., D.L., and High Sheriff of that county; with issue [Burke's Landed Gentry pedigree for DOBBs of Dobbs Castle].

John SINCLAIRE, born about 1763; died 21 January 1857, Gent, aged 94, of Milltown, Falls, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery (Wall, Old Part, Graves 8 and 9); he was married to Margaret CLARK (only daughter of John CLARK); she died in Belfast on 9 January 1839, aged 70, and was buried with her husband [see the full M.I. on Findagrave.com]; they had issue:
1. Thomas SINCLAIRE, born in Belfast, about 1797, eldest son; of The Falls, Belfast; died 8 or 10 October 1860, Merchant, aged 63, of Falls Green (Wall, Old Part, Graves 8 and 9); he was married at St George's Church, Belfast, on 11 March 1831, to Augusta MONTGOMERY, daughter of Conway Heatly MONTGOMERY, of Ballyarthur, County Wicklow, and grand-niece of the Duke of Argyle [Belfast Newsletter, 11 March]; she died at Genoa, in Italy, on 23 March 1870, aged 68 [Belfast News-Letter, 2 April]; issue:
     a. Augusta SINCLAIR, born about 1832; died on 11 March 1845, aged 13.
     b. Thomas SINCLAIR, born about 1834, eldest son; died on 25 September 1884, aged 50.
     c. Mary Caroline SINCLAIR, born about 1836; died on 11 October 1870, aged 34.
2. Jane SINCLAIR, born about 1805; died on 4 September 1819, aged 14.
3. Margaret SINCLAIR, born about 1808; died on 1 July 1900, aged 92.

A Mary MONTGOMERY, born about 1761, was buried in this plot, 21 January 1844, aged 82.

Mrs SINCLAIR, died 14 January 1839, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery, the "...wife of John SINCLAIR, Donegall Place, born Belfast" (plot not recorded).

Henry HOLDEN; of Broughshane, County Antrim; probably at 4 Union Street, Belfast, 1819 [Belfast Directory]; died before 1828; married Margaret (-?-); she died in Belfast, at the residence of her son, 31 March 1818, aged 74, relict of the late Henry HOLDEN, of Bushyfield, near Broughshane, County Antrim.


Robert HOLDEN, of Bolton-le-Moor, Lancashire; possibly baptised there on 11 April 1752, son of Roger and Elizabeth HOLDEN; probably married at Bolton-le-Moor on 9 December 1779, to Ann CROSS; they appear to have had issue in Manchester, as follows (although the lack of a son named Roger suggests the 1752 baptism may not be appropriate):
1. Robert HOLDEN, baptised at the Collegiate Church of Christ, Manchester (now Manchester Cathedral), 11 August 1782. Of the right age for the Belfast foundry man. Possibly [B] below.
2. John HOLDEN, baptised ditto, 27 March 1785.
3. Ann HOLDEN, baptised ditto, 10 April 1787; died young.
4. Ann HOLDEN, baptised ditto,15 February 1789.
5. Sarah HOLDEN, baptised ditto, 18 September 1791.
6. Mary Ann HOLDEN, baptised ditto, 8 September 1793.
7. James HOLDEN, baptised ditto, 20 March 1796. Of the right age for the Belfast foundryman. Possibly [C] below.


[B] Robert HOLDEN, born Manchester, about 1782 (as recorded in his burial register entry); went to Belfast, about 1821; he entered into partnership with Samuel PEARCE in the establishment of the Phoenix Foundry, at 16 Great Georges Street, Belfast, and obtaining the said premises by a lease from Hill HAMILTON, dated 29 April 1824, for 79 years, at a rental of £96 per annum, the site running from Great Georges Street 326 feet to Patrick Street, and with a width of 44 feet (between the premises of James LAWRENS and Thomas Ludford STEWART [as recorded in Deed 1854, Volume 24, Memorial Number 41, Dublin Deeds Registry]; residing at 52 Little Patrick Street, Belfast, 1835-36 [MATIER’s Directory]; advertised the sale of the Foundry, September 1838, with the intention of retiring; sold his share in the partnership to his brother James in 1840; evening collector at the opening service of the new Wesleyan Methodist Church in Donegall Square, Belfast, January 1847; made several deeds in March 1849, detailing the arrangements that he put in place when he left his partnership with Samuel PEARCE at the Phoenix Foundry [Deeds 1849, Volume 6, Memorial 88; and 1849,Volume 11, Memorial 117, Dublin Deeds Registry]; Robert died on 22 July 1849, at his residence, 9 Botanic Road, Belfast, aged 66 [Anglo-Celt, Cavan, 27 July], and was buried at the New Burying Ground, Clifton Street [Platform I, Grave 72]; his will named as his executors his nephew Robert HOLDEN of Belfast (also his heir-at-law), and his niece's husbands Patrick KINNEAR and Ross SAULTER, both of Belfast, Merchants [as set out in Deed 1854, Volume 23, Memorial 105, Dublin Deeds Registry]; Robert married Anna (-?-); she died on 29 March 1843, at her residence, Botanic View, Old Malone Road, aged 54, and was buried at the New Burying Ground [Platform I, Grave 33]. It is evident from abstracts of his will that they had no surviving issue.

[C] James HOLDEN, born in Manchester about 1796 (as recorded in his burial register entry); lived in Marsden, Yorkshire, from 1821 to 1826; went to Belfast; advertised the opening of his Iron and Mill Brass Foundry business in 2 Poultry Square, Belfast, January 1840; took over his brother Robert’s share in the HOLDEN and PEARCE Phoenix Foundry in May 1840, paying Robert £2,500 for the privilege, as  recorded in an Indenture dated 1 May 1840 [cited in Deed 1854, Volume 23, Memorial 105, Dublin Deeds Registry]; he died on or about 7 April 1846, aged 50, late of 52 Little Patrick Street, Intestate, and was buried in the New Burial Ground, Clifton Street [Platform J, Grave 33]; James married Elizabeth PEARCE; she survived as his sole administratrix, and was involved in legal action against her late husband’s business partner over the valuation of his business assets; her death details have not yet been found; they evidently had issue, including:
1. Anne HOLDEN, baptised at Marsden, Yorkshire, 12 August 1821; probably died at West Ham, Essex, December quarter 1887, aged 66; of Botanic Road, Belfast, when married, on 10 December 1848, Patrick KINNEAR; he was an executor of his wife's uncle, Robert HOLDEN, 1849; at Willowbrook, Antrim Road, Belfast, valued on a House, office, Yard and Land [Griffith's Primary Valuation, about 1854]; at Willowbank, Antrim Road, Linen Merchant, office in Corporation Place, 1861 [Belfast Directory]; he was at Marsden Villa, Leyton, Essex, 1871 Census, aged 58, Hemp Merchant, born Ireland, with wife, four children, and her widowed sister Mary SAULTER with her two daughters; at St James's Street, Walthamstow, Essex, 1881 Census, aged 65, Hemp Merchant, with wife and three children; they had issue:
     a. Richard KINNEAR, born Ireland, about 1848; aged 22, Linen Merchant, with parents, 1871.
     b. William John KINNEAR, born in Belfast, January 1851; died at 1 Williams Place, Belfast, 1 March 1851, of inflammation of the chest, aged 5 weeks, and was buried at Clifton Street Cemetery [Platform F, Grave 67].
     b. Henry KINNEAR, born Ireland, about 1852; aged 18, with parents, 1871.
     c. Mary E. KINNEAR, born Ireland, about 1854; aged 16, with parents, 1871; aged 26, with parents, 1881, unmarried.
     d. Alfred KINNEAR, born Ireland, about 1859; aged 21, Hemp Merchant, with parents, 1881.
     e. Herbert M. KINNEAR, born Ireland, about 1865; aged 5, with parents, 1871; aged 15, Hemp Merchant's Clerk, with parents, 1881.
2. Mary HOLDEN, baptised at Marsden, 22 February 1824; aged 47, Interest of Money, 1871 Census, residing with her sister and family in Essex; she died at Reggio-Calabria, in 1908, aged 88 [M.I. in GULLI family vault]; she was married at St Anne's, Belfast, on 23 September 1843, to Ross SAULTER of Belfast; he was an executor of his wife's uncle Robert HOLDEN, 1849; he contributed £20 towards the cost of building a new Church in Marsden, Yorkshire, April 1854; at Marsden Villa, Antrim Road, and valued on a House,Office and Yard [Griffith's Primary Valuation, about 1854] Linen Merchant; at Marsden Villa, Antrim Road, Linen Merchant, office in Donegall Square West, 1861 [Belfast Directory]; he died at his residence, Marsden Villa, Antrim Road, Belfast, on 10 September 1867, aged 46, and was buried at Lambeg Cemetery; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth SAULTER, baptised at St Anne's, Belfast, 8 May 1846; she was married at St Anne's, Belfast, 3 February 1870, to Edmund Hyde HOMAN, M.D., son of the Rev HOMAN, Rector of Modreeny, County Tipperary; they went to Buenos Aries, then to Rosario, Argentina, where he practiced Medicine; she went to Italy, and resided with her sister Annie and her husband Vincenzo GULLI, in Reggio-Calabria, where she died in 1916 [M.I. in GULLI family vault]; Edmund had died in Argentine in 1816 (family information from Meg YOUNG); they had issue.
     b. Ross SAULTER, baptised at St Anne's, Belfast, 10 January 1849; probably died young.
     c. Mary (Minnie) SAULTER, baptised ditto, 12 April 1850; she died at 27 Cherryfield Avenue, Rathmines, on 25 November 1910, & was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I.]; as Minnie, she married in Belfast, on 16 March 1871, Robert HAIRE, a Civil Engineer; at 2 George's Terrace, Clontarf East, 1901, with wife Mary (51) and five children; he died at 9 Westfield Road, Terenure, on 22 December 1909 [M.I., Mt Jerome]; with issue:
          i. Violet HAIRE, born about 1872; aged 29, with her parents, 1901; informed her father's death, 1909, of 9 Westfield Road, Terenure; aged 39, 1911 Census, with brother Sidney; died in Dublin, 14 May 1952 [M.I., Mt Jerome].
          ii. Sidney Hume HAIRE, born at  the Cape of Good Hope, about 1877; aged 23, with parents, 1901; informed his mother's death, 1910, of 27 Cherryfield Avenue, Rathmines; at 27 Cherryfield Avenue, Rathmines, 1911 Census, aged 33.
          iii. Kathleen  HAIRE; Red Cross, W.W.1, Red Cross Medal; died in Dublin, 1 December 1941 [M.I., Mt Jerome].
          iv. Robert Graham HAIRE, born in County Fermanagh, about 1882; aged 17, with parents, 1901.
          v. Lionel Irwin HAIRE, born at 1 Northland Road, Londonderry, 28 July 1887; as Samuel Irwin, aged 13, with parents, 1901.
          vi. Mary Rosemond HAIRE, born at 1 Northland Road, Londonderry, 27 August 1889; aged 11, with parents, 1901; aged 21, 1911 Census, with brother Sidney; died in Dublin, 30 January 1970 [M.I., Mt Jerome].
     d. Jane SAULTER, baptised ditto, 18 June 1856; aged 14, with her mother, 1871; went to Italy; as Ina SAULTER, she died at Firenze, Toscana, 19 May 1875, aged 18 years, "...of rapid consumption"  which may have been aggravated after she was caught in a violent storm while out riding with her  fiance Vincenzo GULLI, and contracted pneumonia; she was buried at Pinti, the Old Protestant Cemetery, Florence [M.I.].
     e. Annie SAULTER, baptised at St Anne's, Belfast, 19 May 1859; aged 11, with her mother, 1871; went to Italy; she died at 178 Via del Giardino, Via-Reggio, Province of Lucca, on 1 February 1892, aged 32; she was married by the Sindaco (Mayor) of Vico Equesne (a coastal resort town near Naples), at Sejano, Province of Naples, on 5 January 1879, to Vincenzo Stanislao GULLI, Lieutenant, 3rd Infantry, the former fiance of her late sister Ina; with issue:
          i. Tomasso Ross Faentino GULLI, born at Faenza on 17 November 1879; died in Jugoslavia, 11 July 1920; he was married at Reggio Calabria, on 29 June 1914, to Maria NESCI; probably issue -  a son, and a daughter Anna GULLI (born 12 September 1917, and died 8 October 2006).

[Vico Equesne, in Campagnia, and the Metropolitan City of Naples. See Wikipedia.]

3. John HOLDEN, baptised at Marsden, 13 November 1825; probably died before 1854 (as suggested by his younger brother Robert being named as the eldest son of James HOLDEN, and heir-at-law to their uncle Robert HOLDEN in that year).
4. Robert HOLDEN, born in or near Huddersfield, about 1827 (from details in his N.S.W. death registration), but query whether he was probably baptised at Marsden, 22 August 1830; Iron Moulder; he was heir-at-law to his uncle Robert HOLDEN [1854, Volume 23, Memorial Number 105, Dublin Deeds Registry]; he emigrated to Australia, arriving in Melbourne on the ship James Baines, in February 1855; founded the Phoenix Foundry in Ballarat, 1856, jointly with his brother-in-law William Henry SHAW (also of Belfast):

Robert and his family moved to N.S.W. about 1880; died at Paddington, Sydney, 14 January 1911, aged 84, and buried at Waverley Cemetery:

Robert was married at St Anne's, Belfast, 21 September 1854, to Emily SHAW, of Belfast (daughter of James Smith SHAW, of Cokstown, County Tyrone, and Ballarat, by his wife Mary HUNTER); Emily died at Paddington, 2 December 1890, aged 55; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth Mary HOLDEN, born at Collingwood, Victoria, 1855; she died at Paddington, 1928.
     b. Robert William HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1858; died in 1860, aged 1.
     c. Robert William HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1860; died at Parramatta, 1891; possibly married in Queensland, 1884, Mary Jemima LETHBRIDGE, with issue.
     d. Ross Saulter HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1863; died at Randwick, 1893, and was buried in his parents plot at Waverley Cemetery.
     e. Samuel James HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1864; died there in 1865, aged 1, as James Shaw HOLDEN.
     f. Emily HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1867; informed her father's death, 1911, then residing at 37 Arundel Street, Forest lodge, unmarried.
     g. James Samuel HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 1869; died at 2 Zion Terrace, Sutherland Street, Paddington, on 8 February 1892, aged 22 years 8 months, of peritonitis.
     h. Norman Shaw HOLDEN, born Ballarat East, 1873; Clerk, in Moree, 1930, and in Bondi, 1937; married at St Stephen's, Sydney, 24 October 1903, Isabelle McWILLIAM, second daughter of the late Samuel McWILLIAM of Corowa [S.M.H., 31 October]; with issue.
     j. Hilda Evelyn HOLDEN, born at Ballarat, 188; died at Drummoyne, 1929; married at Glebe, 20 February 1911, Harold HEALY of Dulwich Hill [S.M.H., 4 March].
5. Thomas Kenshaw HOLDEN, possibly born in Somerset, about 1832; co-founder, with W.T. JOHNSTON, of the Phoenix Foundry in Chicago, Illinois, 1864; at 40 N. Peoria, Chicago, Iron Founder, 1864 [Directory]; named in an article in the Belfast Newsletter, 1871, as the Proprietor of the said foundry in Chicago, and as a son of the late James HOLDEN of the Foundry of the same name in Belfast; probably died on 12 November 1904, aged 72; probably married Jane MITCHELL.
6. James HOLDEN; said to have been a Merchant in Belfast, 1860; possibly married at St Anne's, Belfast, 5 June 1860, Amelia T. HOBSON [Belfast News-Letter, 7 June]; Merchant in Chicago, 1874; possible issue:
     a. Florence Eugenie HOLDEN, born Belfast, 1861; died at Woodstock, 5 April 1870, aged 9.
     b. daur, born Woodstock, Belfast, April 1863. c. son, born Woodstock, Belfast, June 1869.
7. Samuel Pearce HOLDEN, born in Belfast, 17 March 1841. Unless instead a nephew?


James and Elizabeth HOLDEN had issue born in Huddersfield, and baptised there as Dissenters:
1. John HOLDEN, born 29 July 1816.
2. Mary HOLDEN, born 7 January 1819.
3. Joseph HOLDEN, born 2 August 1821.
4. William HOLDEN, born 9 January 1825.
5. Hannah HOLDEN, born 16 January 1827.

There is no evidence for any relationship between this family and the one with baptisms in Marsden, above.


I am very grateful to Bard Agnew MIERS, who has provided the additional information on one branch of  this Kilwaughter family, as indicated below.

William HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1795; a son named Nathaniel HOLDEN erected a headstone in the Old Kilwaughter cemetery for his father William HOLDEN who died 18 June 1872 at age 77; William was at Kilwaughter, County Antrim, 1851 Census, and 55, Farmer, with wife Martha (formerly AGNEW, aged 53, Spinner/Sower, born Antrim, married in 1835, his second; his first marriage was in 1829), and their four children:
1. William HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1830; aged 20, Ploughman, with his parents, 1851.
2. James HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1832; aged 18, Tiller, with his parents, 1851.
3. Samuel HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1835; aged 15, Corn Boy, with his parents, 1851. 4. Arthur HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1837; aged 13, Corn Boy, with his parents, 1851.
Died since 1841 Census - Samuel AGNEW, 74, Father-in-law, died Spring, 1846, Old age.
The other son, who erected his father's headstone in the old Kilwaughter cemetery:
5. Nathaniel HOLDEN, born about 1840; his wife Isabella [nee FERGUSON] is listed as having died 10 October 1878, aged 38, his mother Margaret Ann [nee Agnew] died 3 March 1881 aged 83.  
Nathaniel, erector of the headstone, died 6 February 1911 aged 70.  His grandson named William MAGEE died 6 May aged 4, as is his wife Jane HOLDEN who died 19 February 1927 aged 86.

Robert HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1800; at Kilwaughter, 1851 Census, aged 50, Married in 1829, Farmer, with five children and one grandchild (Sarah McILWAINE, aged 1, born Antrim), and Jane McILROY, Servant, Widow married in 1830, Work in Fields; Robert was married with issue:
1. Margaret or Charlotte HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1828; aged 21, Housekeeper, with her father, 1851, but stated as being married in 1849 (perhaps she married a cousin?).
2. Thomas HOLDEN, Born in County Antrim, about 1831; aged 19 , Farm Labourer, with his father, 1851.
3. William HOLDEN, born on County Antrim, about 1833; aged 17, Farm Labourer, with his father, 1851.
4. Robert HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1835; aged 15, with his father, 1851.
5. Catherine HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1837; aged 13, with her father, 1851.

James HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1808; Carpenter, but absent from his house in Kilwaughter in the 1851 Census; he was married in 1832 to Nancy (-?-); she was at Kilwaughter, 1851 Census, aged 38, born Antrim, Housekeeper, with six children:
1. James HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1833; aged 18, Carpenter, with his mother, 1851.
2. Rachel HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1834; aged 16, with her mother, 1851.
3. Jane HOLDEN, born about 1834-35; died in  Autumn 1842.
4. James M. HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1837; aged 13, with his mother, 1851.
5. Thomas HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1843; aged 7, not at school, with his mother, 1851.
6. George HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1845; aged 5, not t school, with his mother, 1851.
7. Ellen HOLDEN, born Antrim, about 1847; aged 3, not at school, with her mother, 1851.

Mary HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1812, maiden surname unknown; married HOLDEN; at Kilwaughter, 1851 Census, aged 38, Married, Housekeeper, with her six children:
1. James HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1832; aged 19, Carpenter, with his mother, 1851. 2. Ruth HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1834; aged 16, with her mother, 1851.
3. Samuel HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1837; aged 13, with his mother, 1851.
4. Thomas HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1843 1843; aged 7, at school, with his mother, 1851.
5. George HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1845; aged 5, with his mother, 1851.
6. Ellen HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1847; aged 3, with her mother, 1851.

But for the naming of the Thomas aged 7 in this Census, I wondered if Mary was Robert’s estranged wife, with half the family each.

Samuel HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1814; at Kilwaughter, 1851 Census, aged 36, Farmer, with wife Margaret (aged 38, born County Antrim), their six children, and a Visitor (Sarah McCLEASTER, aged 63, born Antrim, a Widow married in 1830):
1. Thomas HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1840; aged 10, at school, with his parents, 1851.
2. John HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1842; aged 8, at school, with his parents, 1851.
3. Margaret HOLDEN, born winter 1843; died aged 1 month.
4. Mary HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1844; aged 6, at school, with her parents, 1851.
5. Saul HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1844; aged 6, at school, with his parents, 1851.
6. Alexander HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1846; aged 4, with his parents, 1851.
Matild HOLDEN, born late 1847 or early 1848; died Winter 1848, aged 2 months.
7. William HOLDEN, born in County Antrim, about 1850; aged 10 months, with his parents, 1851.

Robert HOLDEN; married with issue:
1. Robert HOLDEN, born about 1841; probably died at Larne, County Antrim, March quarter 1886, aged 46; married at Larne, 10 June 1867, Mary KNOX; with issue:
     a. Margaret HOLDEN, born in County Antrim 13 May 1874.

Samuel HOLDEN, born about 1802; died at Ballygowan, County Antrim, April 1873, aged 70, and buried at Ballynire Old Churchyard [M.I]; married Martha (-?-); she died on 21 November 1887, aged 72, and was buried with her husband [M.I.]; they had issue:
1. Robert HOLDEN, Born about 1838; died at Ballygowan, 22 November 1885, aged 46 [M.I.].
2. John HOLDEN, born about 1841; died at Ballygowan, 22 August 1873, aged 31 [M.I.].


John Nock BAGNALL, of West Bromwich, had his "A History of Wednesbury, in the county of Stafford" published in Wolverhampton in 1854. At pages 171 and 173 are two pedigrees of the ROSE-HOLDEN family associated with Wednesbury and Daventry, on large pages that were folded twice, back and over, to fit within the book's outline. When this book was digitalised, these pages were left folded, and as a result, more than 60% of the text is not visible. The bits that are visible fit the following, and have been incorporated into it as indicated [Bagnall, with page number].

William HOLDEN, born in 1650; of Wednesbury, Staffordshire; died in 1699; he married Elizabeth HYLA, with issue (from on-line pedigrees):
1. Mary HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, 1689.
2. William HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, 30 July 1691; died in 1776; married at Lichfield Cathedral, 17 January 1716, Mary WOOD; they had issue:
     a. William HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, 5 December 1717. See [D] below.
     b. Hyla HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, in 1719 or 1723; died at Wednesbury, December 1766, aged 42, "...a few days since... much lamented... an eminent Manufacturer in Wednesbury" [Public Advertiser (London), Thursday 25 December]; he married in 1745, Rebecca WALFORD, daughter of John WALFORD of Deritend, County Warwick, Gent [Notes and Queries, 27 February 1864]; she died in 1804; with issue:
          i. Hyla HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, 7 September 1762. See [E] below.
3. George HOLDEN, born 1692.
4. Ann HOLDEN, born 1694.
5. Elizabeth HOLDEN, born 1697.

[D] William HOLDEN, born at Wednesbury, Staffordshire, 3 or 5 December 1717 [earlier date in Bagnall, page 171]; of Birmingham, Merchant; he purchased the Advowson of the Rectory at Upminster, Essex, and appointed his son John to the Rectory in March 1780; William died on 9 April 1806, aged 88, and was buried in Wednesbury Parish Church, a plaque on the north chancel wall, outside the rails, recording details of the four burials "...in a vault near this spot" [Bagnell, page 37]; he married in September 1748, Mary ROSE, third daughter of John ROSE of Daventry, Northamptonshire, Gent, by his wife Anne LUCAS; Mary died in September 1752, and was buried in the family vault at Wednesbury [Bagnall, page 37]; they had issue:
1. Anne HOLDEN.
2. John Rose HOLDEN, born in Birmingham, and baptised at St Phillip's, 16 March 1750; eldest son; M.A.; appointed by his father as Rector of Upminster, Essex, 22 March 1780; maintained his interests in London, and appointed a series of Curates to care for the parish; resigned the Rectorship in favour of his son John in 1799; died at his residence, Summer Hill near Birmingham, on 28 January 1827, aged 76 or 77 [Berrow's Worcester Journal, 1 February], and was buried in the HOLDEN Family vault in Wednesbury [Bagnall, page 37]:

John married at St Martin's, Birmingham, 23 February 1771, Mary TOVEY, daughter of William TOVEY of Eardington, Warwickshire, by his wife Elizabeth TREMLOW [date recorded as June 1769 in Burke's "Landed Gentry"]; she died at Bath, on 9 December 1829, aged 81 [Jackson's Oxford Journal, 19 December], and was buried with her husband at Wednesbury [Bagnall, page 37]; they had issue (much of this detail courtesy of Annabel GRAY's public tree on Ancestry.com, to which has been added additional material):
     a. John Rose HOLDEN, born 1772; named in his father's will, 1827; M.A., Queen's College, Oxon; appointed by his father as curate of Upminster, Essex, 1795; succeeded his father as Rector in 1799; he died at Upminster, 28 January 1862, his will proved by his nephews, John Rose Holden ROSE of Sussex, Lt-Col in the Army, and Luther HOLDEN, of 54 Grove Street, County Middlesex, F.R.C.S.; John married on 3 June 1805, Margaret WHEELER, daughter of the late William WHEELER of Clifton [Bury and Norwich Post, 5 June].
     b. William Rose HOLDEN, baptised at Birmingham, 19 Aug 1775; named in his father's will, 1827; M.A.; sometime Fellow of Worcester College, Oxon; an Established Church Minister; at Lark Hill Terrace, Worcester St Martin, 1841 Census, aged 60+, Chaplain of St Oswald's Hospital, with nephew Luther, son Hyla and daughter Mary; William died at Dorset Cottage, Lark Hill, near Worcester, 16 April 1854, aged 78, and was buried at Whittington Chapelry on 21 April; possibly married firstly, at Halesowen, Worcestershire, on 7 July 1800, Sarah LAUGHER; married (perhaps secondly) at Beaminster, Dorset, 26 December 1808, "Betty" EVERLEIGH; she probably, as Elizabeth Napier, wife of the Rev William Rose HOLDEN, died at Lark Hill, near Worcester, 19 April 1837; they had issue:
          i. John Rose HOLDEN. See [F] below.
          ii. Betty Eveleigh HOLDEN, born in 1811; buried at Beaminster, Dorset, 22 April 1815, aged 4 years.
          iii. William HOLDEN, baptised at Burton Bradstock, Dorset, 6 May 1812; M.A.; Chaplain of St Oswald's Hospital; at St Oswald's Chapel yard, Claines, Worcestershire, 1841 Census, aged 25+, Clerk, with wife Hannah (aged 25+, nlt born in county), and four children; he died at his father's residence, Lark Hill, near Worcester, 17 February 1845, aged 32; married Hannah, with issue - Anne (aged 4 in 1841), Margaret (3), William (2) and George (1), all born in Worcestershire - they were mentioned, but not identified, in their grandfather's will, 1854.
          iv. Hyla HOLDEN, born in 1816; aged 25+, Attorney, at with his father, 1841 Census; at a Hotel in Oxford, 1851 CEnsus, aged 35, Solicitor; he married at Barbourne, Worcestershire, 21 April 1863, Sarah STALLARD, daughter of William STALLARD.
          v. Henry Augustus HOLDEN, baptised at Burton Bradstock, Dorset, 23 May 1817.
          vi. Eliza Mary HOLDEN, born in 1819, only surviving daughter; died at her father's residence, Dorset Cottage, Lark Hill, on 6 March 1849.
          vii. a daughter; married Thomas WESTON; he was named as co-executor of his father-in-law's will, 1854; issue - a daughter Maria WESTON, named in her grandfather's will, 1854.
     c. Hyla HOLDEN, born in 1776; named in his father's will, 1827; Justice of the Peace for Warwickshire and Worcestershire; Deputy-Lieutenant of Warwickshire; of Waterton, County Warwick; he died on 21 December 1842, aged 66, late of County Warwickshire [Sydney Morning Herald, 17 July 1843].
     d. Mary Tovey HOLDEN, born and died in 1778.
     e. Henry HOLDEN, born and died in 1778.
     f. Mary Tovey HOLDEN, born in 1779; amarried in 1804, Hickman ROSE, 3rd Dragoon Guards.
     g. Henry Augustus HOLDEN, born 27 December 1784, and baptized at St George the Martyr, London [Bagnall, page 173]; Clergyman; named in is father's will, 1827; of Gower Street, 1846; named in his brother William Rose HOLDEN's will, 1854; died on 31 December 1870, aged 86, M.A., late of Worcester College, Oxon, and of 46 Addison Road, Kensington, W. [Worcestershire Chronicle, 4 January 1871]; married at Wednesbury, 3 December 1813 [Bagnall, page 173], his cousin Mary Willetts HOLDEN (see [E] below); with issue (sourced mainly from on-line pedigrees):
          i. Henry Augustus HOLDEN, born 25 October 1814; died 1909; married Elizabeth Margaret Ann EDMONDS.
          ii. Luther HOLDEN, born at Newhall Street, Birmingham St Martin, 19 December 1815; Surgeon.
          iii. Mary Tovey HOLDEN, born 29 December 1815; married in November 1849, her cousin Hyla Ashton HOLDEN (see [E] below).
          iv. Margaret HOLDEN, born 1820.
          v. John Rose HOLDEN, born at Daventry, Northamptonshire, 27 September 1821; went to Canada; Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario; Q.C.; died at Hamilton, Upper Canada, on 25 February 1879, "...third son of the late Rev Henry Augustus HOLDEN, M.A." [The London Standard, Wednesday 19 March]; he married Mary Emily ROACH; issue two sons and two daughters.
          vi. Philip Melancthon HOLDEN, born 1823; succeeded as uncle as Rector of Upminster in 1862; died in 1904.
          vii. George Hyla HOLDEN, born 23 November 1827 [Bagnall, page 173]; died on 1 August 1846, of yellow fever, on board H.M.'s ship Vesuvius, off Vera Cruz [Worcestershire Chronicle, 9 September].
          viii. Eleanor D'Ouchy HOLDEN, born at Ouchy, Switzerland, 21 September 1833, and baptized at Brighton [Bagnall, page 173].
     h. Christian Elizabeth HOLDEN, born and died in 1790.
     j. Christian Elizabeth HOLDEN, born in 1792; probably died on 27 August 1792, an infant, and buried at Wednesbury [Bagnall, page 173].
3. William Lucas HOLDEN, born in Birmingham, and baptised at St Philip's, 3 September 1752; died at Whitton Rectory, 16 January 1814; probably married about 1796, Anne HODGKINSON, with issue.

[E] Hyla HOLDEN, born 1762; gun barrel maker in Wednesbury; he went into partnership with Mary WILLETTS (widow of Benjamin WILLETTS - she died in Wednesbury, 1 August 1816, aged 72), in the foundry business known as Wednesbury Forge, 1794, grinding gun barrels; he died at Bath [Bagnall, page 173], on 12 or 15 November 1816 (after which the site was purchased by Edward EWELL who manufactured "edge tools"); Hyla was buried in Wednesbury Parish Church, with a monumental inscription on the floor, "...to the memory of Hyla HOLDEN, Esq, ob. 12 Nov 1816" [Bagnall, page 39]; Hyla's will proved P.C.C., 20 February 1817, mentioning his wife Mary, sons Hyla (Rev) and Benjamin, and daughters Ann and Amelia; he married at Bristol, 11 Apr 1788, Mary WILLETTS; they had issue:
1. Anna HOLDEN, born 1789, eldest daughter; married in September 1811, Mr KENWRICK, Surgeon, of Hales Owen [Jackson's Oxford Journal, Saturday 4 September].
2. Mary Willets HOLDEN, born 1791; died 1879; married her cousin, Rev Henry Augustus HOLDEN (see [D] above).
3. Hyla Willetts HOLDEN, born in 1795; Manchester School, 8 February 1807; B.A., Pembroke College, Oxon, November 1814; M.A., December 1919; appointed in 1824 as the first Incumbent of Erdington; died at his house, Hagley Road, Edgbaston, 4 August 1849, aged 58, Incumbent of Erdington, Warwickshire [Royal Leamington Spa Courier, Saturday 11 August]; he married at Ashton, near Birmingham, March 1820, Anne RICHARDS, youngest daughter of the late James RICHARDS, Esq, of Camp Hill [Bath Chronicle, Thursday 9 March]; she died at Edgbaston, 1 May 1859, aged 70, "...deeply lamented by her family" [Worcester Chronicle, Wednesday 4 May]; possible issue:
     a. Hubert Ashton HOLDEN; M.A., LL.D.; Headmaster of Ipswich Grammar School.
     b. Hyla Ashton HOLDEN, second son; Solicitor in Birmingham; married at St Giles-in-the-Fields, London, 22 November 1849, Mary Tovey HOLDEN, second daughter of Rev Henry Augustus HOLDEN of Gower Street, Bedford Square, London [Standard (London), 24 November] (see [D] above).
     c. Alfred Ashton HOLDEN; B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambs; died in 1859.
4. Amelia HOLDEN, born about 1799, third daughter; died at Heathfield Road, Handsworth, on 6 April 1855, aged 56, "...relict of Edward LYSTER, Esq, Surgeon, formerly of Stratford-upon-Avon" [Worcester Chronicle, Wednesday 18 April].
5. Ellen Rose HOLDEN; married in November 1822, to Edward ABNEY, Esq, of Meashall Hall, Derbyshire, Esq; they had issue:
     a. Hepzibah Constance ABNEY.
     b. Ellen Clarke ABNEY.
5. Felicia Willets HOLDEN, born about 1810, fifth daughter; she died at Worcester, 26 April 1832, aged 21, "...after a short but severe illness" [Berrow's Worcester Journal, Thursday 3 May].

[F] John Rose HOLDEN, born at Beaminster, Dorset, on 22 February 1810; Ensign, 17th Regiment of Foot, November 1829; went with his Regiment to N.S.W., arriving in Sydney in February 1831, and served for some time with a detachment of that Regiment in Brisbane; retired from the service in August 1834, about the time of his first marriage, and retired to Retreat Farm (La Retraite), near Liverpool (this property, six miles from Parramatta, five from Liverpool, and three from the Lansdowne Bridge, was occupied by James DALGARNO by September 1837); in 1842, John built Eveleigh House on part of the HUTCHISON estate at Redfern (later known as the suburb of Chippendale); he also had property in Macquarie and Bent Streets in Sydney; a Director of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and of the Sydney Infirmary; Secretary to the Sydney College (now Sydney Grammar School) and a member of the Committee; elected Alderman for Brisbane Ward, Municipal Council of Sydney, 1842; a Director of the Bank of N.S.W., 1843, Vice-President in 1846, and President in 1851; Magistrate, 1845; in 1851, John was examined by Mr DARVALL, attorney for the defendant in a trespass case heard in the Supreme Court, concerning a disputed road across New's Farm, near John's old residence of La Retraite, Cabramatta - he stated that he first knew of the disputed road in 1835, when he was living at La Retraite, where he lived for "... twelve or eighteen months" [S.M.H., 27 March 1851]; John was elective Member of the Legislative Council of N.S.W., September 1856, and resigned in March 1853 in consequence of his intention "...to reside some distance from Sydney" to act as executor of his father-in-law's estate, but was re-appointed as a Crown Nominee Member nine months later; an active supporter of horse racing and the hunt, as Secretary of the Australian Jockey Club, 1846, and of the Homebush Races, 1845:

[Image courtesy of the State Library of N.S.W., Mitchell Collection.]

John returned to England in 1853; he died at Larkhill, Worcestershire, on 1 May 1860, aged 50, "...at the residence of his brother" [Worcester Chronicle, 2 May]; he married firstly, at St James's, Sydney, 7 April 1834, Mary HUTCHINSON, third daughter of William HUTCHINSON of George and Clarence Streets, Sydney; she died at her residence, Eveleigh House, Chippendale, on 19 September 1849, aged 40 years [Bell's Life in Sydney, etc, Saturday 22 September]; they had issue:
1. George HOLDEN, born in N.S.W., May 1833; of 15 Vineyards, Walcot, City of Bath, 1860, when he proved his father's will.
2. John Rose HOLDEN, born at La Retraite, Cabramatta, near Sydney, 28 May 1835 [The Australian, Sydney, 2 June]; died at La Retraite, Cabramatta, 25 January 1836 [Sydney Herald, Friday 29 January].
3. Elizabeth Mary HOLDEN, born at Parramatta, 27 September 1836 [Sydney Monitor, Saturday 1 October]; she died there on 6 January 1837.
4. John Rose HOLDEN, born and died at his residence, Clarence Street, Sydney, on 13 October 1840.
5. Grace Napier HOLDEN, born at her parents' residence, Clarence Street, Sydney, on 12 March 1842; she died at Longsight, near Parramatta, on 3 April 1842.
5. Henry Augustus HOLDEN.
John Rose HOLDEN married secondly, at Christ Church, Sydney, on 7 May 1853, Susan BROADHURST, second daughter of the late Rev Thomas BROADHURST, of Bath, Somerset.

The death notice for a John Rose HOLDEN in Canada was published in Belfast (dates unclear).


Caleb HOLDEN; married Mary FARLEY; issue:
1. James HODEN, born Springfield, Massachusetts, about 1788; went to Canada about 1800, aged about 21; an “…original pioneer” in Grenville County, Ontario; he married firstly, Esther CAUL or CALL; with issue:
     a. John HOLDEN; of Prescott, Ontario; married FLINT.
     b. Erastus HOLDEN; of Belleville, Ontario; married Margaret HALL or HATT.
     c. Rufus HOLDEN; a Doctor; married in 1830, Mary CLEMENT.
     d. Hiram HOLDEN, born 16 August 1810; a Methodist; of Shannonville, Ontario; Merchant, Post Master and Clerk of the District Court; witnessed his sister Hester’s marriage in 1834; he married firstly, in Ontario, on 9 September 1834, to Letitia BUCK, first cousin of Letitia MAGUIRE of Dublin, the wife of John HOLDEN of Belfast, Hatter and Sewn Muslin Merchant, and of Holywood, County Down - see above); issue:
          i. Thomas Buck HOLDEN, born New York, 1840.
Hiram married secondly, at Belleville, Ontario, 27 May 1845, Maria HOWARD; she died in 1878, aged 55.
     e. Hester HOLDEN; married on 19 April 1834, Merrick SAWYER; they settled in Belleville. James married secondly, Cynthia WHITNEY; with further issue:
     f. David HOLDEN; married in 1835, Jane McFADDEN.
     g. James HOLDEN; witnessed his half-sister Hester’s marriage in 1834; married 1836, Chloe WOOD.
     h. Mary HOLDEN; married Erastus COUCH.
     j. Anna hOLDEN; married John mcMULLAN.
     k. Eliza HOLDEN; married Mathew ROBINSON.
     l. Lois HOLDEN; married George E. JOHNSTON.
     m. (daughter); married Lt-Colonel David WYLIE.

William HOLDEN, born in Ireland, about 1800; at Markham Township, Ontario, 1851 Census, aged 50, Pedlar, with wife and five children; married Mary Jane (-?-); she was aged 45 in 1851, and born in Ireland; issue:
1. Ellen HOLDEN, born in Canada, about 1820; aged 22, with parents, 1851.
2. Sinclair John HOLDEN, born in Canada about 1832; of Stouffville, Ontario, when he was married at Haldimand County, 7 May 1859, to Mary Jane SHEPHERD (she was aged 20, daughter of John and Jane SHEPPARD); they had issue:
     a. Anette Maria HOLDEN, born at Pickering, Ontario, 11 March 1871.
     b. Myra Christine HOLDEN, born at Pickering, 2 April 1881.
3. Margaret HOLDEN, born in Canada, about 1833; aged 17, with her parents, 1851.
4. William HOLDEN, born in Canada, about 1835; aged 16, with his parents, 1851.
5. Thomas HOLDEN born in Canada, about 1838; aged 13, with his parents, 1871.
6. Anne E. HOLDEN, born in Canada, about 1840; aged 11, with her parents, 1871.


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